Panasonic split systems: dozens of leading models of a popular brand + selection tips

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Last update: August 2019

If a home needs a high-quality air conditioning from a trusted manufacturer, then a Panasonic split system can be an excellent choice. These are reliable devices that rarely fail and perfectly cool the air in the room. They are equipped with a set of additional functions that will make life more comfortable.

We offer you to get acquainted with the top ten most popular offers from Panasonic, which have proven themselves from the best side. The list contains models of different performance with a description of their technical parameters, functionality and nuances of operation.

In the article, we tried to reflect the most objective assessment of users, noted the advantages and disadvantages of Panasonic splits, and also gave practical recommendations on the selection and maintenance of air conditioners.

TOP 10 best models

This rating contains split systems from this well-known manufacturer, which are highly appreciated by real customers. The range of devices is diverse enough to choose the right option.

1st place - CS-E9RKDW / CU-E9RKD

Wall model with inverter. There is the possibility of heating and many interesting additional features.


  • power - 2500 W;
  • flow - 11.3 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - 39 to DB;
  • indoor unit - 870 * 296 * 236 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 9/32 kg.

An interesting feature of this device is the ability to ventilate the room without cooling or heating the air stream. This air conditioner can remember settings and deodorize the air in the room. There is a built-in motion sensor.

Customers are very pleased with the build quality, quiet operation of the device and the additional ability to filter air. Drying mode helps to combat excess moisture. Some note that the indoor unit is larger than its counterparts.

Type model CS-E9RKDW / CU-E9RKD Suitable for residential premises up to 25 square meters. mStylish design allows you to safely use such devices in offices. The ability to automatically maintain the required temperature, as well as adjust the humidity makes the device suitable for some laboratories.

2nd place - CS-E7RKDW / CU-E7RKD

Wall-mounted appliance with additional heating function and several different operating modes. Inverter for smooth power control.


  • power - 2050 W;
  • flow - 10.9 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 37 dB;
  • indoor unit - 870 * 296 * 236 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 9/31 kg.

The device can be used to ventilate the room, it maintains the required temperature in the room. There is a convenient night mode. To optimize the operation of the device, motion sensors, a warm start function, etc. are used.

The owners note a quiet operation, as well as a very high-quality and uniform heating of the room. Many liked the opportunity to drain the air. The HEPA filter is easy to remove and clean. They note the high price of the device, but it is fully consistent with the quality.

Such a model as CS-E7RKDW / CU-E7RKD You can safely install in rooms up to 21 square meters. m. The system of ventilation, drainage and air purification will be particularly appropriate in homes where there are small children or allergies.

3rd place - CS / CU-BE25TKE

Another reliable air conditioner and inverter from Panaconic. It is also equipped with numerous additional features and is able to save energy.


  • power - 2500 W;
  • flow - 10.3 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 37 dB;
  • indoor unit - 850 * 290 * 199 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 8/26 kg.

There is a warm start function, an anti-ice system, and the flow direction is conveniently adjustable. If desired, you can control via a Wi-Fi network.

Owners are pleased with the presence of night mode, low power consumption, as well as the possibility of forced cooling of the room. It is possible to program the on / off time.

Air conditioning CS / CU-BE25TKE Suitable for rooms up to 25 square meters. m. It will be appropriate in an apartment or office. Thanks to the ventilation function, some have successfully used this model for a kitchen studio.

4th place - CS / CU-BE20TKE

High-quality device with a concise design. Good assembly, the presence of an inverter and numerous additional functions make the device very convenient.


  • power - 2050 W;
  • flow - 10.3 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 37 dB;
  • indoor unit - 850 * 290 * 199 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 8/26 kg.

Thanks to a well-thought-out design, the device consumes electricity very moderately. Almost noisy, provides the ability to ventilate the air, clean it, regulate humidity, etc.

These additional features invariably inspire owners. Many are impressed by the possibility of self-diagnosis of breakdowns, although with proper use it is rarely needed.

Model CS / CU-BE20TKE Suitable for rooms up to 22 square meters. m. It can be used for air conditioning or heating in offices and even in small warehouses.

5th place - CS-E12RKDW / CU-E12RKD

Another device with an inverter and an expanded set of additional functions. In the cold season, it can be used as a heater.


  • power - 3500 W;
  • flow - 12.5 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 42 dB;
  • indoor unit - 870 * 296 * 236 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 9/34 kg.

