How to choose a built-in dishwasher: what to look for when buying + an overview of the best brands

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Deciding to purchase a dishwasher, do not immediately rush to the store. This is an expensive equipment, you can not miss a single trifle. Before choosing a built-in dishwasher, you need to decide on a set of functions and the specifics of the installation. Do you agree?

You will learn all about the features of installation and placement of built-in dishwasher units from our article. We will talk about standard programs and additional modes so that you can determine for yourself the necessary and sufficient set of functions. We’ll introduce you to the rating, which facilitates the search for the best option.

Competent Buying Criteria

The correct equipment selection should begin with a thorough comprehensive study of the model you like, as well as an objective assessment of its pros and cons. When buying, you should consider the size and type of installation of equipment, especially operating modes, the presence of additional features.

Installation methods and dimensions

In size, the built-in dishwasher is almost no different from free-standing models. It is usually released in narrow format with a width of 45 or wide version of 60 cm. Capacity directly depends on this parameter.

For example, narrow equipment is designed to load 6-10 utensils. Full-size models can accommodate up to 10-14 sets of kitchen accessories. The standard set includes several cutlery for one person.

Dishwasher capacity
Large kitchen utensils do not belong to the standard set of dishes taken into account when calculating the capacity of the machine. Therefore, when deciding on the appropriate dimensions of the washing machine, you need to keep in mind how many pots, pans and stew-pots you have to load into the basket

Equipment capacity is selected based on the number of family members:

  • for two people with the head enough equipment for 4-6 sets;
  • for 3-4 households, the optimal solution would be a device for 6-10 sets;
  • for large families of 5 or more people, a device with loading for 8-14 sets is suitable.

The dishwashers that are presented in this category differ installation method in the kitchen. In the assortment of well-known manufacturers there are models that are built into furniture in whole or in part.

The first type of equipment is completely hidden behind the surface of kitchen furniture, harmoniously merging with it into a single whole. It is often used in rooms with a complex interior design, where every detail is important.

Seat under the dishwasher
Choosing a model, you need to know exactly the dimensions of the seat under the car. To do this, pre-measure its depth, width and height using a tape measure

The second kind of cars is partially covered. The control panel remains open, which facilitates the control process. Outside, the machine looks quite neat and does not at all spoil the appearance of the furniture facade. With a good choice of the right color scheme, it goes well with the general style of any kitchen.

Software suite

The built-in dishwashers have different operating modes. Typically, manufacturers supply the equipment with 4-12 programs, focused on certain types of dishes and the degree of contamination of the cutlery.

Delicate program for fragile dishes
The delicate mode is designed for products that are made of fragile, breakable materials that require gentle washing. For example, glass, ceramic or porcelain

The simplest modifications work in the following basic modes:

  1. Fast. Performs a short half-hour wash cycle at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees. It is necessary for express cleaning of fragile and not very dirty dishes immediately after use.
  2. Intensive. Cleans even the most serious contaminants, including dried and burned fat. This cycle is the longest in time. It proceeds at water temperature marks up to 70 degrees.
  3. Daily. Designed for cleaning accessories with medium pollution. During operation, heats water to 55-65 degrees.
  4. Economy. It is aimed at saving electricity, which is achieved due to the lower temperature of the heating fluid (50-55 degrees). The cycle lasts about 180 minutes.
  5. Pre soaking. It rinses the loaded dishes with cool water for 10-15 minutes, effectively removing food residues. Detergent is not used.

Advanced dishwashers can have some more useful programs. Among them, it is worth noting the half load. It makes it possible to start the machine after each meal, without loading it to the maximum. This option shortens the washing time and saves valuable resources.

Separate models with an automatic program can determine the state of loaded accessories and select the optimal cleaning cycle on their own. This is possible thanks to a sensor system and monitoring electronics.

Variable wash function
Machines with variable washing function distribute the washing intensity for each basket separately. You can wash almost clean glasses, glasses and cups at the same time with dirty pots and pans

Than more software has built-in dishwasherthe higher its price. Before buying, you need to think carefully whether it is worth overpaying for extra programs. Many users claim that the basic set is enough for a quality daily wash.

Additional equipment features

Snooze timer. The ability to start the car according to a given schedule is especially useful for users living in houses with two-tariff electricity meters. The timer allows you to easily postpone the start to the period when the most favorable tariffs are in effect.

