Samsung split systems: ranking of the best models + recommendations before buying

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The reputation of reliable devices has won the Korean split-system Samsung - they stand out for their concise performance, high-quality assembly and a variety of offers. The world leader in production offers climate control equipment of the middle and premium class, there are no budget units in the arsenal of the company.

How justified is the purchase of such an air conditioner and which model is better to choose? To understand, we evaluate the technical parameters and reviews on the popular Samsung units.

Popular air conditioners made in Korea

The largest global manufacturer of household appliances and electronics implements several series of split systems. The company made sure that all models had an attractive appearance, high-tech equipment and a practical set of functions. For high achievements in the field of design and environmental friendliness, branded products have repeatedly received prestigious awards.

Below is a list of the most interesting South Korean split systems of this brand for the home, ranked in terms of performance, user reviews and prices.

1st place - Samsung AR09MSFPAWQNER

The model implements energy-efficient inverter engine technology Digital Inverter 8-Pole - split independently maintains the desired temperature, smoothly adjusting the cooling or heating power. Due to this work, significant energy savings are achieved - up to 65-68% compared to standard air conditioners.

An important advantage of the AR09MSFPAWQNER is its stable performance in harsh environments. The triple protection system and anticorrosion coating allow functioning without interruptions at outdoor temperatures in the range from -10 ° С to + 46 ° С


  • productivity - 2.5 kW / 3.2 kW performance indicators for cold / heat;
  • cooling capacity - 8.53 kBTU;
  • energy efficiency - A, 900 W;
  • service area - within 26 square meters. m;
  • the length of the highway is 15 m, the difference in height is 7 m;
  • noise pressure - up to 41 dB;
  • functions: airflow adjustment in five modes, auto start, self-cleaning and diagnostics, turbo mode, timer, comfortable sleep.

AR09MSFPAWQNER has an option Auto Change Over - the unit automatically reconfigures between heating or cooling modes, maintaining the temperature set by the user.

A filter is installed in the system, which is responsible for the cleanliness of the internal elements of the module and the supply of purified air. The manufacturer assures that in addition to dust collection, the barrier suppresses up to 95% of allergens and pathogens.

Users noted the following advantages: excellent build quality, quiet running, economy energy consumption, beautiful design, speed of cooling, heating. Identified shortcomings: the lack of a clock on the remote control for programming a timer and backlight. There is no temperature indication on the indoor unit.

2nd place - Samsung AR12KQFHBWKNER

The traditional model of the wall type, designed for indoor use within 35 square meters. m with a standard ceiling height of about 2.5 m. The AR12KQFHBWKNER unit is equipped with a full range of functions, works in cooling, drainage, heating modes.

In addition to standard programs, there is the possibility of two-stage cooling - 2 Step Cooling. First, the air conditioner operates to cool the temperature, and after reaching the desired parameter, it automatically switches to the drying mode - Dry


  • productivity - 3.5 kW / 3.8 kW parameters for cold / heat, respectively;
  • cooling capacity - 11.9 BTU;
  • energy efficiency - A, 1090 W;
  • the area of ​​the room is a maximum of 35 square meters. m;
  • the length of the highway is 15 m, the distance between the modules is 7 m;
  • noise from the indoor unit - 28-38 dB;
  • functions: airflow adjustment in three modes, auto start, auto cleaning, timer, comfortable sleep, quick cooling.

Users note good, efficient work - split quickly “refreshes” the room, consumes electricity quite economically. Additional advantages: the presence of an air and antibacterial filter, thoughtful options, ease of operation.

Of the drawbacks is the noise at intense speeds, during the temperature switching in some models, a slight crackle is heard in the indoor unit.

3rd place - Samsung AR12MSFPAWQNER

The power of this unit is also enough for rooms of 35 square meters. m, but it differs from its predecessor by an eight-pole inverter compressor and the ability to work at low temperatures. Maintaining home heating is acceptable at -10 ° C.

Smart technology provides a comfortable microclimate without often turning the engine on / off. This reduces power consumption, provides quieter operation.


  • productivity - 3.53 kW / 3.8 kW - cold / heat, respectively;
  • indicator of cooling ability - 11.26 BTU;
  • energy efficiency - A, 1115 W;
  • the maximum area is 35 square meters. m;
  • distance between modules - 15 m, height - 7 m;
  • noise effect - 40 dB;
  • functionality: 5 modes of adjusting the air flow, timer, express cooling, auto restart, auto cleaning, comfortable sleep.

In the cleaning unit there are three filters that trap dust and eliminate viruses, bacteria from the incoming air. In the model AR12MSFPAWQNER there is an option of two-stage cooling, automatic temperature control.

Buyers are satisfied with the purchase. Almost everyone noted the cooling efficiency, the model is enough for a kitchen studio or other room measuring 30-35 square meters. m

Some users were unsatisfied with the duration of reaching the set indicators - to get a difference of 10 ° C between outdoor and home temperatures, the air conditioner spent about half an hour.

