Haier HSU-07HTM03 / R2 split system overview: budget price tag with practical filling

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The search for climate technology is an extremely long and laborious process. Indeed, today dozens of manufacturers offer hundreds and thousands of models. But if you are looking for a budget unit and do not want to deal with all the nuances of choice, then the Haier HSU-07HTM03 split system is what you need.

Expert rating:
/ 100
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable sleep mode
  • 12 m air supply
  • Itelligent Air Option
  • Corrosion-resistant coating of the Blue Fin heat exchanger
  • No inverter
  • Low energy efficiency class - C

We offer you to understand the features of the device, functionality, nuances of installation and operation of the Haier HSU-07HTM03. A detailed review of the model and comparison with its closest competitors will help you decide on the purchase of a household split.

Characteristics and advantages of the model

This split system belongs to the type of wall mounted devices. It is suitable for servicing small rooms, mainly residential areas. Haier HSU-07HTM03 / R2 combines various kinds of functions that will satisfy each user.

Features of the split system design

The device consists of two units: external with dimensions of 696/256/432 and internal - 708x190x263 mm. The compressor of the model belongs to the non-inverter type. And produced by the manufacturing company Rechi. The device fan has 3 speeds.

The total net weight of the unit is 29.4 kg - 22 kg outdoor unit and 7.4 kg internal, respectively.

The materials and assembly of the model leave no doubt about the quality, and the heat exchanger of the unit is covered with an anti-corrosion layer Blue fin, which significantly prevents the negative impact of the external environment on the device.

Air filters located in the indoor unit of the model do not have the function of fine air purification, but work only for their intended purpose.

R410-A refrigerant
For work, the model uses R 410A refrigerant. This is one of those coolants that have been recognized as fully ozone-safe freons.Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the dangers of health devices

Performance and Modes

Haier has equipped its model with power reaching 2050 watts. At the same time, the power consumption of the device is about 635 watts for heating and 730 watts for cooling.

These characteristics set the energy consumption class of the model to level C. Energy efficiency factors are 2.81 / 3.22.

This model supports several operating modes:

  1. Cooling. The operating temperature range in this mode varies from 10 to 18 degrees. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 7000 BTU, which is the average and most optimal indicator.
  2. Heating. The temperature range is from -7 to 24 degrees. In this mode, the flow of warm air is supplied with a certain delay, which prevents the issuance of cold air.
  3. Drainage. Air flows in this mode are supplied gradually approaching the temperature set by the user.
  4. Auto. The mode allows the split system to automatically select the temperature and fan speed based on the room temperature.
  5. Ventilation. This mode is needed to purify and refresh indoor air. In this case, other modes will be unavailable.
  6. Night mode. This is a very useful function of any split system, which contributes to a healthy and deep sleep of a person. The temperature and fan speed are automatically set.

A variety of modes allows you to comfortably control the microclimate of the room. In addition, the model has an additional mode Inteligent Air Flow. It allows the device to select the ideal operating parameters.

Split Haier HSU-07HTM03R2
Great functionality, affordable price for a buyer with any income level and a huge number of operating modes has become one of the main reasons why customers actively buy HAIER HSU 07HTM03

Main and additional functions

One of the main functions that the split system boasts is self-diagnosis of malfunctions, which allows any user to quickly solve any problem that has arisen.

And about methods of eliminating typical malfunctions of split systems, we described in detail in this stuff.

In addition, the unit is able to memorize the settings and play the last used mode. This greatly simplifies operation and makes use comfortable.

The model has the function of preventing the formation of ice. This system protects the device from premature malfunctions of the components of the unit, maintains coverage.

The Haier HSU-07HTM03 / R2 also has a smart motion sensor that directs airflow automatically.

Haier split system
The device also has auto-restart and timer functions. The need for these options is explained by the automatic restoration of work after failures, as well as setting a timer to set certain parameters at the right time

The maximum airflow limit is set at 7.5 cubic meters / minute. This allows you to provide work for premises up to 20 square meters. It is important to note that the air flow is able to supply air up to 12 meters.

Management and length of communications

The device is controlled using the remote control. Manually, it is also possible to change and adjust the direction of air flow.

The equipment has a communication length of 15 meters for the installation of blocks. Installation of nodes requires placement in places with an even distribution of cold and warm air without an increased concentration of certain substances (salt, oil, gases) or with high humidity. Read more about installing split systems Further.

Installation of a split system
It is highly recommended that you do not install climate control equipment yourself. After all, the durability and reliability of a split system largely depends on how correctly it is installed

Customer reviews about the device

The vast majority of users respond to the Haier HSU-07HTM03 in a positive way. Almost every customer talks about the noiselessness of the device, high performance and a good price-quality ratio.

The split system, with all its advantages, has a number of minor flaws. They also must be considered before purchase.

