Split systems Rapid: popular models of HVAC equipment and recommendations for customers

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Last update: August 2019

Rapid household split-systems are in demand among buyers due to affordability. Despite the limited range, you can choose a model for different operating conditions. There are no premium products in the product line, all units have a laconic, uniform design and simple operation.

Our rating of air conditioners will help you navigate Rapid offers and make a purchasing decision. The leaders list includes splits of various capacities and energy efficiency classes. Positioning is based on an assessment of technical specifications, cost, and user reviews.

To facilitate the task of selection, we prepared a checklist of the buyer - described the main parameters and performance characteristics of HVAC equipment, which must be decided before going to the store.

Best Rapid Air Conditioners

Climatic equipment manufactured under the trademark Rapid - products of a Thai company AC Electric Rapid. Factories are concentrated in China, but part of the production capacity is based in Japan, Malaysia, France and Thailand.

Rapid split systems use compressors Higly-Hitachi, Landa-gree not inverter type. The company's lineup includes air conditioners with a capacity of 7-24 kBTU.

1st place - Rapid RAC 09HJ / N1_18Y

Rating gold was given to an average power unit that has gained popularity among users. Air conditioning is designed for rooms up to 27 square meters. m, model performance - 2.6 kW.

The model works in 4 modes, a timer is provided, an option for automatic diagnostics.

Rapid RAC 09HJ / N1_18Y
An important advantage of the RAC 09 18Y series is loyal value with a good feature set.


  • productivity - 2.6 kW;
  • cooling rate - 9000 BTU;
  • energy class - B;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 840/743 W, respectively;
  • maximum length of the route - 15 m;
  • room area - a maximum of 27 square meters. m;
  • the sound effect of the internal / external module is 32/52 dB, respectively;
  • functions: self-diagnosis, 4 modes, auto restart, Anti-cold airtimer.

RAC 09 18Y series equipped with an antibacterial filter, temperature indicators. Management - buttons on the module or remotely through the remote control.

A large number of reviews confirms the demand for the unit. Customers are satisfied with the price, cooling ability, appearance, mode availability Turbo and Night, ease of management. There are complaints about noisy work, poor visibility of the values ​​on displays in daylight.

A detailed review of the Rapid RAC 09HJ / N1 split with a description of its design features, operating parameters and capabilities is given in this article.

2nd place - Rapid RAC 07HJ / N1

Unit seven, capable of fully cooling a limited space - within 22 square meters. m. Distinctive features of this series of split systems from line 18Y: reduced power consumption and improved filtration system.

Rapid RAC 07HJ / N1
The model met expectations, copes with the task, is suitable for small rooms. Some users thought the design was boring - a white block with touch buttons


  • cooling capacity - 7506 BTU;
  • service area - within 22 square meters. m;
  • energy class - A;
  • thermal / cold productivity - 2.3 kW;
  • power consumption - 685 W;
  • maximum length of communications - 15 m;
  • noise from the internal / external module - 32/50 dB;
  • functions: 4 modes of adjustment of air supply, the possibility of drainage, defrosting of the external unit Defrosting, multi-stage filtration.

Air conditioning Rapid RAC 07HJ Helps purify indoor air. Streams pass through antibacterial, catechin, catalytic and anti-mite filters.

Reviews about the climate apparatus are mostly positive. The main advantages: quiet operation, convenient functionality on the remote control, affordable cost, economical energy consumption.

3rd place - Rapid RAC 07HJ / N1_18Y

Power characteristics are almost the same as in the previous model. The unit is designed for a room up to 21 square meters. m

The third position of the rating is due to low cost and versatility. However, not all consumers are fully satisfied with the air conditioning.

Rapid RAC 07HJ / N1_18Y
Reviews for the seven 18Y series are mixed. A number of users note the uninterrupted operation of the unit, the speed of cooling the house and compliance with the declared characteristics


  • device performance - 2.1 kW;
  • cooling value - 7000 BTU;
  • recommended area - 21 square meters. m;
  • power consumption - 657 W;
  • energy consumption class - V;
  • maximum distance - 15 m;
  • sound from the indoor / outdoor unit - 32/52 dB;
  • functions: 4 operating modes, drain option, auto restart, Anti-cold air.

