Hyundai H-AR18 09H split system review: when advantages exceed cost

Alexey Dedyulin
Checked by a specialist: Alexey Dedyulin
Author: Vladimir Bychkov
Last update: August 2019

World-renowned Hyundai Corporation is constantly expanding its range of climate technology products, seeking and introducing new technologies. Great emphasis in the delivery of new products to the market is placed on the opportunity for the consumer to purchase a modern and reliable in its class air conditioner at an affordable price.

Such a budget, and at the same time high-quality and functional device, is the Hyundai H-AR18 09H split system - the novelty of 2018.

Expert rating:
/ 100
  • Price Affordability
  • Elegant design - translucent plastic front panel
  • Economical power consumption
  • Silent work
  • Option I Feel - temperature sensor on the remote control
  • Cooling / heating rate
  • Lack of illumination of the remote control
  • No fresh air supply option

Let’s figure out what attracts the attention of buyers a new product from Hyundai, denote the performance characteristics of the split, its functionality and implemented technologies. Comparison with competitors will help determine the optimal climatic equipment for a room with an area of ​​20-25 square meters. m

Features and characteristics of the device

Hyundai (Hyundai) H-AR18-09H - representative of split systems from the series Aurora (Aurora) a famous South Korean brand operating in the Russian market of HVAC equipment since 2014. The new Aurora series is gaining more and more popularity among users.

A model is manufactured at a climate unit factory in China. The impressive facilities of the enterprise make it possible to produce equipment for a wide range of purposes - from room air conditioners to devices used in such facilities with a massive presence of people, such as stadiums and airports.

The average market price of the monitored device is in the range of 14 to 16 thousand rubles, which is fully included in the budget segment of climate technology.

Basic equipment

Surveillance air conditioning has a standard configuration for the climate technology wall option - indoor unitplaced in the room and an outdoor module installed on the outside of the building.

Appearance of the indoor unit
The body of the indoor unit is made in an original and interesting design, the feature of which is the roundness and streamlining of the forms, with smooth transitions

On the wall in the room, the equipment looks very stylish and harmonious. The highlight of the model is that the front panel is made of translucent snow-white plastic, through which the display indication is visible. This technology called Hidden display, adds a peculiar charm to the device.

The model has average dimensions for products of this type: 70 cm in the horizontal plane and 28.5 cm in the vertical. The depth of the device is 18.8 cm. Such dimensions allow the unit to look neat and not bulky on the wall. The internal module weighs relatively little - 8.5 kg.

The outdoor unit, with dimensions of 66x50x24 cm, weighs 25 kg.

The manufacturer has designed and implemented technical capabilities for easier and more convenient work on installation of split system modules.

Installing the outdoor unit
The external unit is mounted using special brackets on the front of the wall, in the middle line of the window or slightly lower. Work on installing the unit at a height is trusted only by specialists

The case of the outdoor unit and the heat exchanger have a corrosion-resistant coating, which increases the resistance of the product to environmental influences, and, accordingly, extends its service life.

The internal and external nodes of the split are connected by freon pipelines and interconnect cable. A drain pipe is also included in the structure of the laid line. The maximum length of the communication path of the monitored device is 10 m.

The performance of the unit is enough for cooling and heating 1-2 rooms, with a total area of ​​26 sq.m.

In the kit, as standard, there is a control panel that provides ample opportunities for remote control of all the basic settings of the device:

  • the choice of any of their four operating modes;
  • increase and decrease in temperature with a gradation of 1 ° C, in the range from 16 ° C to 32 ° C;
  • a change in the vertical plane of the air direction;
  • setting a timer for the air conditioner;
  • inclusion of the maximum cooling or heating modes - Turbo;
  • setting the fan speed in one of three modes (small, medium, auto).

For information, in the ventilation mode the “auto speed” function is not available.

Remote control air conditioning
The remote control is ergonomic and easy to read by a simple layman indication. The range for using this device is about 7 meters.

In addition to the noted features, the remote control allows you to remotely control other options, which will be mentioned in the section reserved for the description of the device’s functionality.

Main Instrument Specifications

All models of the Aurora series are non-inverter units. The device works for heating and cooling.

