Split system for the refrigerator: types + nuances of calculation and selection of the necessary equipment

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The importance of such an element as a split system for the refrigerator compartment cannot be underestimated. This is the main element, the core of the refrigerator, which plays the role of maintaining a constant temperature.

Split systems are used in medium-sized heat-insulated chambers, ideal for storing products in production.

Next, we will talk about the features of refrigerated split systems, give tips on choosing the right equipment, and also name the best manufacturers of such equipment.

Fundamental differences refrigeration split systems

Such split systems consist of two blocks. The outdoor unit is located outside the camera. It can be located up to 50 meters from the indoor unit, usually attached to the wall.

The indoor unit is placed inside the camera. The blocks are connected due to copper tubes, and their connection is provided by a power cable. More information about installing split systems can be found in this stuff.

Also on the market you can find a number of models of refrigeration units, which are supplied paired with two or more compressors. Due to their reliability, these devices are ideally suited for production. After all, if one compressor fails, then its functions will be able to take on others.

Unlike other types of air conditioners, refrigeration units are characterized by high performance and fairly low energy consumption.

To do this, they are equipped with automatic circuit breakers, as well as a carefully thought-out capillary system for refrigerant.

Refrigerated split system
The device is controlled by an integrated monitor. It supports the coordinated work of all systems and electrical components located inside the refrigeration split system.

Another important advantage of the above air conditioners is their protection from environmental influences and sudden voltage drops. Most models have an integrated system that protects them from high or low pressure.

Significantly extends the life of the split system, the presence of automatic defrosting. As a result, the case, as well as all the constituent components of the external and internal unit, are reliably protected from the negative effects of ice.

In addition to separate (split) systems, monoblock refrigeration units are popular. This is a fully equipped device that is mounted on the wall of the camera.

It consists of two parts, identical to a split system, however, both parts are interconnected into one device in a single housing.

This important difference gives them a big advantage, since it allows them to be placed in refrigerators, where other units simply cannot fit in height or wall thickness. The remaining features of the two options are almost the same.

Varieties of climatic equipment

It is also important to correctly determine the temperature level. Today, manufacturers offer to order two variations: medium temperature and low temperature split systems. Each of them has its own purpose, as well as a number of features.

Features of medium temperature units

The main task of this class is to maintain indoor temperatures in the range from +10 to -5 degrees Celsius. Typically, medium temperature air conditioners are used to cool products. For example, such systems can be found in wine cellars.

Medium temperature split system
Medium temperature refrigeration equipment is used by flower shop owners. The ability to maintain the set temperature in auto mode allows you to preserve the beauty of freshly cut flowers and floral arrangements for a long time

Devices of this type are divided into three subcategories:

  • the first - can lower the temperature down to -5 degrees;
  • the second - supports + 10;
  • the third - cools the room to zero.

As for the functionality, the mid-temperature split systems are equipped with an electric defrosting system, and can also automatically maintain the temperature set by the user.

Pros and cons of low temperature air conditioners

Low temperature refrigeration units are purchased for freezers. They help to freeze any food and maintain the temperature in the range from -5 to -35 degrees Celsius.

The standard low-temperature split system consists of two components: a condensing unit, as well as an evaporator. Their case is most often made of stainless steel, which is coated with a polymer layer for added protection.

Low temperature air conditioner
Some models are equipped with a shock freeze function. In this case, the temperature in the freezer drops sharply down to -45 degrees Celsius. This helps preserve all the nutrients and nutrients in foods.

Speaking about the advantages of the air conditioners presented above, it is especially worth highlighting:

  • compactness - thoughtful design allows you to save space inside the refrigerator;
  • efficiency - manufacturers managed to achieve high device performance with the lowest possible power consumption;
  • noiselessness - low-temperature split systems during operation emit sound no higher than 40-50 dB. Therefore, they can be installed without problems even in residential buildings;
  • safety - devices have an integrated alarm system.

The complete set of freezing air conditioners usually includes a scroll, screw or piston type compressor, two types of filters (desiccant and suction), a condenser, a pressure switch, and a liquid receiver.

Also in the box there may be solenoid or thermostatic valves, as well as one or several air coolers.

