How to choose the right toilet: what to look before buying + manufacturers overview

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A person spends an average of 5 years of his life in a toilet. It is logical to try to equip this room with maximum comfort. Given its modest size, purpose and features of operation, this is not an easy task.

The main plumbing fixture is a toilet. It should be practical, beautiful, easy to care for. In this article, we will figure out how to choose the right toilet so that it is really convenient to use and maintain.

We also focus on the main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a suitable model. In addition, we will pay attention to the best manufacturers that have earned the trust of customers.

Options for choosing the right toilet

Paradoxically, it is a fact: the wider the choice, the more difficult it is to choose. The variety of toilets is huge.

They differ in many parameters, and without a special educational program it is difficult to determine which criteria to pay priority attention to.

Toilet design
The interior design of the toilet also matters, because it is this room that is most often visited by the inhabitants of the apartment, and sometimes by guests

There are several important parameters:

  • Type of mount. How spacious the room will be depends on how the toilet is installed in the toilet. If you put the floor model in a very tight toilet, there will be nowhere to turn around, but the hanging one will free up some space and make it easier to clean the room.
  • Height. This aspect is not given due attention, but it is important because tall and low people cannot fit the same model. The height of the toilet should be such that the legs of a seated person rest freely on the floor, but the knees should not be too high, otherwise the muscles will be tense.
  • Tank. The type of tank location, drain system, fittings (one-, two-button, with akvastop) are important. Convenience of its use and water consumption depend on it.
  • Bowl. The shape of the bowl determines how well it will be washed when draining the water.It is also an important selection criterion for those who want to get rid of the smell in the toilet and simplify the task of caring for the plumbing fixture.
  • Material. The modern toilet market offers many models made of a wide variety of materials: faience, porcelain, stone, metal and even plastic. Each of them has its own advantages, disadvantages and features of operation.
  • Release type. This is an important nuance when choosing a toilet. If the old toilet oblique or vertical release, then you should choose a new model with the same type of release. Otherwise, there will be problems during installation and you have to replace the elements of the sewer system.

In addition to functionality and convenience, design is also important. In the apartment, all plumbing should be beautiful, including the toilet. It is worth the effort and choose a model that will look good, because it has to be used for many years.

Compact toilet
The choice of a toilet largely depends on the purpose of the toilet, the room in which it is equipped. So, for an apartment or a private house, a compact, hanging or attached toilet is suitable, and for an office building, an industrial enterprise or an educational institution, it is better to choose the "Turkish bowl"

Not the last role is played by the manufacturer. A brand is not only the name and money invested in advertising, but also the real quality that manufacturers seek to maintain leadership positions in the market.

The toilet change on average once every 10-15 years, so it makes sense to overpay a little for the model of a reliable brand.

Selecting a model by tank mounting method

The design of any toilet provides for a flush tank. It can be located separately or be integral with the toilet (monoblock) Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

When installing separate toilets, difficulties may arise, because base and drain tank are mounted separately. Such models are more noisy at work, but not so much that it becomes a serious problem.

To simplify the installation task, manufacturers produce compact models in which the tank is located on a special shelf. They are less noisy and easier to care for. There are also toilets with integrated tanks. They are masked in a niche, and only the flush lever remains outside. It is very aesthetically pleasing, but complicates inspections and repairs.

Retro style fans sometimes install models with a tank mounted on the ceiling. A chain is used to control the flushing system. “Real” toilets of this type have not been used for a long time, but some manufacturers still produce expensive original stylizations for vintage toilets.

Cistern under the ceiling
Tanks mounted under the ceiling, choose retro-style toilets. These are expensive branded models. They are difficult to maintain, but can be a great decoration

Varieties of toilets by type of installation

By the type of installation, all toilets are divided into two groups - floor and wall.Models of the first type, in turn, are divided into actually floor and wall (attached). When deciding how to choose the right toilet, pay particular attention to the type of installation.

Floor toilets are easy to install and relatively inexpensive. These are their main advantages, thanks to which they are so popular. Models are mounted on anchor bolts. This requires a minimum of time, and with proper care of the installer, the floor covering will not suffer. Recommended to see step by step instructions by fixing the toilet to the floor in different ways.

The only drawback of floor models is that they require more space for placement than hanging or wall-mounted.

In cramped rooms this can be extremely inconvenient, and if the distance from the toilet to the side walls is less than 20 cm on both sides, then it is generally impossible to use.

Floor toilet
In a toilet with a toilet of any design, there are some difficulties with cleaning: it is impossible to wash the floors under the foot, and dirt and small debris are clogged in small crevices in the places where the floor is in contact

There are also corner floor models, which fit perfectly into the design of a tight toilet or combined bathroom, where you need to install a lot of plumbing fixtures and furniture.

Wall-mounted models are compact, occupy a minimum of space, but when cleaning with them the same difficulties arise as with ordinary floor-standing ones: you have to regularly clean the place where the legs are attached to the floor so that ugly dirty strips do not appear.

