Heat-resistant paints for stoves and fireplaces: an overview of popular heat-resistant compounds

Alexey Dedyulin
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Among the means for protecting surfaces heated to high temperatures, varnishes and heat-resistant paints for stoves and fireplaces can be separately distinguished. Their main feature is that they can cover not only metal, but also brick and concrete.

In order for you to find the best composition for processing a brick stove in a country house or in your own house, we have collected information about the top ten on the market. The popularity of products is justified by the practice of application and a solid reputation of the manufacturer. Based on our recommendations, the choice of product will be simple and straightforward.

Rating of the best paints in today's market

The need for painting stoves, brick chimneys and fireplaces is quite common. Demand creates supply, so in stores you can find many suitable compositions for this purpose from Russian and foreign companies.

Outside ordinary brick oven warms up to 60-90 ° C, and the bath - up to 110 ° C. The temperature of the hob and furnace door can reach 400 ° C for heating with wood and up to 700 ° C with coal. Therefore, the space near them can be heated up to 140 ° C.

Thus, the paint with which the furnace will be painted must withstand temperatures up to 140 ° C and adhere well to brick or concrete. This rating includes well-established and frequently found brands both from well-known and poorly promoted manufacturers.

1st place - Elcon (varnish)

Special varnish from a well-known Russian manufacturer of heat-resistant paints. The appearance of the treated surface depending on the number of layers can be matte to semi-gloss.

Heat-resistant Elcon varnish
One spray is enough for about 2 m2 of masonry. For a standard size furnace, when painting in 1 coat, 2 such sprays are required


  • color: transparent;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 250;
  • packing: spray can, can;
  • displacement (l): 0.52 (spray can), 0.8 (can);
  • Shine: matte or semi-gloss.

Drying time is 3 hours, and for complete polymerization, 3 days at room temperature is enough. The recommended number of layers is 1-2. The consumption of products is 120-150 g / m2 for metal and up to 200 g / m2 for not very smooth bricks.

The product is not demanding on application conditions. Work can be carried out at low temperatures and at high (up to 80%) relative humidity.

2nd place - Elcon (paint)

Often found on the market paint of Russian origin. One of its significant advantages is the ability to machine tint and achieve almost any color.

Heat-resistant Elcon paint
The highest temperature is black ink (up to 1000 ° C). Then come the color options: gray, gold and copper (up to 700 ° C)


  • color: 250 shades;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 250-1000;
  • packing: spray can, can, bucket;
  • displacement (l): 0.52 (spray can), 0.8 (can), 25 (bucket);
  • Shine: matte or semi-gloss.

Pigmentation reduces the maximum allowable temperature. But for many color solutions it is still quite high (600 ° C or more), so it can also be used to coat metal parts brick kilns and fireplaces.

3rd place - Rust-Oleum Specialty High Heat

Universal enamel, with the best indicator of acceptable temperatures among the paints in this rating. But it has a rather high price, as the company enjoys well-deserved respect because of the high quality of its products.

Enamel Rust Oleum heat-resistant
The paint has good qualities - it adheres firmly to the surface and dries quickly. The label and all information in English, but aerosol can be used correctly without instructions


  • color: transparent, black, aluminum;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 1090;
  • packing: spray can;
  • displacement (l): 0.52;
  • Shine: matte.

This composition is mainly used for painting metal products, although it can also be applied to a brick and concrete base. This is very convenient, since one product can be used to process both the walls of the stove or fireplace, and very hot metal elements, without buying separately heat resistant paint for metal.

4th place - DAP Derusto Heat Master

This enamel is universal and suitable for painting surfaces of brick, concrete and metal. It is made in the USA. Differs in good quality and high price.

Universal heat-resistant enamel
In terms of quality, this paint is similar to a higher-ranking position, only characterized by a lower maximum allowable temperature. But for brick surfaces it does not matter


  • color: silver, black;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 538;
  • packing: spray can;
  • displacement (l): 0.52;
  • Shine: matte.

Usually one coat is enough for painting, and the drying time is 4 hours. After this, it is necessary to carry out a heat treatment. The paint stays on the surface for a long time and is resistant to physical impact.

5th place - Dufa Scwarzer Peter

High-quality and expensive black enamel from a well-known German manufacturer is one of the best representatives of the “family” of heat-resistant enamels. It is expensive and has a small packaging, so it is used only for coating small surfaces.

Paint Dufa Scwarzer Peter
This paint is rarely taken for furnaces because of its high cost. But if you need to process a small area, then you can use it


  • black colour;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 140;
  • packing: can;
  • displacement (l): 0.125;
  • gloss: glossy.

Dufa products have lower temperature resistance than all other types that are presented in the rating. Therefore, before using this heat-resistant paint to cover the surface of a brick oven or fireplace, you need to make sure that the masonry does not heat up to temperatures above 140 ° C.

The paint does not require thermal quenching. The interlayer drying period is one day, although usually only a single layer coating is used.

6th place - Motip

Colorless varnish made in Holland.The price is quite high, which, combined with the application of 2-3 layers, makes this product expensive. But the quality of this heat-resistant aerosol is very good.

