How to use a Bosch dishwasher: rules and nuances of operation

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Almost any instruction for modern household appliances can begin with the following words: "Well, broke?" Indeed, we rarely begin acquaintance with even complex equipment by reading the instruction manual, because it is written in a language difficult to understand and without taking into account many nuances.

You will learn all about how to use the Bosch dishwasher about the article we presented. We will tell you how to prepare the machine for the upcoming operation and choose the necessary modes. Let’s show you what tools will be needed for processing dishes and cleaning the unit.

Where to start operation?

A dishwasher is bought in order to facilitate the work of the hostess and provide reasonable water savings. In order not to prepare unpleasant surprises for yourself, the installation and connection of this household appliance should be entrusted to specialists.

So, the machine is placed in the space provided for it, and the water supply and drain are connected. Now you can begin to operate it.

Why do I need a “blank” launch?

Bosch, like a number of other home appliance manufacturers, strongly recommends a test run of the dishwasher.

It is necessary to make an “idle” start-up for the following reasons:

  • lubricants accidentally preserved on the parts of the product should be eliminated, as well as dust and debris that have got inside;
  • we get the opportunity to check how well the machine is installed, evaluate the rate of water intake, the level of its heating, see how the entire process proceeds, including the stages of draining and drying;
  • when problems are identified, it becomes possible to eliminate them at the test washing stage, eliminating the time-consuming unloading of dishes.

We know that with a normal wash you can’t do without special tools, but a test run in this sense is no exception. You will need regenerating salt and other detergents included in the starter kit, which customers usually offer to purchase with a dishwasher.

Trial run
A trial run of the dishwasher is necessary, first of all, to check the quality of its installation and make sure that the unit is working

First turn-on algorithm

What we need to know about the operating conditions of the purchased equipment is the level of water hardness in the region where it will work. You are lucky with Bosch machines: there is no need for buyers of products from this company to be guided by their own experience in determining stiffness, as well as resort to folk methods.

A number of models of this brand are equipped with test strips for determining stiffness. You just need to lower the paper strip with the reagents applied to its surface into the water for just a couple of seconds.

And then compare it with the table supplied by the manufacturer. After performing these simple manipulations, you will be ready for a trial run of your acquisition.

Dishwasher Installation Diagram
Correct connection of the dishwasher involves installing it in a specific place (1) and connecting it to the power supply system (2), water supply (3) and sewage system (4) using standard hoses and a power cord

The start-up procedure is quite simple, you need to perform the following steps in sequence:

  • open the car by pulling its door;
  • extend the lower basket to gain access to the lid that closes the tank for water softening salt;
  • unscrew the lid, pour water into the tank and pour in it special salt from the starter kit;
  • screw the lid of the tank, and remove water that could pour into the chamber during the loading of salt with a rag;
  • Now, on the control panel, set the salt flow taking into account the previously determined water hardness.

Add some clarification. Please note that water is poured into the salt tank only once - before the first start. It should be poured to the top.

Salt is poured with a special funnel (or watering can), which is usually included in the kit. If there is no watering can, use a regular cup. Pour salt in until it is visible through the filler hole.

Salt loading hole
Water is poured into this hole, located at the bottom of the unit’s chamber, and special salt for dishwashers is poured

The water displaced during the filling process should not confuse you: it should be so. After the lid of the tank is closed, the displaced water should be thoroughly wiped. It should not be inside the camera.

It remains to check whether the water supply tap is open, after which it can be activated first start. To visualize the whole algorithm of actions, watch the video that we posted at the bottom of this article.

Suitable dishwasher detergents

Dishwasher users should buy the starter kit, which they usually offer along with the main purchase. You can separately purchase a rinse aid, detergents tablets or a special powder, as well as salt to soften the tap water, which we have already talked about.

Starter kit
The starter kit includes all detergents, without which the operation of any dishwasher is simply impossible - this is a mandatory minimum

The advantage of starter kits for beginners is that they already provide everything that you might need. In addition, they include products of one commodity producer, which allows us to hope that their components are not only perfectly compatible, but also successfully complement each other.