This is a device with high power. It can be used for ventilation, cooling or heating is not necessary. There is a night mode and the function of maintaining a given air temperature.

Consumers like the ability to maintain individual settings, quiet operation of the device and build quality. Many are impressed by the quality of the air purification and the simple filter cleaning procedure.

Model CS-E12RKDW / CU-E12RKD designed for rooms up to 35 square meters. mShe copes with the cooling of a small apartment, office, studio, etc.

6th place - CS-E15RKDW / CU-E15RKD

A model with Panasonic-specific set of additional features. There is the possibility of heating in the cold season. Electricity is consumed very economically.


  • power - 4200 W;
  • flow - 12.5 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 43 dB;
  • indoor unit - 870 * 296 * 236 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 9/34 kg.

A powerful device equipped with a motion sensor can ventilate, drain, purify and deodorize the air. To control the operation of the fan, three speed modes are provided.

Owners like the quiet operation of the device and the degree of air purification that it provides. Perfect for off-season use when it’s already cold outside and the batteries are not warming yet. It spends energy carefully.

CS-E15RKDW / CU-E15RKD Designed for maintenance of rooms up to 42 square meters. m. Increased power allows the use of such a unit not only in spacious apartments, but also in gyms, offices, etc.

7th place - CS / CU-TE20TKEW

A device with moderate power, but equipped with a wide range of additional functions. It is possible to control from a smartphone via Wi-Fi.


  • power - 2000 W;
  • flow - 10 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 37 dB;
  • indoor unit - 799 * 290 * 197 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 8/26 kg.

There is a night mode of operation, in which the device operates almost silently. High class energy consumption, motion sensor, as well as a timer makes it possible to significantly reduce costs.

Owners like the simple control system of the device, as well as the quality of air purification, the possibility of ventilation and drainage. They note that the device rarely breaks.

CS / CU-TE20TKEW - This is a modest model for a small room, study or studio. The area of ​​the premises should be no more than 20 square meters. m

8th place - CS / CU-BE35TKE

A fairly powerful model with many additional features, including the possibility of heating. The inverter smoothly changes the power of the device.


  • power - 3400 W;
  • flow - 10.7 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 38 dB;
  • indoor unit - 850 * 290 * 199 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 8/29 kg.

The functionality of the device is wider than that of a conventional split system. This device can ventilate the room, it cleans the air well of pollution, there is an adjustment using the timer.

Owners like the quiet operation of the device, when using the night mode, it practically does not make noise. It spends energy carefully. Many praised the ability to control the device from a smartphone or PC.

Model CS / CU-BE35TKE suitable for rooms of 35 square meters. m and even more. She will cope with air cooling in a one- or two-room apartment, it will be appropriate in an office, studio, salon or other facilities with a suitable area.

9th place - CS / CU-TE25TKEW

A fairly efficient device with a good energy class. There is an inverter, flow control, protection against ice and other useful functions.


  • power - 2500 W;
  • flow - 10.9 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 40 dB;
  • indoor unit - 799 * 290 * 197 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 8/27 kg.

Here you can save settings, there is a control module via Wi-Fi. Ventilation is carried out without the use of cooling or heating. Quality filters are easy to remove and clean.

Buyers appreciate the quiet operation of this device, the careful use of electricity and numerous additional features. Many people like to use a timer to turn on the air conditioner in advance and not worry about turning it off in a timely manner.

Model CS / CU-TE25TKEW Suitable for rooms or apartments up to 35 square meters. m. It is appropriate in a house with young children, because it works very quietly and does not interfere with the baby during sleep.

10th place - CS / CU-XZ20TKEW

Powerful device equipped with an inverter. It has a wide range of additional features.


  • power - 2050 W;
  • flow - 9.9 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - up to 37 dB;
  • indoor unit - 919 * 295 * 194 mm;
  • outdoor unit - 780 * 542 * 289 mm;
  • the weight of the indoor / outdoor unit is 9/30 kg.

Convenient unit that allows you to heat the air in the room if necessary.There is the possibility of air ventilation, cleaning is carried out using modern filters.

Customers value this model for its reliability, quiet operation and economical energy consumption. Many are satisfied with the drainage function, the quality of air purification, smooth cooling, as well as the presence of a motion sensor.

Model CS / CU-XZ20TKEW suitable for rooms up to 45 sq. m. This device will appeal to families with children and allergies. If the house has excessive humidity, it will effectively drain the air.

