LG split systems: top ten models + tips for choosing climate equipment

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Last update: August 2019

LG's progressive split systems are popular due to their excellent build quality, high cooling / heating performance, reduced noise background and good functionality. Climatic modules of the concern serve for a long time and reliably, easily tolerate intensive operating conditions and provide a comfortable atmosphere in residential and working premises.

If you are looking for a reliable, technically equipped air conditioner, we advise you to take a closer look at the sales leaders of LG climate technology. In this article, we will just talk about the best offers of the brand, the most popular among buyers, their features and technical characteristics.

TOP 10 best climate systems

The rating list includes models that have gained the most popularity among buyers of online stores and supermarkets of household appliances. It is these devices that have become the best-selling in Russia and have received many positive reviews.

Place # 1 - LG P07EP

The system is almost noisy, economically consumes electrical energy and is easily mounted on the wall. The case has a simple, elegant form and does not spoil the interior solution.

APV Technology protects internal elements from power surges. After shutting down, the unit starts up while maintaining the previous settings.

Model specifications LG P07EP:

  • features - cold / heat / general ventilation / drainage;
  • service area - 20 sq. m;
  • compressor - inverter type;
  • noise background - 19/33 dB;
  • control method - through the remote control module;
  • specific features - 4 speeds of work, anti-ice system for the external unit, saving the current settings, the ability to change the direction of the supplied air.

As advantages, users highlight the neat appearance of the module, good power in all modes and a user-friendly control interface on the remote control. I like the ability to control work parameters and receive error messages on a smartphone through a special application.

The disadvantage is the presence of inactive buttons on the remote control. The company explains this by saying that all remotes are universal and equipped with the same set of keys, regardless of the configuration and capabilities of a particular system. If some function is not provided in the model, its button will not respond to the command.

Place # 2 - LG G09HHT

Simple, practical and easy to operate, the module has a modern, rugged case and is sold at a reasonable price. The device has silent mode works for use in the evening / night and the option of accelerated cooling of the premises.

Hardware Specifications:

  • opportunities - intensive cooling / heating / air drying / automatic ventilation;
  • service area - up to 26 sq. m;
  • engine - the usual type;
  • noise background - 36/46 dB;
  • control method - remote control (equipped with a fastener for placement on the wall);
  • specific features - warm startair flow direction adjustment auto start - save selected settings, digital display, patented GoldFin coating to protect metal from corrosion.

In general, customers are satisfied with the quality of the split system both in the cold mode and during heating. The device is called quality, reliable and loyal in value.

As a disadvantage, owners only highlight the noise of the indoor unit. The sound effect during operation is quite noticeable, although, over time, you can get used to it.

Place # 3 - LG P07SP

Outwardly simple and concise in design, the unit works both for heating and cooling. Technology Gold Fin ™ reliably protects a surface from rusting and provides the prolonged service life of the heat exchanger.

The low noise background allows the device to be used in bedrooms and children's rooms without compromising proper rest and sleep.

Hardware Specifications:

  • features - cooling / heating / drainage / neutral ventilation;
  • service area - up to 20 sq. m;
  • compressor - two-rotor inverter;
  • noise background - 19/33 dB;
  • control method - remote control;
  • specific features - operational cooling Jet cool, adjustment of the direction of air flow, automatic support of the set temperature during the specified time, self-diagnosis faults, power control function.

The owners note that the module looks neat and looks attractive in rooms. The cost of the product corresponds to the capabilities and functionality. Good endurance and high-quality assembly allow you to operate the system in full.

The unit has no pronounced minuses. Some users say that after a long period of inactivity the device “accelerates” for a long time and takes time to enter a stable mode of operation. However, this moment has not been revealed in large quantities.