And here wall hung toilets - it's expensive, difficult, but really convenient. Such models fit perfectly into any premises, including and very small. Although they look quite modest, hanging toilets withstand loads of over 400 kg and are quite reliable.

Suspended models are mounted on frame or block structures. Frame mounting provides for mounting on a false wall, and in case of block construction, it is fixed on the supporting wall. Both installation options are additional costs, but they pay off due to the convenience of using the device.

We wrote more about installing a hanging toilet and choosing the right height in this article.

Beautiful hanging toilet
By installing a neat hanging model in the bathroom, you can free up space for a bidet, washing machine or furniture. The toilet does not interfere with cleaning, easy to operate and maintain

To figure out which toilet bowl is best for a particular toilet, you need to objectively evaluate the conditions: area, layout, availability and location of communications, other plumbing, furniture, accessories.

In some cases, it is really better to stay on the floor model, and sometimes the hanging toilet is the ideal option.

How to choose a model in height?

There are certain standards that guide manufacturers. This also applies to the height of the toilet. Every year, the models "grow up" by a few millimeters, so you can’t “orient yourself by the eye”, you really have to “try on” the model before buying.

The height standard for the floor toilet has changed in recent years. If earlier manufacturers produced models of 40 cm, now, depending on the country of manufacture, you can find devices with a height of 42 to 50 cm. To understand whether a particular model is suitable for you, you should sit on it and evaluate how comfortable it is, whether your muscles are relaxed. Also consider the growth of the rest of the family.

Scheme of the toilet with installation
The main thing is that after installing suspended plumbing it is convenient to lay the flooring, and during operation it is possible to carry out normal cleaning

When choosing the height of the wall-hung toilet, other standards apply. Designs are usually mounted so that between the bottom of the appliance and the floor there is a distance of about 20 cm. If the family is all tall, the toilet can be installed taller, and for undersized people a little lower.

In addition to height, other product parameters are taken into account when choosing - weight, size. The standard sizes of various toilet designs we examined in detail in the next article.

Bowl shape and flush system

There are 3 main types of bowls:

  • funnel-shaped;
  • dish-shaped;
  • visors.

Choosing the right one, you should pay attention to how the toilet is washed and whether there are splashes at the same time.

The design of the funnel-shaped bowl is such that the sewage immediately gets into a horizontal drain, and the water only "dominates" the bowl and its consumption is minimal. However, there is also a minus - splashing can form when flushing.

The dish-shaped bowl is convenient because sewage gets on a special platform with a small depression. This ensures no splashing. On the other hand, such bowls must be constantly cleaned with a brush, and flushing requires a lot of water. Due to their inefficiency and difficulty in maintenance, dish-shaped bowls gradually go out of fashion.

An alternative to a dish bowl is a visor. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that instead of a recess, it provides a bulge located at an angle of 30-45 degrees to the drain.

Due to this, sewage immediately falls into the sewer. There is no spray when rinsing.Some models have an anti-splash system.

Toilet bowl shapes
Of the three species, a funnel-shaped bowl is a popular option. It is believed that this form is the most hygienic and easy to care for.

Inspecting the bowl of the model you like, you should pay attention to the flush system. Water can flow out of the tank or flow out of special holes under the rim of the toilet bowl around the entire perimeter of the bowl. The second option is much more practical, since water consumption is less, and the quality of flushing is higher.

The disadvantages include the higher cost of models with a soulful flush (an average of 10-15%). Also, they should not be bought if water does not pass through the coarse filter, because over time, the holes “grow” with limescale and the quality of the flush deteriorates.

Which material should I prefer?

Porcelain, earthenware, stone, plastic or steel - which toilet bowls are the best? Manufacturers have long determined that the most in demand are porcelain and earthenware appliances. However, this does not mean that other materials are worse. All of them have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Option # 1 - compare porcelain and earthenware

Most often, buyers hesitate when choosing between porcelain and earthenware. It is believed that porcelain is less porous and therefore absorbs less odors, lasts longer and is easier to clean.

In theory, everything looks exactly like this, but in practice, earthenware toilets are not inferior to porcelain either in hygiene or in durability. Porous faience is covered with strong smooth glaze, and its performance is close to the properties of porcelain products.

Porcelain toilet
Due to the small number of pores, porcelain is easy to clean: it does not have to be cleaned for a long time, because pollution practically does not eat into the surface

Porcelain toilets are beautiful. With careful handling, they are able to last several decades. However, if we compare the price and characteristics of porcelain and faience, it is easy to calculate that the difference in quality is not fundamental, but the prices sometimes differ significantly. Usually it makes no sense to overpay.

Option # 2 - the benefits of steel models

Steel perfectly cleans of dirt, withstands high loads. It does not crack, unlike fragile materials. An additional advantage is the widest design potential, so manufacturers often use this material for the manufacture of expensive elite models.

Option # 3 - natural and artificial stone

For the manufacture of toilets use natural and artificial stone. Both materials are extremely durable and able to withstand any load. Natural stone is much more expensive.

