Which is better - gas or electric stove? Comparison of gas and electrical equipment

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Last update: November 2019

It is impossible to answer unequivocally that a gas or electric stove is better - the models have their own characteristics and specific characteristics. Each parameter should be considered separately, taking into account the needs and wishes of a particular buyer.

To make it easier to understand all the nuances of choosing the right equipment for you, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our review - here we examined in detail the features of gas and electric stoves. And also performed their comparison according to the main criteria that are important for a potential buyer. Selected visual photographs and thematic videos.

Criteria for comparing equipment

For a detailed comparison of electric and gas stoves, we took such parameters as:

  • design and size;
  • installation rules;
  • ignition method;
  • power;
  • ease of use;
  • service features;
  • maintainability;
  • term of use;
  • safety;
  • additional options;
  • cost.

Objective information will help determine which stove is worth buying in a house, city apartment, cottage or small studio.

Next, we’ll talk about each parameter in more detail, highlighting the features of gas and electric type stoves.

Criterion # 1 - Design and Dimensions

Electric and gas stoves consist of a burner unit and an oven. Most often they are white, chrome or brown. But, having paid a little more, you can find aggregates of bright colors, with prints, drawings and patterns.

The original color scheme for the gas stove
The assortment line of popular brands always has both classic and modern models.You can find a suitable device for any, even the most extraordinary interior solution

As for the dimensions, the standard height aggregates is 85 cm. Average depth varies in the range of 50-60 cm. Minimum width does not exceed 50 cm, and the maximum reaches 1 m (depending on the number of burners). For small-sized apartments, compact devices with a depth of 35-43.4 cm are produced. They easily fit into the situation and do not “eat” the useful space of the room.

It is not difficult to find household appliances of the necessary type and size both among gas and electric equipment.

Criterion # 2 - equipment installation

Placing a gas stove is allowed only where there is a supply of centralized gas communications. Self-connection is prohibited, only possible plate installation. The device is always put into operation by gas company employees with the necessary qualifications and approvals.

If you want to place household appliances in a specific place, you will need to coordinate plate transfer with gas workers.

The master connects the gas stove
During the installation process, the masters are required to strictly comply with the rules for connecting gas equipment and apply connecting parts that comply with applicable state

But the electric stove in the kitchen can be anywhere. No additional permissions are required for installation.

A special power outlet is required for connection. In the living quarters of the old building there are no such communication elements. If the owners want to use powerful electrical equipment, you will have to invite the master and pay from your own pocket to install a separate line of electrical wires for power outlet installation.

Three-phase housing shield
Separate electric cookers of increased power work only from a three-phase network. To conduct such communications in a city apartment is extremely difficult, in a private house - a little easier, but expensive and troublesome

For the correct operation of the electric stove, you need to inspect the wiring and evaluate its condition before buying it.

If the communications in the living room are very old, the following problems may arise during operation:

  • knocking out traffic jams;
  • burnout wiring;
  • fire.

We recommend that you check the quality of the wiring in advance and only then finally decide which plate to buy.

Criterion # 3 - ignition methods

In classic models of gas equipment it is necessary to kindle burners manually. It is very simple, but not always convenient. Matches tend to end at the most inconvenient moment, and we often forget to buy them on time.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is wise to purchase a special lighter, however, it will need to be constantly refilled or regularly replaced batteries.

Woman lights a burner with a match
When firing a gas stove with matches, safety precautions must be observed. Do not lean low over the flame. Exposure to open flames can cause burns or fire to hair / clothing.

More advanced gas stoves have an electric ignition button. Such models are somewhat more expensive, but the costs quickly pay for themselves. No more thinking about matches and lighters. But to enjoy electric ignition, you will need to install a socket near the gas stove to connect to the central power supply network.

For all electric stoves, the kindling mechanism is initially built into the body. To start the cooking process, just press the button or touch the corresponding image on the touch panel. It is comfortable, easy and absolutely safe.

Criterion # 4 - power indicators

The power of gas stoves is considered in kilowatts. The average indicator of one burner is from 1.5 to 3 kW. Fuel consumption depends on the intensity of operation. Typically, household units are equipped with two strong and two weak burners. In individual models, instead of one high-power burner, an economical version of 1 kW is set.

