How to choose a gas heater for a summer residence: choosing a device for outdoor heating

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Last update: July 2019

How good it is to spend an evening in the country. Sit on your own veranda or terrace, look at the fire and the stars. Gas appliances suitable for heating and lighting outdoor areas will help you create a cozy atmosphere on a cool autumn evening.

We will show you how to choose a gas heater for a summer residence, what characteristics of the device you need to know to make a competent purchase. We have described in detail the principle of work, analyzed their advantages and disadvantages. The leading manufacturers in the segment are listed to help future buyers.

Gas heaters for the street

A gas heater is a device that emits, in addition to thermal waves directed at a specific object or object, also light ones. A long-wavelength device heats everything that falls within its radius of action. It does not dissipate thermal energy in vain to heat the air mass, which creates reasonable preconditions for its use in the open air.

An indisputable plus of gas heaters is the autonomy of work. It is mobile, does not require connection to centralized power networks. It can be used to distill seedlings in the cool period, to maintain a comfortable temperature in winter glazed gardens.

Depending on the power of the gas burner, the radius of the comfort zone can be from 2 to 5 meters. A variety of models, the sophistication of the forms of gas street heaters will add a twist to the look of your summer cottage. A gentle warmth and fresh air will not leave anyone indifferent.

Line of heaters
When choosing a street gas heater, you must pay attention to the price and fuel consumption

The principle of operation of a street heater

The design of the street heater consists of a base, gas line and burner. To give good stability, the base is made quite massive, a gas cylinder is mounted in it. Next, the gas rises through the gas pipes hidden in the heater rack.

At the very top is a gas burner with a reflector. When a gas is burned, infrared radiation is generated that heats objects, but not air. A gas street heater in the comfort zone raises the temperature by 10 degrees.

The cap is made of material that reflects heat and light well. Therefore, a cozy place is not only warmed, but also lit. Before the invention of the light bulb, cities were lit with gas.

The ignition of the burner occurs, as a rule, due to the built-in piezoelectric element. The vast majority of models have power adjustment. The devices are completely autonomous, do not need to be connected to the mains.

Scheme of a gas street heater
Most models have a height of more than two meters. When installing, observe the manufacturer's recommended distances to walls and ceiling.

Characteristic advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of a street heater are determined by its design features and the method of heating. Among the advantages:

  • great design;
  • simple construction;
  • electrical independence;
  • mobility.

A gas heater is the most economical and practical in comparison with heaters using another type of fuel. In addition, with the combustion of gas, almost no harmful substances and odors are formed.

However, due to the specifics of the application, street heaters are forced to produce with a little excess power. According to the assurances of manufacturers, 92% of the energy they produce is directed directly to heating items in the device’s field of operation, and 8% is spent on air.

There are several drawbacks:

  • not the highest efficiency;
  • relatively high gas consumption;
  • high price, justified by the use of weather-resistant materials.

It is recommended to use outdoor heaters at an ambient temperature of +5 .. + 10 degrees. They are not suitable for use indoors.

Safe operation of gas equipment

Before you start using a gas appliance, read a few simple rules:

  1. Before turning on the gas equipment, check the condition of the rubber hoses.
  2. Observe the recommended distances to the ceiling and walls.
  3. Do not store gas cylinders in the house.
  4. Do not use gas appliances near open flames.
  5. If you light a match, light a match first, and then open the gas supply.
  6. If you leave, turn off the valves of the gas cylinders.
  7. Before use, carefully read the instructions for the device.

Outdoor gas heater is designed for the mass buyer, does not need special maintenance.

Depending on the design gas bottlenecessary for work, can be located in the lower part of the device or in the utility box separated from the housing. Compliance with simple rules ensures long and reliable operation of simple equipment.

Gas bottle
Please note: the gas cylinder must be periodically checked.

Criteria for choosing an outdoor heater

In order not to get lost in the variety of models, there are several tips for choosing:

  • To heat a space of 25-30 m², a power of 12 kW is required. Based on what the power of the device is calculated.
  • It is desirable to have a smooth change in power, and not just the minimum and maximum.
  • The presence of emergency shutdown automation, for example, in the event of a fall.
  • Case material is preferably stainless steel.
  • Providing the ability to work on liquefied natural gas and gas.

When choosing a gas heating device, it is necessary to pay attention to the diameter of the reflecting reflector in order to determine the range of the device. It would be nice if the heater was notable for its economical gas consumption.

If you need to heat a large area, it is better to buy two heaters. In this way you will achieve a more even distribution of heat. With one but powerful heater installed in the center of the heated zone, the temperature may not be comfortable.

Overview of major manufacturers

Brief information on manufacturers and manufactured lines of heaters will help to better determine a large assortment of models.

