Electrolux Geyser Troubleshooting: Diagnosing Popular Breakdowns and Troubleshooting

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Geysers of the company Electrolux are in demand all over the world, however, even the highest quality equipment has to be repaired sooner or later. The most common troubleshooting for a gas water heater Electrolux afford even those who do not have experience in the field of repair.

It would not be a bad idea to fix the column on your own and save on the call of the master, right? But how to diagnose the cause of the breakdown and what to do next? We will talk about all this in this publication - we will consider the popular malfunctions of a gas water heater of the Electrolux brand, the procedure for determining the causes and ways to restore operability. For clarity, the material of the article will be provided with photos and thematic videos.

Overview of popular speaker failures

Geysers of the Electrolux brand are highly reliable, but their owners also face a number of problems, which we will discuss in more detail. Some of them can be diagnosed and eliminated on their own, and to repair individual breakdowns, you will need to contact specialists. With an independent diagnosis, home craftsmen will come to the aid of the manufacturer's instructions, which comes complete with any geyser.

Now let's talk about popular faults, possible causes of their occurrence and methods of elimination.

Problem # 1 - column does not turn on

If you do not turn on the household gas column of the Electrolux company, do not rush to immediately call the master. For starters, you can try to determine the cause yourself.

So, often the problem is commonplace lack of gas. Some users forget to turn on the gas.In this case, everything will work as soon as the gas supply valve is opened.

Appearance of the column Electrolux
Geysers are very convenient in everyday life, because they do not take up much space, but they are able to provide quick heating of water

Another popular reason is overlap pipeline through which water is supplied. After you open the water supply, the gas column will work as before.

In some cases, the problem is battery powered. Perhaps they are installed incorrectly or have already sat down. In this case, you need to check the batteries and make sure that they are installed correctly and nothing is confused, or replace dead batteriesif the need arose.

Problem # 2 - Water Heats Too Low

This malfunction may be due to insufficient gas pressure. It is enough to increase the duct with the regulator.

Often the water heats poorly due to the fact that the water supply is set to maximum. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the flow rate using the same regulator.

Problem # 3 - the burner does not work or goes out

If your burner does not light up and, accordingly, the gas column does not work in normal mode Electrolux, then first you need to carefully check the chimney duct. Most often, the problem lies in the chimney. Garbage could get into it. Because of this, the protection systems turn on, after which the gas supply is shut off.

Column burner does not work
In order to repair a wall-mounted gas column, you first have to remove the housing by unscrewing the fasteners

If clogging is detected, chimney the pipe. This is a difficult task, but you can do this work yourself. Otherwise, you have to call a specialist.

Another reason is weak pipeline pressure. You need to check the water pressure in all taps. It is possible that the cause of the breakdown lies in the poor operation of the general water supply network. By increasing the flow of water, you will get rid of this problem.

Defective water unit

Also, the burners in the column often go out due to a breakdown of the water unit. This problem is one of the most common. Typically, the cause of the breakdown is associated with membrane wear, filter clogging, and plaque formation. To search and eliminate, you have to disassemble the unit, clean everything, replace the membrane if necessary.

Water column assembly
A water unit is another “weak link” in the construction of a gas column. But it is easy to disassemble it with your own hands and identify the cause of the breakdown

Quite often, it is the formation of plaque that causes the breakdown of the water unit. A plaque appears on the stem of the water block. Over time, it also leads to wiping the gland.

Sometimes plaque is formed due to poor-quality water. A similar problem will haunt you all the time if you cannot improve the quality of the water used in the gas column. To solve this problem, you can set filters.

The geyser constantly goes out

If the column lights up and then goes off immediately, you must adjust the water supply mode - both cold and hot. Do not turn on cold water at the same time as hot water. It is necessary to use the regulator to set the water temperature so that the column will work again in normal mode.

Ignitor may go out due to the fact that the device solenoid valve defective. Often problems arise due to oxidation of contacts or thermocouple breakdown.

Geyser igniter
The figure shows the igniter of the household gas column of the Electrolux company. The cause of its malfunction may be the solenoid valve.

A faulty system thermostat can also have the same effect as a broken one. gas valve.

It is often impossible to set the ignitor on fire after installing the gas handle. This problem occurs due to improper installation of the spark plug. Also, it can be any pollution. In this case, the candle must be cleaned and reinstall in a different position.

Problem # 4 - popping sounds when turned on

Claps are another pressing issue that bothers so many users. Usually the reason for popping is because the draft in the chimney is too weak. A variant with a faulty ignition moderator is also possible. It is best replaced with a new one.

If we are talking about a geyser equipped with a wick, then the cause of the malfunction lies in the incorrect position of the wick flame.

Also, discharged power supplies can also cause pops. They have to be replaced. Testing will not be superfluous microswitches in the water block (if you press it with your hand, there must be a spark) and check the position of the spark plug.

Problem # 5 - heat exchanger breakdown

The heat exchanger often breaks due to the fact that the user of the gas column does not comply operating rules equipment. Common causes of radiator failure are the formation of scale deposits inside the tubes and small cracks on the outside.

You can get rid of scale by washing the heat exchanger with special tools, and cracks (they are also called "fistulas") on copper tubes can be tried solder with a gas burner.

Column heat exchanger
Violation of the gas column operating rules may cause the heat exchanger to break down. In this case, if repair of this structural element is not possible, it will be replaced with a new one. What will cost by no means cheap

It can also fail after an illiterate gas valve setting. In this case, you need to study the instructions and correctly configure the operation of this element.

