How to choose a hydromassage bath: what to look at before buying + manufacturers overview

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Author: Antonina Turyeva
Last update: April 2019

The jacuzzi differs from an ordinary plumbing analogue in that it has an additional effect on the human body with the help of air-water jets. According to doctors, taking a bath combined with massage tones the muscles and skin, depending on the chosen regimen - invigorates or soothes.

A wide range of such sanitary ware is presented in stores - models differ in size, material of execution and functionality. Agree, choosing the right option from a variety of offers is not easy.

We will help you determine the optimal model of a jacuzzi. The article provides a detailed overview of plumbing from different materials, their advantages and disadvantages are indicated. We described the main criteria for choosing a bathtub, identified which functions must be present, and for which options you should not overpay.

To make it easier for you to navigate the variety of offers, we have listed manufacturers whose products have a positive reputation and are in active demand. In addition, we provided tips for caring for the jacuzzi and offered alternatives to expensive plumbing.

The need for a jacuzzi: the pros and cons

Think about whether you need it hydromassage equipment - Installation and operation of it costs considerable effort and large material investments.

Isn’t it easier to habitually bask in a regular bath?

Whirlpool bath
The hydromassage system built into the body of the bath consists of several mandatory volumetric parts, the installation of which will require additional space (+)

To avoid further misunderstandings, confirm the following factors before choosing:

  • the bathroom area is sufficient to accommodate the bath;
  • thorough waterproofing was carried out at the installation site;
  • the reliability of the floors fully complies with the installation requirements;
  • doorways allow you to freely deliver equipment;
  • the water supply is equipped with fine filters;
  • you are ready to regularly spend time caring for the jacuzzi - blowing nozzles, disinfection, etc .;
  • You do not use bath foam.

If something does not match, you have to prepare in advance. Well, and another “pleasant” surprise - your bills for paying for electricity will grow significantly.

Bath benefits
A properly installed and impeccably functioning bath will make you forget about the decent amount spent on it, as well as problems with transportation and installation

If the difficulties didn’t scare you, and the desire to purchase a hydromassage bath intensified, we will list the positive aspects:

  • the effectiveness of bubble massage is equivalent to the force of the impact of vertical water jets when taking a shower;
  • unlike a shower, in the bathroom, thanks to the horizontal position of the body, you can relax and be distracted;
  • many modes allow you to "configure" the optimal intensity of the action of jets by individual standards;
  • The adoption of a jacuzzi can be combined with watching a movie or listening to your favorite melody.

The dynamic effect of water is useful for physical inactivity, obesity, and nerve excitation. If you do not have enough time to go to the pool, hydromassage can partially replace them.

Now we’ll try to find out what needs to be considered when choosing a hot tub, and we will analyze technical specifications in detail.

Which workmanship is better

There is no fundamental difference between the various models, since they all provide a massage process. However, the material may affect the service life of the product, its appearance, cost.

Try to avoid knowingly low-quality products of economy class - for example, plastic. The polymer wears out quickly, loses attractiveness and functionality. We recommend models made of more durable materials, which we will talk about in more detail.

Cast Iron - The Traditional Solution

Due to the high heat capacity, cast iron is still a classic option for the manufacture of bathtubs, so many are in no hurry to part with it.

Conservative admirers of this material will give you a list of its positive aspects:

  • low noise level;
  • high degree of wear resistance;
  • durability;
  • easy care, etc.

But the main argument in favor of the cast-iron bowl is the low cooling rate of hot water.

Cast iron bathtub
Cast iron has always been particularly wear-resistant: metal can last 50 years or more. However, do not forget that the aesthetic component does not depend on the properties of the body material, but on the quality of the coating

Excellent cast iron models Spanish and French companies with many years of experience and impeccable reputation produce hydromassage. True, the cost of these baths is above average.

Cast iron bathtubs with hydromassage
Cast iron hot tubs are not cheap. The best material from Spanish and French manufacturers

In addition to the high cost, there is another significant drawback. There may be difficulties with the transportation and installation of equipment due to its heavy weight - this is the most difficult plumbing material of all possible.

