Kraft split systems rating: five of the best brand offers + what to look for when buying

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Split systems occupy an important place in creating the perfect indoor microclimate. Many manufacturers offer units with various purposes and functionality to the market. Agree, it’s quite difficult to choose a device that fully meets the needs, and its price does not go beyond the budget.

One of such solutions may be the Kraft split system - the Chinese brand offers products at an affordable cost with good functionality, sufficient performance and efficiency.

We will understand the features of budget splits and denote the characteristics of the best models of the company. In addition, we have prepared practical recommendations that will help you choose the best air conditioning for your home or apartment.

TOP 5 best brand split systems

Kraft is a manufacturer of European-level household appliances. Among the manufactured products, air conditioners are especially distinguished, the choice of which consists of 6 series.

In two series presented inverter models, the rest of the devices are non-inverter type. All Kraft units are wall-mounted, which use the refrigerant - R410a, which is an ozone-safe freon. We will consider their differences in the TOP-5 and highlight the best split system of the brand.

5th place - Kraft CSN-20GWR / B

The fifth place in the ranking is relatively inexpensive (up to 12,000 rubles), but an extremely well-designed split system. Unlike other air conditioners Kraft CSN-20GWR / B without any difficulties will be able to create a pleasant as well as comfortable climate in the house.

The model presented above is best ordered for rooms whose area does not exceed the mark of 20-22 square meters. With a larger area, this climate technology can not cope.

Model Kraft CSN-20GWR / B
The device operates in two modes - heating and cooling. At the same time, he has an extremely simple and intuitive control. All control is carried out using a small remote control

Another two distinctive features of the Kraft CSN-20GWR / B are its noiselessness and environmental friendliness.The design and shape of the body is thought out to the smallest detail. As a result, the engineers managed to achieve a noise level of 38 dB maximum. Well, to clean the air of bacteria and microparticles, a whole set of filters is used.

Main technical parameters:

  • served area cannot exceed 20 sq. m .;
  • performance during cooling / heating - 2.1 / 2.1 kW;
  • highest noise level - 38 dB;
  • electricity consumption when working in both modes varies from 630 to 690 watts;
  • case dimensions indoor unit reach 680 * 252 * 206 mm, and weight - 8 kg;
  • additional useful features - the presence of a self-diagnosis mode and protection against corrosion, as well as moisture.

The main reason why this model took exactly the last place in the rating is the low energy efficiency. It is also rather inconvenient that the device does not remember the settings set by the user.

In general, Kraft CSN-20GWR / B is the most cheap and simple split system. It is suitable exclusively for those who want to purchase climate control equipment, but cannot afford to spend more than 12,000 rubles.

4th place - Kraft CSN-25GWR / B

In the next place is a multifunctional split system, attracting with its rather impressive set of modes and functions. For example, after the purchase you can activate heating, ventilation, as well as cooling the room.

Model Kraft CSN-25GW / R
In terms of performance, the Kraft CSN-25GWR / B will be more than enough for a room measuring 25 square meters. At the same time, energy class A will avoid getting large electricity bills

The device case has a standard shape and size. It is white and looks really elegant. therefore Kraft CSN-25GWR / B will be a great addition to almost any interior design.

Main technical parameters:

  • served area cannot exceed 25 sq. m .;
  • performance during cooling / heating - 2.3 / 2.3 kW;
  • maximum noise level - 37 dB;
  • electricity consumption in both modes varies from 670 to 715 watts;
  • case dimensions indoor unit reach 680 * 252 * 206 mm, and weight - 8 kg;
  • additional functions - night mode, auto restart function, as well as a hydrophilic evaporator in the device.

As such, the presented model has no drawbacks. But, unfortunately, the device has many minor flaws. For example, the remote control does not have a backlight, which makes it difficult to use it at night.

Also an extremely unpleasant fact is the smell of plastic, which appears after switching on.

