Overview of the LG P07EP split system: a technically savvy unit is now closer to the people

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Last update: August 2019

Among the inverter split devices, the LG P07EP system stands out at a very attractive price. It is a reliable device equipped with a large number of additional features. The model allows you to control air temperature and power consumption.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the "seven", what is its difference from similar air conditioners from other manufacturers?

Expert rating:
/ 100
  • Inverter compressor
  • Turbo cooling option
  • Antibacterial Filter
  • The ability to control via Wi-Fi - you need to buy a separate unit
  • Work efficiency - split quickly cools / heats
  • Activ Energy Control Function
  • The lack of backlight on the remote
  • Manual adjustment of horizontal blinds
  • On the remote control, some buttons are inactive
  • Complaints about extraneous sounds of the indoor unit

To make an informed purchasing decision, you need to learn more about the features of the model, its technical characteristics, functionality, advantages and disadvantages. We set forth all these points in the article.

In addition, in the review we included a description of the parameters of the three closest competitors of the LG P07EP split, which have similar parameters and a price tag.

Features and characteristics of the device

Like any split system, this device consists of two blocks. The outer part is enclosed in white. It looks traditional and has dimensions of 717 * 483 * 230 mm. The indoor unit is also white, the case is made of durable shiny plastic, its dimensions are 837 * 189 * 302 mm.

Split system LG P07EP per pack
Air conditioners of this brand are popular due to their rather high quality at a relatively reasonable price. Model LG P07EP with inverter is sold at the price of a conventional split system

In the center indoor unit applied company logo. The display panel is visible only during operation of the device and is located on the right, next to the horizontal blinds.Thanks to the laconic design and relatively small size, the device looks great in the interior.

Indoor unit LG P07EP
The body of the indoor unit looks stylish and neat, it is made of shiny white plastic, strong enough to withstand everyday stress

From the point of view of technology, this device is equipped with all the necessary functions to create and maintain an acceptable microclimate in the room.

The P07EP model has four functions:

  • cools;
  • warms up;
  • dries;
  • cleans.

This allows you to control not only the temperature of the air, but also change its humidity and remove pollution. The power consumption of such a model is relatively low, it is 610 watts for cooling and 650 watts for heating.

When installing the air conditioner, it should be noted that the distance between the individual units of the split system should not exceed 15 m, and the permissible height difference is 7 m.

Inverter Compressor Benefits

The presence of an inverter makes it possible to smoothly regulate the use of electricity and save up to 60% compared to conventional models of air conditioners. In addition, thanks to this technological solution, the engine runs very quietly.

Unpacking LG P07EP
The blocks of such a device are reliably packed to prevent damage during transportation. Take them out of the packaging carefully so as not to accidentally damage

Noise level inverter split varies in a very modest range - 19 ... 33 dB. There is a night mode in which the device emits the minimum amount of noise, it is almost inaudible. The manufacturer is confident in the reliability of the compressor and provides a ten-year warranty on this item.

Remote control and smartphone

The display panel reflects the current electricity consumption level, it is possible to adjust this indicator depending on the number of people who are currently in the room. On the remote control for this button ENERGY CTRLwhich starts the mode Activ energy control.

Remote LG P07EP
The split system is controlled by a small remote control that fits well in the hand. Two AAA batteries are supplied. There is a storage case that can be mounted on the walls

The device can be connected to a smartphone through the application to control the air conditioner and check the current characteristics. Other household split systems can boast of such functionality, the rating of the best Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioners is presented in this article.

In addition, using the gadget, you can run the option “smart diagnostics”. The device will perform a self-test and display information about possible problems.

Turbo cooling and modern filters

Another interesting feature is technology. Jet cooldesigned to accelerate the cooling of the room. When using this mode, indoor air is cooled in just a few minutes. To start quick cooling you just need to press the corresponding button on the remote control.

Filter LG P07EP
The top panel of the indoor unit is covered with a reliable strainer with antibacterial protection. All filter elements of the device must be regularly cleaned of accumulated contaminants.

The device is equipped with modern antibacterial filters that do not allow dust particles to spread around the room. There is an auto-cleaning function, but it does not eliminate the need to manually clean the mesh filter elements.

List of advantages and disadvantages

Compared with inverter models from other manufacturers, this split system can be called inexpensive. Air purification is especially useful for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, etc. Parents of young children will appreciate it.

The back panel of the LG P07EP indoor unit
The back panel of the device’s indoor unit contains the electrical characteristics of the device, which must be taken into account before starting installation

The presence of a timer allows you to set the device to turn on or off automatically. The night mode is necessary so that the noise does not disturb residents during sleep or during the day. This function is relevant when there is a small child in the house.

Inverter allows consume electricity very carefully. The dehumidification mode is useful where there is excess moisture. Heating is relevant only during a period when the outdoor temperature is not lower than -5 degrees.

The outdoor unit LG P07EP
The outdoor unit has standard sizes and the appearance characteristic of such devices. You can use brackets to fix it to the outer wall.

This means that you cannot use such a split system as a complete replacement for central heating or a boiler in a private house. This is only permissible where the temperature in winter does not drop to the indicated level.

Heating with an air conditioner is usually used in houses connected to central heating in the off-season. In the spring, if a cold snap sets in, and the central heating system is already off, the air conditioning with heating can become very relevant.

As the disadvantages of the device, several points can be noted:

  • lack of illumination on the remote control;
  • the need to set the inclination of the horizontal blinds manually;
  • uncomfortable 12-hour time format for a timer;
  • lack of indication of the selected operating mode on the control panel.

