Hisense split systems rating: top 10 models + recommendations for choosing brand equipment

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The bulk of household split-systems are typical equipment, the main difference of which is the cooling capacity parameter and the presence of additional options. In this sense, Hisense split systems are no exception, the features of which will be examined in detail in this material.

We offer a brief overview of the main characteristics of the climate technology, released by the largest corporation in China. The list of the best representatives of Hisense included different types of split systems, designed for room maintenance up to 50 square meters. m

The top ten models of Hisense brand

A TOP of ten Hisense split systems will help you choose the most suitable device, taking into account the household needs of a particular customer.

Model # 1 - Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDB1G

The optimal ratio of technical and operational characteristics and market value, split system AS-09UR4SYDDB1G, produced by Hisense, managed to reach the first place in TOP-10.

This Hisense development - inverter type air conditioner. In other words, the device is capable of processing the air flow, acting in any of the two possible modes: cooling, heating.

The total coverage area in any of the modes reaches a maximum of 30 m2. That is, theoretically, this split system is enough to service 1 large room of a standard social apartment.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - wall;
  • noise internal block - 24-38 dB;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 810 W / 730 W;
  • service area - 30 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

The operating power parameter, regardless of the mode, is a maximum of 2600 W. Energy consumption - 810/730 W, respectively, in relation to the cooling / heating modes. As with most of these designs, there are several functions that operate in automatic mode.

The design involves the installation of an indoor air conditioner module directly on the wall of a domestic building. The mechanism of the indoor unit is characterized by low noise during operation. Supported by remote control.

The internal module is equipped with a deodorizing filter, a fine air filtering element, plus an anion generator and an anti-icing device for the evaporator fins are built into the processing system.The boundary temperature of the external environment for working on heating is not lower than minus 15 ° C.

Model # 2 - Hisense AS-09HR4SYDDH3

They managed to get a well-deserved second place thanks to user preferences and really optimal model parameters. AS-09HR4SYDDH3 from Hisense home appliance line.

Confidently enough, this system holds the second position in the rating. In fact, the same wall-mounted split system is an inverter, slightly inferior to the previous design in terms of performance (2500 W) and power consumption.

The held owners note the stable maintenance of temperature, including during the night operation.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - wall;
  • noise internal block - 35-38 dB;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 780 W / 705 W;
  • service area - 30 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

The model shows a high level of energy efficiency, based on user accounts relatively electricity costs. According to the passport, air conditioning refers to class “A” equipment in terms of energy efficiency.

Meanwhile, when compared with the leader of the TOP-10, the current development of Hisense AS-09HR4SYDDH3 looks already noisier. The internal module during operation is noisy at a level of 40 dB. As you can see, a pretty solid increase. True, if we turn to the existing standards, this noise background is completely within the existing range.

According to technical and operational information, the machine is also capable of efficiently serving up to 30 m2 residential (household) area. However, the level of maximum permissible air flow is slightly reduced - up to 10 cubic meters. m, compared with the leader of the rating.

An interesting function for this model is the self-diagnosis function for possible malfunctions. The dehumidification mode is supported. There are some innovations on filter elements. So, as optional additions, the buyer can purchase carbon and LTC (catalytic) filters.

Model # 3 - Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG

For this design of the air conditioner, which has risen to the third position of TOP-10, sufficient performance for an inverter type system and optimal energy consumption are characteristic.

Another version of the wall-mounted air conditioning unit is powerful enough (2700 W performance and 840/755 W consumption), functional, but in third place due to the slightly increased noise of the internal module (40 dB) and the price (18500 rubles).

The two previous competitors offer owners more attractive conditions and options.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - wall;
  • noise internal block - 29-40 dB;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 840 W / 755 W;
  • service area - 30 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

Design Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG also performed according to the inverter circuit, supports the classic working functions: draining the air flow, ventilation mode, automatic temperature control, self-diagnosis of work defects.

Area coverage for air treatment - not more than 30 m2 while maintaining the energy efficiency of class "A". Placement of the internal module wall. In this case, the maximum airflow density parameter is limited to 8.3 m3 /hour.

The Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG design functionality allows you to control the fan speed of the indoor unit. As filter components, plasma and deodorizing elements are used. There is an anion generation system and an anti-icing device for the evaporator.

Model # 4 - Hisense AS-09HR4SYDDC

Almost a "relative" of the apparatus, which occupies the third position in the rating. Even the model number actually matches with the exception of two to three alphanumeric characters. Therefore, the technical and operational parameters for this development are also subject to small changes.

Thanks, first of all, to the attractive external design of the internal module, this device got to the fourth position in the list of the best split systems from Hisense.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - wall;
  • noise internal block - 35-40 dB;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 778 W / 706 W;
  • service area - 30 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

The covered area - 30 m2 with a maximum performance of 2500 W in two modes of the inverter system. The energy consumption for cooling / heating, as we see from the above parameters, is quite economical.

Installation configuration indoor unit - wall mounted. The noise characteristics of the same unit reach a maximum of 40 dB. A classic set of processing and temperature control functions is supported.