However, some reviews indicate insufficient power for the 21st square. m, noise and failures when switching modes. Users explain this by a certain percentage of marriage in the budget line.

Some note that models assembled at a Chinese factory Gree superior in quality split systems with TCL. It is on the latter that new versions of Rapid are released.

4th place - Rapid RAC 12HJ / N1

Energy-efficient model of air conditioning for room service in 36 square meters. m. The unit is suitable for a compact one-room apartment.

Rapid RAC 12HJ / N1
Rapid 12, like most of the company's offers, boasts good technical parameters along with competitive cost


  • cold / thermal productivity - 3.22 / 3.51 kW;
  • suitable for rooms - 36 sq. m;
  • power consumption - class A;
  • cooling capacity - 12000 BTU;
  • power consumption - 973-1004 W depending on the mode;
  • length of the highway - up to 15 m;
  • sound level - 32/52 dB of the internal / external module, respectively;
  • functions: multistage filtering, 4 modes, options Turbo, Nightdefrosting Defrosting.

As practice shows, the air conditioner serves 30 sq. M. m room. Many people buy the unit as a budget equipment for summer cottages.However, in urban apartments Rapid RAC 12HJ has established itself well.

5th place - Rapid RAC 12HJ / N1_18Y

A fairly new model that has not yet managed to win the recognition of consumers. The air conditioner is designed to maintain a microclimate in a room of up to 36 square meters. m

Functionality does not differ from the less powerful analogues of this series. The module works for heating, cooling, drainage. There are 4 options for adjusting the air flow. Like previous splits, the indoor unit is equipped with a digital display.

Rapid RAC 12HJ / N1_18Y
There are still not enough reviews on the functionality and technical capabilities of the new model of climatic equipment from Rapid, on the basis of which you can get an idea about the operation of the unit and draw conclusions about its acquisition


  • cold / heat split performance - 3.5 kW;
  • cooling capacity - 12000 BTU;
  • the dimensions of the room are 36 square meters. m;
  • energy consumption class - V;
  • power consumption - 1124 W;
  • length of the highway - up to 15 m;
  • noise effect from the indoor / outdoor unit - 34/55 dB;
  • functions: 4 modes, the possibility of drainage, auto restart, Anti-cold airanti-allergenic filter.

There are few reviews about the model. The first customers were satisfied with the cooling intensity and moderate noise. It is too early to talk about breakdowns or durability of the unit.

6th place - Rapid RAC 24HJ / N1

The most powerful representative of the series. Technical characteristics of the air conditioner are designed for a room of 63 square meters. m and less. This unit is enough to service a standard three-room apartment, compact office, retail outlet.

An important advantage is the length of communications up to 25 m, the height difference between the blocks within 10 m.

Rapid RAC 24HJ / N1
A unit with a multi-level filtration system. The barrier complex is represented by an ionization, antibacterial and air filter


  • cooling capacity - 24000 BTU;
  • power parameters for heating / cooling - 6490 W / 6150 W;
  • application - rooms up to 63 sq. m;
  • energy consumption class - A, consumption - 1900 W;
  • length of the highway - up to 25 m;
  • noise effect from the indoor / outdoor unit - 33/56 dB;
  • features: self-diagnosis breakdowns, automatic temperature control, ventilation mode, Anti-cold air, remembering settings - auto start.

Given the high performance model is quite quiet. There are no complaints about the quality, cooling rate. A significant run of the length of the trunk expands the possibility of installing a split. The downside of a powerful air conditioner is the high cost.

7th place - Rapid RAC 18HJ / N1_18Y

Closes the rating module, designed to be placed within 53 square meters. m. Cooling capacity reaches 18000 BTU.

Rapid RAC 18HJ / N1_18Y
The appearance of the Rapid RAC 18HJ / N1_18Y model is standard for this series, an informative display is hidden under the cover of the indoor unit


  • module power - 5.3 kW;
  • cooling capacity - 18000 BTU;
  • intended for premises - up to 53 square meters. m;
  • power consumption - class B;
  • compressor power - 1681 W;
  • length of the highway - up to 15 m;
  • noise effect from the indoor / outdoor unit - 34/55 dB;
  • functions: auto restart, self-diagnosis malfunctions, drainage, Anti-cold airtimer Night.