Place # 4 - LG S24SWC

A progressive split system with a minimum noise level works efficiently at 4 speeds. It consumes the optimal amount of energy and is simply mounted on the wall. Throughout the service life inverter air conditioner retains an attractive and elegant appearance.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Opportunities - cooling / heating / ventilation (without the influx of fresh air) / drainage;
  • service area - up to 65 sq. m;
  • motor - inverter with reduced noise level;
  • noise background - 29/45 dB;
  • control method - remote control with convenient buttons;
  • specific features - technology Smart inverterionizer Ionizer plus, an antibacterial air purification filter, an automatic purification system, a timer, a three-year factory warranty for the entire complex and a ten-year guarantee for an inverter motor.

Users appreciate the unit's cooling / heating ability, ease of operation and, indeed, quiet operation.

Of the minuses, the absence of backlight on the remote control unit and the limited range of airflow adjustment are distinguished.

Place # 5 - LG P09SP

A universal model of climatic equipment with good parameters and optimal cost has detailed functionality and the ability to control via smartphone through Wifi attachment. In operation, it vibrates 40% less than similar systems.

Hardware Specifications:

  • features - cold / heat / air drying / cleaning / neutral ventilation;
  • service area - up to 25 square meters. m;
  • compressor - two-rotor DUAL Inverter;
  • noise background - 19/41 dB;
  • control method - remote control, smartphone;
  • specific features - built-in auto diagnostic system, the ability to monitor energy consumption and configure the device for an economical resource consumption, ventilation module Skew fun with blades inclined by 15 ° С, two-stage filtration unit, progressive protection against corrosion manifestations.

The advantages of the model, buyers call a high level of system efficiency in all modes, the function of accelerated cooling and minimal noise emitted during operation.

The disadvantages include the poor susceptibility of the product to the remote control and the pronounced buzz of the external unit when working as part of an intensive heating program.

Place # 6 - LG G07HHT

A simple unit with a set of necessary functions, normal electricity consumption and high level of work efficiency. Reliable, durable and resistant to workloads.

Hardware Specifications:

  • features - heating / ventilation / drainage / cooling;
  • service area - 20 sq. m;
  • engine - typical;
  • noise background - 27/39 dB;
  • control method - remote control;
  • specific features - daily timer, warm start by technology Hot start, option of instant cooling of the room Jet cool, auto mode Micom controldeep self-diagnosis.

In the model, customers like build quality, high performance, wear resistance and relatively quiet operation of the indoor unit. Cons during use have not been detected.

Place # 7 - LG B12TS

A powerful unit consumes the optimal amount of electricity and creates a comfortable climate in a spacious room. Works on technology Smart inverter and creates a minimal sound background during operation.

Hardware Specifications:

  • features - cooling / ventilation / heating / dehumidification;
  • service area - up to 35 square meters. m;
  • compressor - inverter;
  • noise background - 19/42 dB;
  • control method - remote control;
  • specific features - anion generator timer, external unit protection system Anti-ice, saving the current settings in memory, smart fault diagnosis via smartphone, EZ filter.

Clients note that the split system quickly cools / heats the room and qualitatively cleans the air of unpleasant odors.

As a drawback, users mention a somewhat overpriced. No critical disadvantages were found in the technology.

Place # 8 - LG P12SP

A progressive model with an advanced compressor and high power in all the modes provided has a robust housing with a coating Gold finprotecting the equipment from corrosion.

The automatic cleaning function prevents bacteria from accumulating on the heat exchanger. The airflow is evenly distributed throughout the room and creates a comfortable climate.

Hardware Specifications:

  • opportunities - cold / heat / ventilation / drainage;
  • service area - up to 35 square meters. m;
  • engine - two-rotor compressor Dual inverter with reduced vibration;
  • noise background - 19/41 dB;
  • control method - remote control
  • specific features - 4 high-speed operating modes, filter complex dual-effect advanced self-diagnosis systemmonitoring current energy consumption, technology Jet cool for operational cooling.

Owners say that the device, indeed, works quietly even when intensive modes are activated.A good length of communications allows you to place it in the most convenient place.

Wide functionality makes it possible to create an atmosphere in the room that clearly corresponds to personal ideas about comfort.

Do not like buyers the size of the remote. Some believe that it is small and not too convenient to use, since it tends to get lost.

