Heat-resistant paints for metal up to 1000 degrees: a dozen leading heat-resistant products

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Last update: May 2019

To protect radiators, pipes, metal furnaces and other elements of the heating circuit from the initial manifestations of corrosion and further active rusting, it is necessary to apply and update the coating. For this purpose, heat-resistant paint for metal up to 1000 degrees is used. It’s not easy to choose her. Do you agree?

In addition to the protection functions, she also has purely aesthetic responsibilities. The use of a heat-resistant composition will also help to give a new look to the products, which will help to improve the appearance and condition of the equipment. We will introduce you to the ten best offers of thermal paint, proven practice of use.

Rating of the best thermal paints

The list below contains compounds that can easily be found in hardware or specialty stores.

All of them, according to user reviews, are of good quality.

1st place - Alpina Heizkoerper

The paint produced by the German group DAW is based on alkyd resin with the addition of titanium dioxide. The products are of good quality - they fit tightly, the resulting coating is scratch resistant. The price is quite high, but such paint is needed a little because of its low consumption.

Paint for radiators Alpina Heizkoerper
The heat-resistant composition of Alpina Heizkoerper can be applied to any type of metal from which radiators are made: steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper

Main parameters:

  • color: white (with the ability to tint);
  • gloss type: glossy;
  • permissible surface temperature (0C): 100;
  • type of packaging and volume (l): can (0.75, 2.5);
  • country of production: Germany.

The main purpose is the processing of elements water heating system. The possibility of tinting allows you to create an original color scheme and diversify the interior of the room.

Short-term temperature of a painted object can reach 1800C.Paint can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun to steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and other metals. The flow rate is from 90 to 120 ml / m2.

2nd place - Elcon

After the tinting process, Elcon products can be presented in 250 shades. But pigmentation reduces the maximum allowable temperature that paint can withstand. So, classic black enamel retains its properties up to 10000C, copper - up to 7000C, and blue - only up to 6000C.

Universal heat-resistant Elcon enamels
Using Elcon color enamels, you can perform exclusive authoring coloring for radiators, stoves, fireplaces, boilers and barbecues

Main parameters:

  • color: black, graphite, gold, copper, etc .;
  • gloss type: matte or semi-gloss;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 1000 (black), 700 (graphite, gold, copper);
  • type of packaging and volume (l): spray can (0.52), can (0.8), bucket (25);
  • country of production: Russia.

The presence of a large number of color solutions allows the use of Elcon enamels for complex interior design. With it, you can create simple patterns using stencils.

In addition to painting metal products, this enamel can protect surfaces of a different type - concrete, asbestos or brick. After application and drying, it is necessary to perform the procedure of thermal hardening.

3rd place - Tikkurila Termal Silikonimaali

Tikkurila Finnish silicone resin based paint is used to coat metal surfaces.

Heat Resistant Tikkurilla Paint
Small packing (0.1 liter) is convenient if there is a need to paint a small metal product. No need to think about where and how to store enamel residues

Main parameters:

  • black colour;
  • gloss type: semi-gloss;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 400;
  • type of packaging and volume (l): can (0.1, 0.33);
  • country of manufacture: Finland / Russia.

One liter of paint is enough for single-layer processing of 16-20 m2 surface depending on its roughness. The fine structure of the solution allows the use of a spray without the risk of frequent clogging of its nozzle.

The quality of the products is very good, but the price is high - the promotion of the brand affects. The disadvantages include the need for thermal hardening, which must be carried out for 1 hour at a temperature of 2300C.

4th place - Bosny Hi-Temp

This heat-resistant paint of a famous British brand is produced in Thailand. It differs in the volume atypical for Russia, characterized by good quality with a slightly high price.

Bosny Hi-Temp Aerosol
Bosny Hi-Temp Aerosol is often used to treat hard-to-reach areas, such as car mufflers or metal fittings

Main parameters:

  • color: silver, black;
  • gloss type: opaque;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 650;
  • type of packaging and volume (l): spray can (0.4);
  • country of manufacture: Thailand.

Made on the basis of alkyd resins, this thermal paint can be used not only for metal, but also for wood, plastic, ceramics and other materials. It holds well on untreated surfaces, including rusted ones.