Often, the purchase of a kit will cost less than the purchase of its components, sold separately from each other.

In addition to the three absolutely necessary components, for effective washing, fragrances and products can be used to help clean the machine itself of grease and plaque.As a rule, they are bought as they arise in need.

Water Softening Salt

For high-quality dishwashing, soft water with a low content of calcium salts should be used. If hard water is not softened, traces of scale will form on the walls of the chamber over time. Salt allows you to bring water to a state in which the results of the operation of the equipment delight its owner.

Funnel salt
Regenerating salt for loading into the dishwasher should not be confused with ordinary table salt, which everyone has in the kitchen: this is a special substance for softening tap water

What tools can I use?

In Bosch machines you can use any detergents that are on sale today.

It can be:

  • compressed tablets;
  • powder;
  • liquids.

The only restriction that must be strictly observed: it must be special substances intended for loading into dishwashers. Do not use dishwashing chemicals in manual mode.

The detergents used should be intended for the processing of dishes in dishwashers, and those that are used for manual washing cannot be used

Depending on the composition of their constituent components, three types of dishwasher detergents are distinguished:

  • with chlorine and phosphates;
  • without chlorine, but with phosphates;
  • phosphate free and chlorine free.

In the absence of phosphates in the composition of the product, it may form on the walls of the chamber and on the dishes white coating. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to increase the consumption of detergent.

The absence of chlorine will not provide the desired effect if the dishes need bleaching. Dark plaque on the cups and gray plastic - this may be the result of the absence of chlorine. The situation will be saved by a high-intensity wash or an increase in detergent consumption.

Why do you need a rinse aid?

When using rinsing agent entering the chamber at the last stage of washing, water drops do not leave marks on the dishes.

If this drug is not used during the operation of the machine, then after drying on glassware, unaesthetic smudges will remain. In addition, it is quality dishwasher rinse aid provides brilliance of clean dishes.

Rinse aid in a cuvette
Rinsers give the glass the very gloss and shine that any housewife strives for, but it is important to use them in moderation so that the dishes do not become sticky and are not covered with whitish or rainbow stains

The rinse aid volume can be changed according to need. If this liquid was not enough, you can see a white coating on the plates, they will be dull. In this case, the dose is increased. An excess of the drug will manifest as rainbow stains in pots. In addition, they will be sticky to the touch. Then the dose is reduced.

Special detergents

There are combination drugs called “three in one.” They contain all three of the above components. The disadvantage of such tools is the inability to adjust the salt content, as recommended by the manufacturers of Bosch equipment.

Too hard water degrades the quality of washing, and too soft water corrodes the glass: calcium is washed out of its composition. If you have to wash silverware, you must use detergents specially designed for this purpose. Others will not do.

Boot order detergents and exactly which compartments of the cuvette located on the inner surface of the door are filled with, what you can see in the videos that we suggest you to see. They are in the last part of the article.

Rules for loading dishes

There is a basic rule for all Bosch dishwashers. Rocker arms are located in the unit chamber, through which nozzles liquid is poured onto the dishes.

So, the cups and plates in the boxes should be placed so that their presence in the immediate vicinity of the spray guns would not prevent them from rotating. You can not block the opening valve of the cell with detergent.

Proper loading of dishes
Proper loading of dishes in the dishwasher is really important, because the quality of work depends on it, for which this unit was purchased

Before loading cookware into the chamber, make sure that all items can be washed in dishwashers. Kitchen and dining utensils that cannot tolerate the effects of high temperatures are best washed by hand. We are talking about glazed objects, porcelain, antiques and rarities, as well as bronze, tin, aluminum, brass and copper products.

Make sure that large food waste is disposed of. If the machine has the option of soaking, then it can be used to wash large pots. If there is no soaking, the remnants of food from the surfaces are removed with a brush. It is bought in household goods stores.

