The best Jax split systems: seven popular models + the nuances of choosing climate technology

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The introduction of advanced technological developments and the continuous improvement of the manufactured climate technology are the main positive aspects of the Australian company. Why do Jax split systems deserve attention?

All units of the brand are reliable, efficient due to the manufacturer’s use of their own innovations and technologies of leading world brands. The manufactured equipment is widely in demand in the European market.

The compliance of the devices with the functional characteristics declared by the company, as well as the level of energy consumption is confirmed by the EUROVENT certificate. Agree, there are many arguments in favor of Jax splits. We offer you to get acquainted with the leaders of the product line - the most popular models of different price segments.

TOP 7 best models

Under the Jax brand, various types of equipment are produced - from budget wall-mounted appliances to cassette units and a combined type of premium segment.

With the help of systems, it is possible to organize air conditioning both in small-sized rooms, and in offices, restaurant and hotel complexes.

All devices are distinguished by their functionality and design, which directly affects the formation of their value. Consider the most popular and sought-after products on the market to quickly find the best option for an apartment, home, office or cafe.

Place # 1 - Jax ACK-09HE (2013)

Household appliance sydney series refers to the budget segment. Designed for indoor use up to 25 m2. The device is designed to be mounted directly on the wall, away from heat sources.

Unit Specifications:

  • opportunities - cooling, heating;
  • productivity, cold / heat - 2.6 / 2.8 kW;
  • noise design, inside / outside - 28-38 / 50 dB;
  • air consumption - 400 cubic meters m / hour;
  • energy efficiency - 3.21 EER;
  • options - self-diagnosisDelay off, turbo mode, auto-cleaning of the system design, maintaining the selected temperature, quiet and economical night work, adjusting the angle of rotation of the blinds to select the optimal flow direction, deodorizing filter element, moisture removal.

To increase the heat transfer coefficient and save energy, the unit is equipped with a 4-knee heat exchanger.

The device has a high energy saving class - A. A distinctive feature is the presence of an anti-corrosion housing, which prevents the rapid destruction of parts and their wear.

Users appreciate this model for its quiet, almost silent operation in standard mode, the compactness of the units, ease of installation, effective achievement of the required temperature and its maintenance.

The model is equipped with an integrated filtering system, and also protects against the spread of dust particles in the air. Suitable for older users and families with young children, as well as people with respiratory diseases.

Place # 2 - Jax ACN-07HE

This appliance is from tasmania series: characterized by quiet operation in standard cooling and heating mode. The wall model belongs to the budget class, but is equipped with a large number of modern optional solutions.

Unit Specifications:

  • opportunities - cooling, heating;
  • productivity, cold / heat - 2.1 / 2.3 kW;
  • noise design, inside / outside - 22-34 / 52 dB;
  • air consumption - 450 cubic meters m / hour;
  • energy efficiency - 3.21 EER;
  • options - comfortable sleep, super quiet operation, 24-hour timer, auto restart after power is restored, drainage, protection against breakdowns and auto-diagnostics, anti-corrosion treatment of the case, I FEEL, protective system against dust and high-class bacteria, ionizer.

The option is suitable for users who need the function of cleaning airflows from smoke, pollen, and disinfection - for families with children, often sick people, as well as allergies and asthmatics.

Purification of incoming flows occurs in stages: the product is installed Eco filter, formaldehyde, carbon filter element, ionizer, and also provides a dustproof system.

Among the disadvantages is the inability to turn on the unit at negative temperature values.

Place # 3 - Jax ACI-20HE (2011)

Model Uluru series It has been on the market for over 6 years. The device demonstrates high performance, it is economical, multi-functional, excellent performance.

The model is recommended to be installed in a private home or office space, the air conditioning area of ​​which should not exceed 50 m2.

Unit Specifications:

  • opportunities - cooling, heating;
  • productivity, cold / heat - 5 / 5.1 kW;
  • noise design, inside / outside - 29-38 / 54 dB;
  • air consumption - 880 cubic meters m / hour;
  • energy efficiency - 3.23 EER;
  • options - self-detection of device malfunctions, automatic restart, 24-hour delay, night and turbo mode functioning, deodorizing filter element, self cleaning, temperature auto-maintenance, air ionization, two-way adjustable blinds, drainage.

The model belongs to the class inverter air conditioners. The device is conveniently operated with Wifi access or remote control at the request of the user. The unit has a discreet design, but has good performance - decent performance fully justifies the high cost of production.

Blinds can be controlled manually. On heating, they work clockwise, providing the direction of the warm masses directly to the floor.

When cooling, the blinds rotate in the reverse order: the incoming air is initially fed up, and settles down under gravity. Thus, the area of ​​the entire object evenly reaches the desired temperature.

