Do I need ionization in an air humidifier and is it worth the buyers to overpay for an additional option?

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A variety of climatic devices provides the opportunity to create such an atmosphere in the house that will be as favorable as possible for those living in it. Manufacturers are constantly working on improving humidifiers, equipping them with additional functions. It can be multi-colored backlights, the presence of a hygrometer, aromatization, automatic connection, termination of work at a given time of the day, and, of course, ionization.

If with most of the tasks that the device allows to solve, everything is clear, then the ionization function raises questions, do you agree? In the material proposed below, we will examine whether ionization in an air humidifier is necessary and what it is. We will also talk about the principles of operation of various humidifiers, what advantages an additional function provides to users and decide whether it is worth overpaying for additional functions.

Features of the process of air ionization

To understand why ionization is needed in a room air humidifier and what it is all about, it is worth studying the features of the process. So, in nature, ionization is carried out naturally. In nature, the ionization process is associated with powerful discharges of electricity (thunderstorms), as well as cosmic radiation. It is especially acute in the mountains, on the sea coast, in the coniferous forest.

In fact,ionization Is the process of knocking out individual electrons from gas molecules. At the end of the reaction, two charged molecules (negative and positive) are obtained from two neutral molecules.

Air ionization
Ionization is a natural process that constantly occurs in nature, improves air quality, reduces the level of oxygen vacuum. To run it in the apartment requires the use of special devices

As well as air ionizers universal devices are also on sale, for example, humidifiers equipped with an ionizer. They are able to provide the necessary humidity, air purification in the room.

When figuring out when to use the ionization function in a room humidifier, keep in mind that ionized air helps prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. Due to the excess oxygen, metabolic processes are activated, the walls of blood vessels become stronger, and the likelihood of blood clots is reduced.

Another important plus that provides ionization in a home humidifier is dust deposition. It is difficult to track visually, however, everyone understands that it is much easier to wipe the floor and wipe the dust from the surface of the furniture than to deal with the consequences of getting into the lungs.

Humidifier with ionizer
Scientists have recorded that a decrease in the level of onset, exacerbation of lung diseases, including asthmatic attacks, problems with the digestive tract, occur during a period of increasing ion concentration in the air

According to information from open sources, humidifiers with the function of air ionization will provide a number of undoubted advantages:

  • sleep quality improvement - a healthy, good rest significantly improves the overall quality of life;
  • metabolic acceleration - allows you to look great, facilitates the course of various diseases, somewhat alleviates the symptoms;
  • performance improvementconcentration of attention;
  • optimization of the immune system;
  • good rest - allows you to increase the overall emotional state, the level of vital energy, which helps in the fight against depression, neurosis.

For some diseases, it is sometimes recommended to carry out ionization of indoor air.

Indications for using the ionization function

Air containing a large number of negative ions is indicated in the following cases.

With bronchial asthma in a user provoked by allergens, air filled with particles with a negative charge allows one to note an improvement after the first ionization.

In some situations, positively charged particles provide the best effect. Serious improvement is noted after 12 ionization procedures.

Air ionization in an apartment
A large amount of time spent at the computer, TV, leads to deionization. The lack of ions in the air leads to a decrease in the rate of redox processes, inhibition of the activity of the immune system

With neurosis, an increase in the number of ions in the air contributes to an overall improvement in the patient's condition. An increase in the rate of wound healing with a high concentration of aero ions was also noted.

When is ionization contraindicated?

Despite the many undoubted advantages, there are contraindications.

Doctors do not recommend using the ionization function in the presence of the following diseases:

  1. Accelerated metabolism can lead to exacerbation of chronic diseasessluggish infections. It is not recommended to carry out ionization in the room where the patient with cancer lives.
  2. Ionized air may harm a patient with high fever. She can rise even more.
  3. Exist individual intolerance a large number of aeroions in the air, hypersensitivity to them.

Using additional functions in the humidifier, it is important to listen to your well-being. If during the operation of the device there is a headache, other unpleasant sensations, it is better to refuse ionization.

Types of humidifiers with ionization

Humidifiers equipped with an ionization function essentially combine two different devices:

  • the humidifier increases the amount of moisture in the room to the specified parameters;
  • an ionizer saturates the air of the room with air ions.

When choosing a device, it is important to consider that humidifiers differ in principle of operation. There are traditional, steam, ultrasonic models.

