Hyundai H-AR21-09H split system review: heart core with a claim for a premium class

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Author: Mikhail Yashin
Last update: August 2019

As a budget option for the air conditioner for small and medium-sized rooms, the Hyundai H-AR21-09H split system is suitable - an unit with good operating parameters and a variety of functional capabilities.

Doubt about choosing the right home climate equipment? A review of the air conditioner and expert assessment will help determine the purchase.

Expert rating:
/ 100
  • Price Affordability
  • Wi-Fi control capability
  • Adjustment of flaps vertically / horizontally
  • Night mode and option I Feel
  • Disabled display off at night
  • Easy filter maintenance
  • Horizontal curtain adjustment is only possible manually.
  • Short cord
  • Difficulty removing stickers from the indoor unit
  • Lack of sash position memory
  • The palpable buzz of the outdoor unit

To understand how the Hyundai H-AR21-09H model corresponds to the task of maintaining the right climate in a particular room, you need to get into its technical parameters, analyze the pros and cons, and also compare the characteristics of the unit with similar competitors' devices.

The main parameters of the air conditioner

The technical specifications of any purchased split-system should correspond to the room and operating conditions. You also need to pay attention to the main modes and additional features in order to assess the usability of the device and the adequacy of the functionality.

Technical specifications and dimensions

The output of the H-AR21-09H air conditioner for cooling is 9043 BTU, and for heating - 9281 BTU. Maximum air consumption of the indoor unit - 450 m3/hour. Split systems with these parameters can serve rooms under standard conditions up to 25 m2, which is recorded in the user manual.

It should be understood that the mark “under standard conditions” means that in the calculations we considered a certain model room with a height of up to 2.6 m, good thermal insulation and the absence of an intensive air flow with a higher or lower temperature. Read more about how to correctly calculate the power of an air conditioner. Further.

Air-conditioned room interior
One of the sources of excess heat is the wide windows of the south or southwest exposure. If available, you must either install a more powerful air conditioner or glue a reflective film on the glass

In real conditions, if the difference between the outdoor temperature and the temperature needed in the room is large, the windows have poor thermal insulation or there is air intake from other rooms, then the value of the area of ​​the room that this air conditioner can service properly must be reduced to 15-20 m2.

The Hyundai H-AR21-09H model corresponds to the energy efficiency class “A”. The rated current for cooling and heating is 3.6 A and 3.3 A, respectively, which allows you to easily connect such a low-power device to the electrical circuit of a living room.

The maximum allowable path length between the indoor and outdoor units is 10 meters, and the height difference is 7 meters. This makes it possible to vary the installation locations of both parts of the split system. The connection for the tube on the external unit is located on the right, and the output from indoor unit can be arranged in both directions.

The declared maximum noise level of 33 dB allows you to mount a split system in offices, bedrooms and children's rooms. Dimensions (69 x 28.3 x 19.9 cm) and weight (7.3 kg) of the indoor unit are typical for devices of this power, so their installation is simple.

Indoor unit Hyundai H-AR21-09H
The design of the internal block of the H-AR21-09H model is not remarkable. White color fits well in almost any interior, and the display can be turned off

The air temperature that this air conditioner can produce lies in the usual range for such devices from 16 ° C to 32 ° C. For cooling, operation is possible up to 47 ° C in the area of ​​the outdoor unit (that is, outside the window), and for heating - from 0 ° C.

Modes and additional functionality

In total, the H-AR21-09H air conditioner has 5 operating modes:

  • Heating. The temperature in the room rises to the set value.
  • Cooling Lowering the temperature to the set value.
  • Automatic (Auto). The air conditioner maintains the air temperature in the range of 23 ± 2 ° C, starting the heating or cooling mode depending on the situation.
  • Drain (Dry). Removing excess moisture from the air. In this case, slight cooling occurs.
  • Ventilation (Fan). Organization of air circulation without changing its temperature.

