Black mold in the bathroom: how to get rid of a fungus + effective means to combat and prevent

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Last update: August 2019

The fact that black and gray coating on the walls and the ceiling in the bathroom is unaesthetic is not the biggest problem. He does the greatest harm to health. The effects of toxic spores in the lungs or bronchi can be most unpredictable. Treatment after this will require a long and serious.

Therefore, if black mold is found in the bathroom, how to get rid of it must be decided immediately. Otherwise, it will quickly penetrate deep under the tile, and it will not be easy to remove it from there. Our article is precisely devoted to methods of combating fungus - in this material we examined in detail the best purchased and folk remedies for removing mold at home.

They also gave useful recommendations on the use of antiseptics and described preventive measures that can prevent the formation of fungus in the bathroom.

Causes of mold

Mildew intervention is inevitable if the room:

  • poorly ventilated;
  • it lacks natural light;
  • condensation forms on pipes and walls;
  • pipes leak at the junction;
  • it is poorly heated.

Even one of these factors creates favorable conditions for its replication. Until she had time to crawl into other rooms, urgent measures needed to be taken. More about the dangers of the proximity of a person with black mold we talked here.

And mold spores can get inside through a window, picked up by a draft, they penetrate through the front door. They can be brought on shoes and outerwear, and she has other ways. Well, the bathroom for the fungus is the most fertile area.

Mold removal
If you do not immediately remove the water from the tile after bathing, an environment comfortable for mold will appear. In just 24 hours, his colony can increase by 9 times

In what places to look for a fungus?

Even if you cannot immediately detect any signs of mold, you should look for it in places hidden from the eyes.

It can be:

  • corners of walls in contact with the bath;
  • gaps between the tiles;
  • adjoining plumbing fixtures to the walls;
  • under the baseboards in the area of ​​the sink and bath;
  • on the ceiling;
  • under the rug on the floor;
  • in wood paneling;
  • in cups for hygiene items.

Having entered other rooms, the spores, if they do not germinate, but for a long time retain their ability to reproduce and only wait for favorable conditions.

It is impossible to completely get rid of them, but creating inappropriate conditions for their development is quite possible.

The best mold remedies

In the old days, this problem was solved by the radical method - they simply left the house infected with mold. There are many other ways now. We will consider each of them in detail.

Processing process
Such a dangerous enemy, like a black fungus, requires immediate action to combat it. The process itself may not be fast and time-consuming, but not only the type of premises, but also your health depends on it

Industrial products differ in that after contact with them, mold loses its aggressive properties after a few hours. Some preparations should be used during cleaning regularly, others - during the repair. The characteristics of the best purchased antiseptics will be considered below.

No. 1 - Bagi Anti-Mold Spray

It is a good antibacterial agent. Produce it in Israel. It destroys not only visible mold, but also its spores, and also eliminates unpleasant odors.

It goes on sale in 0.5 liter bottles. The composition contains chlorine, surfactants and a maximum of 15% nonionic surfactants, flavorings.

No. 2 - DEC spray from Neochem

Not bad copes with the same task spray DEC, the manufacturer "Neochem." Along the way, this anti-mold tool removes limescale, corrosion, neutralizes odors. Consists of water, active ingredients, disinfectants, up to 5% surfactant, perfume composition.

Dec spray
Glycolic acid, present in the composition in the desired concentration, penetrates the structure and removes harmful bacteria to the surface

A good tool is the fact that after its application, a hydrophobizing layer is created, which protects the surface from fungus in the future.

No. 3 - PROSEPT Bath Fungi

An effective alkaline preparation for removing mold produced in Russia. Packaging - a 0.5 liter bottle with a sprayer. There are 3 modes: OFF - closed state, SPRAY - spraying mode with the smallest fraction, STREAM - the ability to apply working fluid in trickles.

It has an extensive range of functionality. It allows you to stop biodefeat at the initial stage, prevent the progression of molds, disinfects, eliminates the smell of mold.

The negative points include the strong smell of bleach.

No. 4 - Cillit Bang spray

It has a powerful formula that allows you to deal with black mold. The spray contains a large percentage of chlorine, so the smell is very pungent, but copes with its task perfectly.

After applying it, it is better to leave the room for about 20 minutes. When the product works, it must be removed.

No. 5 - Means Mellerud from Germany

The product is produced in Germany. Eliminates mold and its spores, disinfects. The working substance is active oxygen. It has a prolonged action.

Mellerud Remedy
Mellerud - packed in a convenient 0.5 liter container with a dispenser. This is enough to handle large areas.

There is no chlorine in the composition, no smell. The tool is suitable for processing many types of materials - stone, tile, plaster, fabric.