#1. Trademark Master Summer

Under this brand, Russian street gas heaters are produced. The beginning of release since 2003. The lineup consists of two traditional types of “fungus” and “pyramid”. The lineup has 8 colors for the "fungus" and 4 different colors for the "pyramid". All heaters receive a three-year warranty.

Outdoor gas heater fungus
The fungus type outdoor heater can be made of stainless steel or painted

Main characteristics:

  • power 5-13kW;
  • diameter of heating is 9 m .;
  • gas consumption 0.45-0.87 kg / h;
  • sand stabilization platform.

All models are equipped with piezo ignition, transport wheels and emergency shutdown automation.

Gas street heater pyramid
The body of the gas heater in the shape of a pyramid is made of steel. Inside it is a bulb made of heat-resistant glass, held by steel strips

The main characteristics of the device in the form of a pyramid:

  • power 8kW;
  • diameter of heating is 6 m .;
  • gas consumption 0.45-0.87 kg / h;
  • quartz glass flask.

Lighting is achieved by a flame height of 1 meter. There is a possibility of smooth adjustment of power. To start, piezo ignition is applied.

# 2 Brand Patriot

Patriot was founded in 1973 in the United States. Among the huge list of garden equipment and power tools there are models of street infrared heaters.

Gas Patriot heaters for the street
Patriot gas heaters are equipped with overheating protection and devices that turn off the device in the event of accidental falling or tipping over

The main characteristics of the models:

  • power 6-15kW;
  • diameter of heating is 9 m .;
  • gas consumption 0.45-0.87 kg / h;
  • There are stainless steel models.

Models are equipped with piezo ignition, equipped with a smooth power adjustment device. For easy movement, the kit includes rollers.

# 3 Trademark Kroll

German heating equipment manufacturer Kroll was founded in 1980. Thanks to 100% automation of production, all innovative developments are almost instantly introduced into production.

Outdoor gas heater Kroll
Kroll outdoor gas heaters with a wide umbrella heat up 28 m². The height of the device can vary from 2.3 m to 1.6 m

The main characteristics of the model:

  • power 6.5-10kW;
  • diameter of heating is 6 m;
  • gas consumption 0.51-0.78 kg / h;
  • made of stainless steel.

The model is equipped with a piezoelectric element for safe ignition. There is a built-in safety unit and smooth adjustment of the burner power.

#4. Brand Enders

Founded in 1883. The German company Enders specializes in the production of equipment for outdoor recreation. The company produces a wide range of outdoor gas heaters.

Gas street heater with rotary emitters
Due to the ability to rotate the emitting modules of the device, it is possible to significantly increase the area of ​​the device

Main characteristics of the model with rotary emitters:

  • power 2 burners of 2 kW each;
  • gas consumption 2 at 0.145 kg / h;
  • distance of heating 4,5m .;
  • workmanship: stainless steel or painted steel.

The model is equipped with a piezoelectric element and an automatic safety unit. Burning power adjustment is not provided.

Outdoor gas heater mushroom Enders
Heaters with a stainless steel body - the most weather-friendly option

The main characteristics of the models:

  • power 4-14kW;
  • diameter of heating 10m .;
  • gas consumption 1.019 kg / h;
  • manufacturing material polished stainless steel.

The model allows for smooth adjustment of power, there is piezo ignition. Built-in automatic safety unit.

Outdoor gas heater column
The heater “column” is only 1.15 m high, but due to the adjustable reflector it effectively distributes infrared radiation

The main characteristics of the model:

  • power 3-6kW;
  • heating distance 5m;
  • gas consumption 0.437kg / h;
  • workmanship polished stainless steel.

The relatively small power is offset by a patented thermal energy distribution system. The model is equipped with piezo ignition and an automatic safety unit.

Pyramidal gas heater for outdoor use
The model is a "pyramid" with a light source of up to 1 meter. Reflector made of stainless steel without the slightest damage will last for many years

Main characteristics:

  • power 4.9 kW;
  • maximum gas consumption 0.34kg / h;
  • manufacturing material painted steel.

The device allows for smooth control of power and flame height. Built-in piezoelectric element and automatic safety unit. The case is equipped with wheels.

#5. Brand Nortec

A Chinese group of companies under the Nortec trademark began its sales in 2005. One of the areas of the company is the production of outdoor heaters.

Gas heaters Nortec
Nortec gas heaters for cottages and cafes are characterized by a high heating rate. Reach the required temperature extremely quickly

Main characteristics:

  • power 6-12W;
  • gas consumption 0.6-0.98 kg / h;
  • diameter of heating is 8 m;
  • uses Russian cylinders 27l.