Not all floors can cope with such a load. The cast iron product itself will weigh from 100 kg + the weight of water + the weight of the person taking the bath + the load created by the hydromassage equipment (about 230 kg per 1 m2).

If additional fastenings or holes are required, it is not possible to make them yourself.

Steel - a budget option

Traditionally, steel is considered a relatively inexpensive material, although products with a hydromassage system will still cost a considerable amount - at least 20-30 thousand rubles.

The cost is the price of the tank itself and the cost of pumping equipment, a system for supplying air jets, anti-slip coating.

Steel bath
Steel bathtubs are often bypassed due to a strong opinion of them as the cheapest and noisiest products. In fact, modern hydromassage models are devoid of all the shortcomings of their predecessors

Although there are not many models on the modern market, they are willingly bought due to some advantages:

  • standard shapes - mostly rectangular;
  • lighter than cast iron weight;
  • average heat capacity of the material.

Previously, user dissatisfaction was caused by the noises that steel produces when water is supplied, but with the latest modifications this deficiency has been eliminated. If you like inexpensive and easy-to-play classics - choose a steel model.

At choosing a steel bath it is better to give preference to thick-walled models. To further maintain heat during the procedures and reduce noise during installation, use foam - they process the back of the bowl.

Acrylic is a safe polymer

With the advent of lightweight, plastic acrylic, manufacturers of sanitary equipment quickly switched to new technologies, and now the lion's share of the market is represented precisely acrylic bathtubs.

The service life of plumbing is at least 10 years, but it does not apply to nickel-plated parts and flexible elements.

Acrylic Hot Tubs
Among the jacuzzi, the most made equipment is acrylic. Moreover, it is important that the reinforcement was carried out by polyurethane, and not fiberglass

Of course, the material is not perfect. He is just as afraid of mechanical and chemical damage, can deform under the influence of hot water, "walk" under the weight of the body.

However, this is more true for economical, inexpensive products; luxury offers are much stronger.

One of the main advantages of acrylic is considered to be the ease due to which transportation and installation take place without problems.

Acrylic bath
The average weight of acrylic bathtubs is from 13 to 25 kg (excluding hydromassage equipment), so many transport and install on their own. However, we recommend professional installation.

The surface of the material is easily cleaned with a simple soap solution or mild detergent. If you use abrasive powders or aggressive chemical solutions, you can spoil both the structure of the material and its color.

If necessary, minor damage and micro-scratches can be repaired using special repair kit.

Manufacturers love acrylic for its ductility, thanks to which plumbing bowls can be given any shape. It is easier to work with soft material, respectively, the hydromassage system is also easier to install.

An additional assessment of the characteristics and comparison of an acrylic bathtub with plumbing from other materials are given in the articles:

  1. Acrylic or cast-iron bath - which is better? Comparative review
  2. Which bath is better - acrylic or steel? Comparative review

Artificial Stone - Elegant Imitation

Designers are fond of materials from which it is easy to create unusual shapes. An artificial stone was no exception, which in finished form is not much different from natural ones in terms of characteristics.

In fact, this is a frozen mass of natural origin with the addition of synthetic substances.

Artificial stone bathtub
One of the advantages of artificial stone bathtubs is the variety of color designs. You can purchase solid and stylized natural stone (granite, marble) options

The basis of the material is rocks - marble and granite chips, quartz sand. Thanks to the color of the impregnations, the bath receives a natural color cast.

If you need an unusual color, add special dyes. The production technology is such that as a result we have a durable wear-resistant material that tolerates heat and exposure to chemical media.

Artificial stone whirlpool bathtubs are also made to order, according to specially designed projects. It is expensive, but comfortable and ideally suited to the interior style exclusive with a maximum set of additional features.

Attention to the technical parameters of plumbing

Having become acquainted with the functionality of the equipment, you will understand what capabilities the bath has. One needs comfort in the process of receiving water procedures, the other - the power of the jets, the third - the design of the device and the compliance of the appearance with the stylistic features of the room.