Among the obvious shortcomings are the following:

  • there is no supply ventilation mode, which limits the user in the ability to supply fresh air from the street to the room;
  • small amount of airflow;
  • lack of new generation smart features;
  • non-inverter type of device;
  • small serviced area.

With all that is indicated, it is worth saying that in terms of price and quality ratio, the model is not inferior to its competitors. Most of the shortcomings are quite subjective, however, when buying a split system, all aspects must be taken into account.

We also recommend reading our other article, where we talked about how the maintenance of split systems is carried out. More details - go to the link.

Using Haier HSU-07HTM03R2 at night
Owners speak negatively about the lack of backlight in the control panel, which is especially unpleasant at night, and indicate a low quality of materials. In all other respects, the device, according to customers, is ideal

Comparison of the model with the nearest competitors

Buy and choose climate technology high quality, which will cope with heating and / or cooling housing, is simply impossible without comparison with analogues.

The Haier HSU-07HTM03 / R2 model has several main competitors, which are better in some ways and worse than the model in question.

Model # 1 - Electrolux EACS-07HPR / N3

The first in the list of competitors is a split system, featuring a completely new design of the unit, which is located indoors.

The main advantage of the Electrolux EACS-07HPR is its ease of installation and maintenance. This allows a good save.

Both units are similar in their noiselessness. As for the Electrolux, for the Haier HSU-07HTM03, the maximum volume of the internal node does not exceed 32 dB. As a result, the split system will not be heard at all when it will work.

When comparing the performance of devices, striking differences were not revealed. Both models can produce 2-2.2 kW in cooling / heating modes, which is suitable for servicing 20 sq.m.

What the Electrolux EACS-07HPR is better in is energy efficiency. But the main thing here is to clarify that the Haier HSU-07HTM03 consumes less electricity only when working in cooling mode - about 640 watts in contrast to 730 watts.

During heating operation, the rated power consumption of both devices is completely identical and ranges from 630 to 640 watts.

The last thing to pay attention to is the performance of a fan of HVAC equipment. For models, it differs by only 15 m3/ h

Summing up the comparison, we can say that the model from Electrolux is not inferior to Haier. Their technical characteristics are almost identical. But before buying, consider the cost - the price tag of the model is on average 500 - 1,000 rubles higher.

Model # 2 - Hyundai H-AR16-07H

If you do not want or cannot spend on Haier HSU-07HTM03 about 15 000 rubles, then a good choice would be the Hyundai H-AR16-07H. This is a cheaper climate control system, which boasts good power.

The main difference between this model from Hyundai is a greater variety of modes. In addition to heating, drainage, cooling, ventilation, automatic operation and night mode, it is equipped with functions I FEEL and condensate drain in both directions.

Split has wifi optionthat allows you to control the device remotely. Also, for many, the regime of full drainage of air will be useful.

The weight, air flow, and type of refrigerant used are identical for both models. A significant difference is the range of operating temperatures. At Haier HSU-07HTM03 it is much wider - heating - from -7 to +24, cooling from +10 to +18.

As for the representative of Hyundai, it can work for heating at temperatures from 0 to +32 degrees, and for cooling - from +16 to +47 degrees.

Model # 3 - Roda RS-A09E

A more powerful competitor to the Haier HSU-07HTM03 is the split system from Roda called the RS-A09E. This unit boasts extremely low noise.

For example, when the room is cooled, it is practically inaudible, since the volume level does not exceed 24-30 dB.

An important drawback of the climate system from Roda is the greater weight of the indoor unit - 8.5 kg. This will create certain difficulties when installing the device, which will not happen if you buy Haier equipment.

A significant advantage of the Roda RS-A09E is its high power in both operating modes. The difference of more than 500 watts is a pretty significant indicator. Especially when you consider that the cost of devices is approximately at the same level.

In conclusion, we can say that the Roda RS-A09E is a better offer than the Haier HSU-07HTM03, provided that you are not afraid of the complexity of maintenance and installation.

Model # 4 - Kentatsu KSGB21HFAN1 / KSRB21HFAN1

The last in the list of analogues should consider the Chinese split system from Kentatsu. According to the technical characteristics, the presented model is almost completely identical to the device of the Haier brand.

But despite all the similarities, there are still differences. The first is the price. KSGB21HFAN1 costs 1,000 - 1,500 rubles more. Also, the analogue weighs significantly more. And this also applies to the indoor unit (10 kg versus 7.3), and the external (29 kg versus 21.6 kg).

Conclusions and the best deals on the market

The split system considered is the best example of a relatively inexpensive, but extremely functional climate technologyAt the same time, Haier HSU-07HTM03 shows tangible performance, which will be enough to service 20-25 sq.m. Therefore, buying it, you definitely will not waste your money.

If you are the owner of this split system, please tell other visitors to the site whether the equipment is satisfied with the work. Write comments, upload a photo of the device in the communication unit, which is located under the article.

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