Type of control. Most dishwashers are equipped with an electronic control unit with a button or touch panel. Those users who are accustomed to the buttons should take into account that they are a little more difficult to maintain: garbage is constantly accumulating in the inaccessible gaps that exist between them and the device body.

Touch control differs only in the presence of touch fields instead of buttons. It almost always provides a child protection function, relevant for machines with an open panel.

Dishwasher with display
It is desirable that in the selected model for washing dishes there is a display informing about the settings, stage of execution and time of completion of the process

Noisiness. Since the built-in machines hide in furniture, they produce much less noise compared to peers installed separately. On average, this indicator is in the range of 40-50 dB.

Of course, those consumers who plan to regularly operate the built-in dishwasher at night should consider quieter models. If the equipment will be started mainly during the day, the difference between the values ​​of several dB is not so fundamental.

Type of drying. The machines dry the cutlery using the condensation method or turbo drying. The cost of models with a condensation type is significantly cheaper. They work according to the principles of ordinary laws of physics.

The dishes are swept with a stream of hot liquid, moisture accumulated on its surface condenses on the walls of the equipment, and then flows down. The disadvantage of such drying is that it is quite lengthy in time. Sometimes after it you need to additionally wipe the dishes.

Turbo dryer machines are more expensive. Thanks to the built-in heating element and the fan that blows through the dishes, the drying cycle in them is much faster. At the end of the procedure, the kitchen utensils remain perfectly dry. The only drawback of turbo-drying is the cost of additional electricity.

Water and electricity consumption. Each machine model has different indicators of resource consumption. It is clear that buying a more economical device will cost more, but later it quickly pays for itself.

The degree of cleanliness of the washed dishes
The degree of cleanliness of washed kitchen utensils can be judged by the marking - from A to G. The best quality of the sink belongs to class A

The least demanding models consume about 8-9 liters of water during one cycle. The average is 11-12 liters. Devices that need more than 15 liters of fluid should not be considered. Electricity consumption is related to the previous parameter. The less water a machine needs to operate, the less power it consumes.

For example, if the model consumes 8 liters of fluid, then the cost of light will be about 0.62 kW / h. The highest energy efficiency category is indicated by class A +++, water consumption - A.

Safety system. Overflow mechanisms are one of the essential components of modern dishwashers. They can provide full or partial protection. The second option is sometimes found in budget versions.

Leakproof Device
In case of damage to the housing, hoses or other malfunctions, the protective function of the machine blocks the further supply of water, turns off the device and drains the remaining liquid into the sewer

Saving on security is impractical: in unforeseen situations, the system will help to avoid flooding of its and neighboring housing.

Hopper equipment. For convenience loading into the dishwasher and subsequent operation, there must be a minimum of two baskets with stainless steel retractable mechanisms. It is good if they have enough folding shelves and holders for different types of dishes.

You should also clarify the number of sprinklers that wash dishes. The quality of cleaning largely depends on them. Machines with three sprinklers show the best results: two standard with a rotating structure and one on top, made like a shower splitter.

Extendable basket system
So that in the machine you can wash overall kitchen utensils, you need to choose equipment with a basket equipped with a relocation system that allows you to quickly adjust the height

Beam on the floor. Looking for a dishwasher with a fully integrated design, it is worth choosing machines that support light indication technology.

Its meaning is that during the procedure, an indicator beam is projected on the floor next to the machine. It informs the user about the completion of the wash. This is very convenient, since in such devices the control unit is closed and it is not always clear whether the process has ended.

TOP 5 best brands

Built-in dishwashers produce many famous brands. Buyers give preference to these manufacturers, since the quality and reliability of their equipment is always at their best. Judging by the number of positive ratings from users and experts, five companies were included in the ranking of the best companies.

Rank # 1: Unrivaled Bosch Quality

The German brand Bosch is rightfully considered one of the best manufacturers of built-in dishwashers. His equipment is the leader in sales in this category. It is distinguished by traditionally solid assembly: at the manufacturing stage, every detail of the dishwasher is subjected to serious laboratory tests.

A variety of design design makes it easy to choose a model that is ideal for the style of the kitchen. The machines are designed for installation in cabinets, countertops and other kitchen units. In the range of built-in appliances with this brand there are narrow 45 cm wide models and dishwashers 60 cm wide.

The company produces and offers a wide range of desktop dishwashers, acquired mainly by families of 2 people. They can also be placed inside the kitchen furniture.

A new line of built-in dishwashers runs on an inverter motor, which saves energy and creates less noise during operation.

