About the project - website editors and contact information

“engineer.decorexpro.com/en/” is a modern information portal on construction and repair with a specialization in the niche of construction communications. Our task is to provide you with all the necessary, complete and reliable information about this area.

The portal includes up-to-date information on innovations in the construction industry, step-by-step instructions for performing various types of work in the house and at the cottage, author's master classes, ratings of household appliances, as well as recommendations for choosing tools and materials.

All articles published on the site are professionally tested by experts with higher education and experience in the construction industry. We also try to attract them in order to give qualified answers to your questions on the forum and in the comments to the articles.

Content Production Department
Julia Kuzmina

Chief Editor. Planning and distribution of responsibilities in the content production team, work with texts


Svetlana Guseva

Corrector Editor. Proofreading, proofreading, preparation of texts for subsequent publication


Natalya Nazarova

Content editor. Communication with the team of authors, work with texts, proofreading and checking articles


Fedor Frolov

The main content manager. Layout of pages, selection of photo and video materials for articles


Alexander Vasilchenko

Content manager. Design and layout of pages, work with photos and video materials


Oleg Rogozin

Content manager. Design, layout and publication of new articles


Expert consultants
Amir Gumarov

The 2-in-1 specialist is an engineer and economist. Works as a capital construction manager

Evgenia Kravchenko

Civil engineer with many years of experience Production Costing Specialist

Vasily Borutsky

Specialist in the design and installation of general engineering communications systems

Alexey Dedyulin

Specialist in the design and installation of HVAC and heating equipment

Nikolay Fedorenko

Expert in the field of arrangement of sewer systems and water supply systems

Join our expert team
It requires an electrician-savvy specialist to test articles and answer readers' questions. Payment is piecework.
Technical specialists
Denis Berdiev

Semantics. Designing the structure and semantic core of the project.

Pavel Linur

Web developer. Custom solutions programming and layout.

Dmitry a.k.a. Dimox

Web developer. Layout and optimization of the site code.

Stepan Losenkov

Web Designer.Designing a UX | UI site and subsequent rendering of the layout.

If you want to get advice from one of the specialists, then it’s better to create a new topic on forum, by mail we do not provide advice.