Gas burner for brazing copper pipes: the main types of burners + tips for potential buyers

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On the shelves of hardware stores there is a wide variety of gas burners designed for domestic use. Moreover, the assortment contains many miniature designs equipped with small-capacity cylinders, which ensures the convenience of performing various types of work.

We suggest figuring out which gas torch for brazing copper pipes and other purposes can be the best tool among the existing range of equipment. In the article we examined in detail the device and types of such devices. In addition, they gave advice on the choice of gas burners and their application for soldering copper products.

The design of a modern gas burner

Let's start with an analysis of the design features that are characteristic of modern gas burner models.

Equipment in a modern design, designed for economic use, is primarily distinguished by a constructive mini-factor. It is convenient to use, lightweight and, as a rule, equipment that can be dismantled into separate components.

Gas burner set
Portable, disassembled into individual parts - such equipment for the production of soldering copper pipes is really convenient and preferable for work

Such devices are easy to transport by placing, for example, in a standard plumbing box or in a locksmith bag.

Devices are traditionally equipped with removable mini-cylinders filled with a special gas mixture, which ensures a high operating temperature and an even (stable) flame output.

Most designs are endowed with an incendiary element, which provides ignition of the device with one movement of the hand.

To control the flame, the design of smooth change of gas pressure (gear) is used, due to which it is possible to adjust the optimal soldering mode.

There are burners with direct connection of the cylinder to the nozzle, and there is a version where a hose passage is provided.

Piezo ignition and gas burner gearbox
The piezo ignition system and the smooth adjustment gear allow you to set the required flame shape to perform the soldering work, taking into account the high quality result

It should be noted the versatility of household gas spray burners. In other words, such devices can be used not only specifically for soldering pipes, but also for other tasks. For example, a burner is perfectly acceptable to use as a tourist accessory.

Varieties of gas appliances

There is a fairly wide range of gas soldering devices that can be logically divided into types depending on the operating temperature.

According to this criterion, the appliances are domestic, where the heating rate reaches a maximum of 1500 ° C, and professional - with a working temperature above 1500 ° C.

Portable burner
According to the design, the burners may have an elongated nozzle or a shorter one. Also, some models are equipped with a flexible hose for connecting to the cylinder

The type of connection also varies.

Distinguish cylinders:

  • threaded;
  • collet;
  • pierced.

The fuel tank can be refillable or disposable.

As for fuel, depending on the power source, the burners use propane, MAPP gas, oxygen gas, multi-fuel. The latter option is not used for soldering copper tubes, but it is very convenient in everyday life, especially when hiking. Although masters consider such burners to be less reliable.

Below, we consider in more detail each of the mentioned types of gas equipment using a different type of fuel.

View # 1 - Propane Burners

A propane tool provides efficient production of work aimed at heating, smelting, soldering metals of a relatively small mass. The thickness of the working metal is usually 2-9 mm.

As a rule, the base of a propane burner is made on the basis of brass. The nozzle design is made of high temperature metal, usually stainless steel.

Propane Soldering Torch
Propane burners - equipment for soldering, as well as other works associated with high-temperature heating. This type of soldering equipment, quite popular, is actively used in practice.

For the most part, these are devices with manual adjustment of the flame by means of a control "gear" - a regulator located on the nozzle, which goes to the nozzle. Propane burners give a flame temperature of 1300 ° C.

View # 2 - devices for MAPP gas

Gas burners, designed for MAPP gas supply, are successfully used for various purposes related to the processing of metals, in particular copper.

Possible operations with metal:

  • heating;
  • annealing;
  • melting;
  • soldering.

The used gas mixture “Methylacetylene-Propadiene-Propane" contains several ingredients, which ensures increased thermal power.

MAPP gas burner
Soldering tool for copper and other metals. The design, in this case, is based on the formation of a high-temperature flame by feeding and burning a mixture of MAPP

This type of burner is characterized by a good flame shape, high heat flux intensity.

The maximum flame temperature is 2400 ° C, which demonstrates improved temperature efficiency compared to propane devices.

View # 3 - gas-oxygen apparatus

Another type of apparatus for soldering, smelting, welding, heating, where the working source of energy is a mixture of gas and oxygen.

A design feature is the supply of individual components of the mixture with the same pressure (0.5-1 ATI). Therefore, such burners are equipped with a special gearbox.

Oxygen burner design
The gas-oxygen version of the burner is a design with which it is possible to achieve very high heating temperatures, which means soldering in such cases when other devices are unsuitable

Oxy-fuel devices support the use of various oxy-fuel mixtures.

This factor allows you to get a wide range of flame temperatures:

  • acetylene - 3260 ° C,
  • hydrogen - 2680 ° C,
  • propane - 2640 ° C,
  • butane - 2760 ° C.

Design air burner provides a stable, evenly directed flame, which positively affects the quality of soldering.