The ideal choice is one in which all the necessary characteristics are harmoniously combined.

Size and shape: from a seated model to a mini pool

It is important that a future purchase passes through all the doorways in its path. Also, the bathroom should have enough space for other items of plumbing, placement of cabinets, installation of a washing machine, and just - free movement.

It is worth considering that the whirlpool tub is supplied assembled - all types of nozzles and tubes are screwed into place.

Equipment bath
It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the entire system, and not just the size of the bathing tank. The product must enter the elevator, turn around on the landing and not catch on the entrance doorway

In the form of the imagination of manufacturers, there is no limit - which you will not meet on the market of plumbing fixtures.

Most often found:

  • oval;
  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • angular;
  • irregular shape.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each

Rectangular Patterns

This option is suitable for standard apartments in high-rise buildings with a small bathroom. The geometry of the plumbing harmoniously fits into the interior, leaving a usable space for the rest of the plumbing furniture.

Rectangular Jacuzzi
Rectangular jacuzzi are most widely represented in the market of sanitary equipment. Therefore, you can choose them for every taste and budget

Owners of bathrooms with an area of ​​7-9 m² can also count on compact hydromassage devices of an angular or rectangular type.

Direct bathtub by the wall
Direct models are designed for installation near a wall or in a corner, they occupy relatively little space. To oblong room did not resemble a narrow corridor, the bath is installed along a short wall

Corner models

They are of two types: with the same and with different sides. You should choose the one that looks more harmonious in the interior. Do not forget that in addition to plumbing equipment in the room must be present furniture.

If you live in Khrushchev, then there can be no talk of a horizontal hydromassage structure. For very small rooms, whose residents dream of a bath with a hydromassage, you can stay at a sitting type.

Manufacturers offer interesting solutions for compact bathrooms. So, a limited area is not a reason to refuse hydromassage.

Round or oval baths

Such forms are appropriate in large areas. They are installed in the center of the room, in the middle of any wall, in the corner - that is, in any place you like.

Round hot tub
The round shape of the whirlpool tub fits well into a large bathroom, becoming its central element

You can not limit yourself to the choice - a huge round model or an irregularly shaped container for 5-7 people. You can choose whatever your heart desires. The main thing is that the ceilings withstand. Do not forget to take into account the dimensions and weight of not only the case, but also additional equipment when calculating.

Do I need a powerful pump?

The electric pump is responsible for the circulation of water in the system: the supply of the required amount of fluid through the nozzles into the bowl, the speed of the circuit, the power of the jets. In order to provide air massage, a compressor works in parallel with the pump, mixing air flows with water.

Air massage devices are easily recognizable by the mini nozzles located at the bottom of the tank, while the hydromassage jets exits are usually located on the walls.

Power supply connection
The hydromassage baths are powered by electric energy, therefore, to connect the system, in addition to the water supply and sewer networks, it is necessary to provide access to a power source

If the bathtub is equipped with one hydromassage pump, then its power will be equal to 800-900 watts. The design of the overall devices needs two pumps, then their combined power will be about 1500 watts. You should also add the power of the air compressor - 500-700 watts.

It is estimated that the power of hydromassage mini-pools with a full range of equipment and a drainage system can reach 25-30 kW. But this is rather the exception.

A bathtub for domestic use of the middle price category usually has a pneumatic control method and 6 standard nozzles, for the maintenance of which a pump with a capacity of 700-800 W is enough. Equipping a plumbing device with air massage - plus another 1 kW.

Number and location of nozzles

The type of massage you can count on depends entirely on the location of the outlet openings - nozzles located in different parts of the walls and bottom of the body.

These holes are also called jets. They come in different sizes - both very small for a delicate massage, and more.

They are installed in groups, which will allow for the most active massage for a specific area of ​​the body - the collar zone, lower back, feet, problem area of ​​fat deposits on the hips and sides.

