Split systems Daikin: ranking of the best models + recommendations for customers

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Last update: July 2019

Modern air conditioners have long ceased to be household appliances cooling the room, now they are multifunctional devices. A worthy niche in the market of HVAC equipment is occupied by Daikin split systems, which allow creating zones with a comfortable microclimate in a house or office.

Japanese brand air conditioners are produced in different countries of the world, all equipment passes strict quality control and fully complies with standards. If you are looking for a high-end and high-tech split system, you need to look at the Daikin product line.

We offer a rating of the most popular models that have received positive customer reviews. The list includes air conditioners designed to service different areas. To facilitate the task of choice, we also identified the parameters and characteristics that must be considered when buying a household split.

Top 10 best models

The proposed rating of dozens of the most popular Daikin brand models for sales and customer reviews is represented by products of different series. They are in various price segments - from budget to premium.

Model No. 1 - Daikin FTXB25C / RXB25C

This air conditioner model applies to FTXB-C Series and is going to the Czech Republic. The product is a high-performance split system. The innovative technology by which the filters of this model are made allows for high-quality purification of indoor air from bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - inverter;
  • pumped air volume - 10.68 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 2500/2800 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 690/770 W;
  • noise level - 21 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - no.

Air conditioning Daikin FTXB25C is a leader in the number of offers in the market of wall-mounted climate technology.

The design of the indoor unit will appeal to people with trepidation related to the classics. It is in this style that the model’s case is made of durable white-matte plastic.

The features of the device include the ability to automatically distribute the blown air masses in the horizontal plane.

As a disadvantage, the complete set of the product with an unlit remote control can be noted. The price of the model is within the budget segment - 37 000 rubles.

Model No. 2 - Daikin FTXK25A / RXK25A

This product is from Miyora seriesMalaysian assembly. The case design, presented in white and silver colors, has rounded shapes. Perhaps this is where the name of the series comes from. Miyora in Japanese means beauty.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - inverter;
  • pumped air volume - 10.2 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 2560/2840 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 690/700 W;
  • noise level - 21 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - no.

The device has the “comfortable sleep” function, which at night preserves the specified microclimate in the bedroom. The control from the backlit remote control is quite ergonomic and will not create inconvenience when using the product in the dark.

An almost silent night mode will appeal to people with sensitive sleep. The manufacturer provides a long warranty period for the product - 5 years. Well, the price of offers is in the range of models of the middle price segment - 59 900 rubles.

Model No. 3 - Daikin FTYN35L / RYN35L

This model is a representative of Daikin split systems from the budget price segment. It is in high demand in the market of HVAC equipment. The device is being assembled in Malaysia. The product is characterized by high performance, but also relatively high power consumption.

Due to the lack of inversion mode, the device falls under class B for energy saving.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - non-inverter;
  • the volume of the pumped-in air - 9.8 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 3270/3680 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 1020/1020 W;
  • noise level - 27 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - no.

The advantages of the model include the reliability of the compressor, made of special alloys, slightly susceptible to corrosion and wear. The case of the outdoor unit is also made of stable alloys.

The split system is equipped with effective filters with a fine fraction of cleaning and filters with deodorization. This allows the product to be used by people with respiratory problems.

According to users, it is difficult to find a product with the same set of functions and similar build quality at the price offered for it - 33,190 rubles, both from Daikin and competitors.

Model No. 4 - Daikin ATXN20MB / ARXN20MB

ATXN - this is a new series of Daikin air conditioners, which has a number of priorities over its predecessor Daikin FTXN-M series. The split system is assembled in Malaysia and has all the basic features.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - inverter;
  • pumped air volume - 10.68 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 2050/2500 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 820/800 W;
  • noise level - 21 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - no.

The device consumes electricity rather economically and cools the room evenly, without abrupt blowing of air flows. Therefore, the product, when used correctly, will not pose a risk to the health of people susceptible to drafts. This significant useful feature of the model is noted in customer reviews.

In silent mode, the indoor unit is 3 dB quieter. The service area of ​​the device does not exceed 20 m2, which is quite suitable for creating comfort in a one-room apartment.

Most offers of this product do not exceed 36,500 rubles at a cost. This is an absolutely reasonable price for a brand-name split system of decent quality.

Model No. 5 - Daikin FTXZ25N / RXZ25N

This model is a representative of the updated and equipped with a number of additional functions of the Daikin series of climatic equipment - Ururu sararawhich is going to Japan.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - inverter;
  • the volume of the pumped-in air - 25 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 2500/3600 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 620/410 W;
  • noise level - 19 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - is.

The air conditioning system is charged with a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and refueling refrigerant of a new generation - R-32 freon. In addition, the device is considered one of the quietest air conditioners of the brand.