If the surface is highly infected with mold, a liquid is applied to it with a spray gun and left there all night.From moderately contaminated areas, the product is removed one hour after application using a brush or soft cloth. After the entire area is washed.

In addition to these products, there are other antiseptics that are ideal for protecting walls from mold and fighting fungus when it appears. We recommend you to get acquainted with the best antifungal agents for the walls.

Folk remedies against mold

Opponents of using aggressive chemistry to destroy the black fungus often use improvised means. Many of them give good results.

Remedy # 1 - soda in tandem with vinegar

Black mold recedes in front of such a simple remedy as soda - calcined or ordinary in tandem with vinegar.

Preparing the mixture is easy:

  • take 5 liters of water, but only hot;
  • throw in it 150 g of soda ash or 150 g of ordinary;
  • to this add 9% vinegar - 100 g.

Having received a foamy liquid, they process problem surfaces with its help. On a horizontal surface, blackness can be removed more simply. Highly expanded mycelium is removed with a spatula, and then sprinkled with soda on these places. Next, put a spray bottle on the vinegar bottle and spray the plane to quench the soda.

Soda and Vinegar Against Mildew
Porridge made of soda and vinegar copes well with mold that has settled in the seams of tiles. After a 20-minute action of the mixture, it is washed off with a brush

The mushroom picker dies in the process of foaming, indicating that sodium bicarbonate has reacted with acetic acid.

If there is a washing machine in the bathroom, mold can also settle in it. Often black marks can be seen on the rubber band, but much worse when it penetrates the tank. You can remove it from there with the help of vinegar and White.

For this, these two components are mixed in equal proportions. In this solution, the powder compartment is soaked for half an hour. After, clean it with a brush.

The solution is poured into the machine and, setting it to the longest mode, the highest temperature, turn on. Under the influence of high temperature and active substances, microorganisms will die.

Other ways to get rid of mold in the washer we examined in following material.

Remedy # 2 - Tea Tree Oil

This non-standard method gives a good result, because Mold microorganisms are sensitive to the components that make up this aromatic oil.

The usage pattern is as follows:

  1. Buy a bubble of tea tree oil.
  2. Hands must be protected, so rubber gloves are also needed.
  3. Take a bottle with a spray, pour water into it.

To 500 ml of water add 2 large tablespoons of aromatic oil. Mix the mixture, pour into a bottle, shake. After that, the tool can be used for processing.

Tea tree oil
After application, the mixture does not need to be washed off, it must act. Since the product is natural, it is safe for both people and pets

It is sprayed on the affected surface, then the fungus is collected with a cloth. To enhance the result, it is advisable to repeat the procedure and leave the treated area to dry naturally.

If the walls in the bathroom are badly damaged, you need a more concentrated solution - per 1000 ml of water, 20 ml of oil. Processing is best done with a brush with a long handle.

Since the product has a specific smell, it disappears quickly. To protect the walls from possible black mold damage in the future, you can add a little oil to the paint. This will stop the development of the colony in the event of a thorough penetration of mold into the wall.

Means # 3 - hydrogen peroxide

This tool is affordable and affordable. There is no need to do any manipulations with it. It is simply poured into a container with a spray and nebulized sprayed. After 15 minutes exposure, the treated areas are wiped.

Use of hydrogen peroxide
Not every surface can be treated with a preparation such as 3% hydrogen peroxide, since it has the property of bleaching certain materials.For reinsurance, you need to check its effect in a small area

With the same success, perhydrol can be replaced with furatsilin or copper sulfate.

Remedy # 4 - boric acid

Borax, borax, or boric acid is the name of one drug. Half a glass of substance is diluted in a liter of water. Tile joints and other places where mold is found are cleaned with a stiff brush dipped in solution. After some time, the treated areas are wiped with a dry cloth.

There is one unpleasant moment in this process - the substance is not entirely safe, because it irritates the airways. Therefore, gloves and a mask must be mandatory attributes when processing brown.

It is also advisable to perform work in the absence of children and pets.

Remedy # 5 - aqueous ammonia

Non-porous surfaces in the bathroom are well cleansed and disinfected with ammonia. Ammonium chloride is simply applied to the plane using a sponge or cloth. The effect of adding glycerol in a small amount increases.

Minus - toxicity. Because of this, it can cause irritation of the mucosa and even poisoning.

The mixture is left on the surface for one hour, then washed with water. Using ammonia, you need to know that it evaporates at 50% of the initial volume and does not always manage to enter into a reaction.

Like boric acid, ammonia exudes a smell - very strong and pungent. This can cause irritation.

Remedy # 6 - Chlorine Bleach

This simple tool poses a threat not only to domestic mold, but also to outdoor.

