Humidifier repair: typical breakdowns and effective solutions

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Last update: January 2020

When the humidifier breaks down, the microclimate spoils immediately in the house, the air becomes dry and is filled with extraneous odors. It's annoying and annoying, okay? I want to repair the humidifier as soon as possible, and return to the home a comfortable and healthy atmosphere.

But it’s not always possible to “calculate” where the problems arose in the device. We took this moment into account and prepared a review of typical breakdowns with ways to fix them. Having detailed information about the most common problems, you can easily recognize them, and you can fix most of them with your own hands.

Why does the humidifier break?

The household humidifier is a reliable device with high operational durability. It withstands intense workloads and functions normally around the clock.

Most often it fails for the following reasons:

  • moisture penetration into the case;
  • power surges;
  • bumps, fall;
  • wear of individual parts.

So that voltage drops do not cause problems and do not disable various equipment, we recommend pick up a voltage regulator.

Late filter changes and scale formation also lead to breakdowns.

Humidifier Filter Phillips
Install original filters of reputable brands in the humidifier. They are made from high quality materials, better retain dust particles, bacteria and allergens, guarantee effective cleaning

Incorrect operation is bad for even premium technology. To avoid problems and hassles with repair, carefully read the rules for using the device described in the data sheet.

Strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations and do not violate them. Then the humidifier will work for a long time and will regularly maintain a comfortable microclimate in your house or apartment.

Typical device malfunctions

Household humidifiers are ultrasonic, traditional and steam. But, despite the structural differences and different operating principles, they have a number of similar breakdowns. We will consider the malfunctions that occur most often and tell you how to fix them at home.

Problem # 1 - humidifier not working

If the humidifier suddenly stops working, you need to turn it off, check network power availability and outlet status.

If there are no problems, pour water from the tank and disassemble the device. Carefully during the day dry all components. After this simple procedure, the health of the humidifier is often restored.

May interfere with normal operation. mains plug fuse. He is considered a weak link and easily fails. But the replacement is not difficult even for a beginner home master.

Board check with a multimeter
The humidifier may stop working due to problems with the electronics. A multimeter will help to identify damaged areas of the power board. Defective items will need to be replaced

Problem # 2 - bad smell when spraying

A musty, unpleasant odor during operation is one of the most common problems with air humidifiers. If it occurs with a new device, you should not worry. Many models exude specific plastic smell. After 2-3 hours of work, it disappears and no longer bothers the owners.

Bad smell, spread fungus and mold provokes too dirty filter. It can be replaced by a new one or washed well under a stream of cool water (if this is provided for by the type and design of the consumable element).

Household chemicals
Household cleaning products are not suitable for cleaning the filter. Aggressive chemicals damage the structure and the filter loses its ability to retain dust particles

Some types of filters cannot be cleaned. After 2-4 months of operation or with premature contamination, they must be removed from the humidifier and discarded, and install new ones in the device.

Causes unpleasant odor fouled membranefor cleaning which you need:

  1. Disconnect the humidifier from the power supply.
  2. Remove the back panel and inner screed.
  3. Remove the upper roller from the membrane and extend the lower one.
  4. Rinse the membrane under cold water.
  5. Put on a clean towel and leave to dry completely.
  6. Install in the humidifier.

It is not worth scrubbing dirt and scale from the ultrasonic membrane with a knife, iron sponge or sandpaper. Mechanical impact damages the surface and leads to accelerated wear of the part.

Often the cause of bad smell is in waterpoured into the tank. It may be dirty initially or “bloom” when the device has not been working for a long time. Correcting the situation is very simple. It is enough to pour water, rinse thoroughly and dry the container, and then fill with fresh water. For more information about what water can be added to the humidifier, we described in detail in following material.

Distilled bottled water
In a traditional humidifier, it is recommended that only distilled liquid be added. From running water, the filtration system quickly clogs and the unit cannot work at full strength

For deeper cleaning, it is recommended to pour 3 cups of vinegar into the tank and leave for 1 hour. The product qualitatively disinfects the surface, eliminates bacteria accumulated on the walls. After the set time has elapsed, the vinegar should be poured and the container thoroughly rinsed under running water.

Problem # 3 - no steam comes from the unit

The reason for the lack of steam may be damaged generator. To check, you need to remove the cover from its lower side. For a few minutes, connect the unit to the network, then turn off the power and disconnect the plug from the outlet. Touch the radiator of the transistor on an electronic circuit. If it remains cold, then the generator is out of order.

It is difficult to eliminate such a breakdown without special knowledge and experience. It is better to entrust the repair to the employees of the service center or to a reliable private master.

Disassembled humidifier
When checking the quality of the generator, care must be taken. Touching the inside of equipment connected to electricity is strictly prohibited.

Prevents steam generation membrane clogged with fine dust. To clean it at home is not difficult. To do this, wipe the part with a weak solution of table vinegar.

If the membrane is badly worn, it makes sense replace it with a new one. This item is for sale in radio stores or service centers. When replacing, disconnect all wires from the ultrasonic oscillation generation board, remove the metal mount, remove the old membrane and put in a new one. For work, you need a soldering iron, since in many humidifiers the wires are laid through connectors soldered to the board.