Nevertheless, in terms of energy efficiency, the product is assigned to class A. With useful cooling capacities of 2.682 kW and heating of 2.736 kW, the unit consumes energy of 0.835 kW and 0.752 kW, respectively.

Using simple calculations, we determine the energy efficiency coefficient of the model. In cooling mode, it is 2.682 / 0.835 kW = 3.2, while working on heating - 2.736 / 0.752 kW = 3.6. These are very good indicators for a conventional, non-inverter air conditioner.

We also recommend reading about how to calculate the required power of the air conditioner depending on the area of ​​the room. More details - go to the link.

Other model specifications:

  • cooling intensity - 7.5 m3/ min;
  • refrigerant - freon R410A;
  • the number of adjustable fan speeds - 4;
  • the weight of seasoned freon - 640 g;
  • working temperature spectrum: when cooling from +16 ° С to + 47 ° С, when heat is generated from 0 ° С to +32 ° С.

The indicator on the minimum noise of the indoor unit is 24 dB.

Comparison of air conditioners by noise
Quiet operation of the air conditioner indoors compares favorably with the model in the line of non-inverter type products and is comparable with the noise characteristics inherent in inverter devices

According to this indicator, the module is quite suitable for installation in sleeping rooms, children's rooms.

The Aurora external unit operating at maximum volume with a level of 50 dB will not cause inconvenience to users of the device, as well as their neighbors. This is a low figure in the line of devices of this class.

Air conditioner functionality

The device has a good, no-frills, set of additional useful options:

  1. I feel. When this function is activated, the air temperature in the room is not read by the sensor of the indoor unit, but by the control panel. Having it at hand, the user will always be in the zone of comfortable temperature.
  2. Night mode. In this mode, the device creates the sleeping conditions that are optimal in temperature and noise in a bedroom.
  3. Automatic self cleaning the air conditioner from dust for 30 minutes after turning it off.
  4. Anti-fungus. When this option is turned on, the evaporator of the internal module is automatically dried and warmed up, in order to avoid the formation of mold and fungus in the device.

The unit also has the ability to restart previously installed settings when resuming power supply.

By the number of operating modes, the device can be attributed to a 4 in 1 type product. In addition to the main purpose - the generation of cold or heat, the air conditioner can also function in ventilation and drainage modes.

The option of drainage, when the device is operated without lowering the temperature, may be especially in demand during the off-season.

Dry function without cooling
Warm drying air at the outlet of the air conditioner diffuser is created due to the operation of the upper part of the evaporator for heating, with moisture condensation in its tender part. This compensates for the cooling and mixing of warm and cold air

Using this function allows not only minimizing the risk of getting a cold, but also eliminates discomfort in conditions of high humidity in rainy weather, and in insufficient air temperature in the room. In addition, the room itself will be protected from mold and fungal formations.

Another useful installation feature of this new product from Hyundai is the ability to organize condensate drain from the indoor unit on both sides.

The device’s internal module is equipped with an air filter which, when regular cleaning (manufacturer's recommendation - at least 1 time in 2 weeks) successfully copes with its task. Additional filtering elements in the product is not provided.

Among other things, standard for systems located in the same price niche with the monitored device include the following options:

  • intellectual auto-defrosting;
  • memory of settings;
  • “Hot start” - delayed fan start when the device is turned on for heating, until the heat exchanger reaches a high temperature;
  • self-diagnosis - the display of the error code in the event of a malfunction.

The control of the device is not limited to the capabilities of the remote control within the premises.

Wi-Fi Control
The model has an advanced Wi-Fi option that allows you to configure settings and control the operation of the unit at any distance, with access to the Internet

This function is realized by connecting a special module, which is purchased separately.

The model has the ability to force turn the device on and off if the remote control is lost or damaged. To do this, use the button on the indoor unit, when pressed, the switched off device will begin to operate in automatic mode. Stop the air conditioner by pressing the same button again.

Advantages, disadvantages according to users

Despite the fact that the monitored device has been introduced to the market relatively recently, the model has a 5-point rating on the main services for searching and selecting products, and in catalogs, as well as a sufficient number of offers on trading floors. This can be considered its first plus.

