Which is better - a gas water heater or an electric water heater? Comparison of the main parameters

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Do you live in a house where hot water is constantly turned off or is it not originally provided? Agree that living in such conditions is very unpleasant. In this case, you need to purchase and install additional equipment for heating water, which will save you from this problem. Today the most popular are gas water heaters and electric water heaters.

Can't decide which is better geyser or electric water heater? We will help you solve this problem - the article discusses the features of each of these types of equipment, and also provides a comparative review of the important parameters that are crucial when choosing a water heater.

Geysers and their features

Today, a gas water heater will not surprise anyone. This is a fairly popular equipment that is used everywhere. If in the past it was very large and nondescript, today these devices differ in relatively small dimensions, as well as a stylish design.

However, the principle of operation of gas columns remained the same as before. What does it consist of?

Cold water entering the heat exchanger is heated using natural gas. The main advantage of this heating technology is that even a very large volume of water can be heated extremely quickly.

To read more about the principle of operation and the arrangement of the column, please go this link.

Stylish boiler in an equally stylish interior
Many people cannot imagine even one day of their life without hot water. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones once and for all, it is worth installing a water heater

Another undoubted advantage that made gas water heaters an ideal option for most buyers is the low price of natural gas.The high performance of gas water heaters has allowed them to conquer most of the market in recent years.

In open sales you can find gas water heaters of both domestic and foreign production, however, those who would like to purchase 100% high-quality equipment should prefer products of famous world brands. Among them, we can note the equipment of companies Electrolux, Neva, Oasis, Bosch and Ariston, although many other manufacturers have also worked well. More about the best geysers we talked about in the next ranking.

Typical gas boiler
If you live in an old house where there is always no hot water, then a gas water heater is your best friend. It is enough to choose your favorite model and agree on installation with a specialist

The models of columns that can be found on sale differ in the way of ignition. Ignition can be either automatic or semi-automatic. With automatic ignition, the device starts to work directly during the opening of the mixer tap. To start the equipment with semi-automatic ignition, you have to use the manual ignition of the wick.

Modern geysers are equipped with both convenient and fairly informative displays, and a variety of indicators. This additional equipment greatly simplifies the gas column management process.

It is worth noting that the speakers, like boilers, are atmospheric (chimney) and turbocharged (chimneyless). If the first type of equipment uses natural air flow and its discharge into the chimney, then in the second - these processes are forced. The turbine is a built-in fan, which is used for the fastest discharge of air into the combustion chamber. A turbine is also needed for the outflow of combustion products from the chamber.

Briefly about electric water heaters

An electric water heater consists of a water heating controller, as well as a tubular heater and a thermally insulated tank. Water entering the tank is gradually heated and consumed. Models of some manufacturers are equipped with additional equipment.

Standard electric water heater
An electric water heater is the best assistant for those who are afraid of gas equipment. However, this equipment is unlikely to please those who already pay too much for electricity.

The principle of operation of the electric heater depends on what type it belongs to. There are flowing and funded water heaters.

Boilers come with “wet” and “dry” heating elements. The first type (“wet”) is a standard heating element in direct contact with water. Unfortunately, often this leads to corrosion and reduced performance.

“Dry” heating elements are located in a special design, the surface of which is covered with thermal enamel. Such an unusual solution has made this equipment much more durable.

Electric water heaters often buy both a residential house and an industrial facility to supply hot water. Since the heating elements operate in automatic mode, you can easily maintain a certain temperature mode, and periodic heating will help save electricity. A compact version - tap changer - Set in the kitchen cottages or in houses temporarily residing.

Also, modern models are equipped with special thermally insulated tanks, so during heating, energy consumption is minimized. Especially popular are models equipped with a stainless steel flask. They are more durable and reliable.

Spare parts for boiler
Even if the boiler fails, it can be repaired by the forces at home. You just need to find the right parts and carry out repairs

Comparison of geysers and electric heaters

To determine which type of water heater is better to choose, gas or electric, the conditions in which they will be used must be taken into account.Each type of device for heating water has both its advantages and disadvantages. Next, we will conduct a comparative analysis of the columns and electric boilers for the main parameters that are important when choosing.

Criterion # 1 - equipment dimensions

The main advantage of the geyser is compactness. This is extremely important for those who are going to install it in a fairly cramped room. However, small speakers will not satisfy large needs.