Hot tub device
The variety of massage types depends on the number and size of the nozzles installed in the bath. The more of them, the more pleasant the procedure (+)

On top of the jets are closed with a metal or plastic plug with several mini-holes, providing the process of spraying a water stream and mixing it with air.

Hot tub nozzles
Appearance of nozzles arranged in rows on the bottom and walls of the bathtub: metal chromed plates of different sizes of rounded shape

The strength of the action can be judged by the appearance of the nozzles, namely, by their size. Large ones provide a strong discharge of water and are suitable for deep massage; small ones dose the flow of liquid and produce a slight relaxing effect. Often the groups of holes are closer to the center of the bowl, at the level of the lumbar and dorsal regions.

In addition to traditional “hydro” nozzles, aero and combined products can be installed in the jacuzzi. They provide air intake - air massage.

During this procedure, in a bath with a large number of nozzles, about 48 thousand air bubbles per minute massage certain parts of the body. Touching the skin, they burst, causing a pleasant, incomparable sensation.

Combined jets can mix air and water flows, which allows you to enjoy an incredible massage. The strength and size of the flows depends on the size of the nozzle itself. Also, there are rotational models. They know how to spin the stream, creating small whirlpools.

Foot massage nozzles
Small holes that let air bubbles pass under high pressure carry out an indescribable procedure - foot massage

Multifunctional models can be recognized by a large number of nozzles of various diameters serving almost all areas - foot, back, neck.

The selected mode will provide a massage of exactly the area that you need.

Management system nuances

There are two types of hydromassage system control: mechanical and automatic (electronic). The comfort of the adoption of procedures and the cost of equipment in general depend on the choice.

Mechanical control involves the presence of manual switches - valves, levers, toggle switches, pneumatic buttons located on the side of the case.

When choosing this or that mode, it is necessary to use some of them one by one, and in simple devices just one click is enough to turn on the water supply system.

Electronic system - a more sophisticated device, equipped with a touch panel and LCD for convenience. It allows you to easily navigate the many proposed modes, select one or a series of several, adjust the power, include massage of individual zones, etc.

Remote Control
Sometimes in the kit (or separately) instead of the stationary remote control (in the figure), a remote control is supplied to control the hydromassage system, it was possible, while sitting in the bathroom, and being outside

The remote control is convenient if the "entertainment" unit is equipped with a built-in video player or music center, as well as additional options - water heating, lighting, etc.

Advanced functionality: bonuses of expensive models

In addition to the appropriate size, shape and material, additional functions and capabilities of the equipment are important. All this, of course, is directly reflected in the price. The cheapest baths can be offered to the user only by hydromassage - when water flows through special openings in the side walls under pressure, which has a massage effect on body parts.

If you stopped on an expensive model, take an interest in additional opportunities and decide whether you really need them, because the high cost is made up of just a set of pleasant “bonuses”.

Backlightlocated under water, affects the emotional state of a person.

Bath backlight
The backlight is rather decorative. However, representatives of alternative medicine believe that the color effect has a therapeutic effect and may, depending on the choice of palette, soothe or invigorate

Manufacturers call the illumination system chromotherapy - this is the term you can find in the instructions.

Chromotherapy Against Stress
Chromotherapy is especially popular with people who are constantly faced with stressful situations. This procedure helps restore peace of mind faster.

Ozone therapy - Another way to increase the comfort of staying in water, which has an additional therapeutic effect. The healing method, previously available only in thermal hospitals, migrated to private homes. The essence of the therapeutic effect in the immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Hydrozone therapy is able to fight viruses, bacteria, and also cleanses the skin well, makes it more elastic.

Aromatherapy also produces a therapeutic effect. In a special compartment, it is necessary to place a few essential oils, which, when heated, together with hydromassage have a healing effect.

Tron Hot Tub
Hydro, aero, aroma and chromotherapy have a positive effect on health, improve mood and give a boost of vigor

Choosing one of your favorite aromas (roses, lavender, mandarin, eucalyptus) you can really relax and get a double pleasure from the bathing procedure.

