How to hide a geyser in the kitchen: the best ways to disguise + safety requirements

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For many users, a gas water heater is the optimal way to an uninterrupted supply of hot water all year round at any time of the day. But often it becomes an obstacle to creating a stylish and harmonious interior in the kitchen.

Do not know how to place a bulky unit without spoiling the appearance of the walls, without compromising the convenience and safety of households? Then we propose to study our material, which details aspects of this issue.

We will talk about how to hide a gas column in the kitchen and show photos with the best ideas. We also recall the generally accepted safety rules that are mandatory when installing and moving the device.

Rules for safe installation of a gas column

When a large-scale redevelopment is planned, a radical transfer or installation of a gas heater in an apartment for the first time, one cannot do without obtaining appropriate permits from gas services. The complexity of the coordination is determined by the range of "moving" and the place chosen for mounting the column.

A transfer project is prepared if the device is transferred more than 1.5 meters from the previous installation area. On average, it takes up to several months to obtain official permission. We also recommend that you pay attention to the rules. gas pipe transfer.

Since the geyser is a potentially dangerous device and requires extremely careful handling in everyday life, we will talk in more detail about the general rules and requirements regarding installation.

Installation of the column by the gas service officer
Almost any manipulation with the device needs to be agreed with the regulatory authorities.It is not necessary to coordinate actions only in two cases: if the unit has already been installed, it remains in the same place or is replaced by a similar one

Installation Requirements

The location of the appliance in the kitchen is limited by rigid frames. It is strictly forbidden to install the unit above the sink, refrigerator, gas stove. The minimum distance between them is 1 meter.

Access to the geyser should be as free as possible. This will provide quality service and the ability to inspect the device if necessary.

In addition, you cannot mount the device too low or high. It is advisable that the burner is at eye level or at least in range.

Installation of the column above the sink in a small apartment
For residents of small-sized apartments, the kitchen area of ​​which does not exceed 6 m², an exception is provided: they can hang a column above the sink

Recommended Height:

  • from the floor to the bottom surface of the device - 0.8-1.2 m;
  • from the top surface to the ceiling - from 0.3 m;
  • from the side panel to the wall - at least 0.15 m;
  • from the front panel to the opposite wall - from 1 m.

It is better not to trim the walls near the column with wallpaper and plastic panels. The surface on which the installation is supposed to be carried out must be covered with non-combustible materials. The same rule applies to all panels used to mask the device.

Required Space Requirements

A gas water heater is installed in houses with a height of not more than 11 floors. Gas workers insist on installation within the kitchen, but subject to a number of additional requirements, installation in the bathroom is now possible.

But in the kitchen-studio, combining two rooms in the apartment with redevelopment, they will not be allowed to mount the column. According to the law, the space in which the gas water heater is installed cannot be part of the living room.

Many neglect this rule, explaining their decision by the fact that no one is sleeping in the living room. However, from a security point of view, this is considered a gross violation.

Plastic windows with micro-ventilation function
In the room where the column works, you can not overdo it with waterproofing and window insulation. If plastic window constructions are installed in the apartment, they must have a micro-ventilation function

Basic requirements for the room in which the column will be installed:

  • the presence of a high-quality, not clogged ventilation system with a natural air flow;
  • the diameter of the circumference of the ventilation hole - not less than 0.12 m;
  • sufficient area - 6.5-8 m², but specific parameters depend on the type of burner;
  • ceiling height - not less than 2 m.

To obtain permission to install or change the position of the gas heater, it is necessary to prepare a certified act on the condition of the chimney, a data sheet of the device itself. You will also need an installation project and a document confirming the ownership of the housing.

In more detail about the norms and requirements for installing a gas column we spoke in our other article.

Gas leak detector in a room with a column
Compliance with the requirements for the room and place of installation of the column will significantly increase the level of safety of family members. However, in order to foresee all the risks and completely eliminate the likelihood of accidents, it is worth installing a gas leak detector in the room

Installation gas pipes, installation, connection and first start-up of the device should be carried out exclusively by professionals. After all work has been completed, gas service employees issue an act of commissioning.

Geyser masking ideas

In the search for solutions on how to effectively mask a gas column, you need to adapt to the limitations and requirements mentioned above. Aesthetics should not jeopardize security issues. In addition, inspectors will reject the wrong location and write a fine for it at the first inspection.

We suggest that you consider the best concealment methods, taking into account all the nuances of installation described in SNiP.