Other advantages of the model, noted taking into account a few reviews, include:

  • almost inaudible operation of the internal module;
  • ease of remote control;
  • accelerated achievement of the required temperatures during cooling and heating;
  • original design of the indoor unit;
  • good quality plastic;
  • thrifty electricity consumption.

The analysis of reviews did not reveal complaints about the quality of the split. All that was found was statements regarding the control panel: lack of backlight and small print of the name of the functions.

It is worth noting, if not as a drawback, then as a factor that may have to be taken into account when placing the device indoors - this is below the average indicator of the length of communications (10 m).

Permissible dimensions for the placement of modules
The length of the communication path, limited to ten meters, is sufficient for an acceptable optimal installation of equipment, as indicated in the diagram. But, in cases with features of the layout of the premises, such a length restriction may affect the ability to place the modules at the desired distance from each other

Summing up the advantages and disadvantages determined by the results of studying the functionality and specifications of the model, as well as by the real responses of consumers, we can conclude that the pluses of the device in many respects significantly prevail over the minuses.

And an extended product warranty of four years adds even more weight to the basket of merits, as this is one of the highest levels of quality commitments raised by climate technology manufacturers, which testifies to Hyundai's confidence and responsibility for its product.

Comparison with competitive models

Given the variety of air conditioners on the HVAC market, it is sometimes difficult for the average consumer to immediately appreciate all the benefits of a product that is offered to him by the seller. Excessive rush in the issue of buying expensive household appliances should not be shown.

Therefore, in order to determine the validity of choosing a device from the Aurora series, we offer to see how our reference model looks against the background of competitors. For the objectivity of the assessment, we will compare the device with similar wall-mounted systems and located in the same price category - 14-16.5 thousand rubles.

Model # 1 - Oasis El-09

The Oasis range of air conditioners is represented by the international holding Forte Klima GmbH, which has placed its production facilities, as well as the hero of our review, in China.

Air-conditioned service area is 25 m2.

Main specifications:

  • cooling / heating productivity - 2,636 / 2,929 kW;
  • energy consumption for cooling / heating - 0.79 / 0.77 kW;
  • energy efficiency during cooling / heating - 3.3 / 3.8 (class A);
  • minimum noise from the indoor module - 27 dB;
  • working temperature spectrum - when cooling from 0 ° С to +50 ° С, when heat is generated from -15 ° С to +50 ° С;
  • the maximum length of the communications route is 15 m.

The main difference of the Oasis is that the device is equipped with an inverter compressor. This significant characteristic, it would seem, should give the air conditioner superiority over the original model in terms of the inherent products of this class of parameters. But, as can be seen from the specifications presented, this is not so. Units are in the same energy class (A). As for the noise, in the optimal mode, the Hyundai works even quieter than the inverter competitor.

One of the consumer reviews about disruptions in the Oasis work 2 months after the installation of the system is also alarming.

However, it should be noted that the model has an excellent rating and is sold on many trading floors at an average price of 14 thousand rubles.

Model # 2 - General Climate GC / GU-N09HRIN1

The next competitor is the international holding company General Climate, created by Russian investors and working on the production of climate units on the sites of many countries. This model, from the Alfa-Neo series, is also assembled in China.

Unit with non-inverter type compressor, creates a comfortable climate on an area of ​​26 m2.

Main specifications:

  • cooling / heating productivity - 2.6 / 2.8 kW;
  • energy consumption for cooling / heating - 0.77 / 0.82 kW;
  • energy efficiency during cooling / heating - 3.4 / 3.4 (class A);
  • minimum noise from the indoor module - 28 dB;
  • working temperature spectrum - when cooling from +18 ° С to +43 ° С, when heat is generated from -7 ° С to +24 ° С;
  • the maximum length of the communications route is 20 m.

The main functions of the model are similar to the options of the Hyundai split-system. An exception is the lack of drainage.

The model works effectively for heating at minus values ​​of air temperature.

Another distinctive advantage of General Climate is the innovative filtration system - it is an effective plasma filter that fights odors, dust and other impurities in the air, as well as a silver ion filter that can kill bacteria.

