How to choose a dishwasher: selection criteria + expert advice

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Last update: May 2019

A dishwasher, like a refrigerator, a washing machine or other household appliances, is usually bought not for a year or two, but at least for the next decade. Therefore, it is important not to take the first model that comes across, but to analyze several suitable dishwashers that fit into the family budget. Truth?

We will talk about how to choose a dishwasher. We will show you how to determine the unit that will meet the requirements as much as possible and will not disappoint after the first week of use. Our recommendations will help you find the perfect model for you.

Possibilities of modern factory design

When choosing kitchen appliances, its appearance is first and foremost striking. If the unit does not meet the taste preferences of the buyer, it is unlikely he will choose it. Built-in models are an exception, but even they differ in the filling of internal compartments, the design of baskets for dishes, the design of the control panel.

Manufacturers freestanding models and partially built-in machines offer both economical standard models without unnecessary frills, and retro-style dishwashers with rounded corners and in bold colors.

Standard models, especially the built-in type, are similar. If the shade of the front panel or the case as a whole is important, it is better to clarify this question in advance. Manufacturers are developing several options for popular models that differ only in color.

If you find a car with a white body on sale, then an alternative version of a steel or silver shade is most likely available on request.

Dimensions and installation type

The choice of location for the machine and its type according to the installation method are interconnected, since all dishwashers are divided into:

  • freestanding Models
  • recessed aggregates;
  • partially recessed cars.

Freestanding are not tied to furniture, they can be installed independently - it is an independent equipment, which has decorative decoration on all sides. The technology for embedding does not have an external design of the walls, and the front panel is designed for mounting a facade lining.

Partially integrated dishwasher
Partially built-in machines are distinguished by a control unit that is carried out - it is located in the upper part, in a conspicuous place. The door is not always decorated under the kitchen facade, some models are fully open for viewing

Regardless of the type of installation, the machines are full-sized, that is, as voluminous, narrow, reduced in width, or compact.

If there is not enough space, but the machine needs to be masked, it’s suitable built-in compact model. For large kitchens, various options are possible, but freestanding dishwashers are less likely to choose.

To a large number of different equipment does not clutter up the kitchen, it is usually hidden behind the facades. Manufacturers are oriented to demand, therefore, they offer a large line of built-in units - it is easier to pick them up.

Introduces the rules of installation and connections of the built-in dishwasher to communications next article. We recommend reading very useful information.

Which components are most important?

Modern models work thanks to inverter motors equipped with a frequency converter. Thanks to a special device, the speed and speed are more precisely regulated.

The first models were equipped with collectors with brushes that were noisy, wore out quickly and spent a lot of electricity. The main components include a filter system, a water pump (pump), a pressure fluid supply device, leakage protection, a water softener, a condenser, and a heater.

However, these details are hidden from the user. Some parts of the dishwasher are located in direct access, so that you can regularly clean.

Before choosing a machine, make sure that it is convenient to use baskets or containers for detergents, and care for the internal parts will not take much time. Ask if you can rearrange the boxes, change their tilt or use additional holders. When there are a lot of dishes, the number, shape and size of the compartments are important.

PMM Specifications

Having examined the dishwasher inside and out and making sure that it fits in size and capacity, be sure to make sure that the technical parameters correspond to the assigned tasks. Simply put, find out if the machine can properly wash a certain amount of dishes, while spending a minimum of water and electricity.

Deciphering energy efficiency values

To understand whether it is possible to save money when using the selected model, it is enough to study the labeling on the energy label.

Classes are usually denoted by letters from "AND" before "G". They denote the gradation of the quality of washing, drying and spending on electric energy. The decoding of the sticker, which each device must have, is given below.

Sticker Dishwasher Energy Efficiency
Modern models compete in energy efficiency classes, so more and more often you can see the markings "A", "A +", "A ++". The more advantages, the higher the percentage of savings.

With the old type of labeling, only two criteria were taken into account: the number of sets loaded and the amount of el / energy spent. Energy efficiency was expressed in kW * h.

After 2010, we additionally turned on the standby mode, the calculation is made taking into account 280 washing cycles, and the class is displayed depending on the EEI index.

Dishwasher Energy Efficiency Classes
High-quality equipment of class “A” and above can save more than 45% of electricity compared to equipment labeled “C” or “D”

Dishwasher classes "F" or "G" purchase is not recommended, as they are recognized uneconomical. This means that you will constantly overpay for extra kilowatts of energy and liters of water.

Difference between classes "AND" and "A +++" makes up about 25%. If the machine is used often, then the savings are significant.

Electronics or mechanical control?

There are two types of cars - with mechanical rotary handles and buttons / touch controls. 95% of devices belong to the second type, since the mechanics are less convenient and more difficult to maintain.

Partially mechanical control
Mechanically controlled dishwashers can also be equipped with LED indicators, digital displays or additional buttons, making programming easier

The buttons are usually located in one or more rows on the panel at the top of the door. However, if partially integrated units are in full view, then fully integrated units become available if you open the door slightly.