Place # 9 - LG AM09BP

A stylish and catchy device not only performs the basic functions, but also gives the interior of the room originality and a modern look. A powerful compressor creates a comfortable climate in the room without spending a single extra kilowatt on the process.

Hardware Specifications:

  • features - cooling / heat / neutral ventilation / drainage;
  • service area - up to 25 square meters. m;
  • compressor - economical inverter with a branded certificate guarantee TUV Rheinland for 10 years of work;
  • noise background - 19/41 dB;
  • control method - remote / smartphone via Wifi;
  • specific features - ionizerremoving common bacteria and irritants from the airflow, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, built-in Wi-Fi unit that allows you to control equipment through an exclusive application Smartthinq from LG, uniform distribution of air on four sides, 6 positions of rotation of blinds, double filtration protection.

The split system of this model is in great demand. Customers note its high performance, loyal energy consumption, good air cleaning ability and a large number of useful options.

Of the problems highlighted by the lack of indication on indoor unit and not always the correct functioning of software that allows you to control the behavior of technology through a smartphone.

Place # 10 - LG P18SP

The high-power device is intended for maintenance of large-sized rooms. It has a quick cooling function and night mode with minimal noise effect. It uses plasma and antibacterial filters to clean air.

Hardware Specifications:

  • features - cold / heat / drainage / automatic ventilation;
  • service area - up to 50 sq. m;
  • engine - a two-rotor inverter unit with a ten-year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • noise background - 31/44 dB;
  • control method - remote control;
  • specific features - four speed modes, a sensitive motion sensor, auto start - saving the programmed settings during an emergency or unscheduled shutdown, monitoring the consumed electricity and the ability to reduce this indicator through flexible settings, anti-corrosion coating on metal fragments of the heat exchanger.

According to users, the system copes with its responsibilities and clearly performs the declared actions. The plastic of the inner case does not fade and does not overwrite. All programs and modes work stably and do not interfere with each other. The interface of the control panel is easily mastered even by those who are not “friends” with household appliances.

Most often, the model is blamed for the initial high cost and solid weight of the external unit. For reliable location, it needs a strong and reliable metal mount.

Selection Tips and Tricks

Before buying HVAC equipment, it is important to determine how much space the device will serve. If you take equipment designed for footage smaller than a room, you won’t be able to achieve comfortable conditions. A weak unit will not be physically able to create and maintain the required temperature level.

It is better to purchase a module with some margin. Then all the available modes will work without unnecessary loads and will provide a pleasant atmosphere in residential and work premises.

A detailed algorithm for calculating the required power of a split system is presented in this article.

Metal block made of metal
The case of the external unit must be metal.The plastic block simply can not withstand extreme weather conditions and aggressive environmental influences.

Options must be chosen clearly for themselves, because each additional function always increases the cost of a split system. It’s worth paying only for those features that are really needed and will be constantly used.

Among the most useful:

  • the ability to switch from intensive mode to night mode - more quiet and economical;
  • self-diagnosis, recognizing internal malfunctions and notifying the owner about them;
  • ionization, which makes the air cleaner and fresher - the option is especially in demand if there are children, allergies or asthmatics in the house.

All other extensions are not so significant and are not always worth giving substantial sums of money for them.

The length of the communication highway is not the most important parameter, but it is still worth paying attention to it. The higher this indicator, the wider the possibility of placing a split system in a room.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Guide for the buyer - what to look for when buying a split system in a home or office:

5 simple rules for choosing a household air conditioner:

How to clean the split system with your own hands from accumulated pollution:

Climatic equipment from the LG concern is reliable, technical “stuffing” and durability. The correct design of the enclosures of the external and internal blocks facilitates the installation process.

The optimal working noise background does not prevent others from doing their own business, resting or sleeping, and a multi-level filtration system cleans the air flow. LG split systems justify their cost with long and trouble-free operation.

Have experience using an LG air conditioner? Please share with your readers your impressions of the climate control technology of a popular brand. Leave feedback, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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