Design advantages - effective purification of air masses, elimination of unpleasant odors, dust, saturation of clean air with oxygen, economical consumption of electricity. Among the minuses is the noisy operation of the device when operating at maximum fan speeds.

In general, a worthy option with an inverter compressor for the equipment of large-sized premises of a household or commercial type.

Place # 4 - Jax ACQ-48 (H) E

Multifunctional cassette unit. Designed for quick access to the required temperature, its effective maintenance inside an object with an area of ​​about 100 m2. Install such powerful systems in utility rooms, offices, markets, country houses.

Unit Specifications:

  • Opportunities - cooling, even at low temperatures outside the facility, heating, ventilation;
  • productivity, cold / heat - 14 / 15,5 kW;
  • noise of structures, inside / outside - 41-50 / 62 dB;
  • air consumption - 1800 cubic meters m / hour;
  • energy efficiency - 2.87 EER;
  • options - comfortable sleep, compressor crankcase heater, automatic fault detection, automatic condensate drain, 24-hour delay, Wi-Fi control, turbo modefresh air adjustable 3D blindsair filter element.

To safely start the compressor, the device is equipped with a special heater, which prevents its damage at low temperatures outside the object. The case of the external design is made of stainless steel, which prevents the occurrence of corrosion in conditions of high humidity.

Another advantage is the device’s operability even at low outdoor temperatures and the intake of fresh air flows in ventilation mode.

Of the shortcomings emit increased noise. However, when placing the system in office premises, a cafe, where there is a large concentration of people, this minus is almost invisible.

Place # 5 - Jax ACN-18HE

The model is also a worthy representative. tasmania series. Neo systems designed for domestic use in rooms up to 48-50 m2.

Unit Specifications:

  • opportunities - cooling, heating;
  • productivity, cold / heat - 5.1 / 5.3 kW;
  • noise of structures, inside / outside - 31-44 / 53 dB;
  • air consumption - 900 cubic meters m / hour;
  • energy efficiency - 3.21 EER;
  • options - SLEEP mode, low-noise operation mode, timer, automatic restart, dehumidification, protection and auto-diagnostics, anti-corrosion treatment of the external structure, user comfort I FEEL, multistage dust and bacterial protective system, ionizer.

The external design has a two-speed fan, the operation of which can be controlled by selecting various modes. In night mode, the fan rotates at minimum speed, which reduces the noise level.

Compared with the Uluru series model of similar performance, the device in question has a large volume of air supply, but a higher noise figure of the internal structure.

The model presented in the rating is energy efficient and efficient, with the function of purifying the air masses of harmful impurities and odors.

Place # 6 - Jax ACT-20HE

The unit with the function of forced ventilation, having floor and ceiling construction. There are few options in the model, however, it performs the required minimum of programs - a cooling, heating function in the most silent mode.

Unit Specifications:

  • Opportunities - cooling, heating, fresh air inflow;
  • productivity, cold / heat - 5.3 / 5.8 kW;
  • noise design, inside / outside - 34-43 / 55 dB;
  • air consumption - 850 cubic meters. m / hour;
  • energy efficiency - 3.08 EER;
  • options - compressor crankcase heater, easy installation, ultra silent mode work, timer, remembering previously selected settings, maintaining the temperature regime.

The capacity declared by the manufacturer is enough for the correct organization of the air conditioning system inside an object with an area of ​​36-50 m2. Automatically moving blinds maximize the range of air mass supply.

The model is characterized by a standard compact design, so it is suitable for placement below, above the wall or under the ceiling. Equipped with the function of airing the room - the flow of street air into the living room.

Among the missing functions - there is no purification of air masses from impurities of various nature, ionization of flows, there is no sleep mode and auto-cleaning of the device.

The device is suitable for any type of room where it is necessary to install the device in the ceiling area or on the floor due to the impossibility of using wall mounting.

Place # 7 - Jax ACI-10HE

Residential inverter system Uluru series average cost. In addition to economical energy consumption, the device is equipped with a remote control system using Wi-Fi access.

Unit Specifications:

  • opportunities - cooling, heating;
  • productivity, cold / heat - 2.7 / 2.8 kW;
  • noise design, inside / outside - 24-33 / 50 dB;
  • air consumption - 460 cubic meters. m / hour;
  • energy efficiency - 3.29 EER;
  • options - LED display, self-detection of faults by the device, restarting, self cleaningDelay off, turbo mode, auto-maintenance of temperature, adjustable in 2 directions blinds, anti-corrosion housing of an external design, anti-defrosting system.

To prevent the formation, development, spread of microorganisms and bacteria, the surface of the heat exchanger-evaporator is gold plated with an antibacterial effect.

