Ballu air conditioner error codes: what kind of breakdowns are encountered and how to repair them on your own

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Last update: January 2020

Air conditioners have become the usual climate equipment in offices and in production, in restaurants and gyms. Without them, there are no shopping and medical centers that hundreds of people miss per day. Split systems and mobile units are actively used in apartments and private houses in order to create a comfortable atmosphere and maintain the set temperature.

Often, air conditioners of the popular Ballu brand in Russia are purchased for home use. Reliable equipment works throughout its entire service life, but even it sometimes fails.

With minor troubles you can cope on your own. Typically, Ballu air conditioning displays error codes and other prompts on the display. Their decoding can be found in the manufacturer's instructions. But we will simplify the task: we will tell in this article about troubleshooting methods in models that do not provide emergency code flashing.

Ballu Air Conditioner Classification

We are interested in the types of Ballu brand air conditioners for one purpose: to understand which models should look for error codes in the instructions and which ones should not.

All modern Ballu air conditioners are divided into 2 large categories:

  • for home and office;
  • industrial equipment.

We are only interested in less powerful models designed for home use, as qualified engineers and technicians are engaged in industrial air conditioning.

Floor air conditioning in the hall
Column, cassette and ceiling-cassette split systems are more suitable for servicing office buildings, as they are designed for large areas and volumes

In everyday life, two types of air conditioners are used more often: 2-block split systems and mobile floor units.

The first type, in turn, includes inverter models.

Topical DC inverter series:

  • DC-Platinum Black Edition
  • ECO PRO DC-Inverter
  • Platinum Evolution DC inverter
  • Lagoon DC inverter
  • i Green Pro

Inverter modifications are convenient in that you can smoothly adjust the power.

Also, two-unit air conditioners include air conditioners of the type On / offwhose current series are:

  • i Green Pro
  • Bravo
  • Olympio
  • Lagoon
  • Olympio edge
  • Vision vision

But to single block models are mobile conditioners.

The following series belong to this type of climatic equipment of the brand:

  • Platinum
  • Platinum comfort

Why is it important to know? The fact is that in the instructions for any type of split systems and mobile equipment the manufacturer does not indicate error codes, but only describes malfunctions that can happen with the air conditioner. Some codes are indicated in the documentation for columned air conditioners - they are listed below.

An electronic display located on the front panels informs about the air temperature indoors, outdoors, and can also show the fan speed or the selected mode. Error display of household models is not programmed.

Error codes and their elimination

As an example, you can read the instructions for the Ballu MFS2-24 (AR MFS2-24 AR) model. It is suitable for other air conditioners of this type.

Along with the listing of faults and recommendations for their elimination, a table with codes and explanations is given. There are not many of them - we suggest that you familiarize yourself with them further:

Ballu air conditioner error codes
Judging by the indicated methods of elimination, not all malfunctions can be handled on your own - often you have to contact a service center

Some craftsmen try to solve the problem on their own, but in order to get a positive result, you need to have a technical education and relevant skills.

In addition, it is better to engage in self-repair after the warranty period has ended.

DIY troubleshooting

For split systems, the manufacturer has developed a quick troubleshooting guide.

It does not indicate error codes, but simply lists possible breakdowns, the reasons for their occurrence and recommendations for correcting the situation.

The master repairs the split system
The manufacturer categorically prohibits changing the electrical wiring and making complex repairs on its own, associated with the replacement of broken elements. For all questions, please contact the technical center

All repair cases are divided into two categories:

  • those that can be fixed independently;
  • those who should contact the service center.

Let us dwell on the first group in more detail.

No. 1. Split system does not turn on

If the air conditioner does not turn on, there may be several reasons:

  1. The power is off.
  2. There is not enough voltage in the mains.
  3. Turned off circuit breaker in the electrical panel.
  4. Forgot to turn on the "On" button.
  5. The batteries are in the remote control.
  6. The protection system against frequent starts worked.

First you need to check if the air conditioner is connected to the power supply: the plug of the power cable is inserted into the outlet, the power button is in the working position.

Circuit Breaker
If power is not supplied to the outlet, the machine has tripped. You can try turning it on again yourself, but with a regular shutdown, it’s better to call the wizard: either a serious breakdown in the unit has occurred, or the network is too weak and is not designed to connect a powerful unit

With a low voltage in the public house network or a complete blackout, you should contact Electronadzor or a service company to clarify the situation.

If the split system does not turn on only from the control panel, simply replace the batteries. They are designed for a certain period, so it is always recommended to have a spare battery pack. Instead of batteries, rechargeable batteries such as AA or AAA.

When the protection system against frequent starts is activated, it is necessary to wait. If the indicator is lit normally, as in the operating mode, then after 3 minutes the air conditioner will turn on.

No. 2. The air conditioner turns on and off immediately

The following situation - the air conditioner turns on, the compressor starts, but quickly stops working.