Each geyser model has its own characteristics, so you need to look for the cause of the problem in each individual case.

Problem # 6 - the smell of gas in the room

The smell of gas is the most unpleasant problem that poses a threat to health. The cause of the smell is a gas leak. It is necessary to immediately turn off the water heater and ventilate the room. It will not be superfluous to contact the Ministry of Emergencies.

And although most of these failures can be eliminated independently, however, do not take on too much. For example, do not underestimate the threat posed by gas poisoning. It is recommended to regularly inspect the gas column for damage and malfunctions. And if you find a problem, immediately contact the gas service. So you save yourself not only nerves, but also health.

How to avoid typical breakdowns?

Those who observe the simplest safety rules when operating gas-powered equipment will not have to worry about the technical condition of their column.

Electrolux column in the kitchen
The geyser is installed in a room that can be regularly ventilated. This requirement is mandatory, otherwise the gas service will not issue permission to connect the column

The simplest tips will help prevent typical breakdowns:

  • The gas water heater must be installed out of the reach of children. Otherwise, the child will ruin the equipment or be injured.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the door in the room where the equipment is installed. There should be a gap (2 cm) under the door. This will be enough for ventilation.
  • Directly during the operation of the column, it is desirable to open the window, if in the room where it is installed, such an opportunity is provided.
  • If your column is in a room that is not heated (for example, at a seasonal dacha), then in winter all remaining water should be removed from the column.
  • Some parts of the construction of the gas column are very hot, so it is dangerous to touch them - you can get a burn.
  • In no case should you tie clotheslines to gas pipes and dry them on clothes. Access to gas pipes should be extremely easy.

If you use the column for a long time, then you need to regularly check the draft of the chimney.

Traction check
In order to check the draft at home, just bring a match to the chimney and determine the presence of air flow. This will be apparent from the movement of the flame.

Adjustment of a geyser Electrolux

First you need to come to terms with the fact that the installation of the column must be entrusted to a specialist. If you install this equipment yourself, then in the service center you may be denied warranty service, as many manufacturers warn.

There are requirements for rooms in which it is allowed to install a gas column. The area of ​​such a premises should not be less than 12 square meters. m. Ceiling height - not less than 2.2 m. There should be windows or windows that open. If you do not have such a room, then installing a gas column is not allowed.

However, many problems arise precisely due to insufficient installation and adjustment of the gas column, so you should carefully monitor the work of the installation manager. If it seems to you that it ignores the rules described inSNiP 2.04.08-87 then you should call another specialist to install gas columns.

The very first launch is possible only in the presence of an inspector from the gas service. It is forbidden to independently connect the speakers, as described in Section 88 (1)VIII Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation N 410 dated 05/14/2013 (updated on 01/01/2019) "On measures to ensure safety when using ... gas equipment". This must be done by a qualified person.

Correct column setup

Often, breakdowns appear after illiterate equipment setup. In order to adjust the operating mode of the equipment, you must use the display, which is equipped with almost all speakers Electrolux. This display is connected to a sensor that monitors water temperature.

Geyser display
All modern gas stoves “Electrolux” are equipped with a display, which displays all the important information regarding the operation of the water heater, including water temperature and battery level, if the model involves their use

In order to change the power, you need to change the intensity of the fire. The display with indicators will help you with this. In some geysers Electrolux (with modulation of the flame) you need to set the desired temperature for heating the water. It is in this way that the operation of the equipment is adjusted. After that, the power of the burner will change.

Remember that you can only adjust the temperature in the indicated way. If you mix cold water with hot water, then only exacerbate the situation and ruin the gas column.

Gas equipment cleaning

You can avoid many breakdowns with regular maintenance and cleaning of individual structural elements of the column that are most susceptible to contamination. In the gas columns of this manufacturer, such details include a burner and a heat exchanger.

Burner jets are often clogged by soot, and limescale often appears inside the heat exchanger. Outside the heat exchanger, carbon deposits can be seen.

Performing column cleanup
Cleaning the column heat exchanger with an acid-containing solution can be done on its own. It is best to clean the gas column in the open air

You can clean the device yourself only if the warranty has already expired. Otherwise, you should call the service center, because during the warranty period, specialists will remove all pollution free of charge.

If the warranty has already expired, then you need to remove the column cover, remove the heat exchanger and remove the burner. The tubes inside can be washed with conventional chemistry, and the radiator fins on the outside with a normal solution (soap). It is recommended to clean the burner with an awl made of metal.

Geyser Security System

Each column issued by “Electrolux“, Equipped with a multi-level security system.It is designed to prevent gas and water leaks. During the increase in pressure, the protection system should operate and the column should be turned off.

Of all the malfunctions, the greatest threat is damage that leads to a gas leak, so it is recommended to give preference to models with the automatic shutdown function. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the causes of the gas column explosion.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What to do if the Electrolux brand column does not turn on at low water pressure:

DIY repair recommendations for the “Electrolux” brand speaker:

Typical connection of geysers “Electrolux” in the following video:

And although the repair of any geyser Electrolux You can do it yourself, you should not do this if the warranty period has not yet expired.

Particular attention should be paid to breakdowns that lead to a gas leak. This is extremely dangerous - in such a situation it would be right to seek qualified help. In other cases, repairs can be done on their own..

Do you know almost everything about breakdowns, their diagnostics and remedies and want to share useful information with other users? Or would you like to supplement the above list of faults with another, no less popular one, which we did not mention? Write your comments in the box below.

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