By switching the fan operation modes, it is possible to achieve its rotation at low, medium and high speeds. The speed of air circulation and changes in room temperature depend on this. There is also an automatic selection function that gives the electronics of the device the ability to determine the speed itself.

Maintenance split system
The quality of the air conditioner in different modes depends not only on the parts and assembly, but also on compliance with the terms of service of the device

The functionality of the model H-AR21-09H can be called almost minimal:

  • Rotate the flaps vertically (Swing). Changes the direction of the outgoing air flow.
  • Turbo mode Includes maximum cooling or heating.
  • Timer Sets the time to automatically enable or disable the split system.
  • Sleep Mode It lowers the temperature after 1 hour by 1 ° C, then again and then stabilizes it.
  • Self-cleaning procedure (iClean). Within 30 minutes, carries out manipulations to clean the indoor unit from dust.
  • Auto-drying procedure (Anti-fungus). Removes moisture from the indoor unit.
  • Display Turns the display on or off of the unit on or off.

The ionization function declared by the manufacturers is working continuously and does not turn off from the remote control.

Pros and Cons of the H-AR21-09H Model

For each equipment, it is possible to identify the properties typical for devices of this price category, as well as the positive and negative qualities of a particular model.The device in question from Hyundai was no exception.

Common options for this price range.

Split systems in the price range of 15-20 thousand rubles are equipped with a rotary compressor. Now all models with an inverter type are much more expensive. Motors based on outdated technology, of course, have disadvantages compared to more advanced competitors, but they are cheaper.

More details about the differences between inverter and conventional splits can be found in this stuff.

Toshiba GMCC Compressors
Toshiba GMCC rotary compressors rank first in the world in terms of sales. Finding accessories for them is easy

For air conditioners with a capacity of about 9000 BTU and a rotary compressor, the usual energy class is “A”. For more powerful, there may be “B” and “C”.

Options for split-systems with a budget price are usually limited to the remote control and user manual. The external unit mounts are never included, as the installation system for brick, concrete and wooden walls is different. There are also no tubes for the transfer of freon and gas, since their length depends on the position of the inner and outer parts relative to each other.

Mounts and tubes are always available from air conditioning companies. Sometimes such firms underestimate the price for advertising purposes, indicating only the cost of the work, excluding components. When ordering installation, this is worth considering.

Positive aspects of the split system

Despite the fact that both the assembly of the system and its main element - the compressor were assembled in China, the presence of the Hyundai brand implies a longer guarantee than for the products of any little-known company. If it is possible to extend the seller’s responsibility for the performance of a budget air conditioner with a rotary engine, then it should be used.

The remote control for Hyundai H-AR21-09H is standard and is suitable for several series of air conditioners of this company. Therefore, in case of loss or breakdown, it is quite simple to find it on sale.

Similar remotes from different air conditioners
Many air conditioners manufactured in China differ from each other only in design and brand. They have the same equipment and functionality, which is proved by unified control panels

For the Hyundai H-AR21-09H model, it is possible to purchase for a fee and connect a Wi-Fi module for remote control of the air conditioner. Such an opportunity is rarely found for budget devices, which is a significant advantage of the split system under consideration.

Negative features and obvious flaws

The case of the external block of the air conditioner H-AR21-09H is made of metal. In cheap models, its thickness is negligible, and if the assembly was not done very well, then when the fans work, an unpleasant rattle sounds. When the windows are open for ventilation, it can interfere with both the owners of the room for which the split system works, and the neighbors.

For a quieter operation of the external unit, it is necessary to unscrew the bolts of the fasteners, lay the noise insulation (foam or polystyrene) between the contacting parts and reassemble the housing. It is forbidden to make a box around the device, as this will interfere with heat transfer.

The following video will tell about the noise of the external unit:

Using the control panel, it is possible to move the dampers to adjust the air flow vertically. Horizontal direction variation can only be done manually. Naturally, from a safety standpoint, this can only be done with a non-working air conditioner.