In this case, check if the air supply to the outdoor unit is not blocked - perhaps some foreign objects brought in by a strong wind or accidentally dropped from the upper floors are closing the grill.

External block of Split system Ballu
During installation of the outdoor unit, observe the rules: mount it on durable brackets and protect it from debris, dust and foreign objects by a cover or grill

If everything is clean, the reason lies in the verycompressor or related parts. It is forbidden to make diagnostics yourself; it is recommended to contact a service center.

Number 3. Problem with cold or heat output

It often happens that the operation of the split system does not meet the specified parameters: it cools too weakly or heats the room too much. Most often, it is not a breakdown, but indirect factors that impede efficient functioning.

Consider potential causes and troubleshooting:

The filter is dirtyIt is necessary, according to the instructions, to lift the lid of the indoor unit and remove the dust filter. If it is not very dirty, just vacuum it. Wash a clogged filter in soapy water without using aggressive or abrasive products. After drying, install the filter in place and turn on the air conditioner - with restored air exchange, the unit should work
Windows or doors in the room are openTo restrict airflow from the street or neighboring rooms, close doors and windows
The air exchange of the indoor unit is brokenCheck if foreign objects are blocking the housing, specifically the intake grille, remove debris
Incorrect temperature settingsPerhaps the set parameters do not meet the requirements - enter a higher / lower temperature
Outside temperature is below normalIf the temperature outside the window is below the minimum value specified by the manufacturer, you cannot use the split system

Sometimes the performance of the unit drops sharply if an additional heat source is installed in the room, for example, electric radiator.

In order to get the air conditioner working, the electric radiator or other heat source will have to be removed.

Split system in the living room
The reason for the violation of performance indicators may be the simultaneous presence in the room of a large number of people, who are also a kind of heat source.

The normal operation of the unit may be impaired due to a breakdown of the defrosting system in the winter. Repairing the system yourself is not recommended. You need to contact the seller or the technical center.

Number 4. The fan of the internal module has broken

First, check the settings made on the control panel. It happens that the wrong parameters are set by mistake, and the unit refuses to work. If you use the split system for a long time, you can detect a breakdown even by a change in the noise made by the fan - especially if it starts to work intermittently.

The fan may not start up the first time if the air conditioner is switched to heating mode. The cold air protection function is activated and blocks the operation. You need to wait a few minutes, after which the fan will work.

Overview of factors not affecting the work

Sometimes the air conditioner ceases to function, but then it works as usual, as if nothing had happened. Most often he requires Maintenance.

Air conditioner indoor unit with raised panel
And it happens that the air conditioner makes uncharacteristic sounds that frighten the owners. Do not rush to send it to a service center - sometimes you just need to wait or clean

Consider situations that are not talking about breakdowns, but about the features of the unit:

  • The internal module creaks and pops. This is due to expansion or contraction of the plastic parts during heating / cooling.
  • Steam or “fog” comes from under the grill of the indoor unit. This can happen if the indoor unit is dirty and needs to be cleaned, or after defrosting is turned off.
  • Gurgling sounds. An incomprehensible noise, similar to the murmur of water, causes the movement of the refrigerant through pipelines connecting the blocks.
  • Dust flies out of the indoor unit when turned on. This happens in two cases: when you start a new unit and when you turn on the old, but after a long downtime.
  • There is an unpleasant odor. Remember that the split system takes air from the same room: if it has cigarette smoke or the “aroma” of new furniture (varnished parquet, painted walls), then they get inside the unit, and then come back.
  • Condensation on the indoor unit casing. This happens if the humidity in the room reaches 80%. It is recommended to wipe moisture from plastic and normalize humidity.
  • The air conditioner works when the fans are off. This only happens with models with defrosting when the heat exchanger is freezing. As soon as he returns to normal, the fans turn on.

If the air conditioner spontaneously changes modes - switches from cooling or heating to ventilation mode - you should not be scared either. In the first case, it protects the heat exchanger from freezing, in the second it acts in order to protect it from overheating in order to maintain the set temperature. After fixing the condition of the Balu air conditioner, the error is reset automatically.

If you clean the system in a timely manner and refrigerant charge, You can significantly extend the period of trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Repair of the board of the external unit:

Overview of the split system and disassembly of the external unit:

A serious repair at home is a double-edged sword. You can repair an old part, replace it with a new one and get an excellent result. On the other hand, you can finally bring the unit out of working condition, and then the repair will cost even more.

Therefore, a number of experts advise to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, and in case of difficulty, contact the service center.

Still have questions about the mistakes of the Balu brand air conditioners? Or want to talk about how you managed to find the cause of the breakdown and fix it yourself? Share this experience with other visitors to our site - write about it in the block located below this publication. Here you can also ask our experts questions you are interested in, express your opinion or participate in the discussion.

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