What temperature to include on the air conditioner: parameters and norms for different times

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In summer, the temperature in the rooms often rises above comfortable. This is not only inconvenient, but can seriously affect health.

You must admit that open windows and a fan, even in the most extreme heat, cannot cope with maintaining a comfortable room temperature. The best solution to the temperature problem is to install an air conditioner. But what temperature can be considered comfortable and is it not dangerous for health is constantly in a room with the air conditioner turned on?

In this article, we will analyze in detail what temperature to turn on on the air conditioner so that the heat does not annoy you, what you need to do to avoid getting sick, and how to use the climate split system not only to cool the room, but also to heat it in case of emergency .

How to adjust the temperature in the summer?

Comfort is a very relative concept. Someone can feel good at 30 degrees, for others it may seem like a real hell. There is no norm on the temperature of the air conditioner in the legislation, but there are requirements SanPiN the temperature in residential buildings in the warm season.

It is from this document that it is worth starting from the first SanPiN that optimal room temperature will be 22-25 degrees. It is also worth paying attention to the instructions of the air conditioner, it will indicate what temperature is optimal to set.

If outside the window is 30 degrees, then the optimal temperature of the air conditioner will be about 25. SanPiN allows deviations of up to 20-28 degrees. But at this temperature, the absolute majority will be uncomfortable and it is better not to put it on the air conditioner.

Air conditioning in the room
Some models of air conditioners can automatically adjust the temperature in the room, based on how many degrees are now on the street

It is recommended to set the desired temperature in several stages.

For a heat of 30 degrees, it will look like this:

  • turn on the air conditioner and let it cool the room to 28 degrees;
  • after 10-15 minutes, you can lower the temperature to 25 degrees;
  • after 30-40 minutes, the temperature can be lowered to 23 degrees.

It is not recommended to cool the air below 23 degrees, since in this case the vessels begin to narrow in a person.

This is a natural defense against hypothermia, but it causes discomfort in the form of drying out the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and eyes.

Why is it important to keep the temperature difference?

Modern climate equipment works wonders. Outside the window there can be terrible heat at 40 degrees, but indoors, the air conditioner can maintain a comfortable coolness of 20 degrees.

But it is worth considering that sudden temperature drops of more than 7 degrees can cause acute respiratory viral infections with further exacerbations, up to pneumonia. If you go from the sultry street to a cool room in which air conditioning works, then you will be comfortable. However, at the same time, the risk of getting sick will increase several times.

Air conditioning in the office
If you spend the whole day indoors, observing the temperature difference can be neglected. But all the time is under a cold stream is not recommended

Therefore, it is necessary to set the temperature of the air conditioner in rooms where people often enter and exit, given the above difference.

If we are talking about office space, then non-observance of this simple rule can lead to the fact that all employees will leave for sick leave.

Efficient and economical use

We figured out what optimal temperature the air conditioner should maintain in the summer. Setting up an air conditioner and enjoying comfort is quite simple, however, it can "fly into a pretty penny." Climatic equipment consumes a large amount of electricity.

And if you do not want the electricity bill to increase several times, then it’s worth following a few simple rules:

  1. Curtain the curtains. This will protect the room from heating by the sun, which means that less energy will be needed to cool the room.
  2. Set the minimum air flow rate. Yes, in this case, the room will cool a little slower, but 15-20 minutes will definitely not be critical.
    Be sure to close the windows and doors in the room.
  3. Adjust the angle of the horizontal blinds parallel to the floor. In this case, the cooled air will go down and the hot air will go up. This will allow you to quickly bring the room to the desired temperature

If your model does not have the ability to adjust the blinds, then install a protective screen directly under the air conditioner.

In this case, the air flow will dissipate immediately, which will increase the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Air conditioning with protective screen
For maximum efficiency, the shield must be installed close to the indoor unit. But at the same time, it should not interfere with the movement of horizontal blinds

The cost of protective screens is small - from 1000 rubles. But you can make it yourself from plexiglass or plexiglass.

Air conditioning room

Another important thing to consider. Air conditioning does not interact with the air in the street. He drives the same air around the room, and the external installation is responsible only for the removal of excess heat from the room.

The principle of operation of the air conditioner
Only refrigerant is transferred between the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner, as a rule, this is freon. It removes excess heat from the room, but does not renew the air.

Air exchange is also important to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. And if you do not ventilate the room for a long time, then the oxygen level will decrease, and the level of carbon dioxide will increase.Of course, this is not fatal, but a lack of oxygen can cause a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness.