The system of this model, however, like many others, is endowed with a timer functionality, which makes it possible to start the machine at a predetermined (programmed) time. The air filtration system is limited to having only a deodorizing filter. There is a system of louvered air flow control.

Installation work Hisense AS-09HR4SYDDC automatic regulation of the internal temperature of the premises is provided taking into account the value set by the user.

This is an easy-to-operate and quite effective air conditioning apparatus, rightfully deserving of 4 places of user preference.

Model # 5 - Hisense AS-07HR4SYDDC

Development Hisense AS-07HR4SYDDC - This is a climate technology suitable for any interior, plus optimal design parameters to create a microclimate in the room.

In fact, a duplicate of the previous device, with the exception of a slightly reduced power output (2100/2200 W) and, accordingly, the price (15500 rubles). Apparently it was the factor of similarity with the AS-09HR4SYDDC model that caused this machine to appear in fifth place in the rating.

Given the almost complete similarity of the functional, we consider the main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - wall;
  • noise internal block - 35-38 dB;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 655/610 W;
  • service area - 20 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

The airflow density of this model is 7.5 m3/hour. There is a self-diagnosis function, a system against the icing of the evaporator. It is allowed to use the ventilation mode only.

The design of the system belongs to the category of inverter air conditioning units.

Model # 6 - Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDEIB1

Non-traditional for split-systems, the coloring of the case of the internal module is a kind of “trick” of the air conditioner Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDEIB1. Perhaps, it was thanks to this “chip” that the device got into the sixth position.

Its design is quite realistic to consider as a direct competitor to the air conditioner, ranking first in the rating.

In sixth position, the split system of model development AS-09UR4SYDDEIB1 was, apparently, due to the impressive price (30,300 rubles). If we consider the technical and operational characteristics, the filling practically corresponds to the rating leader.

True, there is another characteristic feature for this product - the coloring of the housing of the internal module. Strictly black color, of course, looks original.

However, it is difficult to imagine the interior architecture of the room exclusively in white tones, complemented by a black wall module. This is probably another reason for the sixth position.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - wall;
  • noise internal block - 24-38 dB;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 810 W / 730 W;
  • service area - 30 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

The AS-09UR4SYDDEIB1 internal module provides stable cooling (heating) with a coverage of up to 30 m2. At the same time, the performance of the air conditioner for cooling is maximum - 2600 W, for heating - 2650 W.

The airflow density generated by the indoor fan reaches 9.17 m3, which is almost half lower than that of the first model on the list.

This parameter is important, as it provides the intensity of air exchange, which is important for a technique such as a split system. Otherwise, there is not much difference.

Model # 7 - Hisense AS-10UR4SVPSC5

Perhaps the most powerful of all split rating systems. Nevertheless, the model is in seventh position, because not every potential owner is ready to give 44,500 rubles for this car.

The main advantage of this system is a high level of performance and acceptable power consumption. This is one of the options for a household air conditioner, which ensures the stability of the microclimate.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - wall;
  • noise internal block - 22-39 dB;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 800 W / 740 W;
  • service area - 30 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

An interesting point: with increased performance up to almost 3000 watts (2800 watts actually), the maximum allowable covered area by a split system is 30 m2. That is, the technical capabilities correspond to machines occupying higher places in the ranking.

Again, there is an inverter type design, which gives the user the advantage of using the device in two modes. At the same time, energy consumption for the cooling mode is 800 watts, for the heating mode - 740 watts.

Design - wall mounting. What is clearly different design AS-10UR4SVPSC5, so it is significantly reduced noise characteristics up to 22 dB. True, this parameter depends on the level of performance and at maximum it can reach about 40 dB.

Air density at the exit - 10 m3, which again is less than the split system shows, which fell to the first position in the rating.

Despite the high market price tag of this split system, in terms of functionality, it does not stand out among the systems present in the ranking. Standard features including self-diagnosis and anti-icing protection.

Model # 8 - Hisense AUV-18UR4SA1

ModelHisense AUV-18UR4SA1 - an apparatus from a series of powerful and productive equipment, with the help of which it is easy to achieve an optimal climate inside not only the premises, but also in a small boutique, a store with an area of ​​up to 50 square meters. m

Again, according to surveys of potential buyers, who mostly prefer wall-mounted models, this solution, due to the large service area and considerable price tag, takes place at the end of the TOP-10 list.

In fact, the design has all the chances to rise higher. In particular, the device stands out with sufficient power and the most popular among Hisense brand floor-ceiling models.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - floor-to-ceiling;
  • noise internal block - 43-54 dB;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 1500 W / 1600 W;
  • service area - 50 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

This is one of those systems that show a performance of about 5,000 watts for cooling and 5,600 watts for heating. In this case, the energy consumption of the equipment is less than a third of these values ​​- 1500 and 1600 W, respectively, in each of the modes.

Installation of inverter design confidently keeps the temperature within the allowable area, provides automatic functionality. The user only needs to program the device to the required temperature.

The high cost of the split system is also due to the presence of effective filter elements in the design. As well as the presence of additional options: fresh air supply, warm start, remembering settings.