Method # 1 - painting in the color of the walls or headset

Inexpensive to implement, the stylish and easiest way to integrate the column into the interior is to choose the right model or paint an existing unit to match the walls, furniture, individual elements of the interior. Visually merging with the background of the kitchen, the device will become almost invisible regardless of location.

To design the column, you need to purchase chalk paint, heat-resistant enamel or an acrylic spray can of a suitable shade. Before painting, it is necessary to dismantle the removable panels of the device, sand them and coat with a primer, then dry well.

White column on a white kitchen background
Design solutions embodied in black or white colors look very original: a black column on a black wall, a white water heater on a white surface. So the headset seems to be one
Contrast design of the gas column
Among the spectacular design techniques are solutions based on the contrast of colors. For example, the walls, countertop and sink in the kitchen are white, and the column, kitchen furniture and refrigerator are black, contrasting with the rest of the details

To paint the case is the color of the wall, apron, facade or any color accents in the room. You need to try not to abuse too bright colors, take into account the theme and the general color scheme of the kitchen. Otherwise, the design will not be organically combined with the interior.

Method # 2 - closing with a kitchen set or panel

When choosing the best concealment methods, many are interested in whether it is possible to put a household gas column in a cabinet. It would seem that this is the most convenient and aesthetic option. But there are many pitfalls in it.

In this case, in order not to violate safety precautions, additional measures must be taken.

Column closure with perforated facade
Alternatively, you can close the column with a perforated facade. Through the holes in such a headset, adequate ventilation is provided, creating the right traction. The device is clearly visible, which makes it easier to control the process of its functioning

For the installation of a geyser, a hinged kitchen cabinet without the lower, rear and upper walls should be used.

If you are in doubt whether it is possible to cover a domestic geyser with a continuous facade, we will help dispel doubts. So, it is impossible to close the unit with an open combustion chamber with a continuous facade: combustion in it is supported by natural ventilation, which is forbidden to block. Only side and front panels are allowed. The niche should be significantly larger than the water heater.

Disguising a column behind a slate board
Some design projects use very interesting, non-standard methods of masking geysers in the kitchen. For example, in one of the projects, the unit was closed with a slate board, leaving a place for ventilation from above, below and on the sides

According to fire safety rules, the panels in the cabinet must be made of fire-resistant materials that are especially resistant to fire. It is important that the front door opens quickly and easily.

Instead of the opening door, blinds or blinds can be installed. The recommended distance between the side walls of the cabinet and the instrument panels is 0.15 m.

It is possible to close the gas column with a kitchen cabinet with a continuous facade only if the appliance is equipped with a closed combustion chamber. However, in order to avoid problems in the future, it is better to coordinate such an installation project with the local gas service in advance.

Method # 3 - installation between cabinets

An alternative option for installing in a cabinet is to place a speaker between the objects of the headset. This method of masking is quite practical and does not require additional costs.

The option is optimal if for some reason there is no way to integrate the device into the headset. For example, it did not fit in height or could not pick up the facade of the required width.

Mounting the speaker between the cabinets
The column between the cabinets will be less noticeable if the color of the unit body matches the color of the facade. The main thing is to ensure a safe distance between the furniture doors and the instrument panels.

With this method of placement, you can leave the column open or close it with a door constructed of materials identical to the facade. Such a door is mounted on lockers adjacent to the unit. For normal ventilation, additional holes are made in it.

Method # 4 - placing the device in the corner

Masking the column is possible not only by playing with colors or embedding in the headset. Sometimes for this it’s enough just to choose a good location. For example, move the gas water heater to a corner.

Corner column placement
Moving the column into the corner is the best solution for owners of Khrushchev’s houses and modest sizes. With this arrangement, the device is visible only from certain angles, especially if the model does not stand out very much against furniture and walls

There are several variations of the angular placement of the column. Firstly, you can close it with a special corner cabinet, observing the same rules as when installing a conventional box.

Secondly, you can deploy the device end. At the same time, it will practically not be evident.

Method # 5 - transferring the unit to the corridor

It happens that the area of ​​the kitchen is so small that it sorely lacks space not only for household appliances, but also for ordinary kitchen utensils. In this case, it is worth thinking about moving the gas column to the corridor.

This radical manipulation is rather troublesome and possible only after coordination with the gas service.

In this case, the corridor should:

  • to be tall - ceiling height of at least 2.25 m;
  • have enough width - the distance between the front panel of the column housing and the opposite wall is at least 1 m;
  • ventilate - hole diameter of at least 0.125 m.

