TOP 10 best remedies for clogging pipes: the best drugs on the market + how to choose

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The problems associated with the work of engineering systems at home are the most unpleasant. Especially if you are faced with a clogged sewer. This is a real nightmare for a housewife. But if you choose the right tool for clogging pipes, then such household chemicals will save you from these troubles in just 5-60 minutes.

Top Ten Tools

In supermarkets and online stores, there are many tools that help to overcome blockages in the sink or bathtub. But not every chemical can be called effective. Unfortunately, many of them do not give the desired result.

You can save money if you learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dozens of the best tools before buying, and figure out how to choose a cleaning agent that destroys congestion, but is safe for the system.

10th place - Mr. granules Muscle

This drug has established itself as a medium-sized cleaning agent. The purpose of this product is pipe cleaning. Ideally copes with fat deposits inside the sink, eliminates blockages, unpleasant and pungent odors.

The tool is suitable for pipes of any purpose, is absolutely safe. The substance actively cleans the walls of the pipes, which refreshes the drain. The price segment of the product is average, which allows all buyers to purchase goods in an emergency.

9th place - Bagi Shumanit granules

This chemical is suitable for both plastic and metal pipes, as well as corrugated siphons. Granules funds are actively struggling with the accumulation of various substances. Most often, a tool is purchased to eliminate emergency blockage.

One of the obvious advantages of Schumanit is the ability to clean even the most difficult clogs with one portionful handful, which replaces up to half a liter of liquid gel. However, from the disadvantages of the product, it can be distinguished that there is no possibility of eliminating odors, cleaning fat deposits, and rust.

Sewer pipe cleaning technology in detail described here. We recommend that you read some very useful information.

8th place - Aqualon Deboucher Active fluid

The manufacturer endowed this middle-class chemical product with good characteristics. Suitable for pipes for various purposes and from any material.

Blockages of absolutely any complexity are not at all terrible for DEBOUCHER Active: organic and inorganic particles, hair, food products. This eliminates unpleasant odor, body fat and dirt.

The liquid in safe packaging is equipped with a cover that protects against leakage, from the penetration of other substances, as well as from unwanted interference by children. The price of the product is average, allowing any consumer to purchase goods without spending money on expensive plumbing services.

7th place - Sanfor complex blockage gel

The following chemical is able to break through blockages in any pipes: toilet drains, kitchen sinks, bathtubs. This is an extremely effective tool that will help even in the most deplorable situation. Sanfor is a thick gel. Its cost does not exceed 150 rubles. In this case, the desired result is achieved after 15-20 minutes.

The main advantage of the presented tool is its dense structure. Thanks to her, it penetrates directly into the depths of the blockage. A chemical can dissolve fat, food debris, hair and much more. In addition, Sanfor kills odors.

It is important to note that the tool is completely safe for both metal and plastic pipes. This was achieved by a balanced composition, which includes chlorine. When using, do not forget that it is an alkaline chemical. Pour it only in rubber gloves. Otherwise, you may damage your skin.

6th place - Tiret Turbo gel

On the sixth place of the rating is a rather expensive chemical for cleaning pipes. The cost of Tiret Turbo gel reaches 260 rubles. This is a liquid remedy that is effective in the presence of any type of household blockage.

The advantages of the presented gel for pipe cleaning include:

  • the ability to cope with any kind of garbage;
  • elimination of all kinds of unpleasant odors;
  • disinfecting property;
  • convenient packaging.

Contrary to all the manufacturer's claims, Tiret Turbo cleans pipes in less than 5 minutes. To achieve the desired effect, you will have to wait an hour and a half.

Also get ready for the fact that when using the product chlorine will be released in large quantities. Therefore, so that the room does not turn into a gas chamber, it must be actively ventilated after cleaning the pipes.

5th place - concentrated Synergetic

In the middle of the rating is a relatively cheap concentrate that successfully copes with blockages, bacteria, as well as an unpleasant odor. The chemical is produced in Russia, in Dzerzhinsk.

First of all, the benefits of liquids include an absolutely natural composition. The active substances are ordinary baking soda, as well as A-tensides. The latter can most often be found in detergent.

It is important to note that the substances presented are obtained from plants, which makes them completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

Synergetic perfectly penetrates deep into the blockage even through water, suitable for sewage flushing. The blockage is neutralized quite quickly - on average, cleaning takes 5-15 minutes. In this case, the solution can even clean the plaque that is present on the drain.

4th place - Chirton granular preparation

The tool, which took fourth place, is a special granule that dissolves well in water. The production of the presented chemical is carried out by a Greek manufacturer. The substance does not have a pungent odor, which is an undoubted advantage. In addition, the desired effect will be achieved in 15-20 minutes.

