How to choose a micathermic heater: overview of types and selection tips

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Science is constantly evolving. The life of a person with enviable constancy includes a variety of technical innovations that make his life even more comfortable. The family of electric heaters is constantly updated with progressive varieties.

More recently, mica devices have appeared, attracting efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To interested fans of technical innovations, we will tell you how to choose a mycothermal heater. You will learn which criteria must be taken into account without fail and which are not critical.

The list of manufacturers leading in the segment, presented by us, will greatly facilitate the solution of the problem. Our valuable recommendations will help in the operation of the device.

What is a mycothermal heater?

These devices can be considered a novelty in the market of heaters. They appeared thanks to developments in the field of space technology. The basis of the micathermic device was an innovative heating element. Its feature is the use of mica, so this equipment is also called mica.

Today, there are two varieties of such a heating element, respectively, and two types of heaters.

Mycothermal heater
The micatermic heater uses an innovative heating element with synthetic mica. This allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of the device.

Initially, the device was a nickel heating plate, closed on both sides with layers of mica. The latter performed two functions at once: they isolated the heating element and transferred heat.

To increase the efficiency of the device, additional ones made of a special alloy were subsequently added to the main heating element.Thus, second-generation devices have a multilayer structure.

In them between the mica plates and the heating element of Nickel placed the inner and outer additional layers. The function of the first is heat reflection. Thanks to this, the maximum complete return of the infrared spectrum radiation to the surrounding space is achieved.

The second layer provides enhanced thermal fluxes. The result is a more efficient heating element.

The principle of operation of the device is very simple. When you turn on the device, the nickel plate begins to heat up. It transfers heat to mica plates.

The latter, in turn, evenly distribute energy and transmit it in the form of infrared radiation to all nearby objects that begin to heat up. The process is very fast. After turning on the device, the effect of its operation begins to be felt after a few minutes.

The peculiarity of mycatemic heaters is that most of the thermal energy, about 80% of the generated, they transmit in the form of infrared radiation. The remaining 20% ​​comes from heating the air around the device.

The latter value is quite small, so mica heaters can be safely attributed to devices operating via infrared radiation.

Mycothermal heater
The latest generation of mycothermal heaters feature a multi-layer heating element. Additional layers located in front of the mica enhance the reflection of infrared rays and distribute them extremely evenly

Infrared heater: is it dangerous or not?

Micathermic heaters are inherently infrared devices. Many doubt their safety and for this reason refuse to buy. Admittedly, this is unreasonable.

If you compare the effect of the oil heater and infrared, the difference is immediately evident. The first increases the temperature in the room, giving off heat to the air surrounding the device. It heats up, rises, in its place comes chilled.

Thus, the process of heating the room will last long enough until all the air present in it is warmed up. Infrared equipment works differently.

Radiation does not heat the air, but heats the surfaces to which it is directed. It can be large furniture, walls, floors and the like. They heat up very quickly and begin to transfer heat to the air.

It is clear that in this way the room heats up much faster. But is infrared radiation safe for humans? Advertisers cite the Sun as an example and claim that it emits infrared rays that are very beneficial for humans.

This statement is true only in that part that infrared radiation comes from the Sun. But you must understand that it has a completely different wavelength.

Mycothermal heater
The diagram clearly shows the fundamental difference in the operation of conventional and infrared heaters.The latter heat the objects located in front of them, evenly distributing heat throughout the room.

Main advantage infrared heaters lies in the fact that they transfer energy directly to the object with minimal scattering. This is possible only for waves from the middle and short-wave part of the infrared spectrum.

For humans, the longest infrared wave is the safest. It turns out that an infrared heater can be not only useful, but also harmful.

It all depends on the characteristics of its radiating surface. From her so-called degree of blackness. The hardest harmful radiation comes from a heated black body.

If the source infrared radiation lies in the body of mica, the wavelength increases significantly. Synthetic material not only reduces the intensity of radiation, but also evenly distributes its flow over the entire surface.

Thus, the radiation coming from the “right” mycothermal heater is completely safe for humans. The equipment heats the walls and furniture in the room, which allows it to stay warm for a long time.

It does not go away even when ventilating the room. Like any other device, a mica heater can be safe and even beneficial to humans, and can be the other way around. It all depends on the correct device selection.

Micathermic heaters
Micathermic heaters are compact and light in weight. Such a device easily fits into the design of any interior.

In addition to mycothermal devices, popular infrared equipment includes carbon heaters, the principle of action and varieties of which is recommended article.

Why choose mica heaters?