Models with buttons have a single minus - difficulties with leaving. Dirt gets into the small gaps between the buttons and the case, it is difficult to remove, and in the future it makes it difficult to use.

Touch Dishwasher Control
Touch dishwashers have no inconvenience when leaving. Smooth panels are easy to clean, grease and dirt never linger. Touch models are more often equipped with protection against children - the lock of buttons protects against accidental pressing

A convenient addition to electronic models is the information display, which indicates the operating time, the designation of the selected program or option.

Some cars are equipped with the comfortable “beam on the floor” option. During operation, the panel is hidden, and it is impossible to monitor the washing process, but information about the operating time is projected on the floor in the form of a digital designation. At the end of the wash, the color of the beam may change.

Overview of Popular Programs

The greater the number of programs designed for different types of dishes, the better. However, chasing a large list is not worth it, since in practice few people use more than 2-3 economical modes.

When buying, they are usually guided by the parameters of two programs: “Standard” or “ECO”.

PMM program table
A detailed description of each program can be found in the instruction manual. It includes a brief description, recommendations for the use of detergents, washing times, water and electricity consumption

Using the table, it’s easy to select the mode on request: the shortest, most economical or intensive.

According to statistics, the largest loading utensils, including heavily soiled, occurs after dinner. Therefore, at night it is better to run the car in the "ECO" mode - it is longer, but economical and "diligent". In the afternoon, you can get by with the express wash program to quickly remove light impurities.

Basic and advanced features

The main functions - washing and drying - are embedded in the work of all dishwashers, without exception. These steps can be fundamentally different. Sinks are pre-soaked in especially greasy and smoked pans or additional rinsing of transparent glass, at different temperatures of heating the water, varying in duration.

Drying is different in type:

  • condensation - natural drying during cooling;
  • convection - turbo, under the influence of circulating hot air;
  • zeolite - drying under the influence of air heated by a mineral;
  • Intelligent Sensor Dry - analysis of the temperature in the room and airflow.

There is no fundamental difference when choosing the type of drying, especially if activation washing cycle it is planned for the night period - by breakfast the dishes dry out anyway.

Additional functions for representatives of different brands may differ, as from time to time companies introduce new, more technological and economical developments.

Delayed start function
Common features include a “delayed start", with which you can transfer the time for washing dishes to a more convenient period - at night or, on the contrary, from 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock in the afternoon, while nobody is at home

Half load mode doesn’t work on all models, but it can be useful for small families or single people. It allows you to speed up the washing process, reduce energy and water consumption.

System Aqua Stop prevents leaks inside the body and in the hoses. If the program crashes or one of the machine parts fails, the unit stops. Used water is discharged into the sewer, and the receipt of a new one is blocked.

If the machine is not equipped with AquaStop, you can buy a hose acting on the same principle. Easy lock - compulsory door closing function. If it is not slammed, the machine simply will not turn on, therefore, a lock is provided that automatically pulls up the door and latches it.

PowerDry - development by Whirlpool
Powerdry - The development of Whirlpool for the quick drying of dishes from different materials. The manufacturer claims that even plastic dries in 1 hour

Dual wash - the ability to wash dishes with different characteristics in one load. Pots and fragile glasses are cleaned simultaneously, but with the only condition - they are loaded into different compartments. The most dirty dishes are placed in the lower tier, glasses and rinse cups - in the upper.

OptoSensor - A very useful function related to the determination of water hardness.If the sensors report a risk of scale, the amount of salt in the wash water increases.

Rackmatic - the ability to adjust the extension and height of the upper basket for a more favorable arrangement of objects.

VarioSpeed ​​Plus - quick wash system
VarioSpeed ​​Plus - a system that increases the washing speed by increasing the pressure of the supplied water and adjusting the rinsing. Thanks to this feature, time is reduced by three times

To learn about the functions of a particular unit, you must carefully study the technical documentation. Modern machines have much more useful options, but it is better to choose those that are required for daily washing.

Is the noise level worth attention?

Noisiness of dishwashers, like the rest of household appliances, is determined in dB. The average performance of the latest models are approximately the same and fit within the boundaries of 40-50 dB. These are machines that allow you to calmly go about your business and do not cause discomfort.

Dishwasher Noise Level
Quiet operation of the motor and nodes supplying / removing water is ensured by high-quality soundproofing. Additionally, the walls of the furniture modules in which the dishwashers are built-in protect against noise

Sounds that are within 45 dB are considered low noise. For example, the model Bosch SPS66XW11R it is only 43 dB. If you get a powerful unit of 55-60 dB, then take care of the possibility of a delayed start.

The importance of the brand when choosing a model

To choose a dishwasher of a certain brand, you should rely on the following criteria:

  • technical and functional capabilities;
  • unique developments;
  • design features;
  • connectivity options;
  • cost.

The last point is not so important if the manufacturer presents several series, from budget to premium. However, there are manufacturers, all models of which are elite.

Dishwasher Smeg
The cheapest and least functional Smeg dishwashers cost more than 35 thousand rubles, while the cost of expensive ones exceeds 140 thousand rubles.