Bathtub with tv
The presence of an MP3 player, radio or video player allows you to increase the rest time. In addition, there is no need to install a TV or music center in the bathroom that is not designed to work in rooms with high humidity

Additional technical options do not produce an external effect, but it does make the bathing process as comfortable as possible. The following functions can be attributed to them:

  • protection against "dry inclusion";
  • temperature control with a thermostat;
  • the presence of check valves in the nozzles;
  • automatic shutdown in case of leakage of electric current;
  • Built-in water filters with replaceable cartridges.

The most expensive models are equipped with video and audio equipment.

Many jacuzzis have useful devices, these are:

  • headrest;
  • side handrails;
  • shower stall;
  • transparent wall;
  • water heating;
  • ionization;
  • disinfection;
  • automatic cleaning;
  • backlight;
  • voice control;
  • other functions.

Additional features, the complexity of the bath device and its equipment directly affect the cost. The most useful are the headrest, side handles, water heating, disinfection, auto cleaning.

If the first 3 make the use of the hot tub more comfortable, the last 2 make it easier to care for.

Another convenient feature is the installation of a screen that can be removed. This facilitates equipment maintenance.

Design Features of Hot Tubs

A variety of design concerns mainly size, shape and technical equipment. The design of the body of cast-iron and steel baths is traditional, acrylic products are distinguished by a variety of forms of execution, and equipment made of artificial stone - and the color scheme.

Unlike conventional bathtubs, among which you can find patterns in retro style or avant-garde designs, hydromassage equipment looks mostly the same.

Hot Tub Design
Modern hydromassage devices have a similar design: a white body equipped with nickel or gold-plated details and decorative screens that cover the pump group

You can find rare instances of unusual design, but they will be either very expensive copyright works, or custom-made.

Keep in mind that hydromassage equipment can disrupt the style of the bathroom if you prefer country, Provence or English classics. But the white gloss fits perfectly into the modern interior, decorated in the style of high-tech or minimalism.

Overview of the best manufacturers

With the size, shape, material and functions have already been more or less determined, it remains to choose the manufacturer. I want a quality product at an affordable price. It is unpleasant to overpay, but I also do not want to get low-grade equipment, which disinfection does not help to get rid of mold and unpleasant smell.

In terms of price, it all depends on the budget allocated for the purchase. If the amount allows - it is better to take an Italian or French Jacuzzi. Otherwise, you can focus on a quality Chinese model from a manufacturer with a good reputation.

Jacuzzi with TV
A high-quality product of a reputable manufacturer is guaranteed to serve the time specified in the documentation, pleasing smooth operation

When buying a bath with a hydromassage should alert if:

  • too low cost for such a complete set;
  • unknown manufacturer;
  • no instructions and warranty;
  • no installation services;
  • price is too high.

Understated and overpriced are alarming. In the first case, most likely the marriage or very low quality of the bathtub and its components is hidden, and in the second - a fake.

The lack of instructions, quality certificates and guarantees is the reason to refuse the purchase. After all, all bona fide manufacturers necessarily confirm the quality of the products with documents and give recommendations for use.

It is better not to mess with unknown manufacturers at all - the probability of throwing money away is too high. Such a hot tub can break quickly, and service centers and spare parts may not be found. This will create additional problems.

Palm should be given to the creator of the jacuzzi - the company Jacuzzi. Even the economy class models of this legendary brand look decent, and the elite offers are more reminiscent of works of art. These are comfortable mini-pools with sun loungers and different levels of accommodation, stuffed to the eye with modern electronics.

Jacuzzi nova
Acrylic bathtub premium Jacuzzi Nova Corner Top worth 580 thousand rubles. electronically controlled with preset backlight

World famous company products Villeroy & boshengaged in the production of tiles, furniture and sanitary ware for bathrooms. Of particular note is the company's innovative product - Quaril, an artificial stone with the strength of quartz and the elasticity of acrylic.