Both standard and powerful burners do not have any noticeable additional load on the centralized gas supply line. Even networks installed about fifty years ago are suitable for working with modern plates of the latest generation.

If the house does not have a gas network, the stove can connect to the cylinder. True, you should not count on long-term work in this version - you will have to periodically refill the cylinder.

The stove is connected to a gas cylinder
When operating gas cylinders, we must not forget about the fire safety rules. Also, when connecting the cylinder to the stove, which was previously used in a centralized gas supply, do not forget to replace the nozzles

The power of electrical appliances is distributed as follows:

  • two-burner - 2000-3000 W;
  • four burners - from 5000 W;
  • with four induction hobs - from 10400 W.

A standard four-burner electric stove consumes from 1 kW / h to 8 kW / h. The exact figure depends on the number of burners simultaneously involved. This point should be taken into account, be sure to check the condition of your wiring and provide a separate line for connecting an electric stove, if you plan to purchase it.

With the constant use of equipment in intensive mode, you should carefully monitor the condition of the power supply in the room and do not simultaneously turn on a large number of high-power appliances. Otherwise, the plugs will be regularly knocked out and you will have to run to the shield to return the RCD toggle switch to its working position.

Criterion # 5 - ease of use

Gas stoves use open fire. Due to its high temperature, cooking takes a minimum of time. To control the flame power in the burners on the control panel there are ergonomic rotary toggle switches. Using them to set the optimal level of heating is not difficult.

The stove consumes a minimum of energy, even if it is in active mode. The price of blue fuel is much lower than the cost of electricity, and paying for using gas for cooking does not burden the most modest family budget. The efficiency of the equipment is about 60-70%.

Baking in the oven
In gas stoves, ovens can be either gas or electric. The first option is considered classic and is cheaper. The second, as more advanced and modern, costs a little more

The efficiency of the electric stove does not exceed 30%. Due to the high cost of energy, utility bills are increasing significantly. In houses that are not connected to the gas main, a special, more favorable tariff is applied to electricity. But if the model works in gasified residential premises, you have to pay in full.

For those who rarely cook, utility bills will not increase significantly. If the owners constantly use the stove and regularly turn on the oven, the payment will be tangible.

In addition, it will take some time to get used to the electrical equipment. The burners here warm up for a long time and cool for a long time. Clearly set the level of warming up is quite difficult. Cooking takes more time, as you have to wait until the burner has reached the desired temperature.

Oven with timer
In the oven of an electric stove there is a timer. On it, the hostess can set the exact time needed for cooking. Convection fan ensures uniform heating of the food from all sides

Significant minus - dependence on power supply - when the light is turned off, the device ceases to function and turns on only when the supply of electricity resumes.

A gas stove always works, because the supply of blue fuel not affected by natural phenomena and weather disasters. Even with severe frost or a strong hurricane breaking off electrical communications, using gas technology you can cook any kind of dishes, boil a kettle or make coffee.Although owners of stoves working with bottled gas, it is important not to forget in a timely manner refill.

Criterion # 6 - equipment maintenance

The body and hob of the gas stove should be regularly washed with special tools and thoroughly wiped with a soft cloth or microfiber so that there are no drips or drops.

From food residues and combustion products, burners, nozzles and grilles are recommended to be cleaned 1 time in 7-10 days. This will ensure the efficiency of the unit and extend its service life.

Turn off the gas stove
Before proceeding with the cleaning of the working elements of the stove, it is necessary to shut off the gas supply to the burners. Only after that cleaning is allowed.

Electric cooker requires daily care. For washing and cleaning, it is recommended to use special chemical products. They need to be selected depending on the material of the hob. The cost of such drugs is high, but they are effective and cope well with pollution.

Glass ceramic scraper
Remove food residues and burnt liquids from glass ceramics with a scraper. It is advisable to do this in the process or immediately after cooking

Abrasive and aggressive alkaline drugs should not be abused. They can cause circles, spots, and scratches.

