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Aeroionification or ionization of air is the filling of it with oxygen ions, as well as nitrogen. In nature, this is a natural process triggered by lightning discharges or occurring under the influence of cosmic rays.

Indoors, the percentage of air ions in the air is negligible - 18 times lower than necessary for a comfortable stay in it.

What needs to be done to improve the situation, we will consider in our article. Why we analyze the features of ionization and its sources. We also pay attention to the subtleties of choosing a device, the nuances of its use and maintenance.

Sources of ionization and their features

When it comes to ionization, they mean the presence of charged molecules in the air - with a plus or minus charge (aeroins), as well as aerodispersions - of charged particles of a slightly larger size.

In addition to the division into positive and negative, air ions are divided into light and heavy. The former include molecules, atoms or their groups consisting of a maximum of 15 elements. The second - the fusion of the first with dust particles, steam.

Air ionization is characterized by the following hygiene indicators:

  • the number and mass of ions of opposite charges;
  • unipolarity coefficient;
  • clogging coefficient.

In 1 cm of clean air, as a rule, 1-3 thousand pairs of light ions are present. The ratio of the number of plus and minus ions is the coefficient of unipolarity. The optimal value is 1.2-1.3.

The ratio of the sum of equally charged heavy particles to light is the pollution coefficient. The normal value is a maximum of 50. With increasing pollution, the number of heavy ions increases and the number of lungs decreases accordingly.

Natural ionization
The lungs of an ion act favorably on a person, especially in the presence of certain diseases. Heavy ions increase pressure, cause various pathologies, fatigue, headaches

The main sources of ionization are:

  1. Cosmic radiation, as well as radiation of individual rocks of the earth.
  2. UV radiationhaving a wavelength of maximum 200 nm.
  3. Hot surfaces, open fire. In this case, the phenomenon is called thermal ionization.
  4. Water spray. These are fountains, waterfalls, mountain rivers.

All this is natural ionization, and the artificial process is carried out using special devices - ionizers. They are designed to improve indoor air quality by filling it with ions.

There are two types of devices for air ionization: unipolar and bipolar. Next, we consider in more detail each of these types.

View # 1 - unipolar ionizer

How does ionization of air occur in the room and what is it at all, is it useful or not - let's take a closer look at these issues.

Consider the features of a unipolar device, the pros and cons for a person from air artificially saturated with ions.

Ionizer in the interior
In recent years, ionizers have become in active demand. Young parents pick up similar equipment in the room babies. What manufacturers actively reacted by offering ionizers for use in children's

The meaning of the unipolar type of ionizer is as follows:

  1. Negative oxygen molecules are attached to free electrons with a negative charge.
  2. As a result of the addition of an additional electron, a new particle is formed - an aeroion or an oxygen ion with a negative charge.

Due to this process, air is enriched, its biological activity increases. The task of the ionizer is to create a stream of particles with a negative charge between electrons of different polarity under the influence of external stimuli.

Using a unipolar device
In order for electrons to knock out additional electrons from neutrally charged air molecules, their speed must be high enough

Due to this, the total value of the stream rushing towards positively charged ions increases. The flows of particles of opposite charges cause an electric discharge in the air. As a result, the formation of plus and minus oxygen ions occurs continuously.

The air mass ionized by the blower is carried around the room. There are options for the design of ionizers, built-in and individual.

Just as the process of air ionization in the apartment is useful or, conversely, harmful, try to figure it out.

The benefits of air ionization

When a person lacks air ions, hormones such as histamine and serotonin begin to be excessively produced in the body.

An unreasonable number of them provokes oxygen starvation of cells due to impaired lung function. This can result in headache, increased fatigue, asthma attacks, depression and anxiety.

Having been in a room whose air is saturated with negative ions, there is no doubt about the usefulness of ionization. Although medicine does not provide clear advice on this, a similar method is often used in clinics.

Using an ionizer in a home
Ionization is used as concomitant therapy in the treatment of asthma, circulatory system, high blood pressure, central nervous system

The effectiveness of ionized air is due to the fact that when filled with aeroions, it stimulates red blood cells and they begin to work more actively. In this case, gas exchange in the lungs increases by 10%.

Due to this, such positive processes are observed:

  1. The quality of sleep is improving, which means that relaxation is becoming complete.
  2. Performance indicators are rising.
  3. Immunity is growing, health is improving.
  4. The psychological state is returning to normal. This is valuable in the treatment of neurosis and depression.
  5. The metabolic rate increases, and this alleviates the symptoms of diseases, reduces the duration of their course.
  6. Appearance is changing for the better.
  7. The negative impact of radiation from home electrical appliances is reduced.

In addition to all of the above, many observe that ions have a beneficial effect on skin receptors, while reducing pain sensitivity.

Judging by the reviews, it can be noted that having such ailments as acne, psoriasis and similar diseases, you can improve your condition by using this device.

