Split systems Kentatsu: 7 popular models of climatic equipment + recommendations to the buyer

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Author: Tatyana Zakharova
Last update: July 2019

Kentatsu climate control equipment appeared in Russia in 2005, and today it competes with well-known brands. A separate segment of the production is occupied by devices designed for use in domestic or office conditions.

Kentatsu multi-function split systems have established themselves as reliable, easy-to-use devices, and a variety of model series allows you to choose a unit for any operating conditions.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the rating of Kentatsu air conditioners, compiled taking into account several criteria: technical characteristics, demand, a large number of positive reviews, relevance. The information given will help to make the right choice and organize a comfortable microclimate in the room.

TOP 7 Kentatsu split systems

Today, the buyer may face more than one year of production series Titan, TITAN GENESIS, MARK II, Rio, NAOMI and new Bravo, TEAM, QUANTUM, QUANTUM +. Split systems differ in technical parameters and a set of functions, and wall-mounted modules - in design.

Place # 1 - Kentatsu KSGMA35HFAN1 / KSRMA35HFAN1

Stylish productive device MARK II Serieshaving collected the maximum number of good reviews. Like most Kentaz air conditioners, economical and quiet. Equipped with a 3-speed fan. When operating in minimum power mode, it emits only 25 dB of noise.

They are distinguished by good filtration; in the process, high-quality air purification is performed. The outdoor module is protected by an anti-ice system.


  • productivity - 3.52 / 3.66 kW for heating / cooling, respectively;
  • power consumption cooling / heating - 1.1 / 1.02 kW;
  • air flow - 9.63 m³ / min;
  • energy efficiency - A;
  • annual energy consumption - 548 kWh;
  • noise - up to 41 dB;
  • the length of the highway is 20 m.

Buyers rated the air conditioner at 5 points. I especially like the temperature compensation function, which allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere with a minimum temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor. The indicator shows not only the current temperature and time, but also the defrosting status of the outdoor module.

Major flaws were not noticed, only minor ones: there are no mounting compensating rubber bands for the “paws” of the outdoor unit, when changing modes or turning on, you can hear weak clicks of the relay.

Place # 2 - Kentatsu KSGB26HFAN1 / KSRB26HFAN1

Easy to operate, relatively inexpensive air conditioning BRAVO series, recently appeared on the market and has already become popular. Despite the Chinese assembly, the compressor is Japanese-made. The length of the case is only 71.5 cm, which is less than that of expensive models, and can be useful if the installation area is limited.

It independently detects malfunctions, displays errors on the display. If necessary, the display backlight can be turned off.


  • performance. - 2.64 / 2.78 kW for heating / cooling, respectively;
  • power consumption - 0.82 / 0.77 kW heating / cooling;
  • airflow intensity - 8.5 m³ / min;
  • energy efficiency - A;
  • energy consumption per year - 410 kWh;
  • noise - up to 40 dB;
  • pipeline length - 20 m.

The device was appreciated by users who have to leave the house for a long time. When the heating system is turned off, the air conditioner maintains a temperature of + 8 ° C, prevents freezing. After the working cycle, the evaporator is self-cleaning and draining.

Of the minuses - extraneous noise during operation of the air conditioner, especially the first time after installation.

Place # 3 - Kentatsu KSGQ35HFAN1 / KSRQ35HFAN1

Neat conditioner QUANTUM series with a set of necessary functions from the middle price segment. During the cooling process, the device can be switched to the preset reduced power consumption mode. It is equipped with an informative display of a hidden type, which can be disabled if necessary.

The temperature set by the user is reflected not only on the case of the indoor unit, but also on the remote control, so it can be adjusted even with the main display turned off.


  • productivity - 3.25 / 3.40 kW for heating / cooling, respectively;
  • power consumption heating / cooling - 1.01 / 0.94 kW;
  • air flow - 9.17 m³ / min;
  • energy efficiency - A;
  • energy consumption per year - 505 kWh;
  • noise - up to 41 dB;
  • pipeline length - 15 m.

Customers respond positively to the design and set of technical capabilities. The local comfort mode turned out to be convenient - setting the desired temperature in the zone where a person is located with the remote control. Intelligent defrosting allows save energy - the function is disabled immediately after thawing the outdoor unit.

Minus - the length of the pipeline is 15 m, and not 20, like the rest of the Kentatsu models.

Place # 4 - Kentatsu KSGR26HZAN1 / KSRR26HZAN1

Inverter split RIO seriescharacterized by a rectangular body with rounded corners. Has all the benefits air conditioner with inverter - even the external unit works quietly, turning on and off is done gently, but quickly.

You can adjust the fan speed, set the desired temperature in the zone of residence, for example, at the desktop or on the couch. If there is no time to select the mode manually, the device will set the comfortable temperature in automatic mode.


  • productivity - 2.65 / 2.70 kW for heating / cooling, respectively;
  • power consumption cooling / heating - 0.68 / 0.64 kW;
  • air flow - 7.6 m³ / min;
  • energy efficiency - A;
  • energy consumption per year - 410 kWh;
  • noise - up to 33 dB;
  • pipeline length - 20 m.

The air conditioner is economical that users instantly rated. For a year, it consumes electricity significantly less than other models of the same brand. It works very quiet thanks to the large fan.

There are complaints about the assembly and use of low-quality plastic, but this does not affect the operation of the air conditioner.

Place # 5 - Kentatsu KSGH35HFDN1 / KSRH35HFDN1

Powerful appliance TITAN seriesDesigned for room service. The hall area recommended by the manufacturer is 35 m². You can choose a design: it comes with one of two color options for the case - “brushed silver” or dark gray.

It remembers the settings, so you do not need to bother with the remote control every time. Quite economical, especially when working in special modes, for example, night.