Electric water heaters are large enough, so they can hardly be recommended to those who would like to install this device in a small one-room apartment.

Criterion # 2 - water heater performance

But gas water heaters will help provide a large house with hot water in large volumes. Electrical equipment cannot boast the same high heating rate of water and the small amount of time required for heating.

Simple arithmetic: on average, a gas column can heat 17 liters of water per minute, and an electric boiler takes 20 minutes to heat the same volume of water. This is a significant difference that cannot be ignored. For example, to provide a small family with hot water for the whole day, you have to wait 5 hours.

The kitchen as an ideal place for a geyser
Often, buyers install a boiler directly in the kitchen. This is a very reasonable decision. By installing such equipment in a living room, you can completely ruin the interior

Criterion # 3 - the efficiency of devices

Do not forget about profitability. It should be noted that it is difficult to make a comparison on the cost-effectiveness of the equipment due to the different power supplies of gas columns and electric heaters and different prices in the regions.

A wide range of water heaters
In the open sale, you can find dozens of models that have minimal differences from each other. In order to choose the right model, you should carefully study the market

Therefore, in order to find out what is more profitable to install a gas column or electric water heater in your house, you will have to carefully study the prices of electricity and gas.

So, if you live in a region where electricity is very expensive, then it is advisable to pay attention to the gas type of a water heater.

Criterion # 4 - service life and maintenance

Another advantage of geysers is a longer service life.

However, gas equipment is considered more dangerous. It is necessary to regularly check the column, however, doing it yourself is not recommended. You should seek qualified help - a scheduled inspection, inspection and repair will be carried out by specialists of the gas company with which you singed an agreement. Only a specialist can prevent a gas leak.

As for maintenance, the owners can clean the columns themselves. We recommend that you familiarize yourself service methods do it yourself.

The gas column must be connected by a qualified person
The connection of the gas column can only be entrusted to a specialist. Doing installation yourself is not allowed if you have never done it before.

Electrical equipment often has problems. For example, you have to carefully monitor the voltage. If you live in a private house, where problems with power supply are often observed, then you have to buy stabilizer - It will help to avoid problems associated with power surges.

Also, in an electric water heater, it is necessary to constantly remove plaque from the heating element. Otherwise, it can quickly fail and require replacement of TEN.

Criterion # 5 - installation of equipment

Before gas column installation will have to collect an impressive package of documents. Only then can you obtain permission to install, and installation work must be performed by qualified specialists. They will fail the gas pipeline and also make sure that the ventilation system is fully operational.

Otherwise, it is extremely dangerous to use the equipment, and even such a user is threatened by considerable fines for unauthorized connection.

In order to install a gas appliance, you have to buy metal pipes. Geysers are heated much more intensely, so plastic pipes may not withstand the load. We can add that installing a gas column is an extremely difficult task, because gas equipment must be mounted directly to the wall, and the wall itself must be properly prepared.

Boiler room equipment
Do not rush to repair if you do not understand this. First you need to study the internal structure of this equipment

In the case of an electric water heater, everything is much simpler, because during installation work you can use cheap plastic pipes. Everyone will be able to complete the installation of electrical equipment.

You can cope with this task yourself if you have at least general information on how to connect devices to the electric and water supply network. If you already have so few free walls where you could install a water heater, then flowing type of water heater will be the best option.

Criterion # 6 - device security

Geysers are considered more dangerous due to the fact that gas leakage can occur. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the causes of the explosion gas columns.

Electrical equipment can also be harmful, but this happens much less frequently.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

An unambiguous answer on the benefits of buying a gas or electric water heater can only be given the purpose of the purchase of this equipment and the features of the room where it will be installed:

In retail chains, markets and online stores you can find a huge selection of water heaters for every taste and budget. However, the most important thing is to consider the features of the room where you are going to install this equipment. Do not forget about the purpose of the purchase, because if this equipment is only needed for a couple of days in a year when there is no hot water, you should not buy a very powerful boiler.

Do not rush with the purchase - carefully analyze your conditions and needs, and then you can definitely find the right option for yourself and your family members.

What type of water heating equipment did you choose? Share your experience with other visitors to our site, tell us if you are satisfied with your device or think you made a mistake? Express your opinion, participate in the discussion - the comment form is located below.

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