Quaril bath
Luxurious models from Qvar are a real decoration of the bathroom. Now on the market more than 70 offers from Villeroy & Bosh, some of which are equipped with a hydromassage system

Read more about innovative material, characteristics and manufacturers of quartz bathtubs in this article.

If you prefer devices with sophisticated electronics, pay attention to the Italian brand Wgt. A small electronic device on the side or a remote control is all that is needed to control many functions.

At the touch of a button, you can use one of the many programs that includes even such trifles as raising the shower head to a certain level or draining the water after a specified time.

Good quality plumbing products in the middle price range demonstrate Italian firms Teuko, Albatros and Ilma.

Cast Acrylic Bathtubs
European companies offer bathtubs made of high-quality cast acrylic, and accessories are also of excellent quality

French manufacturers guaranteeing excellent quality hot tubs: Jacob delafon, Neomediam, Tes and Porcher. Finnish Ido, Scanpool and Novitec consumers have been delighted with high-quality sanitary products for more than a year.

Moreover, a jacuzzi from Novitec immediately come with hydromassage and have only the most positive customer reviews.

Among European firms with a good reputation, Spanish Pool spa and Roca, austrian Pamos, a Swedish company Cadazzo.

From Chinese manufacturers you can trust Apollo. Here, high-quality acrylic and components are also excellent. And the price is affordable.

Acrylic backlit whirlpool bathtub
Russian manufacturers mainly offer acrylic whirlpool bathtubs. Also, you can find many companies that produce cheap goods from plastic

Of domestic offers, brands such as Bellrado, Bas, Aquanet, Radomir, also won the recognition of the German brand Bach.

Bath Radomir
Bathtub of the Russian manufacturer Radomir from the Sorrento series, worth 100 thousand rubles, with hydromassage and bronze trim. A similar option without hydromassage will cost 35 thousand rubles.

When choosing, special attention should be paid to the method of reinforcing acrylic - it is better when based on polyurethane.

Budget solutions and alternatives

Some masters, in an effort to save the family budget, decide to “transform” the old bathtub. How justified is this step, and is there an alternative to an expensive purchase?

Turn an old tub into a hydromassage

The question of creating a hot tub in his apartment worries many home masters. After all, what could be easier than buying the necessary components and creating a hydromassage miracle that meets your wishes.

Firstly, the old bath will still have to be dismantled - otherwise nothing can be done with it. Secondly, you have to buy accessories - nozzles, compressor, pipes, pump and other details necessary for creating a spa bath.

All details should be carefully selected, preferring French or Italian models.

Hot tub with headrests
Among the budget models of a jacuzzi, you can choose the optimal ratio of the necessary functions and cost

As a result, the initial cost will be significantly higher than the purchase and installation of a bathtub with hydromassage economy segment. Yes, an indisputable advantage - components of excellent quality were purchased. But everything remains to be established by drilling holes in the right places of the bath. This is a fairly responsible task requiring skill.

Then you need to install the nozzles and fix them, seal and isolate the connections with special compounds. And also connect the pump, compressor and pipes. Also, you have to take care of the filters, because water from the water supply system will disable the entire system after a maximum of one year.

The main problem with self-assembly is to assemble, insulate all joints and connect correctly.These works for a home craftsman who does not have relevant experience are very complex. Most often, you can encounter the problem of massive leaks by running the assembled system for testing.

In general, it is possible to assemble a hot tub on your own, having bought the necessary components. But it’s not worth it, because it will cost much more than buying a finished product of the middle price range.

Polygon Jacuzzi
When installing a jacuzzi, it is recommended to install water filters. Even the highest quality hydromassage system can fail in a year due to impurities in tap water

Mini Jacuzzi: fast and inexpensive

Often the desire to have a hot tub does not coincide with the size of the family budget or with repair work. After all, it is not enough to purchase the model you like, it has yet to be installed and connected. And you need to get rid of the old one somehow.

In this case, you can consider 2 budget and non-laborious options:

  • foot bath with hydromassage;
  • hydromassage mat.