Humidifier with ionizer in the apartment
Devices that provide humidification and ionization can save money, because instead of two devices it is enough to purchase one, but with wide functionality

Features of the classic humidifiers

In a traditional humidifier, a fan drives air through a fan; it drives air through a wet porous material. Moisture evaporation occurs naturally.

Traditional moisturizers
A classic humidifier is the simplest, most affordable solution. The device is often equipped with an ionizer, which extends the functionality of the device, increases its attractiveness to customers

Most classic models are equipped with ionization function, equipped ultraviolet lampsdisinfecting air.

The advantages of their use include:

  • profitability - the low cost of the device goes well with minimal costs in the process of use;
  • low noise;
  • high efficiency - rapid increase in humidity, high-quality air purification.

Among the minuses is the lack of precise control, since the adjustment of liquid evaporation is carried out “by eye”. If the humidifier has interchangeable antibacterial filters, you will have to constantly buy them.

Should I use steam appliances?

Their name corresponds to the principle of work. Water is heated to a boil, steam enters the room, raising the level of humidity.

Steam humidifier
Steam humidifiers are high-performance devices that are rarely equipped with filters. The ionizer in them is used in conjunction with ultraviolet light to clean the air stream.

The steam humidifier is not able to purify the air because it does not have filters. However, it is often used to aromatize a room, less often as an inhaler.

The advantages of a steam humidifier include:

  • high performance, which is combined with the affordable cost of the device;
  • lack of replaceable filters and other consumables that increase the cost of operating the device;
  • low requirements for liquid to be poured - you can use tap water;
  • nozzles for inhalationwhich are equipped with individual models.

The disadvantage of a steam humidifier is its high energy intensity, noisy operation, and air temperature increase. In addition, hot steam can be a source of danger.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Humidification is carried out as a result of breaking up water molecules into tiny particles. Water spray is picked up by the fan and moved outside the device.

Ultrasonic humidifier
An ultrasonic humidifier is a high-tech device that is equipped with a large number of functions, including ionization. Choosing such a device, the user gets a complete climate system

Ultrasonic devices operate at frequencies that are absolutely safe for humans. Often they are equipped with hygrometers, provide the ability to adjust humidity automatically or manually.

The advantages of such models are:

  • high performance with minimal energy consumption;
  • wide range of humiditywhich the device is capable of providing (40-70%);
  • low noise;
  • air filterproviding thorough cleaning of air flows.

In addition to high cost, ultrasonic devices impose stringent requirements on the liquid poured into the tank. Recommended use is well-purified, and preferably distilled, water. More information about the pros and cons of ultrasonic humidifiers we reviewed in next article.

Do I need to overpay for the ionization function?

The difficult environmental situation in large cities, industrial zones has a negative impact on the air in our apartments. The situation is aggravated by tightly closed plastic windows, as well as the constant use of computers and televisions.

In combination, all of the above factors can destroy the health of a modern person, bring him out of psychological balance. Children are especially sensitive to negative influences.

Residential humidifier with ionization function
An air humidifier equipped with an ionization function provides an opportunity to “solve” environmental problems associated with dryness, lack of negative ions at the level of your apartment

A humidifier with an ionization function is able to correct all negative aspects, since as a result of its operation:

  • rises significantly room humidity;
  • reduced level of dust, allergens in the room due to cleaning;
  • eliminates static electricity;
  • air is saturated with negative ions.

As a result of using humidifiers with additional functions, a good rest is ensured, the level of energy of people living in the apartment rises significantly.

Have you thought about buying a device for humidification of air? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with rated best humidifiers according to users.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Today, an ionization humidifier is available to most users. Choosing devices with different operating principles, it is easy to choose the option that suits the budget. In the proposed video, experts will share their views on ionization, its dangers or benefits:

The following video will talk about the functions of humidification, ionization, air purification in household appliances:

When choosing modern climate control equipment, keep in mind that the introduction of additional functions is often dictated by necessity. The presence of an ionizer will help to reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic fields created by household appliances, improve indoor air quality, and ensure a good rest.

Perhaps you already have a humidifier with the function of ionization of the air and you are happy to use modern technology at home. Share your impressions, tell us what you liked and what not. Maybe you are faced with a choice: is it worth paying more for additional functionality? Ask your experts and other users in the comments to this article.

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