Another reason for the lack of steam may be out of order Electrical engine. This assembly is not serviceable. In case of breakage is replaced by a new one.

If, when turned on, the engine is running and the fan or impeller of the turbine does not rotate and does not drive air, they are required clear of formed plaque.

Problem # 4 - water leaking from the humidifier

Leakage occurs due to leakage water supply systems. The tank itself, the sump, or the tubes, can pass fluid.

Only a purchased device with such a problem should be replaced at the point of sale with a working device. When the module, which has already been in operation for a long time, starts to ooze, you will need to disassemble it and find the place of water leakage.

The filter is inserted into the humidifier.
A leaky filter often causes a leak. You can fix this problem in 5 minutes. It is enough to install the filter in the correct position, and then check the tightness of fixation of all valves

Cause leakage exhaust pipe wear or damage. Check its condition and the connection to the humidifier is necessary. The damaged part will have to be replaced, but it will cost a substantial amount.

Problem # 5 - increased noise during operation

Excessive noise and buzzing occurs when it fails ventilation system. To eliminate this damage, it is necessary to disassemble the humidifier case, remove the speaker board and remove the fan from the groove.

In budget products, usually there is a brushless device, similar to a computer cooler, in more expensive ones - a bearing. To fix it, you need to disassemble it, remove the protective and retaining rings, and then carefully remove the axle with the impeller. Remove the old grease completely, remove dust deposits from the blades.

Insert a small amount of grease into the internal groove for the impeller axis with a slotted screwdriver, insert the spindle and turn it several times so that it spreads evenly. Then assemble and install the fan in its original place.

Litol in a tube
Antifriction plastic Litol is suitable for lubricating the fan axis. It comes in small tubes and is sold at a loyal price. Suitable for all types of plain and rolling bearings

When cleaning and lubrication do not help, the noise source should be sought in electric motor. But this is already a more difficult task. Its decision is better to entrust to professionals, as well as power supply repair ultrasonic humidifier.

With prolonged use, individual humidifier parts loosebegin to rattle or make noise. In this case, to eliminate unnecessary sounds, you need to fix the position of the loose elements. If all else fails, then the unit has worked out its resource, and it's time to go to the store for a new humidifier.

Problem # 6 - LCD malfunction

When the screen stops lighting, the sensors and the timer do not work, and the sound does not sound, the problem lies in electronic "stuffing" of the device.

In 99% of cases, it will not be possible to resolve the issue independently. To restore the correct operation of all elements, it is better to take the humidifier to a service center, where experienced craftsmen will do it.

Universal Humidifier Repair Tips

Disconnect the humidifier from the mains before starting repairs or scheduled cleaning.. This is a prerequisite. Without its implementation, it is strictly forbidden to start work.

Before disassembling a defective humidifier, carefully read the data sheet. The manufacturer always indicates where the screw fasteners or plastic latches are located. This information will facilitate the repair process at home.

Disassembled humidifier
In order for the humidifier to work for a long time, you need to regularly clean it of scale, change filters in a timely manner, carefully monitor the integrity of the network cable, and prevent the device from falling and mechanical damage

For work, select a large table where it will be convenient to lay out the necessary tools, fasteners and parts requiring replacement.

If you have little experience in repairing small household appliances, photograph the sequence of actions on a smartphone. This will speed up the assembly process and help set each item in the right place.

Of the tools you will need: a screwdriver, a soldering iron, a multimeter and a tester. It is advisable to have basic knowledge in electronics and to strictly observe the safety rules that are relevant when working with electrical household appliances.

If you have never had to repair electrical equipment or it is still under warranty, it is best to seek help from a specialist in the field. Otherwise, the unit can be completely damaged by incorrect actions or it will lose its warranty.

Humidifier is filled with water
When filling a humidifier with running water, be extremely careful. Moisture trapped in the compartment with the engine and power board can damage the entire electronic “stuffing” of the unit

The serviceability of the board can be determined by visual inspection. If she has a uniform color, there is nothing to worry about. When darkening, spots and smudges are visible on the surface, the part will have to be repaired or completely replaced.

A device purchased at a company store or supermarket usually has a manufacturer's warranty. If its period has not expired, it is worth taking the humidifier to a service center and entrusting the repair to craftsmen with great practical experience. Faults arising from the fault of the manufacturer are eliminated free of charge.

Damage caused by improper operation or neglect of the equipment will have to be repaired from your own pocket. Therefore, when buying a humidifier, you should immediately familiarize yourself with the rules of operation of the device.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The method of restoring the power supply of the device for humidification of air:

Humidifier does not give out steam - how to deal with the problem at home. Recommendations from the user:

How to use the humidifier so that it does not break:

A humidifier is a reliable device designed for a long service life. Its electronic system fails as a result of a voltage drop, short circuit, or contact with water. Almost all other malfunctions arise due to improper operation or a fall, contamination of internal parts and untimely replacement of consumables.

Most of the problems can be fixed at home, and complex repairs are best left to the craftsmen from the HVAC center. They will diagnose, identify the problem area and quickly restore the instrument.

Do you have questions about diagnosing the cause of a humidifier breakdown? Ask them to our experts - the feedback block is located below. Also here you can share your own experience in repairing the humidifier, take part in the discussion of ways to restore its performance.

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