The model is equipped with piezo ignition. For ease of movement, the base is equipped with a wheelbase.

Main characteristics:

  • power 6-12 kW;
  • gas consumption 0.6-0.98 kg / h;
  • diameter of heating is 8 m .;
  • uses Russian cylinders 27l.

Power adjustment has three steps. Equipped with torch ignition. Case material - stainless steel.

# 6 Brand Neoclima

Neoclima is a trademark of a Chinese manufacturer of HVAC equipment. Year of foundation - 2000. In the CIS countries there are authorized service centers.

Gas street heaters Neoclima
The case of an outdoor heater can be made of stainless steel or powder painted metal, which is resistant to natural adversities

The main characteristics of models with an umbrella in the form of a fungus:

  • power 5-13kW;
  • gas consumption 0.4-0.87kg / h;
  • diameter of heating 9m;
  • uses Russian cylinders 27l.

The model is equipped with safety automation and a device for adjusting power. Ignition is carried out by a piezoelectric element.

The main characteristics of the pyramidal modifications:

  • power 5-13kW;
  • gas consumption 0.35-0.85kg / h;
  • diameter of heating 5m;
  • uses Russian cylinders 27l.

The case of this model is made of painted metal. There is a power adjustment. The device is equipped with emergency automation and piezo ignition.

Stylishly designed gas street heaters
The casing of high-quality stainless steel or powder-coated steel alloy is virtually rust-resistant. However, steel products have few fans. For adherents of a stylishly designed exterior, devices with an additional wooden case are produced

The review does not present leading manufacturers.Their products are similar in principle of operation, but differ in technical characteristics and equipment.

An alternative to infrared heaters

Details considered street infrared heaters Best suited for outdoor use. At the same time, due to their narrow specialization, they are ineffective in other fields of application.

For heating well-ventilated verandas and terraces suitable:

This type of heater has less power, as a rule, have a wheelbase. They are not so much effective for heating outdoors, but they are convenient and versatile. Infrared ceramic gas heaters can be used for heating indoor living quarters and workshops, but require mandatory ventilation.

About, harm or benefit we get, using infrared heating devices, detailed in the article recommended by us.

Catalytic Heating Devices

In catalytic gas heaters, open burning of gas does not occur. Due to a chemical reaction in the presence of a catalyst, gas is oxidized with the release of thermal energy. With flameless combustion, the temperature does not rise above 500 degrees. Catalytic gas heaters are infrared.

Inside the casing of the catalytic heater is a porous material with a dusting or powder of the catalyst. Typically, the porous material is fiberglass wool. And as the catalyst, platinum is most often used.

Recently, catalytic heaters with a different type of catalyst have appeared, which has significantly reduced the cost.

Due to the large area of ​​the catalyst, gas or gasoline vapors are effectively oxidized as a result of a chemical reaction. At the same time, oxygen consumption is minimal. Catalytic gas heaters can be used indoors and do not require the presence of well-functioning forced ventilation.

Catalytic Heater Diagram
Very often, catalytic heaters can work not only on gas, but also on other types of fuel

The advantages and disadvantages of catalytic heaters are determined by the cost and type of catalyst.


  • easy to carry;
  • do not require ventilation;
  • a gas cylinder is mounted inside the unit;
  • can work on different types of fuel (gas, gasoline);
  • very high efficiency.

Catalytic heaters are the safest type of gas equipment with a low temperature of the radiating element. The popularity of these devices is due to the economical consumption of fuel, continuous operation.

However, they have the following disadvantages:

  • high price determined by the cost of the catalyst;
  • limited resource, about 2500 hours.

Catalytic gas heaters have a simple design, low weight. Most models do not require connection to power sources.

When choosing a catalytic gas heater, it is necessary to calculate the cubic capacity of the heated room. The most powerful modifications can heat up to 100 cubic meters, have a capacity of about 5 kW. Gas consumption in this case is up to 300 g. in hour.

On average, catalytic heaters are designed for an area of ​​about 20 m², consume 130-150 g / h of fuel. This is one of the most economical types of gas heaters.

Catalytic heater for a summer residence
For ease of movement, large-sized heavy models are equipped with a wheelbase, which greatly facilitates towing at various distances

With the heating of the inner space of the cottage is excellent to cope carbon heater. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the principle of carbon devices, as well as the positive and negative aspects of their use.

Ceramic Gas Heaters

Use heat radiation of an open flame for heating. They burn a lot of oxygen, so ventilation is required after use indoors. Ceramic gas heaters are infrared heaters.

Gas from the cylinder enters the nozzle, where combustion occurs. Due to the high combustion temperature, about 800 degrees, a large amount of infrared radiation is emitted.