To increase the washing efficiency, in full accordance with the instructions for the brand machines, you can pre-hold the cutlery and other utensils under hot water. The grease on the surfaces will become wet and easier to wash off. For the right placing dishes inside the chamber loading boxes (baskets) are provided.

Using the telescopic rails and the Rackmatic system, the boxes can be moved and pushed forward to make it easier to place everything that needs to be washed. Even if the boxes are completely full, you can not worry: they will not roll over.

Loading dishes in the boxes
The dishes are placed inside the chamber in boxes located at two or three levels, depending on the model of the loaded dishwasher

Depending on the number of mobile and folding elements, three types of boxes are distinguished:

  • Vario;
  • Vario Flex;
  • Vario Flex Plus.

The latter on this list of baskets are equipped with additional protection for fragile dishes that need careful handling. In particular, 12 glasses with high legs are placed on additional shelves of the lower box. It turns out that in these models the total number of simultaneously washable glasses can reach 18 pieces.

Depending on the specific model of the dishwasher, the utensils in it can be loaded in two or three levels. The third level is designed to accommodate cutlery, as well as items of custom sizes.

Cookware Protection
The dishes placed in the boxes of the Bosch dishwasher are reliably protected from mechanical damage: the rounded ends of the fixing grids are one of the manifestations of such protection

The Rackmatic system helps to properly position the boxes in height. After all, competent loading of dishes allows moisture to wash it as evenly as possible from all sides. To fix the glasses and cups, use the holders designed for them.

By manipulating the holders, you can make the basket deeper or adapt it to accommodate large items in it: pots and stewpan.

Cutlery tray
If the model provides for baskets of the third upper level, then they are used to wash the cutlery, which are placed compactly and accurately in this unique tray

The order of application of the baskets, changes in their location and types of loading are contained in the instruction manual for that particular model that you have chosen. We recommend to study this part as carefully as possible.

Modes of washing and drying

Washing programs carried out bosh dishwashers are subdivided into:

  • automatic;
  • fast
  • delicate;
  • economical;
  • normal
  • intense
  • with preliminary rinsing.

The programs are developed taking into account the type of utensils, the materials from which it is made, as well as the type and intensity of contaminants present on it.

Each of the available programs takes into account the following factors regarding the washing procedure:

  • water temperature;
  • the duration of the process;
  • volume of water consumption;
  • type of detergent used;
  • mechanical impact method.

When performing standard programs, the washing duration and water temperature are predefined parameters. For each type of dishes, taking into account the degree of pollution, there is a program.

The standard modes include delicate, eco-friendly programs and intensive washing. For the implementation of automatic programs, various temperature ranges are provided. The water consumption, the duration of the work and the washing temperature within the specified range, the machine determines independently, based on the readings of the aquasensors.

For example, responding to the degree of contamination of the dishes, the machine can increase or decrease the number of rinses.

Washing programs
A different program is provided for different types of dishes and type of pollution, it remains only to choose the washing mode from the whole variety that will help the housewife find the optimal solution for her tasks

Programs, which include, for example, soaking, effectively complement the basic washing algorithms. This is an implementation of the advanced features of Bosch technology. For example, if the dishes were just used, they can be washed in an accelerated mode with a shortened washing cycleoccurring in just 29 minutes.

Innovation can be called the program Turbo speed-20min. Its use allows you to wash the dishes even in 20 minutes. Such a program will help the hostess out if several times during a short period of time the table is served with the same objects.

There are additional options that greatly facilitate the life of the hostess and help her out in extreme situations.

Additional programs expand the capabilities of standard functions:

  • Timer. Using a timer, the start of washing can be delayed for any time period in the range from one to 24 hours.
  • Hygiene. If additional hygienic processing of dishes is necessary, it can be carried out by lengthening the last phase of the cycle and increasing the temperature of its passage.
  • Vario Speed. You can speed up the program without losing the quality of the final result, forcing both rocker spray arms to work simultaneously. This option in the Vario Speed ​​Plus variation is available in premium units. At the same time, the operating time is reduced by 66%.
  • Half load. If the chamber is only half full, this nuance should also be taken into account, accordingly reducing the costs of water and detergents.
  • Intensive area. The option allows you to make washing dishes in the lower basket more intense. At other levels, the program will take place in the main mode. Using this option, you can simultaneously process a dirty pan and fragile wine glasses.
  • Shine & Dry. A new option for wine glasses and glassware. Thanks to an additional rinse, an increase in rinse aid volume and long drying, the glass acquires an incredible shine.

