Electrolux split systems: 10 popular models + selection tips

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Last update: July 2019

Split systems are extremely popular among residents of different countries. The technique allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the house, not only in the hot season, but also in frosty weather. This explains the demand for such climatic equipment among owners of residential, industrial and office premises.

Among the units of various manufacturers, Electrolux split systems are in active demand - the Swedish brand air conditioners are reliable, technological and energy efficient. The indicated advantages confirm the positive feedback from consumers. An additional plus is the wide range of Electrolux splits.

In the company's product line there are offers, both for compact apartments, and for spacious offices or public premises. We offer you to get acquainted with the top ten split-systems, as well as find out the parameters that should be guided when choosing climate equipment.

TOP 10 best devices

This article will consider the most popular split-systems Electrolux. All of them have different prices, specifications and features. Familiarization with the information provided will allow us to identify a suitable model of climate technology.

Place No. 1 - Electrolux EACS / I-24HVI / N3

This model belongs to the wall type. It has a high warranty and operational periods of 3 years and 10 years, respectively. They worked on the case design in the Swedish department of the company. The appearance of the climate equipment allows you to use it in the most modern rooms with designer renovations.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 7.27 / 7.06 kW;
  • air flow - 20 m3/ min;
  • heating / cooling power - 1.88 / 2 kW;
  • functions - troubleshooting, the ability to control via Wi-Fi, night function mode, automatic ice clearing, fixing settings;
  • filters - deodorizing, bactericidal, anti-allergenic, plasma, fine cleaning.

The weight of the blocks is quite impressive: 65 kg - external and 17 kg - internal. It works on heating and cooling with low power consumption. The advantages of this model include reliable, fine air purification and high performance.

This allows us to conclude that the device in question will be the best acquisition for owners of premises in large cities, where the air quality outside the window is very low.

Place No. 2 - Electrolux EACS / I-12HVI / N3

Another popular model inverter split systems from wall designs. Mount it in rooms with an area of ​​at least 35 m2, which allows you to use it in apartments, offices and small industrial premises.

It features low power consumption. The technique is able to cool or warm the air temperature to the desired value in just a few minutes.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 3.66 / 3.52 kW;
  • air flow - 12.33 m3/ min;
  • heating / cooling power - 0.9 / 0.89 kW;
  • functions - troubleshooting, the ability to control via Wi-Fi, night function mode, drainage, automatic cleaning from ice, fixing settings;
  • filters - deodorizing, bactericidal, anti-allergenic, plasma, fine cleaning.

This model is also distinguished by the fact that in standby mode it consumes only 0.5 watts. The set of filters is as complete as possible. This allows the system to be used in cities or suburban areas where the air is filled with bacteria, contaminants and allergens.

Place No. 3 - Electrolux EACS-09HAT / N3_19Y

An excellent offer for small residential premises, offices, retail outlets, etc. Air conditioning is suitable for rooms up to 25 square meters. m. The model from the Atrium series attracts customers with a sleek design, compact dimensions, good feature set and loyal value.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 2.64 / 2.78 kW;
  • air flow - 7.53 m3/ min;
  • power consumption of heating / cooling - 0.77 / 0.82 kW;
  • functions - ventilation / dehumidification, auto cleaning of the indoor unit, Sleep and Turbo modes, self-diagnosis of malfunctions, off / on timer, digital display, auto restart, anti-ice system;
  • filters - deodorizing, high density prefilter.

The air conditioner has three fan speeds, the ability to heat the room at an outdoor temperature of at least -7 ° C.

Users respond positively about the model. The main advantages are: quiet operation, attractiveness of the indoor unit, luminescent keys of the remote control, precise temperature support, the presence of all the necessary options.

Disadvantages of split: noise from the operation of the street block, the lack of multi-stage filtering.

Place No. 4 - Electrolux EACS / I-18HM / N3_15Y

One of the most productive climatic devices in its price category. It can be placed not only in spacious halls and rooms, but also in industrial, office, warehouse premises up to 50 m2.