Before ventilating the room, be sure to turn off the air conditioner. Open windows and, if possible, doors. This creates a draft, but allows air to renew very quickly. It is desirable that at this moment no one was in the room, especially children. If there is no opportunity to free the room, then it is better to limit yourself only to windows.

We said above that when the air conditioner is on, it is necessary to close the windows, and when airing, turn off the air conditioner. Let's see why this is necessary.

Modern air conditioners do not blow all the time with a given power. They cool the room to a predetermined temperature, after which they begin to work to maintain it. This allows you to not so quickly wear out the resource of equipment and filters and save energy.

If you open the windows when the air conditioner is on, then active air exchange will begin in the room. Hot air from the street will replace the chilled air of the room. In this case, the air conditioner will operate at full capacity, in fact, cooling the street.

Air conditioner with open windows
Powerful models may be able to maintain the set temperature even with the windows open, but this will lead to their rapid wear

If you forget about it once, then nothing bad will happen. However, repeating this on an ongoing basis, there is a great chance to be left without an air conditioner and with a huge electricity bill.

We also recommend that you read our other article, where we described in detail the principle of operation of the air conditioner.

How to avoid a cold?

You can often hear that air conditioning, especially in summer, is the cause of the common cold. This is mainly due to non-compliance with the temperature difference in the room and on the street. But besides this, there are two more factors that can cause colds.

The first is air currents, even a short stay under a powerful cold air stream can lead to a cold. The easiest and most obvious way to avoid this is not under it. If this cannot be avoided, for example, your workplace is located there, then it is worth installing a protective screen.

The second reason is less obvious - pathogenic bacteria. The air conditioner continuously drives the same air in the room. And in order to prevent dust and other small particles from clogging in important parts, filters are installed.

They are recommended to be cleaned at least once a year. In addition to caring for health, this will significantly extend the life of the air conditioner.

Cleaning the dirty air conditioner filter
You can clean the filters yourself. To do this, remove the cover of the indoor unit, carefully remove them and rinse under water with cleaning agents

If you do not clean them and change them in time, then the filters become a hotbed of germs and bacteria.

Comfortable stay in an air-conditioned room

Temperature is the most important factor, but not the only one affected by the air conditioner included in the room.

In addition to maintaining the temperature at the set value, the air conditioner drains the air. This leads to the fact that the mucous membrane of the nose and throat can dry out. For some people, this causes discomfort in the form of a runny nose and a sore throat.

Modern hygrometer
The optimum humidity is 40-60%. It is measured using a hygrometer. Modern devices, in addition to humidity, also report on other important components of the microclimate

This can be avoided if installed in a room. humidifier. It is also recommended to drink more water, this will protect your mucous membranes from drying out.

What temperature should I set for sleep?

A properly set temperature on the air conditioner can provide you with a comfortable sleep. Many modern models have a "sleep mode", just turn it on and you can go to bed. The desired temperature will be set automatically.

If it is not there, then the settings must be set manually:

  • Raise the temperature 1-2 degrees higher than the daytime. At night, the human body cools down and requires additional heating.
  • Adjust the blinds so that no air flows on the bed.
  • Set the shaft rotation speed to minimum. In addition to observing the temperature regime, this will make the air conditioner operation quieter, which also contributes to comfortable sleep.

Based on general recommendations, it turns out that the optimal temperature for sleep will be 25-27 degrees.

“Sleep mode” works according to the following principle. Firstly, it resets the fan speed to a minimum. Secondly, it directs the blinds so that the air flows parallel to the floor. Thirdly, it raises the temperature to the desired level.

Air conditioning in the bedroom
Some models increase the temperature in several stages. First, the temperature rises to 25-26 degrees, and by mid-night to 27. This allows you to fall asleep in comfortable conditions and not freeze.

The only problem that can occur during sleep is airing. Having set the optimum temperature of the air conditioner for the night, do not forget that the windows must be closed, otherwise the equipment will work for wear.

If the flow of clean air is very important, then you can leave a small gap in the window, but this is an acceptable maximum.

Micro-ventilation mode on PVC windows
On modern double-glazed windows there is a micro-ventilation mode. It will be a good compromise between fresh air and comfortable temperature at night.

Another solution to this problem is to air the room just before bedtime. In a dream, a person consumes significantly less oxygen and this should be enough for the whole night.