Dear and well-known representatives of the dishwashing world: Asko, Smeg, Miele, Aeg, Kuppersberg, De Dietrich, Fagor.

Middle price segment: Bosch, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Gorenje, Siemens, Neff.

Inexpensive dishwashers: DeLonghi, Beko, Ariston, Zanussi, Midea, Indesit.

Expensive cars have a more reliable engine and pump, a more stylish design, many useful functions, and more comfortable operation. But some models practically do not differ from economical ones, therefore a high price is not always an indicator of quality.

PMM Expert Advisor Recommendations

We present some tips from amateurs and experts: how to choose a reliable dishwasher and not lose. If financial capabilities allow you to choose any model, then in no case do not pick up equipment at the most expensive price tag.

Dishwasher selection
Compare several models. It happens that an expensive car works loudly, creating noise at 60 dB, takes up a lot of space or requires constant care

For a large family you need a high built-in or freestanding model. Width is not fundamental, since narrow ones are not inferior in functionality to wide ones. Their only drawback is less capacious boxes.

Compact built-in model
A family of 2 people will be satisfied with a compact machine. If the kitchen is already installed, you can purchase a table dishwasher - it takes as much space as a microwave

If you have a summer cottage, a compact machine can travel with you if necessary and facilitate the care of dishes throughout the warm season.

If a certain amount is allocated for a new household assistant, it is better to choose 5-6 models and compare their capabilities. Most likely, they will differ in the number of programs, two or three additional options and sizes. Choose a priority criterion and build on it.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Expert advice on the selection of PMM - the subtleties are considered and useful tips are given for choosing the optimal model:

The following video contains the recommendations of doctors, which are worth paying attention to when choosing a dishwasher:

An overview of the main criteria that play an important role in choosing dishwashing equipment for the home:

There are a huge number of manufacturers of dishwashing equipment, and each of them annually launches new models on the market.

It is rather difficult to choose a dishwasher for the house, given the assortment, so try to take into account important points: dimensions, capacity, technical specifications, the possibility of repair. Browse reviews of your favorite models and choose the one that best suits your needs..

Want to talk about how to choose a dishwasher for installation in your own kitchen? What criteria did you rely on to determine the most appropriate model? Please write comments in the block below, share useful information and post a photo on the topic of the article.

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Visitors Comments
  1. Sasha

    We picked up a dishwasher primarily in size, because our kitchen is not very large. We chose the built-in Siemens. The dishwasher is very good - roomy, launders well and is so quiet that you can only understand if the cycle has ended or not, only by the indicator light that it throws to the floor. Has 6 programs for different dishes. True, this wonderful dishwasher came to us expensively.

  2. Bensteamer

    I don’t see any reason to overpay for a mega-promoted brand, I think that my hotint is in no way inferior to them.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. In general, Hotroint occupies a leading position in popularity among buyers who choose mid-range devices. This is a fairly promoted brand. Yes, of course there are cars of the “upper class”, such as Mile, but they are inaccessible due to the high cost.

  3. Maria

    When we entered the new apartment, we purchased the most ordinary Bosch SPS 30E02 dishwasher. The model is designed for 9 sets, its width is about 43-44 cm. Our friends warned us that the baking sheets would not fit, they would have to be washed by hand. I don’t use them at home, I bought ceramic for a long time. They are placed in the car, because there were no problems with them at all. And 9 sets allow you to wash dishes 2-3 times a week. That is, it is a good saving of money and electricity.

  4. Olesya

    And CANDY still has a dishwasher built into the stove. CANDY TRIO is called. For mega-small kitchens - that’s it.

  5. Ekaterina

    In general, of course, not everyone can afford a dishwasher, for this a spacious kitchen is needed. We haven’t moved yet, I washed the dishes with my hands, but now in the new apartment you can take a walk. We bought PMM right away, chose an indezit, we basically have a lot of goods of this brand, everything suits.

  6. Arina

    Almost every expert has indexes in the rating, so I immediately followed this dishwasher purposefully, and sellers in the store also recommended it for good reason! Perfectly works! True, now all the guests mostly come to us, well, they say, you still don’t have to wash the dishes yourself 🙂

  7. Novel

    We have a big family - do we need to take a more voluminous machine? To build in the kitchen, instead of one of the shelves, what should I do?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      As for the volume of dishes that a dishwasher can accommodate, manufacturers often indicate in the specifications a figure in the number of sets that the machine can wash at a time. If your family is large, then you need a full-sized dishwasher with loading of 12 sets.

      Regarding the integration of the machine into the current furniture, here you need to empty a niche in your existing kitchen, or buy a furniture option with this option. You can manage with minimal costs, but you have to pick up a machine for your existing furniture, in addition, you need to bring all communications to connect the equipment to the mains and water system.

      If you have a block kitchen unit, then you can remove one of the blocks in order to mount a dishwasher in this niche.

      Attached photos:
  8. Elizabeth

    In fact, choosing a dishwasher is difficult in the sense that there are many. They themselves chose the option we needed for a long time, eventually settled on Midea, because as they noticed, they cost ok and the quality of the wash is no worse than that of more expensive representatives.