Criterion # 7 - maintainability of devices

AT gas stoves breaking happen extremely rarely. As repairmen say, there is simply nothing to break. Sometimes the tightness of the connecting hoses is broken, the valve does not completely close or the nozzles are clogged with grease, combustion products and soot.

Dismantling the device and taking it to a service center is required only in the most extreme cases. The master of the gas company eliminates the main minor malfunctions on the spot within 1-2 hours.

Gas stove repair
To repair a gas stove, you need to invite an employee of the gas supply company. It is not recommended to use the services of individuals who do not have the necessary qualifications

The electric stove is a more complex unit and breaks much more often. Incorrect operation, short circuit or burnout of the heating element (electric burner), voltage drops in the network can damage the equipment.

Doing repairs yourself is not worth it. It is better to call a specialist and entrust him with the restoration of the normal functioning of the product. But with the problem of power surges will help to cope stabilizer.

Criterion # 8 - lifetime

Safe gas stove life does not exceed 20 years. Manufacturers recommend updating equipment every 10-14 years, even if it is in good condition. If any elements show signs of wear, stop operation and get a new unit as soon as possible.

The service life of electric stoves is 15-16.5 years. In order for the equipment to fully work out the required time, it is necessary to strictly observe the operating rules and maintain the device in a tidy condition.

Criterion # 9 - safety of use

An open gas stove fire is dangerous by default. Flames, when used improperly, cause a fire to surrounding objects, interior items and clothing of the owners. A leak can occur in the system, and this often leads to an explosion, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore it is so important to stick fire safety regulations when using a gas stove.

The electric stove is plugged in
It is recommended to connect the electric stove to a socket located as far as possible from the sink. Then drops of water will not get on open contacts and will not cause a short circuit

The electric stove does not have such problems. There is no open fire in it, and energy leakage cannot physically form. It is enough to connect the device correctly once to a working outlet and there will be no more trouble with it.

To ensure long and reliable operation, special attention should be paid to the connecting cable.It is advisable to place it so that it does not interfere and does not cling to furniture in the kitchen. This ensures its integrity throughout the entire operational period.

Criterion # 10 - availability of additional options

Modern gas stoves are equipped with additional functions to increase operational safety and simplify the cooking process.

The devices have:

  • electric ignition - a button on the control panel for ignition of the burners, in premium models combined with handles that regulate the supply of energy;
  • gas control system - automatic shutdown of fuel when the flame is extinguished or a gas leak is usually combined with the auto ignition button;
  • tamper blocker - such an option may be present in advanced models;
  • timer - mechanical or electrical unit with an audible signal.

Additional functions make the operation of the stove as comfortable as possible. For example, using the timer, you can set the time interval required for cooking. When the dish is ready, the technician will notify the owner of the need to turn off.

WOK cooktop
The devices from the premium series of the latest generation have a WOK ring. On it you can cook original and delicious Chinese dishes.

The functionality of electric stoves is even wider. In addition to the classic options, they have:

  • steam outlet;
  • boiling water protection system;
  • thermal indication;
  • metal cookware recognition sensor;
  • fast cooking mode;
  • blocking the inclusion of the oven;
  • other useful features.

In budget models, only some of the above functions are implemented. A complete set is available in more expensive luxury units.

Criterion # 11 - Cost Difference

The price of gas stoves is 10-20% lower than that of electric ones. This parameter is relevant when comparing equipment of the same class.

With a limited budget, you should buy a gas-fired unit. For a model similar in capabilities, powered by the mains, you will have to pay more money.

Bosch company logo
When buying cooking equipment, it is necessary to take into account that part of the funds is not given for the appliance itself, but for the brand. With similar parameters, an aggregate of a promoted brand will always be more expensive than a product manufactured by a little-known manufacturer

If the issue of cost is not fundamental, it makes sense to buy a modern electric stove. Overpayment is compensated by a high level of security, a stylish appearance and advanced functionality.

Top home appliance manufacturers

Cookers for the kitchen are produced by domestic and foreign brands of household appliances. But, like in any segment of the market, there are favorites here. Their products are sold much more often, serve for a long time and are not afraid of intense loads. The model has a branded warranty and qualified after-sales service is provided.