There are few reviews on the model, so it is difficult to objectively evaluate the operational capabilities of a split. A distinctive feature - equipped with anti-allergic filters.

How to choose a split system?

A household appliance is selected for individual housing parameters. First of all, take into account the area of ​​the house, the location of the room relative to the cardinal points. These indicators will help determine the performance of the equipment.

Differences between conventional and inverter compressor

The type of compressor affects the operating parameters of the air conditioner - the heart of any split system.

They are divided into two categories:

  • rotary;
  • invertor.

Rotary compressor - a device of a traditional type. The principle of its work is simple: turned on, worked, disconnected. This mechanism of action has disadvantages.The module works at full power - this leads to an excessive consumption of electricity.

Compressor operation
Regular starts and stops of the split entail increased loads on the power grid and the air conditioner itself. In addition, rotation modules have higher noise levels.

Inverter compressor has an adjustable speed. The air conditioning engine is constantly working, but at a different speed, which is determined by the heat load of the room.

Inverter technology has significant advantages:

  • absence of peak loads - extension of the service life of equipment;
  • insignificant noise pressure;
  • quick exit to the desired temperature mode;
  • reduction of electricity consumption.

The disadvantages of inverter splits include: high cost, sensitivity to voltage fluctuations.

To understand which type of air conditioner is better to give preference, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the comparative overview of inverter and conventional splits given in this article.

Accounting for technical parameters

Particular attention is paid to the performance of the air conditioner. Difficulty with calculation of power split system does not occur.

Air conditioner power
It should be guided by a simple rule: for every 10 square meters. m of the room must have a minimum of 1 kW. This norm applies to standard rooms - ceiling height 2.7-3 m

The performance margin should be provided if the windows face the south side, a lot of people live in the apartment or the room is equipped with a lot of equipment. In these cases, it is necessary to select an air conditioner serving a large area.

For example, in a room of 20 square meters. m, located on the south side of the house, you must install a split system, designed for 25 square meters. m. This gap is enough for proper cooling.

Assessing the technical parameters, attention is paid to:

  • noise performance - the average value for the internal module is 33 dB, which is comparable to a whisper at a distance of 0.5 m;
  • electricity consumption - aggregates of class A, A +, A ++ and higher are considered the most economical;
  • length of the highway - the greater the allowable run-up between the blocks, the wider the possibilities for placing the air conditioner.

The quality of air cleaning depends on the filtration system. The latest generation barriers are able to eliminate odors, retain dust particles. However, such cleaning increases the cost, energy consumption of equipment.

Modes of Operation and Functionality

The versatility of the options also affects the price of the air conditioner. Do not chase models equipped with many features. As a rule, many of them are redundant.

Air conditioner functionality
Among the useful options are: timer - cooling / heating at the appointed time, automatic restart to return to settings

It is desirable that the split can function in night and intensive mode. The first provides a quiet run, the second - a quick bring of the temperature to the set value.

Convenient and practical functions:

  • defrosting a street block - it is necessary when heating the room, if the window is not more than + 5 ° C;
  • self-diagnosis - determination of malfunctions and signaling to the user about a breakdown;
  • Motion Sensor - transition to economy mode with reduced activity in the room.

It is worth paying attention to the material of the street block. It is better to refuse plastic modules. Only metal boxes can resist the vagaries of the weather.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Important points when choosing a home split system:

Air conditioners Rapid do not stand out among analogues of other manufacturers by the variety of options. Units are easy to manage and do a good job of their tasks - cooling and heating.

An important competitive advantage is affordable cost. This fact is crucial for many when buying climate equipment.

Have experience using a Rapid split system? Tell readers about the features of the operation and maintenance of such air conditioners, share the general impression of the operation of the equipment. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.

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    We have a Rapid RAC seven in our bedroom, they took one, since the room area is 18 squares, and it goes up to 21. But, frankly, we are not happy with this split system, it doesn’t cool, it is quite noisy, although the seller assured us in the opposite, but to sell his business, everything is clear here. Now I would rather pay a couple of thousand to take something else, the same Ballu, for example.