If in instructions for your model if such an option is provided, then at the first stage of the machine you can add a forgotten object to it, temporarily interrupting the washing. To put the machine into standby mode, carefully open the door. After it is closed, the program executed by the machine will automatically continue.

A very convenient additional function is provided by a timer that helps to delay the execution of work for a given time period, which allows the hostess to successfully manage her time

Completion of work will be marked by sound and light (beam on the floor) signal. It is customary to unload the box, starting from the bottom basket. In this case, drops that may remain on the upper baskets will not spoil the appearance of objects located below.

If you adhere to the requirements that are stated by the manufacturer, your unit will last you a long time.

What problems can you fix yourself?

If the Bosch dishwasher is out of order, you should contact your nearest service center for assistance.But sometimes the breakdown is so insignificant that it makes no sense to attract specialists to fix it.

The unit independently monitors the health of its own systems and, in case of a malfunction, issues an error code to the display. The meaning of the codes can be found in the instructions for your machine.

Error code
A system that constantly tests its own work, in the event of a malfunction, displays the following error codes

Let's talk about those that can be eliminated on their own:

  • E4 - There is a problem with switching the stream. This error may occur if the hose is clogged. If the hoses are checked and the display is still E4, contact service.
  • E6 - There were problems with the aquasensor, which is responsible for recognizing the level of contamination of the dishes. This error is typical for the Bosch Silence Plus model. It appears if an intensive washing program has been selected for dishes with minor impurities.
  • E15 - Aquastop is on, that is, a reaction to a water leak has occurred. Check all hoses and fix the problem.
  • E17 - a fluid filling error has occurred. This situation may occur if increased pressure has formed in the place where the water supply to the dishwasher is connected.
  • E24 - a signal that the waste water is poorly drained or not drained at all. The cause may be a clogged drain, which will have to be cleaned, or a clogged hose. Perhaps the hose is simply pinched.
  • E27 - the power supply has deteriorated due to a voltage drop in the mains. The cause of the phenomenon may be the peak load on the network. If you install a voltage regulator, trouble of this kind can be avoided.

It often happens that the car does not turn on. Most likely, there was a problem connecting to the network. Check fuse; if it blows, replace.

The dishwasher may be blocked. Be sure to close the washing chamber door well. Check for clogged nozzle nozzles, water inlet hoses, and drain filters.

In order to prevent the occurrence of malfunctions and malfunctions in the dishwasher, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations, consider what can and cannot be washed in a typewriter, arrange items in baskets correctly.

Essential Maintenance

In order for any mechanism to be in excellent working condition for a long time, it must be properly looked after.

Bosch high-tech and modern dishwashers also need maintenance. The status of their individual devices should be constantly monitored.

Dishwasher Care
No matter how strange it may sound, but the dishwasher also needs to be washed, dried its chamber with napkins, cleaned filters and sprayers, remove grease and scale

You can find comprehensive information about caring for the devices of your Bosch dishwasher in the instructions for this unit:

  • Rocker. Scale or grease found on their surfaces is an excuse to start an intensive washing cycle without loading, but with detergents.
  • Filters The condition of the filters must be checked after each duty cycle. Large contaminants are removed, and crayons clogging the pores are washed off with hot tap water. If this is not done, contamination can cause the drain pump to become blocked. A repair of the unit will require money and time.
  • Sprinklers. So that the quality of the wash does not begin to deteriorate, the sprinklers must be periodically removed and washed with hot running water from food debris and scale.