Bosch Dishwashers
Bosch offers equipment 60 cm wide for standard rooms and large families, for narrow rooms with limited space narrow modifications are provided - up to 45 cm

Constantly improved proprietary washing technologies provide flawless process results with minimal cost of electricity and water.

Advantages of Bosch technology marked by users:

  • optimized internal ergonomics;
  • quality service before and after the purchase;
  • excellent sound insulation that does not create problems at night;
  • ultra-gentle cleaning of expensive glasses, porcelain products;
  • informative TFT display;
  • quick cleaning function VarioSpeed;
  • multi-level Aqua-Stop system that protects against leaks;
  • Intelligent sensors that control the parameters of pressure and water supply;
  • many built-in programs and additional features.

As for the shortcomings, then this includes the price of products, which many consider overpriced.

This nuance is compensated by efficiency, high performance, worthy technical specifications of the equipment. In addition, the range of Bosch has good economy class offers.

The most successful models of the German brand are called Serie 2 SMV24AX00R, Serie 4 SMV51E30EU, Serie 8 SMI88TS00R.

Demonstration of one of Bosch dishwasher models:

Place No. 2: a combination of style and functionality from Electrolux

The Swedish brand Electrolux produces ergonomic built-in dishwashers with innovative technological fillings. In its technology, the company focuses on multifunctionality and energy-saving characteristics.

The open panel of models that are partially embedded in furniture pleases with a large selection of colors. In the assortment there is a good solution in white, red, black or silver shade for each kitchen.

Assortment of dishwashers Electrolux
The Electrolux range includes suitable options for built-in dishwashers for any customer: models with increased capacity from the Real Life series, narrow and compact Real Life Slim units, easy-to-use ComfortLift machines

In new versions, the manufacturer reduced the noise level (now it is no more than 45 dB) and supplemented them with unique AirDry technology.

This option automatically opens the doors of the machine after the end of the cycle. This eliminates the harmful effects of built-in appliances on the color and surface structure of the kitchen, contributes to the natural drying of dishes.

In owner reviews built-in dishwashers Electrolux The following benefits are indicated:

  • the original ComfortLift lifting mechanism, which facilitates the laying / unloading and adjustment of the position of the baskets;
  • special device for spraying, increasing the efficiency of cleaning;
  • capacious removable trays;
  • the possibility of placing tableware of any shape;
  • special handling of fragile glassware;
  • high-quality disinfection that destroys up to 99.9% of germs.

Some users complain that modifications to the budget category of the brand are equipped with only partial leakage protection. However, this problem can be easily solved by additionally purchasing a double hose.

Among the most popular dishwashers of the Swedish company it is worth highlighting one of the latest developments ESL97540RO. Also in great demand are models ESL94200LO, ESL95321LO, ESL4550RO.

A brief overview of one of the built-in models of dishwashers from Electrolux:

Place number 3: roominess and economy Gorenje

The kitchen equipment of the Slovenian company Gorenje attracts with advanced technologies, endurance, excellent performance. Basically, its range is represented by offers of the middle price segment.

Features dishwashers
A feature of the company’s built-in dishwashers is the rational distribution of the internal space, many intelligent solutions and ideal washing results

Slovenian dishwashers consume a minimum of water in one cycle. For example, to wash 16 dishes, they only need 9 liters. The latest generation of SmartFlex models has many additional features.

The following technical advantages are important for users:

  • automatic cleaning of filter parts from food residues;
  • convenient mechanism for moving baskets;
  • purity sensor that controls the quality of rinsing;
  • function to reduce the cycle, involving washing dishes in 15 minutes;
  • durable AquaStop overfill protection system;
  • several levels of liquid spray.

Among the disadvantages of brand dishwashers include the lack of a half load function and light indication at the end of the process in some machines. Among the trade offers of dishwashers of this brand are narrow models 45 cm and wide dishwasher 60 cm.

The best built-in models of dishwashers Gorenje consider GV66161, GV65324XV, GV68260.

Rank # 4: Indesit Functionality and Availability

Italian brand Indesit produces built-in dishwashers with the best functional set in the economy segment. Machine assembly is carried out in China and Poland.

Making models, the manufacturer takes care of their high hygienic properties, comfortable and safe operation, carefully thinks about the internal organization.

Design dishwashers Indesit
The universal design of Indesit dishwashers, decorated in metallic or classic white, can be easily combined with the common color scheme of any kitchen interior

The new eXtra dishwasher line uses an advanced hydraulic system and an inverter motor to increase the efficiency of removing various types of contaminants.