3rd place - Kraft 7000 Btu / eF-20GW

The third place in the ranking was earned by a split system called Kraft 7000Btu / eF-20GW. This is a climate technology from the middle price segment. Its cost in the vast majority of cases does not exceed 16,000-17,000 rubles.

Air conditioner Kraft 7000 Btu / eF-20GW
The model has attracted hundreds of customers with its energy efficiency and extremely high power. At the same time, Kraft 7000 Btu / eF-20GW uses environmentally friendly freon, which makes the device completely safe for everyone

The list of benefits should also include a high air exchange rate of 380 m3/ h, as well as the low noise level of the indoor unit. The indoor part of the split system will not produce sounds that are louder than 38 dB.

Main technical parameters:

  • served area cannot exceed 20 sq. m .;
  • performance when cooling / heating - 2.2 / 2.3 kW;
  • noise level - 38 dB;
  • electricity consumption when working in both modes varies from 637 to 685 watts;
  • case dimensions indoor unit reach 680 * 250 * 180 mm;
  • additional options - the ability to change the exit angle of the air flow, as well as storing all user-defined settings.

The only thing that bothers with this model is the lack of fresh air ventilation, as well as fine filters for air purification. A biofilter is responsible for air disinfection, the replacement of which is quite expensive.

2nd place - Kraft 7000 Btu / CSP

When you need a relatively inexpensive wall split system with just a huge list of additional modes, then pay attention to Kraft 7000 Btu / CSP.

The model can work for heating or cooling. But you can also turn on ventilation, self-diagnosis mode or automatic setting of optimal parameters.

Split system Kraft 7000 Btu / CSP
Among its counterparts, the model also has an impressive airflow. So, at peak capacity, the Kraft 7000 Btu / CSP delivers about 6.67 cubic meters in just one minute

A good addition and useful for many functions will be the dehumidification mode. This will solve the problem of excessive humidity in the room.

It is also convenient that there is an on / off timer. Thanks to it, the device will start automatically and you will come, for example, from work to an apartment in which a pleasant microclimate has already been created.

Main technical parameters:

  • served area cannot exceed 20-25 sq. m .;
  • performance when cooling / heating - 2.28 / 2.25 kW;
  • maximum noise level - 38 dB;
  • electricity consumption when working in both modes varies from 700 to 760 watts;
  • case dimensions indoor unit reach 745 * 250 * 195 mm;
  • additional useful features - adjustment of the direction of air flow, as well as auto-memorization of settings.

Among the minuses of the model should be highlighted only the lack of ventilation and fine filters. But these shortcomings are completely leveled by functionality, power, as well as affordable price for everyone.

1st place - Kraft 9000 Btu / eF-25GW

The gold medal in the ranking is given to a productive, energy-efficient, and also extremely economical split-system in terms of electricity consumption.

At the same time, everyone Kraft 9000Btu / eF-25GW Attracts hundreds of buyers at an affordable price. For just a huge set of features and benefits you will have to pay only 17,000-18,000 rubles.

An important advantage of the above model is the air exchange. Kraft 9000Btu / eF-25GW can completely renew the air in a small apartment in just a few minutes.

Kraft 9000Btu / eF-25GW air conditioner
The manufacturer paid special attention to the design and quality of materials. This approach allowed to significantly reduce the level of noise emitted by the device to 38 dB, as well as to extend the service life. All parts of the split system are made of high-quality copper, aluminum or plastic

Main technical parameters:

  • served area cannot exceed 25 sq. m .;
  • performance when cooling / heating - 2.7 / 2.7 kW;
  • highest noise level - 38 dB;
  • electricity consumption when working in both modes varies from 776 to 841 watts;
  • case dimensions indoor unit reach 680 * 252 * 180 mm.
  • additional useful features - adjustment of the direction of air flow, self-diagnosis, automatic mode, as well as storing settings.

As for the shortcomings, they are extremely minor. Due to the high power of the device and the extremely low price, you can neglect the presence of fine filters, as well as fresh air modes.

