Indoor and outdoor jacuzzi installation technology: step-by-step instructions

Nikolay Fedorenko
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Last update: July 2019

The air-water effect of a bath with a hydromassage can tone, relieve tension, relax, improve well-being, and various additives can affect the skin condition, improve blood circulation. But its installation is quite complicated, and the call of specialists will cost a pretty penny.

Agree, it's not bad to try to do everything on your own, saving on the call of highly qualified plumbers? Do you want to install a jacuzzi with your own hands, but have never done it? We will try to help you - the article discusses the installation of a bathtub with a hydromassage inside the room and the option of installing equipment on the street.

Also detailed are the subtleties of connecting to water and electricity, and to the sewer. Useful recommendations for the care and proper operation of such a bath are provided. The material is supplemented by photo installation instructions and videos on the maintenance and installation of the mixer.

Classification of Jacuzzi Mods

The choice of design of such a bath directly depends on the size and shape of the room in which it will be located and operated. Main criteria choosing a spa bath and useful tips for a potential buyer are discussed in detail in our other article.

It is not recommended to install a jacuzzi in residential apartments of multi-storey buildings and thus replace a regular bath, since installation is accompanied by a number of difficulties, and the operation process has a number of nuances.

  1. A spa bath will require permission from housing authorities. According to the technical characteristics of the building, experts evaluate the permissible floor load.Even the lightest construction with water will weigh about 800 kg, which can lead to a collapse of the floor.
  2. In some cases, to install a jacuzzi, you need to combine the bathroom and the bathroom into one. To carry out such a redevelopment, sometimes the permission of the above instances is required.
  3. The jacuzzi nozzles are sensitive to the iron content in the water, so it is important to install additional filters for hot and cold water.
  4. When taking water treatments in the hot tub, you can not use soap, shampoos, gels and any foaming substances. These tools lead to clogging of holes. Therefore, in addition to a jacuzzi, the apartment should have an ordinary bathtub for traditional bathing.

The jacuzzi bathtub fits perfectly into the country house. The structure can be placed both indoors, with a separate room for bathing, and on the terrace or near the house.

It is important to choose a special modification of the jacuzzi, designed for installation on the street.

Before buying a spa bath, you need to make a plan of the room in which it will be located.

The drawing should indicate the size of the room, as well as note the location of the water supply and electrical wiring. Depending on these parameters, a choice of bathtub and accessories is carried out.

Hydromassage bath
Hot tubs are installed not only indoors, but also on the street. For these purposes, special models of a jacuzzi are selected, and the structures themselves are installed on a concrete foundation or precast plates

By the type of materials the jacuzzi bowls are:

  • cast iron;
  • acrylic;
  • steel;
  • stone.

For installation in the apartment, it is recommended to use hydromassage bathtubs made of light materials - steel or acrylic. Cast iron and stone modifications are mounted exclusively on a solid foundation, capable of supporting a weight of about a ton.

Enameled cast-iron and stone whirlpool baths are well tolerated by chemical influences, physical activity, do not deform under heavy weight.

Their advantages are silent operation, low thermal conductivity, which allows them to “keep” a temperature comfortable for receiving procedures for a long time.

Corner Jacuzzi
The minimum dimensions of the jacuzzi are 1.2x1.2 m. This design fits perfectly into a small bathroom

Acrylic bathtubs are more in demand - they are lightweight, but durable, differ in a variety of shapes and colors. During operation, scratches may occur on the case, which can be removed by polishing.

According to the shape of the bowl, the jacuzzi is divided into:

  • oval;
  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • angular;
  • non-standard.

Rectangular and angular models are ideal for a small room. Round and oval bathtubs look good in the center of the room, therefore, their installation will require significant space.

Square and non-standard shape models can be installed under the walls.

Asymmetric whirlpool shape
The asymmetric shape of the jacuzzi is a modern development of designers. This bathtub fits in small rooms and is distinguished by its spaciousness.

The Jacuzzi can support the following types of massage:

  • water;
  • air;
  • water-air;
  • ultrasonic;
  • pulsating and sinusoidal.

Most modern jacuzzi models support water-air massage - when a jet of water and air comes from the nozzles under pressure. Ultrasonic massage is not felt by the body, but enhances the healing effect of water procedures.

Jacuzzi remote control
The intensity of the massage can be adjusted with a waterproof control panel. You can also manually set the modes.

Nozzles can be located in the area of ​​the back, lower back, hips, legs, on the sides. You can run them in turn or all at once. Advanced jacuzzi models have software that allows you to adjust the force of influence, control the start time of a particular nozzle.