The presence of a complete set of filters allows you to thoroughly clean the air of any contaminants, including cigarette smoke.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 5.27 / 5.13 kW;
  • air flow - 13 m3/ min;
  • cooling / heating power - 1.41 / 1.58 kW;
  • functions - troubleshooting, automatic control, night function mode, fixing settings;
  • filters - deodorizing, bactericidal, anti-allergenic, catechin, fine cleaning.

This model is also distinguished by low noise during operation. Only 23 dB make an almost silent assistant out of such a productive device. Therefore, the range of applications of this technique is expanding significantly.

The manufacturer recommends installing EACS / I-18HM / N3_15Y in hospitals, kindergartens, schools and libraries.

Place No. 5 - Electrolux EACS-24HF / N3

A conditioner similar to the previous model. However, it is designed for larger rooms - up to 60 m2, which leads to high energy costs. In domestic conditions, such a technique is used less often.

However, for industry, catering establishments, training and conference rooms, classrooms and similar facilities, it is a worthy option.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 6.5 / 6.2 kW;
  • air flow - 13 m3/ min;
  • cooling / heating power - 1.88 / 2.02 kW;
  • functions - troubleshooting, automatic control, night functionality mode, fixing settings, anion generator;
  • filters - deodorizing, bactericidal, anti-allergenic, plasma, fine cleaning.

Among the shortcomings, it can be distinguished that it can be used in heating and cooling modes only to a minimum outdoor temperature of -7ºС. Among the advantages: affordable price, automatic ice cleaning and 9 modes of operation.

Place No. 6 - Electrolux EACS / I-12HP / N3_15Y

The small-sized wall system has an optimum ratio of functionality and cost. Enough productivity for average residential premises (up to 35 m2) This is one of the record holders for the minimum electricity consumption.

Thanks to the automatic mode, the climate equipment will not need maintenance. And the night mode will not let you wake up from the operation of the equipment.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 3.52 / 3.37 kW;
  • air flow - 9.3 m3/ min;
  • cooling / heating power - 0.97 / 1.05 kW, respectively;
  • functions: fault detection, drainage, night function mode, fixing settings;
  • filters - deodorizing, bactericidal, anti-allergenic, fine cleaning.

This Electrolux model is recommended for purchase and installation in any type of premises. This is a great option for those who do not like to pay a lot for electricity. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the device can heat the room to a rather low outside temperature of -22 ° С.

Place No. 7 - Electrolux EACS-18HPR / N3

The design of this device allows you to use it in any room. The wall unit weighs only 11 kg, and the outdoor unit is about 37 kg, so there will be no problems with installation and transportation. Unit capacity is enough for 50 m2.

It also has two main robot modes: heating, cooling. Condensate is drained using a special drainage system.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 5.57 / 5.27 kW;
  • air flow - 15 m3/ min;
  • heating / cooling power - 1.54 / 1.64 kW;
  • functions - troubleshooting, draining, night mode, anti-ice system, fixing settings;
  • filters - deodorizing.

This is a fairly powerful model that does not belong to the budget category. It is advisable to purchase it in a private house or apartment, and she will also cope with the organization of a favorable microclimate in a small office or store.

One of the advantages of the device can be considered that it is designed to work up to -7 ° C. This allows you to use it as an alternative source of space heating in the cold season.

Place No. 8 - Electrolux EACS / I-09HM / N3_15Y

Compact inverter split system for small rooms. It is quite popular because of the affordable price and compact dimensions. Capacity enough to heat or cool a room of 25 m2. The equipment operates in two modes until the outdoor temperature drops to -22 ° C.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 2.8 / 2.49 kW;
  • air flow - 8 m3/ min;
  • heating / cooling power - 0.77 / 0.77 kW;
  • functions - troubleshooting, draining, night function mode, fixing settings;
  • filters - bactericidal, anti-allergenic.

This climate device is a good solution for modern smart apartments, small studios and offices.

Place No. 9 - Electrolux EACS-07HO2 / N3

Budget split system with high performance indicators. It should be noted right away that the equipment will work up to a minimum outdoor temperature of -7 ° С.This significantly narrows the scope of use of this model.