If the future buyer is in motion all day, moving from one end of the city to the other, or standing behind the counter in a pharmacy / store, then it will not be amiss to buy a foot bath. This decision will cost inexpensively - the cost depends on additional features and the manufacturer’s fame.

Hydromassage foot bath
The hot tub can be a real find - small, comfortable, useful. And she perfectly relieves fatigue

A significant advantage of this device is that it does not require a lot of space, which is especially important for apartments. So, you don’t have to change anything in the bathroom. And the price of the issue is quite acceptable - regular massage of the feet by an experienced specialist will cost much more.

The second option for trouble-free installation of hydromassage equipment is the purchase of a special mat. The package also includes a compressor and a remote control. There are suction cups on the back of the mat, and small holes on the outside.

The principle of operation of this kind of hydromassage bathtub is simple - the compressor is connected to the mat with a corrugated hose and pumps air, leaving small bubbles through the holes. There are devices with several massage modes and the functions of ozonation and heating of the air, simulating the effect of a jacuzzi.

Hydromassage mat
The mat can serve as the simplest bathtub with hydromassage. Perfect if you really want a jacuzzi, but there is no time for repairs in the bathroom

This option is suitable for absolutely any bath and will not cause installation problems. Moreover, the size and shape of the container does not matter - the mat bends quietly, which does not affect its performance.

Care is the key to long-term operation

All buyers have one desire - that the acquired bathtub with hydromassage lasts a long time. It is good for at least 10 years to fulfill its functions without problems. This is possible, because many European manufacturers give a 10-year warranty on their equipment.

The key to long-term pleasure from hydromassage sessions is the proper use and maintenance of the equipment.

Firstly, you need to carefully read the instructions. And use the hot tub as indicated there - do not pour foam, salt, dyes and other cosmetics, the use of which is prohibited by the manufacturer.

Jacuzzi Care
Many manufacturers indicate in their product manuals how to use a hot tub.

Secondly, it is necessary to regularly wash and disinfect the bathing container along with all equipment. The instructions contain recommendations on how often these tasks should be performed. Usually, after each hydromassage session, you need to thoroughly wash the bowl of the container, removing possible contaminants from the walls and bottom.

As for disinfection, it is advisable to do this after 5-7 procedures.

Thirdly, use special products recommended or approved by the manufacturer for washing and disinfection. Otherwise, you can cause irreparable harm to your personal mini spa.

Fourth, Do not forget about your jacuzzi. Turn on the hydromassage system at least once a week. In the event of prolonged downtime, the equipment can very quickly fail.

Hot tub in the interior
The hot tub, both acrylic and cast iron, loves to be wiped dry with a soft cloth after washing

Timely bath care, disinfection, use of only special products will not only save you from troubles, but also allow you to enjoy a massage for at least 10 years.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Hot tub selection instructions:

Overview of the Cast Iron Bathtub with Jacuzzi Function:

Video clip on how to make a hydromassage from any bath:

Visual aid for the installation of equipment for hydromassage in an acrylic bathtub:

A bathtub with a hydromassage system is an expensive pleasure that will delight you over the next ten years, so its choice must be taken very seriously.

Consider the available offers, pay attention to the design features, study the technical specifications, consult with specialists and only then make a purchase.

Looking for a functional hot tub? Or are you already the owner of such plumbing? Share with your readers your opinion on the choice of bath. You can leave comments and ask questions in the form below.

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    I did not even consider a steel bath, I consider this material unsuitable for any household needs. The choice was between acrylic and cast iron, but figured out how much weight the cast iron bath would have and did not dare. And the margin for just one material is too big. Having bought an acrylic bath, I got a pretty good price and was able to purchase a sophisticated version with lots of features. I do not rejoice at the function of air massage, it is more pleasant than hydro, it relaxes great.

  2. Since the bath was set in a typical apartment with a separate bathroom, it was guided by the size and shape. Fortunately, bathtubs with hydromassage in size are on sale as usual tanks. They have not so many functions, but they carry out the main task. I took acrylic, this is the best option both in price, and in durability, and in the complexity of installation. Normal budget bath a little less.

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