Whiteness against mold
The active component of White is the inorganic compound sodium hydrochloride. It has disinfectant and antiseptic properties. In the bleach of the working substance 3 - 6%

The percentage of chlorine in "White" is very large, hence such a good disinfecting effect. Among all the tools at hand, bleach is the leader. It is also well suited for board mold removal (various wooden surfaces).

The downside is toxicity. Because of this, it can cause irritation of the mucosa and even poisoning.

Remedy # 7 - copper sulfate

This drug kills mold from tiles, primers, and plastic. It must be diluted with water. The proportion is 100 g of substance per 10 liters of liquid. The solution is applied with a brush to the surface, it is better to do this in several layers. For prevention around the area with mold also apply the tool.

In this state, they leave everything for a while. Next, wash the treated areas and ventilate the room. The tool is toxic, so a respirator and gloves are required to work with it.

A few tips for using tools

If you are going to use one or another remedy for black mold, you need to consider a number of features. Firstly, it is impossible to remove this scourge by washing off with warm soapy water and manganese. Even if it is possible to eliminate the black coating, the debate will remain. Having received a new nutrient medium in the form of warm moisture and the components that make up the soap, their colonies will multiply even faster.

Black mold in action
Black mold is enough for two years to destroy building structures. In favorable conditions, she will not stop at the bathroom, but will capture new territories

Secondly, the repeated invasion of mold after mechanical removal of the mold cannot be avoided. Disputes will remain and continue their reproduction.

Thirdly, a high positive temperature, like a very low one, is not able to destroy mold spores. Their presence will only halt growth. As soon as favorable conditions return, mold will continue its development.

Fourth, the smallest cracks in the bathroom wall need to be repaired, and the walls that come into contact with the street are better insulate. Floor mats in this room should be dry, and it is even better to make a warm floor here.

Fifth, it is advisable not to dry wet laundry in the bathroom. It will become an additional source of moisture.When the zonal surface treatment does not help, you will have to make repairs throughout the room. For this purpose, buy funds intended for use during the repair. Add them to putty, paint or whitewash.

Repair in the bathroom
The process of repairing the bathroom is time-consuming, it requires both time and finances. But it’s almost impossible to handle old mold in another way.

Pay attention to primers, which are based on acids, other components that have a detrimental effect on mold.

How to prevent mold?

This uninvited guest feels comfortable in a room where there is completely no ventilation and drafts in conditions of high humidity - from 80% and a temperature of 20⁰. Based on this, it is necessary, first of all, to create an environment in which mold cannot develop in principle.

To maintain constant moisture in the bathroom, do not close the door tightly. If this measure is not enough, you will have to arrange ventilation. You can put the door with special holes for ventilation or drill them yourself, then decorate with decorative rings.

Door with ventilation holes
A model of a door with openings evens out the temperature inside the bathroom. Ventilation holes are in the form of circles or rectangles. They are performed in several zones or one and masked with a decorative grid

A more efficient way is fan installation into the duct. The hole is sealed with a ventilation grill. Turning on and off can be done using the light switch.

The best option is to install a hygrometer and connect it to the fan through a sensor. As soon as the humidity reaches the upper limit, it will turn on the fan. If the humidity indicator drops, the device turns on again.

The ventilation grill can be bought and mounted with your own, but then the integrity of the door leaf is violated.

Subject to all our recommendations, the issue of black mold will no longer bother you.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Getting rid of harmful fungi in the bathroom:

Fungus on the tile and its destruction:

As you can see, to prevent the defeat of the bathroom with a fungus is easier than fighting it or doing repairs. Be sure to, after successfully overcoming the problem, do not forget about preventive measures and the fungus will no longer appear. The main thing is normal air circulation, ventilation.

Still have questions about using one of the tools discussed in this article? Maybe you want to share your mold control secrets? Ask your questions on the topic of the article, write your recommendations and feedback on the use of purchased or home remedies to get rid of fungus in the bathroom.

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  1. Ekaterina

    Mold in the bathroom is difficult to remove, but possible. I try to get by with household cleaning products. Usually I make gruel from baking soda, any dishwashing detergent (I have Fairy), hydrogen peroxide, put fungus in place and spray vinegar from the sprayer on top (I take 70% for the best effect), leave for 10 minutes - the blackness goes away. Of course, so that the damp does not accumulate, an outlet is required, and sometimes I sometimes turn on the heater in the bathroom to dry it. And from time to time I spray mold control from Faberlic with Monarda.

  2. Snezhana

    Black mold is very dangerous, I read that if it spreads over a large area, all that remains is to move out of the house. I don’t know, however, how can this be allowed to happen, because it can be seen right away, the smallest speck is striking. When the first spots appeared in my bathroom, I removed them with Silit. Since then I have been making sure that the bathroom is not only clean, but also dry, I wipe the bath itself, joints and tiles, so that there is no place for mold to come from.