In some cases, you can get permission to move the column to the bathroom if it meets the regulated safety standards. Gas workers may have complaints about the small area and the lack of an opening window in the room, but these nuances often turn a blind eye.

Method # 6 - decorating / buying a designer model

Perhaps the easiest and most time-consuming way to integrate into the interior is to decorate the gas column. It is rather not a disguise, but a harmonious complement to the overall design. The procedure will not require permits from regulatory authorities and will not be difficult to implement for creative people.

Decoration of the column with magnets
When designing the column design, it is worth using a variety of decorative elements: decorate the unit with magnets brought from travels, family photos printed on magnetic vinyl

As a decor for the design of a gas column, you can use:

  • art painting;
  • painting;
  • decoupage;
  • vinyl stickers;
  • drawings and ornaments made through stencils.

With a successful decor, the column will become a full-fledged, stylish piece of furniture. The main thing is to have a good taste and connect imagination. For example, if you paint the device with stylus, you can write a menu on it, draw, leave messages.

An example of a harmonious interior in the kitchen
When decorating the column, it is important to choose the right style and harmonious combination of colors that would suit the tone of furniture, walls and interior items in the kitchen

An even simpler but more expensive option is to buy designer models that do not need “camouflage”. Such columns are ordered under the style of the kitchen, choosing the necessary color of the case, decor and even the shape of the product.

Typically, design technique is performed in the styles of hi-tech, modern. It involves installation in a conspicuous place, since in itself it deserves to be a central element of the interior.

Have you thought about buying a speaker with the right body color? Then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with selection criteriaso that the purchase does not disappoint you.

Stylistic design of the room with a column

Those who plan to carry out a large-scale upgrade of kitchen decoration and implement a certain style of interior decoration in the room should think in advance about how a gas water heater will look in the new conditions.

We recommend that you pay attention to the following styling options:

  1. Provence. Ideal for small kitchens. It implies a combination of white facades with a column of the same color. Allows the presence of still lifes, floral arrangements, which may be present as a pattern on the front of the column.
  2. Loft. The general style idea is the open placement of a gas heater and communication pipes. To make the device better fit into the loft style, you should remodel the case for a high-tech device.
  3. Country. It involves the use of a delicate color palette. The color of the column case in this case does not play a role, since it is closed with a cabinet with a facade of blue, peach or white.

For rooms with geysers, rustic, industrial, Mediterranean styles, rustic are also suitable.

Modern style kitchen interior with column
In most popular styles, the water heater is not hidden, but is positioned as an authentic attribute, a full decoration of the interior. Provided that it is correctly designed, this option for placing the column looks especially impressive

To achieve a more complete correspondence to the general design idea, the gas column is often decorated with additional thematic elements.

Communication masking methods

In addition to the gas heater itself, camouflage also requires a lot of communications brought to the device. We are talking about a chimney, water and gas pipes, hoses and other structures necessary for the operation of the device. As a rule, they do not look very aesthetically pleasing.

It is better to decide on the methods of masking communications at the stage of ordering furniture or planning repairs. The easiest and budget option - paint the pipes to match the walls. You can also close the hoses with special masking panels, which are usually supplied with the column.

If there are no such panels in the kit, they are made independently using drywall. But you need to take into account that the box should not be deaf, easily removable, have an inspection hatch.

Masking pipes with a removable kitchen apron
Due to many limitations and requirements, many leave the main pipe open from the column. To make it less noticeable, experts recommend installing the device near the chimney. Gas pipes can be covered with a removable apron

In apartments where the gas line is arranged along the kitchen apron, pipes are hidden using a railing system. This is a metal structure designed for fastening shelves or hooks for kitchen accessories.

Another original option for masking communication pipes is decoration with bamboo panels. More ideas for disguising a gas pipe in the kitchen were discussed in the article: How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen: camouflage methods and rules for installing the box.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Useful tips for disguising a gas water heater in the kitchen:

One of the ideas on how to hide the column and pipes in the kitchen:

Instructions for masking pipes on a kitchen apron:

Striving for visual perfection in the design of the interior, do not forget about safety. This is the key point that you need to focus on when choosing the appropriate option for masking the speakers in the kitchen.

Use only legal methods, follow generally accepted installation rules and be sure to coordinate the nuances with the gas services. If in doubt, consult a specialist who will tell you how best to hide the device specifically in your case.

Want to talk about your way to mask a gas water heater? Or supplement the above material with interesting ideas that we have not mentioned? Add original photos, write recommendations, participate in discussions - the feedback form is located below.

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