How to choose a suitable option?

First you need to decide on the number of square meters that the unit will service. It is better to choose a device with a small margin in performance. Detailed instructions on calculating split power are given in this article.

Indoor units of a split system
When choosing a split system, you need to take into account the size of the area that the device can serve, as well as a set of basic and additional functions

Will the air conditioner be installed for only one room or for the whole apartment? In the latter case, you need to make sure that the air circulates freely throughout the space of the room. If this is not so, it is worth choosing several small devices according to the number of rooms. An interesting solution is split into two rooms.

Split system Panasonic
Models from well-known manufacturers are usually very reliable, they practically do not break, they provide quality warranty service

The presence of an inverter increases the cost of the device, but this is more than justifiable costs. Power inverter air conditioner it is regulated smoothly, the engine and other accessories wear out less.

Phone control
Usually, the split system is controlled from the remote control, but some models are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection function with a smartphone or PC

Not everyone needs a heating function. Usually the use of this option is allowed only if the outside temperature is not lower than 10-15 degrees below zero. To consider the split system as a complete replacement for the heater is possible only in the southern regions with mild winters.

Split system in winter
If you plan to use the air conditioner in the winter, you should specify in the technical passport the minimum temperature at which it is permissible

But the heating will be useful for those who freeze in the offseason, when it is already noticeably colder, and the central heating has not yet been turned on. Not all split systems are equipped with the ability to ventilate and purify the air.

 Indoor Unit Design
The laconic design of the indoor unit usually fits well into any interior, but this point needs to be considered before buying a device

Of course, the more additional features, the higher the cost of the device. But additional air purification is useful in homes where residents suffer from asthma, various types of allergies and other diseases that affect the respiratory tract.

Indoor unit
Air conditioning has long been the norm for a comfortable life and good health. Especially convenient in this regard are models with the possibility of ventilation, drainage, etc.

If there is a child in the house, the possibility of regular ventilation without drafts is also useful. Parents should pay attention to the ability to change the direction of air flow.

How to choose a split system
A modest model equipped only with a cooling function will cost less, but sometimes it makes sense to pay extra for a device with the possibility of heating, ventilation, drainage, etc.

Such a function is available in almost all split systems, but not everywhere it is equally convenient. If the position of not only horizontal, but also vertical louvres of the blinds is regulated, there will be much more possibilities for changing the direction of flow.

Effective use of a split system

For normal operation of the device, you need to properly care for it. Order air conditioning service described in detail in the manual, it consists in regular cleaning of strainers.

Air conditioning care
The strainer is easy to remove and easy to clean.You must perform this procedure regularly so that the air is clean and the air conditioner is working.

These elements must be removed, gently rinse off the accumulated dust and dirt from them, and then dried and replaced. If this service is not performed, the air conditioner may break due to accumulated dirt.

Split system cleaning
If the air conditioner is seriously contaminated, it may need additional cleaning, which is carried out by climate technicians using chemicals and professional equipment.

The drainage is clogged, the refrigerant does not have time to evaporate normally, the pipes freeze, moisture enters the appliance, mixes with dust and turns into dirt. All this creates an additional load on the compressor. Replacing this item in the event of a breakdown is usually very expensive.

Refill split system freon
Once every several years, you need to order refueling the system with freon. The same procedure may also be necessary when depressurizing the circuit, which leads to refrigerant leakage.

Every few years you need to perform Freon refueling system. Approximately 8-10% of the refrigerant is naturally lost during the year. If the efficiency of the device has dropped sharply, the circuit may be leaking. It is necessary to find the leak and restore the normal condition of the system.

Place for indoor unit
The place for the indoor unit must be chosen so that the cooled air moves freely throughout the space of the room or apartment

Even before installing the split system, you should choose the right place for the indoor unit. One of the main requirements is that there should be no obstacles in the airflow path. If this requirement is not met, the device will not receive accurate data on air temperature and will stop cooling earlier than necessary.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video gives valuable recommendations to those wishing to choose climatic equipment and lists the main guidelines for choosing:

A reliable split system is needed in every home. It will help to create an optimal microclimate in order to maintain health and normal health. A good assistant in this matter will be Panasonic air conditioning - among the variety of models it will be possible to choose an unit that meets the user's needs.

Looking for a functional and high-quality air conditioning for an apartment or a house? Or have experience using a split system from Panasonic? Tell our readers about the specifics of the operation and maintenance of such units. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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