Additional features and elements of the jacuzzi:

  • chromo and color therapy support;
  • the presence of head restraints, steps, handles, sides and other auxiliary elements;
  • the presence of an FM receiver, a panel for plasma;
  • automatic disinfection;
  • set of mixers.

When installing a jacuzzi, it is important to correctly connect the structural elements in order to be able to use all the built-in installation functions.

Design and principle of operation

To install a jacuzzi with your own hands, it is important to know the design features and the principles of hydromassage plumbing.

A typical set of technical equipment for a hot tub includes:

  • compressor (intake);
  • pump;
  • electronic or pneumatic control systems;
  • nozzles;
  • branch pipe systems.

Using a pump, water enters the hydromassage system, enters the compressor, where water and air are mixed. The jet enters the nozzles, after which it is fed into the bath under pressure.

Hot tub design
The figure shows the location of the important elements of the jacuzzi - compressor, pump, nozzles, built-in display and control system

The type of massage depends on the type of nozzle. Sewer pipes are connected to the branch pipe system.

As additional elements in some models there are:

  • drainage system providing uninterrupted water circulation;
  • audio or video installation;
  • built-in modules for chromo-, aroma- and ozonotetapia.

In the jacuzzi sets you can find several additional nozzles, which, if desired, are easy to install. In this case, you will need a more powerful pump, which should be purchased separately. For a large bath volume you will need a powerful pump.

The effectiveness of the jacuzzi is affected by the number and configuration of nozzles, as well as the particular arrangement of the hydromassage elements in the bath.

More detailed hot tub device and equipment types are covered in another article on our website.

Features of outdoor jacuzzi installation

Owners of private homes install hot tubs on the terrace or at some distance from the house. In certain countries, it is necessary to obtain a special permit for construction.

When choosing a mounting location, it is important to consider not only the dimensions of the structure, but also the dimensions of the site for entry and technical work.Also, a Jacuzzi should be located no closer than 1.5 m from the house and the border of the site.

Please note that the distance from overhead power lines should be from 3 m, and from spa panels - from 1.5 m.

Site preparation for installation

The weight of a jacuzzi with water can reach tons, so it is important to build a reliable foundation for its installation in order to avoid damage to the device during its operation.

The minimum size of the platform for installing a jacuzzi on the street is 3x3 meters

Concrete monolithic base is considered the most durable and reliable, therefore, it is ideal for the installation of a spa bath. It is laid in a uniform layer from 7.62 to 10.16 cm. However, such a solution will not allow the jacuzzi to be transported to another place without obstacles.

Prefabricated slabs are today considered the best foundation option. They simplify not only the installation, but also the dismantling of the structure. It is important to choose the optimal panel strength.

If you want to install a jacuzzi on the terrace, it is important to find out if its foundation is able to support the weight of the hot tub.

Competent power supply

The cable to the jacuzzi can be held both above the ground and below it. Its diameter depends on the distance of the disconnector and the jacuzzi, as well as on the maximum current consumption. It is necessary to use copper wire with nylon insulation.

In addition, an RCD must be installed at 240V and 50 A or a circuit at 60 A for models with a multistage pump. It is obvious that the required voltage for the jacuzzi is greater than the standard 220V, so it is advisable to install a disconnector in the electrical control unit.

It is also important to select one circuit for connection. Connection to it of other devices is excluded.

In most street jacuzzi models, a water supply pipe is not needed - water is drawn from a hose, then it is heated in a bowl.

Thorough preparation for use

Before using the whirlpool, you must:

  • disconnect electricity, make sure that the elements are installed and securely fastened;
  • open the air valves;
  • fill the bowl with water from a garden hose or with buckets;
  • connect electricity, start the heating function;
  • test all modes.

After checking the operation of the hot tub, you can safely use it for its intended purpose.

Outdoor hydromassage bathtub
Around the bathtub installed on the street, you can plant beautiful flowers, shrubs, etc. If you show imagination, you can get an impressive result.

Indoor Jacuzzi

When installing a spa bath indoors, it is important to take care of the following points.

  1. The room must be completed all the finishing work of the walls, floor, ceiling.
  2. On pipes of hot and cold water in advance you need to put cleaning filters. If water is supplied from the well, then it is additionally necessary to install a mechanical cleaning filter.
  3. In the bathroom it is allowed to use only built-in sockets with grounding, connected through an RCD and having a degree of protection 4. Details of the norms and rules for installing sockets in the bathroom we reviewed here. If there are no outlets in the room, the connection to electricity is through a network cable that runs through the entire room.
  4. It is important to provide a place for wiring sewers and electrical networks.
  5. First you need to make sure that the jacuzzi can be placed in the room without violating the design of the doorways, as well as decoration;
  6. The room must have a ventilation system.