4th place - Samsung AR09HQSFAWK

Household model for rooms up to 26 square meters. m. This position is quite popular due to a good set of functions, beautiful design and loyal value.

The AR09HQSFAWK air conditioner uses a triangular shape for the design of the outlet and shutters with V-shaped blades. Complete with a high power fan, they provide a good blowing range.


  • productivity - 2.75 kW / 2.9 kW - in cooling / heating modes;
  • power consumption - 803/857 W;
  • recommended area - 25-26 square meters. m;
  • length of communications - 15 m;
  • noise pressure - 24-35 dB;
  • functionality: airflow adjustment, self-diagnosis of breakdowns, timer, anti-freezing system of the external module, memory settings, auto mode.

The limit value of street temperature for heating is -5 ° С, for cooling + 43 ° С.

Positive aspects of AR09HQSFAWK, according to users: quiet operation of the external module, lack of vibration, cooling speed, beautiful design. Disadvantages: poor quality drainage tube, plastic case of the outdoor unit, some complexity split servicenamely, filter cleaning.

To some users, the internal module seemed very cumbersome.

5th place - Samsung AR12HQFSAWK

Relatively inexpensive split boasts good performance and cooling ability. The model is suitable for rooms with an area of ​​35 square meters. m

The length of the coverage blowing - 15 m, air flow - 11 cubic meters. m / min The air conditioner operates in four modes: heating, cooling, ventilation without the influx of fresh air and drainage


  • productivity - 3,5 kW / 3,8 kW;
  • electricity consumption - 1090/1115 W;
  • service area - not more than 35 square meters. m;
  • length of the communication line - 15 m;
  • noise of the internal module - within 36 dB;
  • functionality: changing the position of air grilles, self-diagnosis of breakdowns, 4 speeds, timer, anti-icing system, auto restart, auto mode.

The reasonable price for AR12HQFSAWK is due to the lack of an inverter compressor. Despite this, the unit economically consumes energy, taking into account the declared performance. The model has a high-density filter with an antibacterial coating - Full hd. It is an effective barrier against dust particles, allergens.

Advantages of the air conditioner: operational efficiency, reasonable price. Cons: clicks are heard in the indoor unit when switching the temperature, installation complexity.

6th place - Samsung AR12MSPXBWKNER

The second name of the air conditioner is AR9500M. An innovative triangular shape model for accelerated room cooling. On the top cover internal module additional outlets are placed. Increased volumes of incoming and outgoing air flow increases the speed of the split by 38%.

To cope with the volume of air, the design was equipped with a powerful fan. Such an innovation allows cooling even the most remote corners of the room - air flows diverge in different directions, preventing the occurrence of a draft


  • productivity - 3,5 kW;
  • electricity consumption - class A +, 1030/1100 W;
  • Recommended space - up to 35 square meters. m;
  • the length of the communication network is 15 m;
  • noise pressure of the internal module - 38 dB;
  • functionality: rapid cooling technology Wind-free coolingsystem Virus doctor for air filtration, three-level protection of the compressor, housing and controller, Wi-Fi control.

A removable filter with an antibacterial coating is located outside the module.

The AR12MSPXBWKNER is one of Samsung's latest innovative designs. The manufacturer tried to combine all the most winning technologies and options in one module. Due to the novelty of the air conditioner, there are still very few reviews on the position.

7th place - Samsung AR09JSFSRWKNER

Unit Series inverter air conditioners with non-standard triangular shape of the case. Split works economically and fills a room with coolness in minutes.

By increasing the angle and width of the outlet openings, the volume of circulating air increases. The desired temperature is supported by a digital inverter compressor


  • productivity - 2.5 / 3.2 kW;
  • electricity consumption - 1115 W;
  • Recommended space - 26 sq. m;
  • the length of the pipeline is within 15 meters;
  • noise - 20-37 dB;
  • functionality: multi-stage filtration system, three-level protection of the compressor, housing and controller, 8 positions of the exhaust flaps, turbo mode, restful sleep, auto start, timer, two-level cooling.

The model has proven itself positively - the split warms up the room well and cools it quickly. The internal module works quietly, there are no problems with management. The outdoor unit has anti-corrosion protection.

The air conditioner operates in a wide temperature range - from -10 ° С to + 46 ° С. Among the shortcomings, the high cost of the inverter unit is noted.

8th place - Samsung AR18KSFPAWQNER

Representative of high-power household units. Split system with inverter compressor, quick cooling function and triple protection technology.

