Air conditioning control codes: instructions for setting up a universal remote

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Last update: February 2020

Loss or breakage of the control panel from the air conditioner always causes a whole bunch of problems, because it is simply impossible to turn on the equipment without it. You must admit that it is far from always possible to select an original remote control for a specific air conditioner model, especially if the model is outdated a long time ago.

In this case, the purchase of a universal control panel is almost the only way out of the situation. With it, you can control any device using the codes for controlling air conditioners prescribed in the instructions for the remote control. For proper remote control, you will need to configure the device for the model of your equipment.

Setting up a universal remote does not require special knowledge or skills, because it has a common algorithm. Further in the article, detailed instructions will be presented that allow you to quickly configure the remote for a specific model.

The principle of operation of the universal remote

Externally, the universal remote control is no different from the original device for controlling the unit.

The plastic case is equipped with a small display on which all the commands used are displayed. All buttons that are responsible for the standard functions of the technique are signed in English words.

The process of setting up the remote control for air conditioning
A quality remote control from a trusted manufacturer can work with more than 4,000 models of air conditioners, while inexpensive devices with 1,000 different split systems

The main feature of universal remotes is the large number of set frequencies for transmitting an infrared beam, each of which corresponds to a specific equipment model. You can find out if a particular remote control is suitable for your climate technology from the product manual.

Such a remote control allows you to not only turn on and off split system, but also to regulate the direction of the air flow, the temperature of cooling and heating the air.

In addition, almost any universal remote control for air conditioning has the following functions:

  1. HEAT - activates the function of heating the room to 30 ° C.
  2. Cool - includes a command to cool the room to 18 ° C, while the temperature indicator may vary depending on the model of the device.
  3. DRY - reduces the humidity level in a chilled room by reducing the fan speed.
  4. Fan - adjusts the fan speed depending on the needs of the user.
  5. AUTO - turns on the automatic mode of maintaining the optimum indoor temperature.

Universal remotes are not expensive, which cannot be said about buying an original remote.

When choosing a more expensive model, you can be sure that such a universal remote control supports work with almost all branded models.

Displayed functions on the remote screen
Unlike the original control device, the universal remote control will not be able to activate a function such as a mixture of atmospheric air

All the so-called “bells and whistles” will be absent when controlling a universal remote control.

In this case, you can purchase a new original remote control, or choose a more suitable model of a universal device by contacting a service center for advice.

Instructions on setting up a universal remote control

Regardless of the model, all universal devices are configured according to the same principle, which consists in entering the necessary code into the remote control memory. Ideally, an instruction manual with a table of codes for different models of climatic equipment is attached to the console. The remote control is configured in two modes - automatic and manual.

The automatic mode is especially convenient if you do not know which model your air conditioner belongs to, or if its name is simply not in the code table. In any case, the first thing you need to do is carefully study the instructions that came with the remote.

Manual remote control setting

Some remotes can only be configured in manual mode, which can take about 2 hours.

After you have studied the instructions, you will need to program the air conditioner yourself, manually selecting the codes written in the graph of the manufacturer of your climate equipment.

Packing the remote with codes for setting
For each air conditioner manufacturer, there are about 6 different codes that you have to manually enter to configure the universal device

Insert the batteries into the remote control and turn it on by pressing the corresponding button. Next, it should light up the main modes of operation of your climate equipment. You should also find the name of your equipment in advance in order to enter the appropriate code for setting up the remote control.

Click on the button “Select”then enter the first code from the table indicated after the brand name. In this case, the code is entered using the number buttons on the remote control. Hold “Select” again, and confirm the action by pressing the “OK” button.

Next, you need to check all the air conditioner operating modes from the new remote control. If the main functions do not work, then you should try to enter the following code from the table. You may need to repeat this step several times until you find the code you need.

Automatic remote control setting mode

If the code for your split system is not in the table below, then you should configure the device in automatic mode.

This method differs from the previous one only in that you do not have to manually enter all the codes.

Remote control for any air conditioner
Before buying a universal remote control, make sure that in addition to the manual mode, it also supports automatic code search

Point the remote control at the equipment so that it can receive all its commands. Hold down the “Select” button and hold it for 30 seconds. During this time, the device will switch to automatic code search mode, sending commands and sorting through all possible codes, starting from 0001.

After the remote control starts to control the air conditioner, you will hear a characteristic signal coming from the climate equipment. To stop the process of scanning codes, press any button on the remote control, and then use the remote control to check if all the commands of the air conditioner are working.

If the remote control only partially controls your air conditioner, without switching between its modes of operation, then you should start the code search process again. You will have to do this exactly until the remote control split system correctly.

The remote stopped working after setting up the code

Even after finding the correct code, a situation may arise that the remote control completely stops working. First of all, you should check is the air conditioner connected to the network.

If the air conditioner is included in the system, and there were no interruptions in the power supply, it is important to check if the code you specified is not correct.

Checking the air conditioner for damage
A similar situation can arise due to an elementary failure in the power network that arose against the background of its congestion with other electrical appliances in your home

If the remote control works, try setting auto code search again or enter it yourself. And only if the remote control and the air conditioner do not react, the problem may be in the breakdown of climate control equipment.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A good example of setting up a universal remote control for climate technology of a specific model is presented in the following video:

Today, the failure of the original remote control from the air conditioner is not a problem, because you can always buy a universal device to control your split system. The instructions presented in the article will help you quickly figure out how to configure the remote control for any air conditioner, while the entire process will take no more than half an hour.

In this case, it is better to choose a model with automatic tuning mode. This will greatly facilitate the task, because you do not have to enter the codes manually.

If you have already set up a universal remote control for your air conditioner yourself, please share your experience with our readers. Perhaps your story will help someone solve the problem that occurred during the setup of the remote control. You can leave a comment immediately after the article, in the field provided for this purpose.

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