  • productivity - 3.52 / 3.80 kW for heating / cooling, respectively;
  • power consumption cooling / heating - 1.26 / 1.27 kW;
  • air flow - 10.83 m³ / min;
  • energy efficiency - A;
  • energy consumption per year - 547 kWh;
  • noise - up to 40 dB;
  • pipeline length - 10 m.

Customers like the design of the case and the blue backlight on the right side of the display. The device can maintain the desired temperature in automatic mode, and when a repair event occurs, display an error on the display. Very convenient remote control.

Deficiencies are not detected immediately, but during operation: for some split systems, the outdoor unit begins to vibrate, which creates additional noise. As a rule, the problem lies in the wrong mounting split.

Place # 6 - Kentatsu KSGX26HFAN1 / KSRX26HFAN1

The advanced modification of the TITAN series, called TITAN GENESIS. The body of the device is fundamentally different in color from the usual white models; it has two color options - graphite or golden. An unusual design can come in handy when a traditional light model does not fit into the interior of the room.

You can set your favorite mode of operation, and in the future it will be applied at the touch of a button.


  • productivity - 2.64 / 2.78 kW for heating / cooling, respectively;
  • power consumption cooling / heating - 0.82 / 0.77 kW;
  • air flow - 7.5 m³ / min;
  • energy efficiency - A;
  • energy consumption per year - 411 kWh;
  • noise - up to 33 dB;
  • pipeline length - 20 m.

Users liked the ability to independently adjust the display: in the "do not disturb" mode, the device turns off the backlight, does not emit sound signals. The air conditioner is equipped with a high density filter that cleans the air more thoroughly.

The main disadvantage is the considerable price, but it is compensated by the high quality of work, a set of additional functions and an interesting design solution with side lighting.

Place # 7 - Kentatsu KSGT35HZAN1 / KSRT35HZAN1

The most economical inverter device presented TEAM series, meets the requirements of "European ERP Directive / Ecodesign". It has a classic design of the internal module and a convenient remote control. The model is powerful, designed for large rooms, halls and halls.

The display is hidden under a plastic case, reflects the status of the indoor unit, the temperature in the room and the timer settings are unobtrusive. If necessary, the backlight turns off.


  • productivity - 3.20 / 3.40 kW for heating / cooling, respectively;
  • power consumption cooling / heating - 1.0 / 0.94 kW;
  • air flow - 9.3 m³ / min;
  • energy efficiency - A ++;
  • energy consumption per year - 500 kWh;
  • noise - up to 42 dB;
  • pipeline length - 20 m.

Users like a good balance of maximum performance and power consumption. The model quickly and softly responds to commands, fully performs the declared functions.

The disadvantages include noise - the device works a little louder than models of other series, although in general all Kentats air conditioners can be classified as quiet.

Recommendations for choosing a Kentatsu model

To learn more about the series or individual models, you need to study the technical documentation before buying, as well as carefully inspect and compare the internal modules.

Alphanumeric designations of models carry a lot of information. We offer a decoding that can be useful when choosing home appliances (1 - the first position in the model name, 2 - the second, etc.).

Kentatsu models at the booth
The models of each series are distinguished by power, performance and energy consumption. If you fundamentally liked the design of the wall block housing, you can also choose power according to the area of ​​the room

The meaning of the characters in the marking:

  • K - Kentatsu, brand name;
  • S - split system, type of equipment;
  • G - wall unit, view of the indoor unit; R- air-cooled, type of outdoor unit;
  • T, Q, X and others - a series, determined by the first letter;
  • AND - modification (not at all);
  • 26, 35 and others - productivity multiplied by 10; digital index;
  • N - cooling / heating, thermal conditions;
  • F - standard compressor operation; Z - invertor; D - proportional;
  • AND - R410A, refrigerant;
  • N1 - single-phase voltage 220–240 V, 50 Hz, energy source;
  • –N - design features (not all).

In multisystems, ventilation units, chillers and fan coils, that is, for other types of air conditioners, the set of letter characters is different.

When choosing a model, you should evaluate such parameters as:

  • power / performance, adjustable;
  • energy efficiency class;
  • noise indicator;
  • design features - the presence of an inverter, an additional filter, side lighting, etc .;
  • degree of filtration;
  • the presence of automated modes;
  • ways to manage and control work.

Dimensions are also important, especially when the installation area of ​​the indoor unit is limited. As a rule, installation is carried out near the external wall in order to reduce the distance to the external module.

Kentatsu air conditioning on the wall
If there is enough space, the dimensions of the wall unit can be ignored, but the color of the front panel and additional lighting options remain important

The approximate correspondence of an air conditioner of a certain area can be determined by performance. Detailed information on calculating the power of a split system is presented in this article.

The models of the Kentatsu brand in the name have a “marker” - a hint - a digital designation. The number 21 indicates that the device is designed to work in a 15-20-meter room, 26 - 25-30-meter, 35 - 33-35-meter, respectively.

What else to look for:

Such technical features as weight do not have a big role in the choice, the main thing is to take into account the bearing capacity of the wall or partition. Typically, indoor wall modules are hung on the mounts that come with the kit, while outdoor ones are mounted on universal brackets.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

General recommendations for choosing a home air conditioner:

Design of internal wall modules:

About the benefits of Kentatsu:

Kentatsu specializes in serial production of models, so you can always choose a device that fully meets the needs of the owner of the apartment.

By and large, the brand is just starting to conquer the market for household climate equipment for the home. After 3-4 years, 2-year-old models and new products will be tested better, more reviews will appear, and then it will be possible to draw more accurate conclusions about the operation of the devices.

And which air conditioner did you choose for your home, apartment or office? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the work of the purchased split system. Add reviews, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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