Motip varnish heat-resistant
The product under the Motip brand has a very high heat resistance, uncharacteristic for transparent varnishes. They can also process metal, such as a fireplace grate.


  • color: transparent;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 650;
  • packing: spray can;
  • displacement (l): 0.4;
  • Shine: matte.

The drying time between application of the layers is only 5 minutes, and complete drying takes 40 minutes - these are good indicators.

In addition to varnish, there is also a thermal paint of this company in black and silver, which is also suitable for processing bricks.

7th place - Abordage

The Abordage heat-resistant spray made in China is used mainly for painting vehicles, but it can also be used to protect and decorate brick and concrete surfaces.

High temperature paint Abordage (China)
Another paint that is suitable for painting stoves and fireplaces. Not distinguished by any special properties compared to competitors


  • color: silver, black;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 200-300;
  • packing: spray can;
  • displacement (l): 0.4;
  • Shine: matte.

This spray gives bright and rich colors, therefore, for a high-quality coating, one layer is usually enough. The downside is the lack of heat-resistant color solutions.

8th place - Decorix

Decorix varnish is one of the most inexpensive offers on the market of heat-resistant paint, which can be used to cover stone, concrete or brick.

Heat-resistant decorix varnish
Like most heat-resistant varnishes, Decorix is ​​sold as a spray. This is the most convenient form for applying a protective coating on a flat and large surface area.


  • color: transparent;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 250;
  • packing: spray can;
  • displacement (l): 0.52;
  • gloss: glossy.

The temperature range at which Decorix can be applied is +10 to + 30 ° C. Usually, 2-3 layers are sufficient for a high-quality surface coating.

It is necessary to maintain a gap of at least 30 minutes between them. One cylinder is enough to paint an area of ​​1.5-2 m2.

9th place - Monarca

Chinese-made spray paint that can be applied to various types of surfaces.

Monarca paint balloon 0.52 liters
It is a high-quality product of a brand not very well-known in Russia. High permissible temperature allows to paint both brick and metal doors of the blower and the furnace


  • color: silver, black;
  • maximum temperature (° C): 600;
  • packing: can, spray can;
  • displacement (l): 0.52;
  • Shine: semi-gloss.

Based on acrylic polymer, this spray dries quickly after application. The total drying time is only half an hour. For hardening, it is necessary to warm the brick. Spray is enough for 3 m2 when painting in one layer.

The choice between paint and varnish

The brick surface of fireplaces and stoves can be treated with paint or varnish. Both options have pros and cons.

Often the brickwork has an attractive appearance that fits perfectly into the interior of the room. However, temperature differences, physical effects, and in baths - contact with steam, lead to damage to the upper layer. The varnish is able to protect the masonry, leaving its pattern unchanged.

Oven before and after varnishing
The surface varnished becomes “wet”. Therefore, the pale red color of the brick will become more reddish, and the white grout will turn gray

Varnish can be applied to the entire surface immediately. This allows you to quickly and easily perform work. When painting, if you use enamel and you need to save the masonry pattern, you will have to apply a stencil and close the grout, and this is extra time and extra effort.

In addition, the varnish immediately contributes to the coating of not only brick, but also masonry joints. This prevents the spreading of the grout as a result of thermal expansion.If enamel is used for painting, then you need to fix the seams between the bricks with a high-temperature sealant.

In the case when the surface pattern is not important, then the paint, as well as the varnish, can be applied in a continuous layer to both the brick and grout. For baths, black enamels are often used, since they are most common in stores.

When painting a furnace placed in a bath or sauna, it is necessary that the composition after drying withstand the high humidity characteristic of rooms of this type.

With guidelines for choosing paint for restoring the outer coating of heating batteries will introduce next article, which we strongly recommend reading.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Type of oven, painted with beige paint. Odor Weathering Period:

Paint the oven with a brush and subsequent patination:

Now there is no problem with the selection of heat-resistant paint or varnish, which can be used to process brickwork. A wide variety of available colors will make it easy to fit the stove or fireplace into the interior.

However, first of all, you need to make sure that the protective composition is suitable for the operating conditions and carefully, in accordance with the instructions, carry out work on covering it with a surface.

Tell us about how to choose a heat-resistant coloring composition for updating a brick stove. Share which option you prefer and why. Please leave comments in the block below, ask questions on the topic of the article, post a photo.

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  1. Anton

    They are not so expensive, especially made in Russia. I took heat-resistant enamel from Elkon with heat resistance up to 800 degrees. An aerosol can cost 450 rubles. For the stove in the bath I needed two of them, the consumption was more than the one that is written on the label. The result is pleasing. A year has already passed since painting, but there are no traces of peeling. Those that withstand temperatures up to 400, it is better not to take. They are only for oven pallets and are suitable.

    • Expert
      Alexey Dedyulin

      I agree, there is no point in overpaying for imported paint. Although this Elkon is not so cheap, the KO-870 or KO-85 is even cheaper, and the quality is quite decent. Holds the temperature.