Indesit dishwashers have several advantages:

  • simple control system;
  • extensive selection of operating modes;
  • reduced power consumption;
  • BabyCycle cycle for gentle cleaning of accessories for young households;
  • guaranteed destruction of bacteria during rinsing at a temperature of 72 degrees;
  • additional sections for small appliances;
  • good roominess.

The disadvantages are the lack of a function that regulates the hardness of water, the poor quality of washing in ECO economy mode, and the lack of a separate mode for expensive fragile products in some models. It is also worth noting that the quality of the Chinese assembly of the company's devices is inferior to the European one.

The most popular models of the Italian brand recognized DIFP 8B + 96Z, DISR 57H96 Z, DISR 57H96 Z.

Rank # 5: Advanced Korting Features

German company Korting engaged in the production of budget dishwashers. Despite this, they are worthy of competition with more expensive analogues in terms of reliability, the number of built-in technologies and useful functions.

In the process of manufacturing equipment, the manufacturer uses high-quality materials and components, proven modern electronics.

Benefits of Curter Dishwashers
In most Kerting dishwasher models, a convenient sound and light indication system and an LED display are provided. Cars can be connected not only to cold, but also to hot water supply

The capacity of the built-in machines allows you to place in them up to 14 dishes. Transformable baskets easily fit voluminous kitchen utensils.

Korting dishwasher pleases users with numerous advantages, including:

  • simple operation;
  • option to change the program and reload after the start of the cycle;
  • efficient turbo-drying technology;
  • top class energy efficiency;
  • high-quality AquaControl system that prevents leaks and overflows;
  • S-shaped sprayers for washing dishes from all sides.

Among the shortcomings, an insufficiently developed network of service centers for brand equipment is identified, which causes certain difficulties in case of breakdowns.

Most trusted models KDI 4540, KDI 45165, KDI 60165.

About how to correctly check your chosen dishwasher before buying, will tell next article. We recommend that you read some very useful information.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing a built-in dishwasher:

Built-in dishwasher is hidden from view and does not occupy usable space. Choosing the right model for your kitchen, you will no longer need to devote a lot of time to tedious washing of mountains of dirty dishes. The machine will do everything on its own, spending a minimum of water and electricity on the process.

Tell us about how you selected the built-in dishwasher for installation in the kitchen set. Share what was the most important argument in favor of the perfect choice for you. Please leave comments in the block below, post a photo and ask questions about the topic of the article.

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  1. I want to take a dishwasher according to several criteria. I plan to store dishes during the day and load the dishwasher at night. Accordingly, it should be quiet. Plus, what questions should I take - for 45 or 60 cm for two (in the foreseeable future, three) people. Well, so that the soap is good. Probably better not to find one of the Bosch models in this situation?

    • Barbara

      If the budget allows, then Bosch is also possible. The company is good, quality equipment. As for 45 or 60, then if space permits, take 60, because 45cm is often not enough.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello! Choose a dishwasher not by the number of people, but by the number of sets of dishes. Agree: if you rarely have dinner with your whole family at home, then there will be less dirty dishes than a bachelor, a couch potato who likes to cook and eat at home. One set is a set of dishes that 1 person uses for a full dinner: 2 plates + salad bowl + cutlery set + cup and saucer + glass. Calculate how many of these sets you have from washing to washing and, based on this, choose PMM. If there are more than 12 such sets, then the problem of choosing the width will disappear by itself: washing immediately 12 or more sets of dishes, as a rule, is possible only in a large dishwasher.

      The manufacturer "Bosch" has a large selection of cars of various sizes and capacities, so you will find something that suits you in all respects. I also recommend paying attention to the presence of a regime in which dirty dishes are loaded into the PMM and soaked. This is a short mode for 10-15 minutes, which rinses the dishes, but does not wash. This is necessary so that dishes, for example, accumulated after dinner, which is waiting for washing, do not start to emit unpleasant odors.

      As for noise, most models in the middle price segment make noise in the range of 40-50 dB, which corresponds, for example, to a quiet conversation in an undertone. If the kitchen does not adjoin the bedroom, then the machine will not disturb your sleep. There are more “quiet” models, but their cost is higher on average by 30-50%. Have a good shopping!

  2. Nicephorus

    I have a Whirlpool of 45 cm. I can’t say that the dishes fit a little. Somehow all that is needed is stuffed normally. Yes, and even if I transfer the dishes there, it still rinses perfectly. The basket is voluminous and adjustable in height.