The benefits of using micathermic equipment are obvious. These include:

  • Ecological safety. In the process, the device emits electromagnetic and infrared waves that are in a safe range for humans. The synthetic mica with which the heating element is coated does not emit toxic substances.
  • High heating rate. In the room treated by the appliance, the set temperature is reached extremely quickly. It takes literally a few minutes.
  • Profitability. The efficiency of heating the device, when compared with traditional devices, with equal power with them is much higher, therefore, the equipment consumes 30% less electrical energy.
  • Safety of use. Even with prolonged operation of the device, its case does not heat up above 60C. Therefore, it is impossible to get burned by accidentally touching it.
  • Versatility. The device can be operated indoors and outdoors. An example of the latter is a terrace, a balcony or a veranda. It can be used as a system that prevents the appearance of glaciation on the stairwell.
  • Silent work. The manufacturer selects the thickness of the mica plates so that their thermal expansion coincides with the thermal expansion of the core. In this case, unpleasant clicks that are unavoidable during the operation of other electric heaters are completely eliminated.
  • Light weight. This quality allows producing not only mobile floor, but also wall models of various sizes.
  • The presence of a variety of additional options. It can be built-in temperature controllers, various timers and air ionizers. Convenient models equipped with shelves or folding dryers for linen or shoes.
  • Directional heating. Possibility of selective heating of individual sections of the room.

With a large number of advantages, mycothermal devices, unfortunately, are not ideal. They also have disadvantages. These include directional heating. This means that the device heats only the area to which it is directed.

The farther from the heater, the less its operation is felt. This disadvantage is especially noticeable for devices with a small area that can only heat small sectors of a room.

Mycothermal heater
Mica heaters are very effective. With equal power with other heating devices, they emit a larger amount of heat, which saves about 30% of the electricity

Despite the fact that mica does not attract dust, the latter nevertheless accumulates on the device. This is especially unpleasant for models with a large number of holes. When you turn it on for the first time after a long break, the dust starts to burn out and an unpleasant odor spreads around the room.

Another nuance is the heating of the case. The maximum temperature of its heating is low, but in some cases it can be dangerous. Some synthetic fabrics that fall on the heater body may melt and catch fire.

There is a possibility that certain types of furniture can also "react" to the proximity of a heat source. It is not excluded the melting or ignition of a PVC film and various plastics. Therefore, such flammable things should be removed from the device at a distance of not less than one meter.

Mycothermal heater
Despite the fact that the case of mycothermal devices does not heat up much, for safety reasons, do not install the device close to flammable materials or hang linen made of synthetic fabrics on its case

How to choose the "right" device?

The service life, safety and many other characteristics of the mycothermal heater largely depend on the correctness of its choice. Going to the store for a purchase, you need to pay attention to several points.

Device power as a guide

Specialists usually recommend choosing a heater power based on the area of ​​the room in which it will work. In this case, the average indicator is selected, which is 1 kW for every 10 square meters. m room. This technique is extremely simple, but has a significant drawback. It does not take into account the features of the room and not only them.

For example, it is important to know the purpose of the heater exactly. That is, it is acquired in order to be the main source of heat in the room or only an additional one. In the first case, its power, of course, should be higher.

Therefore, you will need to purchase a device with a certain margin of power. The same decision must be made in case of significant heat loss from poorly insulated ceilings, windows or walls. For additional heat sources, power, in contrast, needs to be reduced.

Mycothermal heater
Micathermic heater can be used as the main or additional source of heat in the room. In the latter case, its power should be less. On average, for calculations, you can take a value of about 60 watts per 1 square. m

When choosing a heater for a summer house or summer houses, which will be used irregularly and only in bad weather, you need to understand that a high temperature in such rooms is not needed. It is possible that equipment will be enough for heating, the calculation of the power of which is based on an indicator of 70-80 watts per square meter of space.

With the features of selecting heaters for an apartment and a house will introduce the articlewhich we recommend reading.

Instrument Design Features

Among the important points affecting the life of the product is the thickness of the anodizing layer of the infrared wave-emitting plate. It should be at least 25 microns.

In this case, the device is able to work for more than 20 years. If this layer turns out to be thin, problems will begin literally in three to four years. You need to know that it is impossible to visually determine the height of the anode, so it remains to rely only on the accuracy of the information received from the seller.

In order to prevent excessive heating of the device body, an insulator can be mounted in it. It is made of various materials, but basalt can be considered the best option.

It is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit any toxic substances into the air. When buying, you should find out from the seller what the insulator is made of, and ask for a hygiene certificate.

Mycothermal heater
Micathermic heaters with LCD screens, which display basic information, are very convenient in operation. It’s very easy for the owner to get all the information you need.

Optimally, if there is a mark in it that the heat insulator of the device is allowed to be used in the food industry. And a little about the device case. It can be made of different materials, but steel is more reliable in this case. Inspect the inside of the enclosure as far as possible.

If traces of rust are noticeable, you should refuse to buy, since traces of corrosion will certainly appear on the outside of the equipment soon.

Equipment Installation Method

By the method of attachment, two types of mycothermal heaters are distinguished: floor and wall mounted. The first are lightweight and good mobility. Their case is usually equipped with wheels, so that the device is convenient to move from place to place.

Floor constructions are additionally equipped with special protection against overturning. This is a special sensor that turns off the device when its position changes.

Mounted heaters are most often fixed to the wall, but can also be raised to the ceiling. The latter option makes it possible to quickly heat a room area of ​​the largest possible area.

Wall-mounted equipment is often used as stationary, its constant movement is not planned. Although it is possible. Such devices are compact, their weight is small. Universal models are also available.