View # 4 - multi-fuel gas burners

Multi-fuel designs are compact, small-sized, equipped with additional devices, for example, a heat reflector or wind protection.

Multi-fuel gas burner
The design of gas burners, where the so-called multi-fuel is used, technologically exclude the production of copper soldering. However, this is a convenient tool for household needs.

A variety of gas burners, which are structurally different in that they are designed for the use of different types of fuel:

  • petrol;
  • diesel fuel;
  • kerosene;,
  • alcohol and the like

Devices for the most part are represented by an economic tool convenient for tourism purposes, as well as for the production of various household works related to heating.

A sufficiently high thermal power of up to 3000 W ensures the heating of 1 liter of water in just 3 minutes, the parameter in the characteristics is 3.0-4.5 minutes.

Popular Copper Soldering Methods

Based on the dimension (mass, volume) of the junction, as well as depending on the conditions of use and operation, soldering methods can be divided into two popular options.

In practice, most often used:

  • soft solder - mp = 250 ° C maximum;
  • solder - mp = 900 ° C maximum.

Accordingly, based on the conditions put forward, the corresponding gas burner is selected for soldering.

Soft solder for brazing copper
Soft solder in coils, made in the form of a wire with a diameter of 1-3 mm, is well suited for soldering by beginners. There are two types of soft solders - 1S and 3S

Traditionally used burner connection technique for copper soldering based on specified technology.


  1. Connected Sites copper pipes thoroughly cleaned (with sandpaper, brush), are degreased using solvent chemicals.
  2. If you need a precise connection, the articulated parts are fixed in position using temporary fasteners. Better to use clamps.
  3. Next, a special flux is used - a solution that processes the joint area - usually with the brush included in the flux kit.
  4. The next step is the use of a gas burner and evenly heat up the soldering area until the moment when the flux applied to the surface acquires a dark color.
  5. The solder (soft or hard, depending on the choice) is introduced into the soldering point until the entire soldering area is completely covered by molten solder.

The method of soldering copper, when a low-temperature (soft) solder is used, is considered more practical and especially for work performed by unprofessional (own) hands.

The preference is explained by the fact that due to the use of a burner with a low flame temperature, a lay person has less risk of burning metal.

Brazing Solder
Copper brazing alloys are well suited for capillary-gap brazing, a method often used in the installation of refrigeration equipment copper pipes

Low-temperature solders, of course, provide a less reliable connection from a mechanical point of view, but such soldering is much easier and simpler than soldering with high-temperature solders. The latter option requires accumulated professional experience and good equipment.

Best Burner Tips

The choice of a burner is a difficult issue, given the proposed number of tools on the commercial market and modern manufacturing techniques for gas burners.

Therefore, the term “best”, in this case, should probably be attributed not so much directly to the tool - a burner for home brazing of copper pipes, but to those conditions of work that are expected.

However, if you select a specific device for each individual condition, it’s not long to go broke, literally. And therefore, it is logical to consider the universal design the best burner. A striking example of universality is, for example, the apparatus of the company Castolin - model CT27.

Manual gas burner
Bernzomatic soldering machine, popular among masters of different levels, is one of the options for a good choice, which ensures the production of work of varying complexity

Among the popular firms supplying high-quality gas equipment for brazing copper, in addition to Bernzomatic and Castolin should be mentioned such asFOLLOWDAYREXFlame gun, Energy, Rexant, Rothenberger. By the way, the products of the last mentioned brand have a rather high price tag.

In addition to the manufacturer, when choosing the optimal device for soldering, it is advisable for beginners to look at the characteristics. If the burner can be used in almost any version of the work, including the connection of copper pipes and other actions, then a similar model can be taken.

Another criterion is the type of power and flame adjustment. It is good if the portable design you like for brazing copper is designed to be powered by SAS / Pro or MAPP / Pro cylinders and can provide fine adjustment and fixation of the flame.

Inexpensive Flame Gun Burner
The weight of the apparatus plays an equally important role - for example, a good option is a burner weighing about 400 grams, which, moreover, is specially adapted for soldering in any position

As for the configuration, the burner for a beginner in the matter of brazing copper should be equipped with at least three different tips:

  • standard;
  • cyclone;
  • super cyclone.

Such a set of tips will allow you to process the points of soldered joints of various configurations and to form beautiful inconspicuous seams.

Here, in fact, approximately according to this principle, you should select the device for soldering. The modern market offers great opportunities for choosing the right burner.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video material about various types of hand-held soldering tools, mobile, universal, etc. Informative enough movie recommended for viewing:

A copper soldering tool - a gas burner - is a rather specific equipment, from among the tools that are required only in certain cases, except for professional activities.

Its acquisition for the performance of a one-time work can hardly be considered a rational matter. It is more practical to borrow the device for a while, for example, to rent, but for this you need to know what a gas burner is and how to use it correctly.

Looking for a high quality gas torch for brazing copper pipes? Or have experience using such equipment? Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. The contact form is located below.

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