Some buttons on the remote control do not work for this particular model; they are designed for devices that cost more. Otherwise, this air conditioning can be called convenient and useful.

Owner reviews

In general, customers who have gained experience in using such a split system in practice rate the device highly. Many note the simple control of air conditioning. Of course, the relatively low cost of the device has become an important argument in the decision to purchase.

Some owners were seriously concerned about the level of noise that the air conditioning produced during their operation. This problem did not always arise; the model received many positive reviews.

The back and side panel of the outdoor unit LG P07EP
At the back, the outdoor unit is protected by a fine grill. A plate with basic technical information and characteristics is fixed on the side panel.

Warranty repair and replacement of the external unit did not solve the problem. But some managed to remove the noise, reducing the path between the blocks to 2 meters. Perhaps the cause of the incorrect operation was errors made during installation.

In some cases, the problem with excess noise did not occur constantly, but only for a short period. But no one expressed complaints about performance. It is designed for room maintenance of about 20 square meters. m

However, in some cases, the system successfully coped with the cooling of more spacious rooms and even a two-room apartment of 40 square meters. m

Some useful tips

Owners of such an unit should take care of it. proper installation. The likelihood of breakdowns and noise problems will be several times lower if both units are installed professionally. Although the permissible distance between them is 15 m, it is best to make it as short as possible.

Manual for LG P07EP
Warranty cards and instructions are translated into several languages, taking into account the region of sale. Before buying, you should clarify the address of the SC

The indoor unit should be installed so that there are no obstacles in the way of the cooled air stream. When servicing the entire apartment, you need to make sure that the air moves around all the rooms freely.

It is also necessary regularly maintain air conditioningcleaning its filters from accumulated contaminants. Over time, more serious cleaning, as well as refilling the device with freon, may be necessary. During operation, part of the refrigerant is lost, its volume should be replenished in a timely manner.

Overview of Alternatives

To understand how suitable the P07EP model can be, it is worth comparing it with peers. These devices are several thousand rubles more expensive and have similar functions.

Competitor # 1 - Electrolux EACS / I-07HSL / N3

Budget inverter model, there is the possibility of heating.


  • power - 2140 W;
  • flow - 9.17 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - 24 dB;
  • sizes indoor unit - 745 * 270 * 214 mm;
  • block weight - 7/23 kg inside and outside, respectively.

Buyers note a fairly high quality performance of this model, which is fully consistent with the price. The device economically consumes electricity both for cooling and for heating. You can enable this feature at -10 ° C.

Many complain of cracking plastic shutters during operation. Night mode partially solves this problem. There is a timer, self-diagnosis and automatic saving of settings. The plastic on the indoor unit is very thin.

The remote control does not have a backlight, some buttons on it are useless, since there are no corresponding functions in this model. Device EACS / I-07HSL / N3 Suitable for rooms up to 20 square meters. m

Competitor # 2 - Toshiba RAS-05BKVG-E / RAS-05BAVG-E

Reliable inverter air conditioner with heat pump.

CharacteristicsToshiba RAS-05BKVG-E:

  • power - 1500 W;
  • flow - 8.5 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - 22 ... 25 dB;
  • sizes indoor unit - 798 * 293 * 230 mm;
  • block weight - 9/21 kg inside and outside, respectively.

A relatively small model with low power consumption. The heating mode can be started even in case of solid cold - up to -15 ° С. There is an anti-ice function, a timer, the settings are saved.

Installed carbon-Kakhetin filter. Owners note a low power consumption, low noise level and highly value the self-diagnosis function. The complaints are caused only by the lack of backlight on the remote control.

Some are unhappy with a timer that only works on shutdown, not on turn on. This small device is designed for room service up to 15 square meters. m

Competitor # 3 - Hisense AS-07UR4SYDDB1G

High-quality inverter model with good performance.

Split specifications:

  • power - 2100 W;
  • flow - 9.17 cubic meters m / min;
  • noise - 24 ... 38 dB;
  • sizes indoor unit - 745 * 270 * 214 mm;
  • weight block - 8/23 kg inside and outside, respectively.

The system deodorizes the air, there is also an anion generator. Anti-ice allows you to use heating even in frosts down to -15 ° C. Settings are saved, flow can be adjusted. Customers are generally satisfied with this device, note the quiet operation and energy saving.

Some indicate the appearance of a whistle when the heating mode is turned on. Others note that during ventilation, the humidity in the room rises and a sour smell comes from the air conditioner. The device is suitable for rooms with an area of ​​about 20 square meters. m

Conclusions and the best deals on the market

The LG P07EP conditioner copes well with its tasks and is able to improve the air condition in the room at relatively low costs. It is not without flaws, but in most cases they are completely redeemed at a moderate price.

Have experience using the LG P07EP air conditioner or a competitor model? Please share with your readers your impressions of the climate technology. Leave feedback, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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  1. Maxim

    For the house, I was considering buying only an inverter type of air conditioner. I was recommended to take the LG P07EP, in principle, a good model. It doesn’t work very noisy, I have something to compare. I did not notice much energy savings compared to conventional ones. Conveniently manage it from your phone. This is what I appreciated, it’s a sleep timer, it’s not scary at night, it’s comfortable to get sick and fall asleep.

  2. Sasha

    When I was faced with the choice of a split system, I decided that I would only take LG, since this company has been proven for years. I chose LG P07EP with sufficient functionality and low power consumption.I live in an apartment, and the heating function is very convenient for me in case we can turn off the heating. In the summer, it cools quite normally and is probably even better than the same Toshiba, it works poorly at work. Before choosing, consider all the characteristics and compare!