Chirton are granules of a bluish tint that require increased attention when cleaning. Before using it is highly recommended to open windows or turn on the hood in the bathroom or in the kitchen. After all, after the granules combine with water, an extremely corrosive gas begins to be released. This is perhaps their only drawback.

3rd place - granules Bagi Pothan

The three leaders are opened by a chemical for cleaning plumbing pipes in granules from the manufacturing company Bagi. The product is sold in black plastic packaging, which has an unusual shape. Also a useful advantage of the pack is the availability of protection from children.

The obvious features of a chemical are its effectiveness and profitability. Regardless of the type of blockage, Bagi will do just fine in 20 minutes. It is clear that for more serious pollution it will take a little longer.

Also pleases with the safety of the composition for plastic pipes and acrylic bathtubs. Many buyers note that over the year of using this tool, their plumbing remained in perfect condition.

As for the shortcomings, then you have to pay for efficiency. The cost of pellets from Pothan blockages can reach 600 rubles. This was the main reason why the tool took only third place.

2nd place - RAVAK Turbo Cleaner powder

The second place was deservedly taken by the analog of Bagi Pothan granules - RAVAK siphon powder. It is a highly effective tool that dissolves any deposits of organic origin.

Packaging holds a kilogram of chemical. Therefore, once spending about 600 rubles, you can monitor the plumbing for a year or two. This makes the purchase of RAVAK Turbo Cleaner an extremely profitable investment.

The main disadvantage of the drug is the inability to use it for cleaning metal parts. Due to its special composition, it can damage them.

1st place - Unicum Tornado pellets

Unicum Tornado Pellets become the leader in the ranking of the best remedies for various types of blockages. This is a pretty cheap tool. Its cost does not exceed 300 rubles. In this case, the tool is extremely effective. A small amount is enough to clean even the heaviest blockage.

The granules are white pellets. They do not have any smell. The product mainly consists of sodium hydroxide (one third of the total composition) and aluminum chips (about 5%). Thanks to this, the tool will cope with your problem in 3-5 minutes.

A modest price, as well as extremely high efficiency - these are the reasons why Unicum pellets were placed in the first place in the ranking for tornado blockages.

Tips for choosing the right tool

To sewer pipes regularly performed their function, they need to be constantly monitored. But regardless of leaving in the sink or bath, blockage may occur. After the occurrence of such a problem, it must be solved quickly, inexpensively and without risking your health.

Today for pipe cleaning It uses just a huge amount of a variety of chemicals. They are sold in one of three types: gel, liquid, and powder. Guidance Points sewer cleaning products depend on personal preferences, such as sewer pipes and the degree of clogging of the system.

Pipe blockage granules
It is recommended to give preference to formulations in the form of granules or gel. The former are considered the most effective, while the latter are safer for human health.

Before buying, be sure to pay attention to the composition. Overwhelming majority best compositions The main active ingredient is the so-called caustic soda. It is a reagent that dissolves plaque and pollution of organic origin in the shortest possible time.

A-tensides are also added to some natural chemicals. Do not be afraid of them - this kind of substance is found in almost every dishwashing detergent. They are completely safe and biodegradable.

With proven means and methods of punching blockages in the toilet will acquaint next article, read which is the owners of urban apartments and country houses with organized sewers.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Comparison of expensive and cheap means of blockage:

How do the chemicals to clean the sewer:

The choice of a drug for blockages for cleaning sewer pipes is a complex process, all the details of which need to be understood in the shortest possible time. But having prepared for a potential problem in advance, you can prevent it. The above rating and recommendations will help you with this.

And what chemical do you use to eliminate blockage and prevent its formation? It is possible that you know the option that has the highest efficiency. Please write comments in the block below, ask questions, publish photos on the topic of the article.

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  1. Of the funds presented, only Tiret Turbo personally used. I will not say anything bad - it breaks through blockages quite effectively and for a short time. But the price, of course, is not for everyone. It would be interesting to try granular products. In general, for cast-iron pipes you should not overpay, you can simply use the good old Mole. True, it will not work for plastic pipes.

  2. Ekaterina

    I encountered a blockage in the pipes of the sink twice at home. The first time I used Totix for drain pipes, just pour it into the pipe and hold for 40 minutes. The consistency of this gel is dense, practically odorless, the blockage is eliminated. But! It was evident that the dirt on the walls did not go away, I had to open the sump and simply wash it by hand. The second time, having nothing from special equipment, I used home chemistry: I filled the baking soda in the hole in the pipe, after removing the wire mesh, poured vinegar on top (70%). Corked for about ten minutes. When the hissing stopped, poured boiling water and the blockage was gone. The second option suited me more, I had to open it manually and did not have to wash anything.

  3. Romik

    Clearly, I bought granules, which in the first place, the bazaar was taken from the third batch + plunger. Not suitable for thin plastic and corrugated pipes, get very hot, can burst.