TOP 5 successful gas stove manufacturers

Belarusian company GEFEST Offers reliable simple models at a reasonable price. In aggregates you will not find specific functions, but there are all useful options for every day.

The case of stainless steel plates is made in a traditional style. The color scheme is not rich, but white, brown and dark chrome specimens are not difficult to find. Devices look good in classic interiors. For loft-style kitchens, hi-tech and minimalism are not suitable.

Turkish brand Beko produces plates in different configurations. The user can select the number of options without overpaying for unclaimed functionality.

Veko stove in the interior of the kitchen
There are no decorative elements or other frills on the body of Beko boards. Models look elegant, do not require complicated maintenance and remain attractive throughout the entire operational period.

Beko appliances have an aesthetic appearance. Equipped with gas control and safe electric ignition.Thanks to a modern design, harmoniously fit into any environment. The assortment line includes budget units and middle class models.

Company Gorenje from Slovenia produces reliable equipment with high efficiency. Among the plates you can find not only classic products, but also retro-style appliances, color models (ivory, anthracite) and high-tech equipment. Company warranty and additional service are given for 1 year.

Slabs Bosch sold much better than the products of many other brands. Buyers prefer to pay a little more for genuine German quality. The outer surface of the instrument housing is treated with “smart enamel”. This facilitates the process of caring for the stove and allows you to always keep it in good condition.

Protecting the gas stove from children
Many Bosch models have a “Child Protection” feature. It ensures that the child, even if left at home without parents, will not be able to open the gas

In the premium segment, deservedly leading ZIGMUND & SHTAIN. Products of this manufacturer combine a luxurious appearance, a large number of options and reliability.

In the devices, it is possible to set the timer for each burner individually. Information about the operation of the equipment is supplied to the liquid crystal display. Gas control applies not only to the hob, but also to the oven. Plates are assembled in Germany and meet international quality standards.

TOP 5 of the best manufacturers of electric stoves

In the budget segment, electric stoves of the Belarusian factory are popular Darina. They are distinguished from competitors' products by their neat appearance, high-quality assembly, the presence of useful options and the absence of excessive bells and whistles that increase the cost of a product many times over.

Russian company Flama offers about 20 varieties of electric stoves with 2, 3 and 4 burners. Devices are sold at the best price and perform basic functions. Regardless of class, they have a utility compartment and backlight in the oven. In advanced versions, a temperature regulator, a roasting pan, a grill and a spacious drawer are built-in.

Polish households demonstrate successful results in the market of household electrical equipment Hansa. In the assortment you can find simple, cheap equipment, medium and luxury appliances with extensive functionality.

Electric stove in the interior of the kitchen
Hansa boards are available in enameled, glass-ceramic or stainless surfaces. Save energy and serve for a long time, regardless of operating conditions

Interesting options for electric models at a reasonable price implements the Belarusian brand GEFEST. The assortment line includes classic white appliances, products with a glass-ceramic coating and units with a pattern on the case. The list of useful options includes quick heating of burners, backlight in the oven and a timer.

Luxurious plates with a glass-ceramic surface are produced by a domestic company Kaiser. Models look spectacular externally and save energy (consumption class “Super A +”). The control panel has a display and a timer with a clock. The model is equipped with a Touch Control programming device, which facilitates the operation process.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

General recommendations for the selection of gas and electric stoves:

How to clean an electric stove without spending money on expensive special equipment - interesting life hacks:

How to remove carbon deposits and grease from the burners of a gas stove:

It is absolutely certain to say which of the stoves is better and more economical - gas or electric - is not easy. It all depends on future conditions of use and anticipated operational loads. Which model to prefer, you have to decide for yourself. It will be much easier to do this, having at hand detailed information about the pros and cons, and the features of using kitchen appliances.

You choose between an electric and gas stove and you still have questions? Ask them to our experts and other site visitors - the feedback form is located below.

If you want to supplement the above material with valuable recommendations or share your own experience in choosing the optimal stove - write your comments, take part in the discussion.

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