Model # 9 - Hisense AUD-18HX4SNL

Another TOP-10 rating model that attracts potential owners with a performance feature is a channel system that allows you to cool a room with an area of ​​up to 50 m2.

More often this design is suitable for rooms with a ceiling height of more than 2.5 m, because it involves installation in a sub-ceiling space.

This is a system of sufficient power, and given the ratio of cost and technical capabilities, it is not surprising that it is the most bought among the channel models of this manufacturer.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - channel;
  • noise internal block - not specified;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 1550 W / 1600 W;
  • service area - 50 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

The cooling air conditioning performance reaches a level of 5000 watts, while when heated, the split system shows a performance level of 5500 watts.

For this embodiment of the technique, the user's interest is directed towards energy consumption - 1550 W / 1600 W, respectively, which is optimal at such a performance. The moment is obvious - the lower the consumption, the lower the payments for energy.

The function of drying the air flow is supported, a ventilation mode and automatic maintenance of the set temperature are provided. The unit has a timer option, there is a night mode and a self-diagnosis of possible malfunctions.

Model # 10 - Hisense AUC-18HR4SAA

The tenth of the ten best representatives of HVAC equipment brand - modification AUC-18HR4SAA. This is the most popular. cassette type apparatusrepresented by the Hisense brand.

This type assumes a ceiling type installation with the installation of all communications under the ceiling and their further masking in a suspended structure.

This feature is a significant limitation for many potential buyers - the room must have a ceiling height of 2.5 m or more. And the cost is high enough for a "reckless" choice.

Judging by the reviews, this model has found recognition among owners of suburban real estate, small shops, office premises.

The main technical parameters:

  • type of equipment - cassette;
  • noise of the indoor unit - not specified;
  • power consumption for cooling / heating - 1550 W / 1550 W;
  • service area - 50 m2;
  • remote control - yes, remote control.

The system design is an inverter-mounted ceiling cassette air conditioner. At the time of cooling, the machine consumes 1550 watts of energy, which corresponds to the indicator and in the state of heating the air.

The device is present in the tenth position, most likely due to the relative high cost, increased installation requirements and difficulties in performing installation work - you can’t do without calling a professional wizard in the last question.

The system is designed for a service area of ​​up to 50 m2 , and rooms of such an area are usually the prerogative of cottages and comfortable apartments. Therefore, the main one - the social demand for Hisense AUC-18HR4SAA equipment is slightly reduced.

From another point of view - purely technical, the split system is marked by attractive data that contribute to the acquisition.

Multistage effective air filtration, low noise, memory tinctures and automation while maintaining the set temperature, two modes of processing the air flow. All these are indicators of a high-quality efficient air conditioner.

Criteria for choosing Hisense vehicles

If we consider specifically Hisense technology, then when choosing an air conditioner of this brand, like any company, it is necessary to consider its technical characteristics and capabilities.

The main criteria that customers usually look at when buying are:

  • cooling capacity;
  • electricity consumption;
  • acceptable coverage of the service area.

Of course, we consider the design and execution of internal modules, as well as functionality. The last factor significantly affects the final cost of the system - the more options, the higher the price tag will be.

Another important criterion is the type of system.Indeed, not every user will be able to install a channel climate system, while having a standard apartment with a floor to ceiling distance of 2.4-2.6 m.

Wall split system brand Hisense
The most popular among buyers is a wall-mounted split system. This technique is easier to install, maintain. And the requirements for the premises are minimal. The main thing is to choose the right performance based on the area

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What could be more useful for the end user than a full technological breakdown on technology? The video below supplements the material presented above a bit:

Recommendations on the rules for choosing a split system are detailed in the following video:

Regardless of the manufacturer, when buying a split system, it is recommended to consider the internal conditioning factor. What it is?

It's simple - for the most part, split-systems work on the principle of processing exclusively indoor air. That is, the influx of fresh air, as such, is absent. And to maintain health, this is not the best option. Therefore, it is better to choose models in which the ventilation mode is implemented.

There are such options in the split lineHisense, but their purchase will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than technology that performs only one task - cooling. In general, the air conditioners of the Chinese brand received a lot of positive reviews, there are complaints - the noise, the lack of Wi-Fi control and a considerable price.

And which air conditioner did you choose for your home or apartment? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the work of the purchased split system. Add reviews, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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    Little was known to me about Hisense split systems, so when the store started recommending it with a good price-quality ratio, at first I did not want to, and then I decided to take a chance and bought it. I took a seven, on an area of ​​up to 21 squares, just enough in the bedroom. She worked with me all summer and did not cause any complaints. The split system is quiet and cools quickly. In general, a great option.

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    An inverter air conditioner is not the ability to work for heating / cooling, but a special compressor + technology that allows the compressor to smoothly change power, operate at both 100% and at low speeds. Thus, a high level of energy efficiency is achieved. When it’s hot in the room, the air conditioner works to its maximum, and when the air in the room is already cooled, it’s enough to maintain the right temperature.