The model’s functionality is expanded by the possibility of remote control over the Internet, which helps to reduce energy costs. In order to be in comfortable conditions immediately on the way and upon arrival home or office, there is no need for round-the-clock operation of the device. After all, you can turn on the equipment even at a distance.

But to implement this function, you must purchase an online controller. The cost of this module is from 7,000 rubles. The product itself is offered at a price of 188,000 rubles.

Therefore, for an advanced user who decides to buy this model, the acquisition of additional functionality for a relatively small fee will be a reasonable decision.

Model No. 6 - Daikin ATYN25L / ARYN25L

The model belongs to one of the most budgetary air conditioners of Daikin firm. Meanwhile, this one has a quite worthy ratio of price and quality, and also has a set of necessary and useful functions. The product is manufactured in Malaysia and, according to the owners, there are no serious claims to the build quality.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - non-inverter;
  • pumped air volume - 10.1 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 2500/2800 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 780/830 W;
  • noise level - 25 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - no.

Feature of the split system ATYN25L is a large, relative to many other devices of the budget line of the brand, the length of communications, as well as a good height difference - up to 10 m. These characteristics will be useful for using equipment in non-standard office and residential facilities.

The device filter works productively, trapping particles up to 0.3 microns (dust, wool). The disadvantages, according to consumer reviews, include a slightly audible operation of the indoor unit and a control panel without backlight. But these flaws are brightened by the budget price of the product - 36,900 rubles.

Model No. 7 - Daikin ATXS25K / ARXS25L

This model of the Czech assembly is a representative of the updated Daikin series of devices and can be assigned to the middle price segment. The product has a modern design and is made in a restrained style.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - inverter;
  • pumped air volume - 9.1 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 2500/2800 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 620/570 W;
  • noise power - 19 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - is.

The low noise level and the presence of an intelligent motion sensor make this model preferred for installation in children's rooms. The air conditioner can not be turned off, it automatically adapts to current conditions and works autonomously in a given mode.

A dual-zone detector controls the air flow, directing it where people are, and built-in filters efficiently cope with air purification.

The functionality of the product allows you to reduce the percentage of humidity in the work area. You can buy a model on the market at a price of 95 900 rubles.

Model No. 8 - Daikin ATX35K / ARX35K

The model is a worthy representative of the line, at a price slightly higher than the budget, but with a set of some advanced features. The device is being assembled in the Czech Republic. It looks very compact and beautiful in the room.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - inverter;
  • the volume of pumped air - 9.3 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 3500/4000 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 995/1070 W;
  • noise power - 22 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - no.

According to reviews, the product works very efficiently in high performance mode. There is a drainage function. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to use one external module with a pair of indoor units, which is ideal for an apartment, the number of rooms is more than one, and for a country house.

For advanced users, the available control option through the online controller will be useful.

As a drawback, there is a lack of a motion detector, but this is compensated by the quite reasonable price for a product of this class - 69 900 rubles.

Model No. 9 - Daikin FTXR28E / RXR28E

This is another model related to being assembled in Japan. Ururu Sarara series. Despite its seniority in age, the device is popular and in demand in the market.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - inverter;
  • pumped air volume - 11.1 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 3600/5000 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 1410/800 W;
  • noise power - 23 dB;
  • inflow of outside air - is;
  • motion detector - is.

The device fan has 8 speeds. The motion detector monitors two zones. In this model, the most common freon of the R-410 brand is currently used.

Despite the almost inaudible work (23 dB noise - comparable to the rustling pages of a book), the model still loses by this indicator FTXZ seriesin which the noise is only 19 dB.

According to customer reviews, these differences, as well as the absence in this model of control over its work via the Internet, are not very significant. The device belongs to the premium segment - its price is 124,400 rubles.

Model No. 10 - Daikin FTX25J / RX25J

Model FTX25J - inverter air conditioner of the classic version, Czech or Thai assembly. The indoor unit has a solid appearance and is made of high quality plastic. A distinctive feature of the product is its good performance, which is also confirmed by user reviews.

With a 30-degree heat in automatic mode, with a setting of 22 ° C, the device keeps the desired climate in two rooms of the apartment and in the kitchen.

Key Specifications:

  • type of system - inverter;
  • the volume of pumped air - 9.2 m3/ min;
  • cooling / thermal power - 2500/2800 W;
  • heating / cooling power - 690/730 W;
  • noise power - 22 dB;
  • external air flow - no;
  • motion detector - is.

The model features a quiet inverter. The disadvantages of users include the lack of illumination of the remote control, which can create inconvenience to use it at night.

The price offered on the market for HVAC equipment for a model of 45,700 rubles is a quite adequate payment for a good set of useful functions.

What to pay attention to?

After reviewing the presented rating of Daikin brand split systems, it’s useful to know the general features and characteristics of these air conditioners, which you should pay attention to when choosing.