Recommendations for choosing an air conditioner

The choice of a particular split system depends on several indicators. This list should include the purpose, service area, functionality and energy efficiency.

Also, the performance and reliability of the split system is affected by the quality of the materials used in the production. In order not to make a mistake, we will analyze the most important and key points that you should pay attention to when choosing a climate technology.

The best type of air conditioner

Split systems are distinguished wall, floor-ceiling, channel, cassette. Their difference is manifested not only by the principle of placement of blocks, but also by the size of the serving area.

Channel and cassette devices placed behind a false or false ceiling, serve a large room or several small ones. Such split systems are suitable for spacious multi-room apartments, offices, commercial buildings, cottages, etc.

Their location is quite convenient and inconspicuous, but often the design and ceiling height, as well as other characteristics of the building do not allow to place such air conditioners.

A good alternative in this situation are floor or ceiling split systems. They do not require installation in a suspended ceiling, but are placed respectively on the ceiling or at the top of the wall.

Ceiling-mounted model mounted on the ceiling
Floor and ceiling air conditioners are difficult to visually hide. But their advantage lies in the direction of the air flow: it moves along the ceiling and is evenly distributed throughout the territory

For small living spaces, wall split systems are most often chosen. This is due to their budget, simple installation, which in turn is not demanding on the conditions.

Wall-mounted household air conditioning is endowed with low power, but for small rooms - this is exactly what you need.

There are also wall mounted semi-industrial models that have a much higher productivity (from 4 kW), which allows them to be placed in specialized industrial buildings.

Functionality and modes of technology

The set of functions, as a rule, differs slightly between models of the same type. Each air conditioner has standard features.

An example of such is the adjustment of the direction of the air flow, remembering the previously set settings, a timer, etc.

Black air conditioner
As for the modes, then in the standard unit there are 2-3 of them: drainage. cooling and, of course, heating. In addition, you can meet air conditioners with ventilation modes, automatic mode or night. It also enhances the user experience.

Less rare features that prove useful to your home are:

  • deodorizing filter - allows you to clean the air in the room from unpleasant odors;
  • antifreeze system - prevents the formation of ice and, accordingly, premature failure of the split system;
  • air ionization function - antibacterial effects, preventing the spread of hazardous chemicals;
  • warm start - allows the air conditioner to begin work with smooth transitions from warm temperature;
  • Motion Sensor - directs a stream of air, reacting to the person.

There are other functions that will make the microclimate of an apartment or house the most suitable for you. To do this, before choosing, you need to look at what additional functions are available for the device.

Energy Efficiency and Other Important Details

Naturally, performance reflects only one side of the coin, but does not at all show the impact of the operation of the unit. To do this, consider power consumption split. The average power of the air conditioner varies from 2500 - 3000 watts, and power consumption - up to 700-800 watts.

As for the energy efficiency class, the most optimal one is A and B. In any case, it is worth considering the ratio between consumption and production of the device.

Air conditioning in the nursery
Some points are rarely covered by consultants when buyers choose a product. When buying a split system, it is worth determining the noise level of the unit. Optimum performance does not exceed 40 dB. It is especially important to consider this when installing the air conditioner in the bedroom or nursery.

Housing materials, build quality, individual preferences in design, management features, after-sales service, warranty period - these are all things that are important when choosing a split system.

Be sure to find out all the nuances and then your choice will be the most successful!

Conclusions and useful video

Video tips for choosing the best climate equipment for home use:

Split systems of the Kraft brand stand out among their competitors - the manufacturer’s climate technology is worth the money. It boasts a wide range of operating modes, impressive power and energy efficiency. Having ordered it, you can count on a comfortable microclimate in the house.

Have experience using an air conditioner from Kraft? Please tell readers about the features of installation and operation of split systems of this brand. Comment on the publication and participate in discussions. The feedback block is located below.

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