The external condenser also has a gold coating, which improves heat transfer due to the constant wettability of the surface of the condenser and rapid defrosting of the system.

Users note that the model is quiet, economical, and has high performance. The unit is convenient to control, select the desired modes and it is possible to use even at minus outdoor temperature.

Of the expressed shortcomings - the inability to program the device for night mode and the lack of a filtering air system.

Important parameters when buying a system

Competent and professional installation of a split system allows you to properly organize the entire conditioning process inside the facility.

Due to the significant number of brands and a wide range of models, it is not always possible to independently choose the right option. That is why it is better to be guided by the indicated tips, which will help to buy a technically and functionally appropriate unit for your room.

Construction and power of equipment

All systems are divided into devices for domestic, semi-industrial and commercial use. The type of product depends on what the maximum possible area of ​​the object for the device to be installed can be.

The first option - household air conditioning - is used for small areas up to 60-80 m2and others for larger objects.

Wall equipment is considered the most popular: it is distinguished by an affordable price, sufficient functionality and ease of operation.

Example of placing a split system Jax
A productivity of 2.1-10 kW is enough for rooms from 12 to 100 m2. Such devices are installed in apartments, cottages, in small shops, pharmacies

Channel and cassette devices mounted behind the suspended part of the ceiling, where free space is provided. They are convenient to use in offices and supermarkets with high ceilings for cooling in hot weather and heating during the off-season, while there is no central heating.

The average performance of channel and cassette equipment in the range of 5-20 kW, which is designed specifically for spacious facilities.

If it is not possible to install the product in the ceiling space, an alternative is provided - floor-ceiling. It can be mounted directly on the ceiling of any type of structure, as well as installed near the floor along the wall.

In addition to high cold and heat output, the device provides excellent circulation of air flows and saves electricity consumption.

Key Features

Almost all models perform, in addition to standard cooling, a heating function. However, it is necessary to take into account the range of outdoor temperatures at which it is possible to turn the unit on for heating.

Most budget-class models operate at maximum outdoor temperatures - from zero to -5 ° C.

Inverter Type
If the room does not provide for centralized heating, then it is better to give preference to inverter equipment. His range is much wider, and heating can be turned on even at -12 - -17 ° C. Such models are equipped with a function that prevents icing of the structure and its preheating.

Ventilation is a great opportunity to dilute stale air with fresh from the street. This function is mainly provided by cassette, channel and ceiling units.

Dehumidification allows you to get rid of excess moisture without lowering or raising the temperature. Devices with this function are in demand among users living in areas of high humidity, as well as owners of basements and warehouses.

An advantage for the systems will also be the presence of a corrosion-resistant coating in the external structure.

External air conditioning unit
The stainless steel block with a special coating extends the life of the equipment due to its resistance to external factors - high humidity, the interaction of air flows with salt and other impurities

Among the design features, pay attention to the ability to control the direction of air flow when a certain mode is turned on. Intelligent blind control allows you to quickly adjust the room temperature to the required values.

Additional unit options

Among the important points when choosing a climate technology is a filtering system of equipment.

Depending on the design features of the internal system, the following filters are installed in it:

  • ecofilter or biofilter - has a sterilizing ability due to active bioenzymes, which gradually break down the shell of bacteria and lead to their death;
  • photocatalytic - differs in absorbent, deactivating ability, which eliminates odors and viruses in a vaporous state;
  • plasma nanofilter- Under the influence of an electric field, ionized air masses pass into a plasma state, and after passing through the filter element more than 95% of the molecules of harmful particles settle on it.
  • carbon fiber - eliminates pungent odors, and also deactivates chemical gaseous substances.

Another optional feature of the devices is ionization of conditioned air. A feature of the option is the activation of anions during the operation of the unit, the number of which can reach 1 million units / cubic meter. cm.

As the masses pass through the ionizer brush, they are cleaned of dust particles, smoke impurities, and chemicals.

Filtration system in a split system
It is high-quality multi-stage air filtration with the option of ionization that will effectively, up to 95-98%, destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, dust and eliminate unpleasant odors

Additionally, a UV radiation generator can be installed, which promotes ozonation and disinfection of air inside the object.

Such systems are best suited for use in medical institutions, residential apartments, places of a large concentration of visitors and workers - shopping centers, cafes, restaurants.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Instructions for installing the Jax brand device:

Recommendations for choosing an air conditioning system:

Determine for yourself the type of design, a list of necessary functions and features that are most important from your point of viewCompare these criteria with financial capabilities and select the appropriate device. A thorough study of the characteristics and functionality of the units will allow you to make the right purchase.

Looking for quality air conditioning at a reasonable price? Or is there experience in using a split system from the Australian brand Jax? Tell our readers about the specifics of the operation and maintenance of such units. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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