These technological features of the device will be useful to people with reduced immunity and sensitive to the effects of harmful impurities and allergens contained in the air.

According to the rating and the number of offers on the market, the model is not inferior to competitors, but its average price is slightly higher - 16.5 thousand rubles.

Model # 3 - Royal Clima RC-P29HN

Royal Clima is an Italian brand, the country of manufacture of the model is China. The area served by the unit is 30 m in area2.

Main specifications:

  • cooling / heating productivity - 2.9 / 3.06 kW;
  • energy consumption for cooling / heating - 0.872 / 0.667 kW;
  • energy efficiency during cooling / heating - 3.3 / 4.6 (class A);
  • minimum noise from the indoor module - 28 dB;
  • working temperature spectrum - when cooling from +18 ° С to +43 ° С, when heat is generated from -7 ° С to +24 ° С;
  • the maximum length of the communications route is 20 m.

In terms of options, the model is very similar to the device from Hyundai. It is also a non-inverter and it starts up on the principle of "on / off".

The device can operate in the dehumidification mode. The indoor unit has a hidden LED display.

The RC-P29HN system has been introduced to the market since 2016 and has the same high rating as its competitors - 5 points. There are no significant shortcomings in this model in customer reviews.

The price of the product ranges from 15.5 thousand rubles.

Conclusions and the best deals on the market

A review of the H-AR18-09H model from Hyundai Corporation and its comparison with competitors' analogues nevertheless take the device in question somewhat ahead. And this, despite the fact that each of the systems has its own advantages.

Important for most users of air conditioners is the ability to enjoy a comfortable climate without annoying noise. It is on this indicator that Hyundai, of course, is in the lead. And the attractiveness of novelty and manufacturability of the device, along with a very reasonable price for such a device, are even more inclined to opt for this model.

If you are the owner of such a split system, please tell our readers about their personal experience in using it. Are you satisfied with the operation of the equipment and what criteria were used when choosing an air conditioner for the home? Write your comments, upload photos of the device, ask questions in the block below.

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Visitors Comments
  1. Semen

    Well, original design is not the criterion by which people, for the most part, make purchases. But silent operation, energy class, the presence or absence of a Wi-Fi module, the quality of the plastic of which the device’s body is made is all important. Well, of course, the way the air conditioner copes with its main tasks is to cool the room in the heat and heat in cool weather. In general, Hyundai makes good split systems, usually there are no problems with them.

  2. Marina

    We just bought one last summer, the seller praised Hyundai. And now she wanted to warm the room with air conditioning, they drown rather poorly, and he took it and dripped into the room, and not outside as usual. Air conditioning is still under warranty. What could be the problem in the air conditioner or in the wrong installation? Who should I file a complaint against?

    • Expert
      Alexey Dedyulin

      Good afternoon, Marina!

      Leaking air conditioning is not always a sign of marriage or improper installation. If in summer the device worked normally for cooling, then most likely the cause of leakage during heating is that during the heat the system worked at full power, as a result of which the condensate did not have time to completely drain. Perhaps you just turned off the device, which worked in intensive cooling mode and now the accumulated condensate comes out.

      Solving the problem is very simple: turn on the air conditioner in cooling mode at maximum power and gradually reduce it. You can use Sleep or Eco programs. The device should work 1-3 hours. If the outdoor temperature does not allow you to use the cooling mode, you will have to drain the condensate manually. Since your air conditioner is under warranty, you are better off inviting a service center specialist for this.

      And one more thing: before performing all these manipulations, please make sure that the drainage tube is installed correctly and not raised up!

    • Expert
      Alexey Dedyulin

      Let's look at several main reasons that can lead to the fact that the air conditioner flows into the apartment when heated:

      1. Clogged drainage hole;
      2. The bath has moved to which condensate should collect;
      3. If the air conditioner “spits”, it means the evaporator has frozen, as the condensation temperature is too low.

      These are the main reasons this problem can be caused. In any case, you need to invite the craftsmen from the official service center so that they fix the problems and you do not lose the official guarantee.

      I also advise you to carefully read the operating conditions, especially on temperature conditions, which says what should be the ratio of temperatures in the room and on the street.