Mycothermal heater
Like other infrared heaters, mycothermal appliances can be mounted on the ceiling. Such an unusual option for many allows you to heat a fairly large section of the room

Additional heater options

Micathermic devices are equipped with additional functions that make the use of equipment as comfortable as possible. Among them is the ability to control the heating temperature.

It can be carried out using a mechanical or electronic thermostat. The first option is more reliable and durable, but less accurate and convenient. An electronic device is most often programmable.

This means that you can set the temperature that the device will maintain automatically. The Anti-frost system is also useful, which is designed to prevent the temperature in the room from dropping to negative values.

Upon reaching + 5ºС the heater is automatically switched on. The device can be equipped with a timer that allows you to set the shutdown time.

Convenient devices with a remote control. With them, you do not need to constantly approach the heater to make the necessary adjustments.It can be programmed without getting up from the couch.

Curious models of mycothermal heaters that can change the mode of operation appeared on sale. They function especially efficiently and quickly heat the room.

Mycothermal heater
Programmable micathermic heaters are especially convenient. The desired temperature that the device must maintain, or the time to turn it off in some models, can be set using the remote control without getting up from your favorite sofa

Additional options include moisture and splash protection. Equipment with this option can be used to heat bathrooms. When choosing, pay attention to the built-in overheat protection. The device automatically turns off when a certain temperature is reached. The presence of this function ensures long-term operation of the equipment.

Innovative Device Manufacturers

Micathermic heaters are among the technical innovations, while a relatively small number of companies are engaged in their production. Among them stand out AiC, Poliaris, Bimatec and VES.

AiC is an Italian brand that has located the production of its equipment in China. It produces heaters of medium power, with additional protection systems, a timer and a thermostat, which can operate in two heating modes.

Israeli brand Polaris also has its assembly shops in China. Its micathermic equipment is characterized by high power.

There are models in the line that can heat rooms whose area exceeds 20 square meters. m. Devices of this brand are equipped with touch control panels, electronic thermostats, additional protection systems and have two modes of operation.

Products under the Spanish brand VES are manufactured all in the same China. Its distinguishing feature is affordable prices. The lineup has interesting models combining a mycothermal heater and convector. Such symbiosis significantly increases the efficiency of heating the room. Most of the devices are available in a waterproof housing, has medium power and additional protection systems.

Mycothermal heater
I must admit that companies that produce mycothermal heaters produce devices with similar characteristics and functionality. Their only significant difference is the case design

The Bimatek brand is Russian, but production is located in Turkey and China. It produces high-quality equipment of medium power, capable of working in three modes, with the possibility of programming and functional protection.

It is difficult to say which of the brands of mycothermal heaters is better. They differ little in functionality and quality. The main difference is the design of the equipment.

Features of the use of micathermic devices

The devices are powered by electricity, so you need to use them with some caution.

There are several rules that should always be followed:

  • Never plug in an appliance with visible damage. For example, with broken cable insulation or torn wire.
  • Do not allow running equipment to come in contact with water. This is deadly!
  • The heater cord must not be pulled or twisted. It is not advisable to pass it under the floor. It may look aesthetically pleasing, but contrary to safety requirements.
  • It is forbidden to install heaters near flammable objects. The distance between them should be at least 1 meter. The same applies to materials that can be deformed under the influence of heat.
  • The appliance body must not be covered. If sliding dryers for clothes or shoes are fixed on the device, you should only use them.
  • Do not connect devices that are not provided with its equipment to the equipment. For example, a timer or any other switches.

It is also very important to ensure that no foreign objects get inside the device. This may cause a fire.

Mycothermal heater
Cases of some models of mycothermal heaters have a large number of holes. This is quite inconvenient, since dust accumulates in them, which can burn out during operation of the device. It is important to get rid of it in a timely manner

How to care for a heater?

To extend the life of the device, you need to properly care for it. First of all, you need to understand that caring for and repairing the device are two different things.

In no case should you disassemble the heater yourself and try to carry out any manipulations with it. For repair there is a service center where you should contact. Care refers to the removal of contaminants.

Care must be taken correctly. First, the heater is de-energized, its outlet is removed from the plug. Now you need to wait a bit for the appliance to cool completely. Then use a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust from the housing.

If there are holes on the panels, you should take a vacuum cleaner and use it to clean them. Do not use abrasive or aggressive detergents to clean the heater.

For complete information, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all types of devices used in the device. infrared heating country house and city apartment.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Useful tips for choosing mica heaters for the home:

Presentation of the technical characteristics and capabilities of the Ves MX5 micathermic heater:

Micathermic heater Polaris PMH 1594:

Micathermic heaters are practical and economical devices. Their main advantage is high efficiency with relatively low power. It is important to choose the right equipment, having previously decided on its purpose. It will be an ideal option for additional heating, and if necessary it can heat the room as the main one.

Please write comments in the block below. Perhaps you were able to buy the latest model of mycothermal heater. Share your impressions and photos, tell us about the nuances of using the device.

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