If you strictly observe all the requirements and operating conditions prescribed by the manufacturer, the life of your equipment will be as long as possible and effective.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The first launch of a new dishwasher in “idle” mode is a responsible task. You are given the opportunity to check for the first time both the quality of its installation and the operation of its devices.

To visualize how the first launch is carried out according to the rules, check out the video:

Here's a video on Bosch dishwashing technology. You will see the principles of operation of different types of machines, get an idea of ​​the internal structure and the operation of the unit.

There are a great many models produced by the famous Bosch brand. And each has its own characteristics. Our task is to arouse your interest in this technique and in the manual, which describes its capabilities and nuances of operation.

Please write comments, ask questions about your points of interest, post a photo in the block below. Reveal your own secrets in operating the Bosch dishwasher, which may be useful to site visitors. Share the nuances of care and maintenance.

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  1. I bought a dishwasher from Bosch a long time ago. I regret only one thing, why I did not do this even earlier. There are no more hated dishes in the sink. Moreover, I am allergic to chemicals. Dry the dishes dry, always shine. But it’s better to take the first launch seriously! We tried to find out from our communal services about our rigidity, our specialists did not give us a normal answer, we had to put it at our discretion. Stocked up with all the necessary cleaners: salt, capsules, powder. It is better to put plates in the machine without food residues, so as not to poke around in the filter later.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      You can find out the hardness of water on your own, while accurately enough. To do this, you need to buy special test strips to determine the rigidity of the pH. Aquafilter, Nilpa pH test strips are highly praised. Such strips are sold in stores of household appliances, household chemicals, in hypermarkets such as Leroy Marlene or Auchan. The price of 1 set is about 400-500 rubles. If not in a hurry, then you can order on Aliexpress for 150-200 rubles.

      Small life hack: it is not necessary to use test strips produced specifically for washing and dishwashers to determine the pH of water. Also suitable are those that are sold in pet stores in the accessories section for aquariums. By the way, almost all PMM manufacturers complete their equipment with starting tests to determine water hardness. The start test can be found in the instruction package.

  2. Irina

    Not so long ago, my dream of having a dishwasher came true. We bought a Bosch dishwasher. Installed a specialist technician. It’s good that they did not begin to rely on their own strengths and do it on their own; Before the first launch, using the test strips, I determined the water hardness in the tap. I knew that we had hard water, but I did not know how hard it was. Now the troubles associated with washing dishes are not my concern).

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      With a very high hardness of water, be sure to not run out of salt to soften, otherwise “kill” the dishwasher. If the water is not softened, then the scum will settle very quickly on the heater and other entrails.

      • Elena

        And how to ensure that the salt does not end? Can I drop the link to the video? I myself have to serve my Bosch. Therefore, a better example is better.And how to clean the filters in Bosch? Must see. You are welcome. Thank you in advance.

        • Expert
          Evgenia Kravchenko

          Hello. What is your dishwasher model for this company? In general, in most of these devices the indicator lights up. According to the filter, too, it would be necessary to find out what kind of modification your device has. How do I suspect your dishwasher instructions have been lost?

  3. Oksana

    Two years ago my husband bought me a new dishwasher. Olga, I agree with you that you must definitely clean the plates before laying. I also usually sort dishes by size and lay them close to each other so that everything is washed well.

  4. Maria

    Hello! Yesterday we got a Bosch dishwasher and I immediately had a question. The modes of delicate washing and fast are indicated on one of the division, although the temperature should be different and function. I had to turn on the delicate wash, but the machine worked in quick wash mode. How do I figure it out? I hope for your consultation!

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Good day. Please specify the specific model of the device so that we can help you qualitatively or contact the manufacturer to clarify the answer to your question.

  5. Tatyana

    Good afternoon! Tell me how to configure additional drying in the settings? When installing any program, the dishes are for some reason not dry enough.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. To answer your question about additional drying, we would like to know the specific model of your dishwasher.

      Also, the reason may be in some breakdowns, but here we need to know the details - how “not dry enough”, whether this problem has always been or has recently appeared and so on.