Next, we consider the main stages of installation and connection of equipment.

Stage # 1 - Installation of the Jacuzzi

Before the installation process is completed, it is not recommended to remove the film in order to protect the coating of the bathtub. Also, when transporting the structure, it is forbidden to take on sticking pipes, nozzles and other elements. It is permissible to hold the bathtub exclusively by the metal casing.

The jacuzzi is set strictly horizontally.Determine it will help the building level with a laser device or a conventional oil bulb. Adjustment occurs by tightening the height of the legs, so even on an uneven floor you can achieve a horizontal position of the body.

The next step is the installation of the frame and bracket. These elements support the bowl, without them it will bend. A large number of additional supports for the jacuzzi in the configuration indicates that the design is made of fragile materials.

The drain hole should be located no higher than 10 cm from the floor, otherwise you must purchase a stand for it.

Mounting the bath body
When installing the housing, it is important to reliably assemble the frame structure and correctly install the bowl, checking that there are no distortions

Stage # 2 - connection to the water supply and sewerage

The water supply network should have a pressure of no more than 5 atmospheres. If there is any doubt that the system will be able to maintain this pressure, then an optional pressure reducer can be installed.

Water without impurities in domestic conditions is quite rare. Therefore, it is important to install coarse filters if water comes from a well, an open reservoir, a well, and fine cleaning.

Pipes should be placed as close to the bathtub as possible. It is also important that they do not block access to the connection nodes.

Jacuzzi connection diagram
The diagram shows the location of the elements of the jacuzzi as an example of an angular modification. The water supply is carried out from below, cold, hot water and electricity - from the side

The drain for sewage should be with a hole diameter of 4-5 cm, located above the drain hole at a distance of no higher than 10 cm from the floor.

Connecting faucets and water supply is no different from the procedure for connecting to a conventional bath. The only feature is that it is not installed on the wall, but inside the bath.

Semi-automatic discharge and overflow system. The valve opens with a handle located on the overflow hole.

The drain hole is connected using a flexible pipe for water. Choosing its length, you should consider the possible movement of the bath relative to the wall at a distance of 50 cm.

It is imperative that the joints be sealed using gaskets if necessary.

The sewer pipe should be located on the wall or on the floor, but not higher than 2 cm. The siphon of the jacuzzi is connected to the drain with a corrugated pipe.

Having fulfilled the requirements, you can safely proceed with the installation of the spa bath.

After the installation is completed, it is necessary to visually inspect the connections, make sure that there are no cracks, and the joints are firmly fixed.

Stage # 3 - connecting the hot tub to the mains

It is important to remember that water is a conductor of electricity, and bathrooms are rooms with high humidity.

To connect the jacuzzi to the network you will need:

  • standard network with a voltage of 220V;
  • three-core power cable (length calculated individually);
  • circuit breaker;
  • RCD;
  • Voltage regulator;
  • grounding system;
  • electric wires with a cross section of 3 mm or more.

Connecting electricity is a very important and crucial part of the work, because water is a current conductor, so it is necessary to approach the process, observing electrical safety rules, having knowledge, skills and experience. It is best to turn to specialists in this matter.

Outlet locations
The location of 220V sockets in zone 1 is not allowed. In zone 2, the use of sockets with a moisture protection class of 4 is allowed, in zone 3 of class 1

For electrical work, the site must be completely de-energized.

The outlet must be located outside the bathroom, but if it is present in the room, it must be of a European standard and meet the requirements of electrical safety - must be equipped with grounding, connected through circuit breaker and a safety switch to the electrical panel.

A three-core cable is used for this purpose. Usually yellow and green colors mean grounding, blue means zero, and red, brown, white means phase. When connecting a cable with a jacuzzi wiring, grounding is connected to grounding, zero to zero, phase to phase.

Waterproof socket
A reliable waterproof socket should come with a lid and curtains

It is advisable to install a voltage stabilizer so that the structure does not fail during unstable operation of the network. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best voltage stabilizers for home, given in our other article. To do this, go link.

Stage # 4 - testing the connection and checking the modes

Nozzles can be adjusted as you wish, using the control panel or a special regulator responsible for the flow rate of the jet, its direction.

Before starting, they collect water in the jacuzzi. All nozzles must be under water. After that, the system is started, its operability is checked. Then the jacuzzi is first turned off, and only then the water is drained.

After checking the connection of all nodes to electricity, the bathtub legs are drilled to the floor, the joints between the walls are sealed with sealant.