Excellent technical parameters, high build quality, maximum coverage of the service area explain the high cost of the model


  • productivity - 5/6 kW in cold / heat, respectively;
  • electricity consumption - class A, 1470 W;
  • suitable for apartments of 50 square meters. m;
  • the maximum length of the pipeline is 15 m;
  • noise pressure - up to 42 dB;
  • functionality: three-level air purification, 3 modes for adjusting the exhaust flaps, the option of quick cooling, restful sleep, auto restart, timer, automatic temperature control.

The high-performance unit is suitable for a small office or a spacious apartment. Problems with installing a split system and there is no control of the equipment, the air flow is easily adjustable. The work is quite quiet, given the power of the split.

9th place - Samsung AR07JQFSAWKNER

Triangular architecture model for accelerated cooling. The top panel is equipped with a convenient removable filter with exhaust channels. The household unit is designed for a compact room - up to 20 square meters. m

AR07JQFSAWKNER belongs to the models of the middle price segment. In addition to the basic cooling and heating functions, the split works to drain and ventilate the room without mixing fresh air


  • productivity - 2.05 / 3.2 kW;
  • power consumption - A, 639 W;
  • suitable area - 20 square meters. m and less;
  • the length of the pipeline is 15 m;
  • sound of the internal module - 33 dB;
  • functions and accessories: automatic distribution of air flow, 3 positions of the shutters, washable air filter, auto start, timer, self-cleaning, indication of operating modes, hinged stand for the remote control.

The model is in demand. Buyers respond positively to cooling efficiency, speed, beautiful design, convenient filter, almost silent running.

Cons AR07JQFSAWKNER: lack of night mode, backlight on the remote control. After two or three years of operation, some users began to complain about a decrease in airflow, the need for service. The remote control is triggered by strict guidance on the split.

10th place - Samsung AR07HQFSAWK

Another popular model for installation in a small room. In terms of characteristics and functionality, AR07HQFSAWK is similar to the previous split.

The unit is equipped with a deodorizing filter that can absorb unpleasant odors from the air. The air conditioner has a self-diagnosis function for malfunctions and an anti-icing system


  • productivity - 2.05 / 2.1 kW;
  • power consumption - A, 582-639 W;
  • recommended area - up to 20 square meters. m;
  • line length - 15 m;
  • noise of the internal module - 24-33 dB;
  • functions and accessories: ventilation mode, automatic temperature setting, turbo cooling, leaflet adjustment, washable air filter, auto start, timer, self-cleaning, indication of operating parameters.

The popularity of AR07HQFSAWK is confirmed by a large number of reviews. Of the positive aspects distinguish: cost, cooling rate, quiet operation, concise design.

Weaknesses of the unit: the air flow cannot be directed directly, the street module is made of plastic, the lack of illumination of the remote control, at first the chemical smell of plastic was heard.

Tips for choosing a split system

When thinking about purchasing an air conditioner, you should evaluate potential applicants according to several criteria.Among the main parameters are cost, practicality and functionality. If everything is clear with the price, and everyone determines the purchase budget for himself, then you need to figure out the rest of the properties.

The following parameters should be evaluated:

  • performance;
  • type of compressor;
  • operating modes;
  • functional set;
  • noise level.

Independently calculate required power split is very simple.

Air conditioner power
For every 10 square meters. m of room area should have a minimum of 1 kW of performance. This rule applies to rooms with ceilings of 2.5-3 m.

The resulting value should be increased by 25% in the following situations:

  • the windows of the room face the sunny side;
  • the room contains many sources of additional heat, for example, office equipment;
  • a large number of people live in the house.

All domestic air conditioners are equipped with an inverter or rotary compressor. In the first case, the unit independently “smoothly” regulates the operation mode. This option is considered optimal, since cyclical startup is excluded. In addition, inverter splits are quieter and more energy efficient.

A comparative overview of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of air conditioners is given in this article.

Almost all modern air conditioners perform heating and cooling. Some additionally carry out air drainage.

Air conditioning with ventilation
The ventilation mode is necessary for the redistribution of air. It is relevant in winter for uniform heating of the room - warm streams from above are redirected down

It is good if the air conditioner can work in additional modes.

Of the most popular, it can be noted:

  • night - reduced performance and noise during sleep;
  • auto - the unit without user intervention maintains the selected temperature;
  • turbo - fast normalization of the microclimate, work at maximum productivity;
  • timer - programming the time on, off the device.

High-tech units are equipped with the option of self-diagnosis of faults, automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger, anti-icing system and restart - a return to the set parameters. It is good if the air conditioner has surge protection.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Overview of Samsung air conditioner triangular shape:

Comparison of the inverter and conventional split systems:

Samsung air conditioners are characterized by high-tech accessories, thoughtful functionality and attractive design. Among the units, you can choose a model for an apartment or a small office. It should be noted that the products of the Korean brand will cost a lot, but the efficiency and uninterrupted operation will not disappoint.

Have experience using a Samsung split system? Tell readers about the features of the operation and maintenance of such air conditioners, share the general impression of the operation of the equipment. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.

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