The benefits of a unipolar ionizer
Ionization, in its beneficial effect on the skin, may well become an alternative to cosmetic procedures. Perhaps this is only subject to proper use of the device

The ionizer will benefit the office workers who spend more than two hours at the computer monitor. For those who have to stay in confined spaces for a long time, an ionizer will also be useful.

The main disadvantages of using the device

Ionization has one unpleasant property - the charge is transferred to all particles present in the air. This means that dust and microorganisms that are in the air of the room are charged.

They begin to be attracted to various surfaces. As a result, a dust coating forms on the furniture around the ionizer. If wet cleaning is not carried out often, it will all rise into the air again.

If this charged dust enters the lungs, it can cause dangerous diseases. Conclusion - ionization is dangerous in contaminated rooms. There are countries where the sale of ionizers is prohibited.


The appearance of the ionizer
In existing types of ionizers, the key principle of operation is preserved. They differ in technical characteristics, filter features. These moments influence the method of air ionization.

The electrostatic background created by negative air ions in the room is also harmful. Under the influence of its charge is transmitted both to synthetic things and to the person himself. Do not ionize when people are in the room.

The next harmful factor is ozone. It is a concomitant ionization product. Its presence is evidenced by the smell of post-storm freshness.

Despite the pleasant smell, ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, which is harmful to the body. Feeling his presence, the room needs to be ventilated urgently.

How to reduce the negative moments of ionization?

The main danger of the procedure is the composition of ionized air. It is not entirely natural to the human lungs. A large number of charged particles can be harmful to the respiratory tract.

Ionizer with timer
Experts advise ionizing the air using an ionizer with a timer. It is set for a certain time period before leaving the house

Many manufacturers supplement their devices with ultraviolet lamps. This is good, on the one hand, since ultraviolet light destroys microbes. On the other hand, with a high level of radiation, the lamp produces ozone. Such a lamp is often bought for home use. We talked about the features of its application and the subtleties of choosing a UV lamp in this stuff.

So, if the ionizer is equipped with a powerful UV lamp, it is better not to use it. When there are people in the house who are very sensitive to ozone, air should not be ionized either.

View # 2 - bipolar ionizer

Manufacturers claim that air enriched with a bipolar device is devoid of the disadvantages inherent in it if a unipolar device is used.

The composition of natural air masses contains both positive ions and negative ones. Unipolar ionization does not exist here. Positive air ions are 20% more.

A bipolar ionizer is able to fully simulate the natural process. Ions in this case can be fed into the air in portions, independently setting the concentration. In addition, air ionized in this way prevents the magnetization of objects.

Bipolar ionization
Bipolar ionization does not increase the electrostatic background in the room. It makes adjustments to the air imbalance and creates an atmosphere close to the standards in composition and property.

Disadvantages of this ionization method are also present. The bipolar ionizer is structurally designed so that negative and positive ions are not produced simultaneously, but alternately, in batches.

Their clusters are something like clouds. In one there are only negative ions, in the other - exclusively positive ions. In nature, they constantly move and mix, but in a closed space this is not.

The device has a fan, useful particles spread along the length of its air stream. For this reason, they are concentrated mainly in the region of the ionizer.

Bipolar ionization is better than monopolar, but on condition that there is good air circulation in the room. To do this, you need to correctly organize the influx, for example, using supply valve to the wall or valve on the window, and adjust the operation of the hood. Then natural mixing will help establish ionic balance.

Soft ionization with a salt lamp

When the internal space is ionized with a salt lamp, negative ions are also released, and under the influence of humidity they spread throughout the room.

This lamp can be kept on all the time. In this case, uniform, continuous and soft ionization occurs.

Salt lamp
A lamp under heating releases negative particles of iodine, chlorine, sodium. They heal both the environment and the human body, neutralizing fungi, viruses, harmful fumes, block electromagnetic radiation

This method of ionization is recommended for use in diseases of the respiratory system, allergies, diabetes, rheumatism. It also promotes psychological relief.

The only condition is that ionization cannot be carried out in the bathroom and other places where there is access to water. Otherwise, excess moisture will cause the lamp to simply fall apart.

With a 3 kg salt lamp, it is possible to conduct effective ionization in a room with a maximum area of ​​12 m². If the room is larger, you need a large ionizer or a chandelier, consisting of a certain number of salt shades.

Carrying out air enrichment by this method has no contraindications. Although there are cases of individual intolerance, but they are very rare. Nevertheless, you need to get used to it gradually, carefully monitoring the reaction of the body.

Features of ionization in the car

Inside the car, air masses not only come from outside. The driver mainly breathes what is inside the cabin. There is a mixture of fumes from the upholstery, cigarette smoke, trim, perfumes, sometimes even carbon monoxide.

Those who spend a lot of time on the road suffer from fatigue, headache. All this from the lack of negative anions. Moreover, products of incomplete combustion of carbon can be poisoned.