Models from it are acquired for luxurious mansions. They fit perfectly into the classic, baroque interiors of the bathrooms.

Natural granite toilet
Natural stone models are very heavy. This makes installation difficult. One more minus: it is undesirable to put such toilet bowls in houses with wooden beams of overlappings

A special coating is applied to the artificial stone, thanks to which the material is easy to clean and does not absorb odors. Artificial stone toilets are cheaper than natural toilets, but they are still quite expensive.

This is an option for wealthy people who care about the compliance of the dwelling with their high status.

Option # 4 - polymeric materials

Some manufacturers offer acrylic toilets coated with high strength resins and fiberglass. These are practical, easy-care models that do not trap or absorb dirt. They are lightweight, which greatly simplifies installation. Such models are great for summer houses and country cottages.

Acrylic toilet
Polymer toilets have significant drawbacks. They require careful handling, poorly tolerate mechanical damage and temperature extremes.

When choosing a toilet, you should pay attention to additional functions. Very interesting models with lifts in the seats, bidet nozzles.

There are systems with automatic air purification, setting the water temperature and even a hairdryer. This variety is called electronic toilet and relates to smart technology. The cost of the product also depends on the functionality.

TOP 10 best toilet manufacturers

There are many different ratings of the best manufacturers of plumbing.

Most often, the names of such companies and brands appear in them:

  1. Gustavsberg. Products under this brand are produced by the world famous concern Villeroy & Boch. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of his plumbing and gives it a 25-year warranty.
  2. AM-PM. Dear European plumbing, not everyone can afford it, but if there is an opportunity to purchase an AM-PM toilet, it is definitely worth using. Manufacturer's warranty is 25 years.
  3. Roca. This is a well-known Italian brand, which is in demand in many countries of the world. Product quality is on top. As for the design, the Roca toilets are stylistically neutral and fit perfectly into any interior.
  4. Jika. The Jika brand is part of the Roca holding, and the quality of the products is just as high. The peculiarity of Jika toilets is a stylish laconic design. Models are elegant, compact, ergonomic.
  5. Santek. The brand is owned by Roca. Products meet stringent European quality standards. Santek models with circular flushing and seats equipped with micro-lifts are very popular.
  6. Ifo. This is a swedish brand. Product quality is not satisfactory. The manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee on it, but the warranty period for the use of components is 5 years. The advantages of the models of this brand include silent drain and rational water consumption.
  7. Vitra. Distinctive features of the sanitary ware of Turkish Vitra trademark are original design and ultimate automation. The manufacturing company is constantly innovating. Such a toilet is perfect for a bathroom decorated in high-tech or techno styles. Also in the collections there are models for people with disabilities.
  8. Laufen. One of the oldest brands in the plumbing market. The brand appeared in 1892 and is famous for its renowned Swiss quality products. The company's production facilities are located in Austria and the Czech Republic, and the sanitary ware of this brand is popular all over the world.
  9. Jacob delafon. This is an exquisite French plumbing, which is sure to appeal to people with a refined taste. Collections are very diverse, all models are of good quality. The Jacob Delafon toilets are installed in the Moscow Olympic Village complex, where the participants of the Olympic Games settle.
  10. Sanita. The TOP-10 of the best manufacturers of sanitary ware includes the domestic Sanita trademark. The toilet bowls of this brand are distinguished by a special dirt-repellent coating. They are easy to care for. There are no complaints about the quality and design of the products.

Price is an important criterion for choosing plumbing. Truly high-quality and beautiful toilets that can serve for decades are really expensive.

The best models are considered brands Gustavsberg and AM-PM. They differ in smooth forms, suitable for classic and ultra-modern interiors.

Floor-mounted toilet Roca
Roca compact floor-mounted toilets are suitable for installation in small toilets. They look light, neat and fit well into any interior styling.

If the goal is to choose the best model for the price-quality ratio, you should pay attention to the products of Jika and Santek. These are great floor toilets for a reasonable price. But the suspension model is better to choose the brand Roca.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

There are many nuances of choice. It is important to consider every little thing. We offer videos to help you find the best toilet model for your toilet.

Step-by-step video tutorial on choosing a toilet with a demonstration of the differences between different models:

The height of the hanging toilet is important.Sometimes it is impossible to take into account the needs of all family members, and in such cases it is better to focus on standards:

When choosing a toilet, it is worth considering some medical aspects. We offer a useful fragment of the transfer of Elena Malysheva:

The plumbing market is vast. You can find any toilet - from the simplest and most practical to the "smart" with a variety of additional functions, including automatic flushing, music and even health monitoring sensors. The final choice is up to the buyer.

Are you just choosing plumbing for your bathroom and can’t decide on the most suitable type of toilet? Or do you want a suspended model, but doubt its reliability / usability / maintainability? Raise your concerns in the comments - our experts and owners of such plumbing will dispel your doubts.

Or do you want to share your impression of using a specific type of toilet of a particular manufacturer? Write your review, add photos - site visitors picking up a toilet will be extremely grateful to you.

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