To increase the efficiency of the device, a ceramic panel is used. Such a panel is heat resistant and retains heat for a long time, gradually heating surrounding objects. Advantages and disadvantages are determined by the presence of an open flame. High oxygen consumption.


  • simplicity of design;
  • low price;
  • high power;
  • high heating rate.

Due to the high power, fans are often added to the design of ceramic heaters. This addition allows you to achieve greater efficiency and speed of heating.

Ceramic heaters have the following disadvantages:

  • compulsory ventilation or good ventilation;
  • insecurity due to open flame;
  • increased fuel consumption.

The efficiency of ceramic heaters in comparison with catalytic analogs is lower. The high combustion temperature allows the fan to be used for more efficient and faster heating.

The most powerful models for domestic use have a capacity of about 6kW. Without the use of an additional fan, they can heat up to 60 m² of living space. Due to the increased gas consumption, they are equipped with cylinders of 6 and 12 liters.

However, there are low power heaters - camping options. Simple design and unpretentiousness allow you to use this type of heaters for a variety of purposes. They are the most versatile of all varieties.

Ceramic heater
It is necessary to remember the high temperature of the radiating surface. Do not place the heater closer than 2 meters to objects.

Heat gas guns

Heat gas guns are capable, literally in a matter of minutes, to heat a significant amount of space. Gas guns belong to devices with forced convection. These are direct heating devices.

Using a piezoelectric element, a gas burner is ignited, and the fan behind creates a powerful air stream. The temperature of the air coming from the gun is 300-400 degrees. Productivity depends on the power of the burner and the amount of purged air.The kit may include a temperature sensor for automatic on-off.

Although there is no soot or odor during gas combustion, carbon monoxide is formed in the combustion products. For this reason, every half hour it is necessary to ventilate the room. Advantages and disadvantages are associated with high power, which usually has no adjustments.


  • high mobility;
  • simplicity of design;
  • not large weight and geometric dimensions;
  • very high heating rate;
  • not a high price.

The gas torch burns inside the pipe and is reliably isolated from surrounding objects. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the high temperature of the exhaust air and the heating of the pipe itself.

The use of gas guns has its drawbacks:

  • connection to the mains is necessary;
  • constant airing;
  • noise;
  • even in automatic mode, human control is necessary;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • not the ability to regulate power.

Efficiency as a heater for residential premises is reduced due to the need for constant ventilation.

The main technical characteristic of a gas heat gun is the volume of heated air per hour. Typical parameters for a household gas gun - 320 m3 in hour. At the same time, gas consumption is about 700g / h. Not the largest units differ in power of 50 kW and can heat 900 m in an hour3.

The area of ​​application of heat guns is the rapid heating of mainly production shops and construction sites. Well suited for garages, semi-open verandas, rooms with good ventilation. When choosing a gas gun, pay attention to the availability of automation and security systems.

Gas gun
Gas guns have a high gas consumption; a gas bottle is not included in the delivery package.

Heat gas guns are often used to raise the temperature in order to accelerate the hardening of the concrete monolithic foundation and similar structures, to dry the plaster and adhere the finish to the base.

Low-power small models are trusted with heating private garages, cottages, country houses. Selection rules and types of heat guns The article recommended by us is devoted.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Due to the bulky size, street lamps are supplied disassembled. See assembly instructions:

Video demonstrating the operation of gas gun automation:

A small catalytic heater is able to work all night:

In general, gas heaters have high reliability and safety. The vast majority of models are able to work offline. Using gas as fuel, they are very economical and environmentally friendly devices.

Tell us about how to choose a gas heater for a summer cottage. Please comment on the information we have proposed, ask questions, share useful information. You can leave a comment in the block form below.

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  1. This year we put a similar heater next to the gazebo on a suburban area. It gets colder in the evenings in the summer, and sometimes you want to linger in the gazebo longer: watch the sunset and do not freeze. We chose a model from Neoclima. It doesn’t fit too well into the design of the local area, but there you can adjust the power, and does not make noise.There are no serious claims to the model.

    • Zhenya

      I also want to try to buy such a heater for an open gazebo (only a roof) in the courtyard of the house. Interested in how much he warms. And yet - I heard that from infrared heaters the head can hurt. Have you had anything like that?

  2. Galina

    We bought a gas heater from MasterLeto in the form of a "mushroom" for installation in a greenhouse. I do not recommend it to anyone, because it is suitable only when seeds are planted in the ground. It is necessary to create a warm atmosphere (as if holding seedlings at home in pots), this is normal. But when the seedlings are already out, the gas burner can harm it - dry it, be careful with it. And when working do not close the greenhouse!