Using an air conditioner to heat

Many modern models can not only cool the air, but also work in heating mode. However, there are a lot of nuances to consider.

The most important of them is the temperature range. The lower bar for most models is at a level of -5 to +5 degrees.

Minimum operating temperature for air conditioners
It is important to consider that thermometers have a measurement error. Do not turn on the air conditioner for heating at the minimum allowable temperature

If we talk about inverter air conditioners, then their lower border is at the level of -15 degrees. Moreover, they have a high EER coefficient up to 4. It shows work efficiency. For each kilowatt of energy expended, such air conditioners will produce 4 kilowatts of heat.

If you turn on the air conditioner for heating at a temperature below the permissible level, then it is worth preparing for unpleasant consequences. The oil in the refrigerant will thicken, as a result of which the compressor will run to wear. If you actively use the air conditioner for heating in the cold season, then it may fail already in the first season, and no warranty service will help you.

Another important point regarding the temperature regime. Despite the declared operating temperature, do not turn on the air conditioner for heating at low temperatures outside.

In this case, condensate will freeze on the heat exchanger located on the street. For HVAC equipment, this is not fatal, but under such conditions, the performance of the air conditioner is significantly reduced, which leads to additional wear and tear on equipment and energy costs.

External unit of inverter air conditioner
Some expensive inverter models can work for heating and at temperatures up to -25 degrees. But even in this case, it is worth checking with the manufacturer whether it is possible to use a specific model for heating on an ongoing basis.

The optimum temperature at which turn on air conditioning for heating considered +5 degrees. In this case, you will warm up, and there will be no wear and tear on the equipment.

However, we recommend that you use this feature exclusively in the off-season in isolated cases. If in the cold season you have problems with heating the room, then use special heating equipment.

Preparing HVAC equipment for winter

Manufacturers of household air conditioners recommend preserving equipment in the cold season. But if you still decide that you will use your air conditioner for heating in the winter, then it is necessary to prepare this.

The first thing to do is to clean the moisture exchanger of the indoor unit. To do this, just turn on the air conditioner for several hours - the moisture will evaporate itself. Waterproof the outdoor unit.

To do this, just cover it with some waterproof material. Clean the air conditioner filters; this can be done by yourself. If you are worried about the safety of your equipment, then it is better to entrust the preparation for winter to a specialist.

What are winter kits for?

Often, manufacturers offer to buy special winter sets for the air conditioner. Some models of climatic equipment are equipped with them by default. The winter kit does not allow the use of air conditioning for heating; it expands the temperature range for cooling rooms.

That is, if your air conditioner has a temperature minimum of -5 degrees, the winter set will reduce it to -15-20 degrees when working to cool the room. But this does not mean that it will be possible to turn on the air conditioner for heating at such low temperatures.

Air conditioning in the server room
As a rule, a winter kit is useless for an apartment, but if it is, for example, a server one, then such a kit is vital

It consists of several elements:

  • Engine speed regulator. Monitors the temperature of the refrigerant condensate in the outdoor unit. If necessary, it slows down the air conditioner motor, preventing low-temperature refrigerant from entering the indoor unit.
  • Drain pipe heater. Provides uninterrupted operation of the water drainage system.
  • Compressor crankcase heater. Responsible for heating thickened oil before starting the air conditioner.

There is no universal solution, for each model the manufacturer creates his winter sets. Some air conditioners, in principle, do not have the ability to install the above elements.

Therefore, before buying, be sure to consult a specialist if expanding the temperature range is a necessity.

Installing the winter kit for the air conditioner
The cost of a winter kit depends on the specific model. The price range is from 2000 to 10000 rubles. To avoid problems, it is only necessary to purchase it from an authorized dealer

With a small capacity of the compressor crankcase heater, you will have to wait a long time before starting the air conditioner. The waiting time may be delayed up to 30-40 minutes.

Starting climatic equipment without sufficiently warming up the compressor can lead to a quick breakdown. The need to monitor this is the main disadvantage when working with a winter kit.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to use the air conditioner:

A properly configured air conditioner will create comfortable temperature conditions in the room. At the same time, you will not have to worry about someone getting cold.

However, more complex manipulations with climatic equipment, for example, the installation of a winter kit, should be entrusted to specialists. In this case, you will be sure that everything is done correctly, and your air conditioner will not fail prematurely.

If you have questions or can supplement our material with interesting information on the topic of the article, please leave your comments, ask questions - the contact block is located under the article.

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