# 1 - name encoding

Part of the product information can be obtained from the alphanumeric encoding contained in the product name.

Daikin Model Encoding
Using the example of the FTXZ25N model located on the stand and described above, you can get information about the purpose of the air conditioner indoor unit, its type, price segment, series, etc.

Having decrypted the alphanumeric encoding of the model FTXZ25N, you can get the following information:

  • F - appointment indoor unit air conditioner (single and in mult-system);
  • T —Type wall;
  • X - inverter;
  • Z - premium segment Ururu Sarara (R32);
  • 25 - rounded blowing power in kW × 10;
  • N - series.

Other models are found in the models indicated in our rating. So, for example, the first letter AND means - the internal block in the segment of mass sales; third letter Y - non-inverter type of product; fourth letter N - budget class Z - high class.

# 2 - build country

Daikin does not supply air conditioners made in China.

Daikin manufacturing countries
All series of split systems are assembled in Europe, the Czech Republic, Thailand or Japan, with the exception of two lines of the budget option FTXN-L and FTYN-L, which are produced in Malaysia

Despite the fact that the company is guaranteed to be responsible for the quality of the models assembled in any of these countries, it is useful to know that the supply and demand rating indicates the leadership of the Czech and Japanese assembly Daikin climate technology, followed by Thailand and Malaysia.

# 3 - energy efficiency of an air conditioner

It is important to take into account the value of the energy efficiency coefficient, which is easy to calculate by the power indicators of the product.

Energy efficiency is defined as the ratio of net power to consumed. In cooling mode, it is marked with the letters E.E.R., when heated - C.O.P.

Example for calculating energy efficiency
The higher the power factors, the system is considered more productive, at lower energy costs, and this is essential (+)

Taking as an example the power values ​​indicated in the figure, we calculate the coefficients: E.E.R. = 2500: 775 = 3.2 W and C.O.P. = 2700: 770 = 3.5 watts.

# 4 - work system

The energy efficiency value of the air conditioner directly depends on the type of system: conventional or inverter. This is an important specification.

System without inverter stops its operation with access to the selected temperature value, and when it rises, the compressor starts again.

Comparison of characteristics of types of conditioners
The apparent profitability of the non-inverter is actually deceptive, since the unit is forced to work at full power to reach the set temperature. High starting currents also entail energy costs and, in addition, premature wear of equipment (+)

Inverter system during operation, smoothly reaches the desired performance, after which there is a decrease in speed (power). Keep in mind that 90% of the time from the air conditioner is not required to operate at rated power.

Such smart equipment as an inverter allows you to:

In addition, conventional systems are much louder. The reason for the noise in the air conditioner is the fans operating at rated power.

 Household noise levels in the apartment
One of the most important indicators for humans, which tend to opt for inverter systems, is their insignificant, in some models, barely audible noise, which is even lower than the quietest household sounds

In addition, in the inverter device, when the ventilation system is operating at low speeds, the noise is significantly reduced not only indoors, but also in the external module.

# 5 - motion detector

Applying new technological developments, Daikin equips its models with an original and useful function of independently activating cooling or heating modes.

 Smart Eye Motion Sensor
A real-time motion detector monitors the room and gives a command to turn on the system when people are detected in it. Such tracking can cover not one but several zones, and the air flow is directed exactly to the place where people are

If there is no movement in the room for some time, the sensor switches off the device again. Having this feature is especially useful for children's rooms.

# 6 - additional features

The FTXR Series has unique features for taking air in and supplying it to a room, already in a cleaned and moistened state.

Installation with minimal block removal
When buying a product with forced ventilation, it is recommended to consider the possibility of installing indoor and outdoor modules with a minimum length of communication between them. The longer the pipe supplying fresh air, the more difficult it is for the system to draw it in, and therefore the power of the device will drop

In addition to ventilation, in models with this functionality there is a useful option for air drying - Ururu, which allows, without lowering the temperature and the risk of hypothermia, to eliminate the effect of the “steam room”, while maintaining a comfortable humidity indicator in the apartment – 40-60%.

A function Sarara It drains the microclimate in the room by absorbing moisture from the street air and supplying it to the indoor unit.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Useful video about the difference between inverter and non-inverter split systems and the advantages of the former:

Video about the operation of the fresh air supply system and its humidification in Daikin air conditioners:

The choice of expensive household appliances is a very responsible and important point. And before stopping on a specific model, you need to compare the characteristics of different splits and find out user reviews about Daikin air conditioners.

We hope that the compiled TOP-10 of the most popular models from this manufacturer of climatic equipment will help to finally make a choice.

And which air conditioner did you choose for your home or apartment? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the work of the purchased split system. Add reviews and comments, or ask questions - the contact form is below.

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