The power cord is on the right, it is short and fixed. This creates a problem in the absence of outlets: you will have to either use an extension cord or increase the length of the wire yourself.

Hyundai H-AR21-09H Air Conditioner Power Cord
Connecting an air conditioner through an extension cord will look ugly. It is better to increase the length of the cable and lead it to the outlet secretly or in a box

On the body of the indoor unit, there are often multi-colored stickers that do not fit into any room design. The situation is aggravated by the fact that they are difficult to tear off without leaving a scratch.

Comparison with common competitor models

The cost of the air conditioner H-AR21-09H fluctuates around 15-19 thousand rubles, if you do not take into account various stocks. In the same price range, three common models with the same indicator of the recommended maximum room area were selected and a comparison was made according to the standard characteristics for split systems.

Competitor # 1 - Aeronik 09HS4

The model of the Australian brand is assembled behind the Chinese factory of the GREE corporation.


  • power during cooling (W) - 794;
  • energy class - “A”;
  • compressor - rotary (Gree);
  • Max. noise (dB) - 40;
  • internal dimensions block (WxHxD, cm) - 74.4 x 25.6 x 18.5;
  • weight int. unit (kg) - 8.

This model differs from Hyundai H-AR21-09H for the better by the compressor manufacturing plant and assembly. Among air conditioning service and repair technicians, Gree is rated higher than GMCC.

The pluses include a multi-stage filtration system and the ability to maintain the temperature in the room when heated from 8 ° C (when permissible on the street - from -7 ° C and above). The latter is often used to create a mode in which defrosting of heating pipes does not occur.

But still, the Aeronik 09HS4 model is slightly more expensive than the Hyundai H-AR21-09H.

Competitor # 2 - Electrolux EACS-09HPR / N3

The product of the Swedish brand, assembled at the factory of the Chinese state company Hisense.


  • power during cooling (W) - 822;
  • energy class - “A”;
  • compressor - rotary (Rechi);
  • Max. noise (dB) - 28;
  • internal dimensions block (WxHxD, cm) - 71.7 x 30.2 x 19.3;
  • weight int. unit (kg) - 8.

On the positive side, it is distinguished by the presence of a deodorizing (antibacterial) filter and a long route extended for systems of such power: 20 meters. The kit includes a set of fasteners for the indoor unit.

Rechi Group rotary compressors are also considered better than the Midea, which stands on the Hyundai H-AR21-09H.

Among the minuses - there is no air ionization system and a larger indoor unit than competitors.

Competitor # 3 - Green 09HH2

Fully Chinese model manufactured by “Green” at Hisense factory.


  • power during cooling (W) - 794;
  • energy class - “A”;
  • compressor - rotary (Gree);
  • Max. noise (dB) - 40;
  • internal dimensions block (WxHxD, cm) - 74.4 x 25.6 x 18.5;
  • weight int. unit (kg) - 8.

This model is no different from the Hyundai H-AR21-09H except for the design and more reliable compressor manufacturer.

Conclusions and the best deals on the market

Hyundai H-AR21-09H can be described as a typical budget air conditioner with typical functionality for residential and office premises up to 25 m2. From a number of similar models, it stands out with the ability to control remotely via Wi-Fi.

The installed Toshiba GMCC compressor is not the best engine in terms of noise and reliability, so if intensive operation of the split system is planned, then it is better to pay attention to slightly more expensive competitor models, which are described above.

If you have something to add to the material, or if you have questions about the topic of the article, please leave your comments, participate in the discussion and share your own experience in using climate equipment.

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  1. Anton

    They took such an air conditioner last spring instead of the old model also from hyundai, which served for many years, but broke. Of the minuses, I can only find that during the summer I had to refuel it with frion twice, we are happy with everything else.Quickly and efficiently cools / heats the room, automatically maintains the set temperature, works silently. Good split system.