Fixing the legs to the floor
Having securely fixed the legs, you can begin to install the screen. Or its manufacture, if, for example, you decide to use a mosaic, tile or mirror panels

After installation, the space under the bathroom is closed with decorative panels that come with the kit. Only a section 2-3 cm from the floor for ventilation is left open.

It is important not to seal the board with ceramic tiles, since if it is necessary to dismantle the bath, it cannot be moved without damaging the lining.

Features of the Jacuzzi

First, water is collected in the bowl, and only then is it launched. It is important that all nozzles are located in water, otherwise the pump may overheat, which will lead to leakage or failure. After starting, the flow rate is usually adjusted, nozzle nozzles are adjusted.

Jacuzzi backlight
If the jacuzzi is equipped with a backlight, then it cannot be turned on if the bathtub is not filled with water, otherwise the lamp may overheat and the body may become deformed. Water acts as a lamp cooler

When using the jacuzzi, it is allowed to use aromatic substances, essences that do not form foam. Permissible water temperature - up to +50 degrees.

It is important to remember that improper use of such a bath can lead to breakdowns. Some of them can be diagnosed and eliminated on their own. And how to do it - we examined in detail in this article.

Tips for scrubbing and repairing

It is unacceptable to clean the acrylic bath with abrasive substances, products containing chlorine, alkali, acid and other aggressive components. It is necessary to use gel-like cleaning chemicals, soft tissues and sponges.

Bath cleaning
Acetic or citric acid will cope with water deposits on the surface of the bath

You can get rid of inaccessible dirt in nozzles using the following method.

  1. Pour water into the bowl to the top, the temperature of which is at least 20 degrees.
  2. 1-1.5 acetic (7%) or citric acid is added to the water.
  3. The pump is started for 10-20 seconds so that the water mixes with the composition.
  4. The solution is left for 12 hours, after which it is drained.
  5. Then the jacuzzi is filled with water, the pump is started to rinse the bath from the previous composition, then the water is drained.

The procedure must be carried out 1-2 times a year.

Fine scratches are cleaned with fine-grained emery paper, then paste is applied to polish the car.

To prevent the formation of rust, after each bath, dry the bath with a dry clean linen cloth.

If the jacuzzi does not have a built-in automatic disinfection system, then every month it must be carried out independently. To do this, use any disinfectants. To save water, it is allowed to use water after the hydromassage procedure.

To disinfect the jacuzzi, it is necessary to fill the bathtub with water so that its level covers the top row of nozzles. A certain amount of disinfectant solution is poured into the bath, based on the manufacturer's recommendations, then the pump is started for 1-2 minutes, wait 10-15 minutes, then the water is drained.

Next, you need to again draw water in order to clean the bowl of the remnants of the product.

We recommend that you also review the detailed instructions for whirlpool care.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

About how to clean the jacuzzi properly:

You can learn about the principles of installing the mixer on board the jacuzzi here:

The jacuzzi is a bathroom, equipped with an additional function - a hydromassage, thanks to which water procedures become healthy.

The main difficulty in installing a jacuzzi on your own is connecting electricity. This type of work is recommended to be entrusted to professionals..

Did you install and connect a jacuzzi yourself? Tell us how difficult this task was for you. Did you have difficulty connecting the equipment to the power supply? Leave your comments under this article - your practical experience will be useful to many home masters.

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    I decided to put a jacuzzi at home. I began to search on the Internet how much it costs, and which model is better to choose. Learned a lot of additional information. Especially useful was the information on installing a hot tub yourself. I also figured out what type of material suits me, and with what functions I need a jacuzzi.Still useful was information aimed at understanding the design and principles of its operation.

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    Wow! I never would have thought that in the apartments you can not install a jacuzzi without permission! Why are they so heavy ?! It turns out that in a private house, these spa baths can also be located only on the ground floor? Really interfloor ceilings can not withstand 800 kg.? Although in modern transparent panels, an ordinary bathtub may collapse, probably.

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      800 kg is a fairly large load, especially for interfloor ceilings of panel houses. But this is rather the exception to the rule, such heavy models of a jacuzzi with a hot tub. For example, the KOLLER POOL Karina running model in 250 liter acrylic weighs only 42 kg. If you draw water in it about 200 liters, plus the weight of the bath itself and plus the weight of an average man of 70 kg, we get 312 kg. A very significant load on the ceiling, but no more than the usual cast-iron bath, which were used to equip the apartment.

      And such models as IQUE Dreamline-II 2200-II-DD-BPM really weigh a lot, the weight of the hydromassage bath is 360 kg. Such jacuzzis are installed on the ground floor, if in apartment buildings, then obviously not in the Khrushchevs, since its cost is more than 13 thousand dollars.

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