It is advisable to buy it in regions with warm winters. It is also wise to use this device as an additional heating device.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 2.2 / 2.08 kW;
  • air flow - 9 m3/ min;
  • heating / cooling power - 0.61 / 0.65 kW;
  • functions - troubleshooting, switching on a motion sensor, night mode, automatic control mode.
  • filters - bactericidal, anti-allergenic, plasma, fine cleaning, HD-filter.

It should be noted that the model does its job well, but this applies exclusively to small rooms - up to 20 m2. Therefore, it is most often bought by the owners of offices, offices and similar small premises.

Place No. 10 - Electrolux EACS-07HPR / N3

A small wall split system stands out for its affordable price and long life. This equipment can be serviced by rooms up to 20 m2, which is quite enough for most offices, living rooms, small snack bars, etc.

Product Features:

  • heating / cooling - 2.34 / 2.05 kW;
  • air flow - 7.83 m3/ min;
  • heating / cooling power - 0.64 kW / 0.63 kW;
  • functions - troubleshooting, fixing settings, draining, night functionality mode;
  • filters: deodorizing, bactericidal, anti-allergenic, fine cleaning.

In winter, the model is used at an air temperature of at least -7 ° C, and this is enough for additional heating.

Equipment Tips

The right choice of climatic equipment will depend not only on the model of the split system, but also on other parameters.

Here are just the main parameters that you need to focus on when choosing:

  • method of placement;
  • the possibility of smooth adjustment;
  • what area of ​​the room is the system designed for;
  • the presence and quantity of heat sources.

Each parameter is essential, so they need to be considered in more detail.

Rest under the split system
In order for the split system to please the residents and guests of the room, it is necessary to pay enough attention to the correct choice of equipment. Improper power or type of system can reduce the efficiency of equipment in your home.

By way of placement modern split systems are divided into wall, channel, floor and ceiling, window, cassette units and mobile air conditioners. All of these types of HVAC equipment have their advantages and disadvantages, which should be studied before buying.

It is worth noting that the most popular solution for housing is wall-mounted equipment. It takes up little living space and is easy to manage. Besides, split service does not cause much difficulty.

Adjustment of split systems happens invertor and discrete. The first method prevails in modern designs. Invertor temperature control is smooth, users themselves choose a comfortable air temperature. Discrete adjustment is carried out at certain intervals.

Service Area Is one of the determining parameters for calculating the power of the air conditioner. Low-performance equipment will not work effectively in large rooms. The air temperature will change very slowly and, mainly, in the area of ​​the equipment.

Too productive air conditioning is not advisable to buy for small rooms, since a significant part of its power will not be consumed.

Repair and maintenance of split systems
Do not forget about the timely maintenance of split systems. This applies to cleaning and replacing filters, maintenance of basic structural elements and checking the level of freon

Additional room heating can significantly affect the efficiency of using one or another model of climatic equipment. This is due to the fact that on a sunny day the power of the device may not be enough to maintain stable indoor temperature.The same applies to cases when there are a lot of people in the room.

Therefore, you need to choose equipment with a power reserve. For example, 1 kW of air conditioning power is enough to serve 10 m2 area. If the area of ​​the room or office is 20 m2, then the rated power of the climate equipment will be 2 kW.

It is recommended to take split systems more powerful by 10-20% of this value - at least 2.2 kW.

The right choice of modern split systems
Buyers will have a difficult choice of split systems from the range offered by sellers. You should carefully study the technical documentation and recommendations of the equipment manufacturer

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

You can learn more about the correct choice of split systems from the following video:

Among the advantages of the Electrolux split systems are noted: the durability of the equipment, a large number of affordable models in terms of cost, as well as a wide range of products. All this allows you to choose the right option for both residential and business premises.

Looking for an inexpensive and high-quality air conditioning for an apartment? Or have experience using split systems fromElectrolux? Tell our readers about the specifics of the operation and maintenance of such units. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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