Recommendations for choosing the right equipment

The complexity of choosing industrial split systems cannot be compared to buying an air conditioner for home use.

Indeed, in this case, you need not to miscalculate and choose equipment for servicing premises that are huge in area. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, we will deal with the main technical characteristics.

Size and power calculation of the device

Before buying a refrigeration air conditioner, as a rule, a summary table is compiled. It contains all the possible information about the operating conditions of the device.

For example, the document indicates the temperature range for the storage of certain products, the necessary additional functions, the volume of the storage chamber and the climatic conditions of the region.

Split system
When choosing, also consider the purpose of the system, the amount of storage space, the number of products, the installation location of both units. Do not forget about additional functionality. For example, many will find the remote control useful.

Creating a summary table helps to avoid unnecessary costs and extremely complicated design of the refrigerator. Thanks to it, you can calculate the desired power of the device.

If you do not want to create a table, then online calculators will help you calculate the power. There are a lot of them on the Internet.

To get the recommended value, you will need to specify only the area of ​​the room, the height of the ceilings, the degree of illumination, the number of other household appliances.

Functionality and equipment of climatic equipment

The most common additional option for refrigeration units is the remote control. Such an engineering solution can greatly simplify the operation. You will not need to go into the warehouse to change the device settings.

To simplify installation, many manufacturers equip the tubes with couplings. When tightening the fasteners, the membrane breaks through, leaving the system completely tight

In addition to the main components - compressor and air-cooling units - the device is supplied together with connecting copper insulated tubes.

The kit may include wires, all the necessary installation for hanging blocks, soldering tubes, freon filling tools.

The best manufacturers of refrigerated split systems

Today, manufacturers offer just a huge assortment of air conditioners. Such a variety creates a lot of inconvenience for an unprepared buyer. Partially solves the problem of narrowing the search circle to devices from only the most reliable and trusted suppliers.

Brand # 1 - Polus

If you need to order an inexpensive refrigeration split system, then choose the Polus brand. These are relatively cheap units that show good power, and their service life is estimated in decades.

Split system Polus
Polus engineers paid particular attention to ease of maintenance. Almost all air conditioners of this brand have a removable panel. It provides full access to all internal components and systems of the unit.

Brand # 2 - Polair

Polair offers refrigeration air conditioners in two ranges: Professionale and Standard. As the names already understand, the first class is intended for industrial enterprises with huge storage facilities.

Split Polair system
Split systems Standard are perfect for small shops and catering establishments. They are often chosen by small business owners.

Features of Polair devices are as follows:

  • High build quality. The manufacturer uses only first-class stainless steel, aluminum, and the connecting tubes are made exclusively of copper.
  • Simplicity. Everyone can figure out how to change the temperature regime. Split systems have elementary control and are often equipped with a remote control panel.
  • Noiselessness. All the "noisy" part of the air conditioner can be carried out to the street.As a result, the room will be comfortable.

As for the disadvantages of devices from this supplier, the confusion about the installation location is confusing. So, the distance between the external and internal blocks cannot be more than 5 meters.

It is also better to entrust the installation to experienced craftsmen. After all, Polair split systems usually have a complex structure. Therefore, the installation itself will not work.

Brand # 3 - Ariada

The Ariada company stands out among its competitors with a wide range of low- and medium-temperature devices. At the same time, the price of most air conditioners is more than affordable, which makes them an excellent choice for everyone.

Split system Ariada
Refrigerated split systems from Ariad can cope with food freezing, cooling, as well as maintaining the set temperature. At the same time, the high quality of the materials used guarantees a long and trouble-free service.

The list of advantages of the manufacturer should be supplemented by the fact that engineers use modern technology in the production of blocks and components. Each model also undergoes rigorous testing.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Installation process of a refrigerated split system:

Refrigerated split-system is an indispensable equipment in almost any enterprise. It ensures that products retain all their beneficial qualities for a long time..

But you can spend your money wisely by buying a powerful and easy-to-maintain equipment, you can only if you consider all the nuances and recommendations listed above.

If you have questions about the topic of the article or want to supplement our material with interesting information, please write your comments in the block below.

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