Periodic opening of windows in this case will not help, therefore, air should also be ionized in the passenger compartment. For this, a small-sized device is developed - an ionizer of a special design.

Car air ionization
The device operates on the same principle as a conventional household ionizer. Devices with filters are more effective in ionizing the air, but one should not forget that they are not replaceable. At the end of its life, the device has to be changed

If in the cabin next to the driver there is a person suffering from SARS, ionization is inappropriate and it is better to turn off the ionizer. The reason is the more rapid spread of infection in a confined space.

Good shopping tips

The main rule is not to use the ionizer around the clock. Manufacturers in the instructions for each of their models indicate the period during which it should work.

Instrument selection recommendations

It is imperative that power the device corresponded square premises. Large power in a small area will lead to oversaturation of the air with ozone molecules, and this is harmful for the body.

But from a weak device, the expected effect can not be felt.

Humidification ionization
Ionization is not the only requirement when creating a normal microclimate. Moisturizing plus ionization is a better solution. The best option is a steam humidifier with an ionizer. With it, you can aromatize the air in the room

Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to manufacturer - Well-known and reliable brands offer devices of decent quality and give a guarantee on their products. The best offers of ionizers on the market we brought in next article.

Features of care and maintenance

The place where the device is installed is also of great importance. In this regard, there are manufacturer's recommendations and they need to be followed.

The instructions stipulate the optimal distance from the vertical enclosing structures, other electrical equipment. Subject to these conditions of use, ionization will occur as efficiently as possible and safely.

An aspect such as caring for a device that enriches the atmosphere in the house with useful ions is just as important as the previous conditions. In order for the air to be really clean and useful for those living in the house, the device must be regularly cleaned.

Ionization and airing
The opinion of doctors about the ionization of air is ambiguous. Some recommend using it, but correctly. Others strongly oppose this procedure at home.

Ionization does not completely cancel airing. Quite the contrary - before turning on the ionizer, the apartment must be ventilated without fail - open windows or, as an option, use air conditioning with inflow fresh air.

Categorically, ionization should not be used for cancer patients. Since the produced particles enhance metabolism, the nutrition of tissues, including cancer cells, improves.

Elevated temperature is also the reason for the impossibility of ionizing the air. The reason is the same - an increased metabolism will additionally raise the temperature.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Demonstration of the process of air ionization:

Ionization and ionizer for a car:

Some experts talk about an overdose of the body with ions. Others believe that this statement is erroneous. The argument is the transport of oxygen to the cells by hemoglobin molecules, and they are able to take a certain number of ions. The body removes excess particles to the outside, so that they do not cause harm.

Of course, it is necessary to ionize the air, but it is important, at the same time, to know and remember about contraindications. In any case, following the recommendations, you can breathe delicious and fresh air after a thunderstorm in your home.

Do you use a household ionizer at home? Share your impression of its use, tell us if you are satisfied with this model? Add a photo of your ionizer below this publication, write for beginners recommendations for the care and operation of the device.

If you have any questions about choosing an ionizer, please ask our experts in the comments section below.

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  1. Tatyana Kapustina

    Ionizing devices have never been used, but when moving to a new apartment I encountered a problem: it was impossible to breathe in the apartment, the nasal mucous membranes dried up, for children it turned into constant SARS, well, and a general headache, a bad dream.
    The ionizer helps, attracts dust, that's for sure. But we do wet cleaning often, so this cannot be called a problem. If you follow all the recommendations that are noted in the instructions for use for the device, you can solve many problems. But one must also take into account the fact that the air quality in a room depends on the materials used to decorate the walls, ceiling, and, of course, it is necessary to ventilate.

  2. Yulia

    My husband and I thought about air ionization when we had a baby. Yes, and the husband himself is an asthmatic in the past, now there are no attacks, but of course it is better to play it safe, especially since the air ionizer is not so expensive to save on it. But after reading reviews about him, I decided not to buy, because I don’t have the opportunity to remove dust 2 times a day, and if it lies and charges, it will be very harmful. Ambiguous device. Better buy a humidifier.

    • That's right, but better a humidifier (ideally with water heating) and a built-in ionizer function ...

  3. Eugene

    How can electrons be POSITIVELY charged ?! They are negative!

    I still have an old Russian device (“Super +”) - but it says in the instructions that it should work constantly, even during sleep in this room ...

    • Expert
      Alexey Dedyulin

      Yes, stupidity, of course 🙂 This is a typo. This refers to positively charged ions.

      At the expense of the fact that the ionizer and humidifier should always work - these are common truths. After all, a person spends a third of his life in a dream, and it would be foolish to breathe at this time not in the same air as during daytime activity. However, if you sleep lightly, you need to choose the model with the lowest noise figure.

      In general, I am very glad that there are good domestic manufacturers of air ionizers, only now they need to work on the design of the case.