5th place - Tikkurila Termal Silikonialumiinimaali

Tikkuril Thermal paint (silicone-aluminum) of a well-known Finnish manufacturer is of excellent quality and high price, due to the brand's fame.

Silicone-aluminum Tikkurilla heat-resistant paint
Paint of the advertised brand "Tikkurila" aluminum color. It is used for painting boilers, furnaces and other metal objects subjected to strong heat.

Main parameters:

  • color: aluminum;
  • gloss type: semi-gloss;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 600;
  • type of packaging and volume (l): can (0.33);
  • country of manufacture: Finland / Russia.

Heat-resistant paint based on silicone resin of aluminum color with a slight metallic sheen. Its consumption (for one layer) depends on the type of surface to be painted and is 16 m2/ l for rough and 20 m2/ l for smooth areas, which is a very good indicator.

To harden the paint, it is necessary to heat the surface to a temperature of 2300WITH.One month after application, you can clean the painted surface with mild detergents.

6th place - Bosny Hi-Temp (color)

Bosny acrylic-based paint with organosilicon pigmentation has a lower temperature tolerance than black or silver. It is characterized by good quality at an average price for products of this class.

Bosny Hi-Temp Color Ink Bottle
Due to the lower allowable temperature, the scope of application of Bosny Hi-Temp color paints is slightly different than that of black or silver composition

Main parameters:

  • color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue;
  • gloss type: opaque;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 205;
  • type of packaging and volume (l): spray can (0.4);
  • country of manufacture: Thailand.

The most common applications are pipe dyeing and heating radiators. It is also used for decorative painting of car parts. It dries quickly, does not exfoliate, but requires thermal hardening. Thus, it is better to paint the batteries a day or two before they are turned on.

One cylinder is enough for painting 1.5-2 m2 surface in 2 layers. In addition to sanding, the surface is preferably primed. This will significantly increase its resistance to physical damage.

7th place - Veslee

Heat-resistant high-quality paint for metal on an acrylic-epoxy basis is in the average price range.

Heat Resistant Veslee Paint
Small capacity cylinders (0.1 L) are used for painting automotive parts. To process a heating system, it is financially more profitable to take a standard packing (0.52 l)

Main parameters:

  • color: black, white, red, silver;
  • gloss type: opaque;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 400 (black), 250 (all the rest);
  • type of packing and volume (l): spray can (0.1, 0.52);
  • Country of Origin: China.

The composition is intended for coloring elements of the heating circuit (excluding firebox) and automotive parts (mainly - the exhaust system). The presence of small spray cans on sale is an undoubted advantage when it is necessary to paint a surface with a small area.

Quick-drying paint - the interval between layers is 2-3 minutes.

8th place - MagicLine

Spray paint made in China based on synthetic resin, located in the middle price range. According to consumer reviews, the temperature indicated on the label is not the maximum allowed for an indefinite period of time, but the permissible short-term.

Chinese heat-resistant paint MagicLine
The most ordinary paint made in China, without any significant pros and cons. Available in aerosol can

Main parameters:

  • black colour;
  • gloss type: opaque;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 600;
  • type of packaging and volume (l): spray can (0.4);
  • Country of Origin: China.

Medium quality products for the processing of metal parts. Not suitable for application on high-temperature objects, such as a furnace door of a steel furnace or hob.

9th place - Termoxol

Russian-made paint is designed for metal surfaces. It is notable for good quality, four primary colors, different packaging volumes and average price.

Paint for radiators Termoksol
If it is necessary to process a lot of radiators and pipes, it is better to take paint in buckets - it will come out much cheaper

Main parameters:

  • color: black, white, red-brown, gray;
  • gloss type: glossy;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 160;
  • type of packaging and volume: can (0.9), bucket (3, 10, 20);
  • country of production: Russia.

The paint includes formaldehyde resin and an acid thinner, so the room should be well ventilated. It can be used to process ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as alloys. The composition can be applied to tightly held rust.

Short-term (up to 5 hours) heat resistance - 2100C. The main purpose is to paint heating radiators and pipes.

10th place - Decorix

This enamel can often be found in stores and outlets.It is notable for its low price and reasonable quality.

Chinese thermal paint Decorix
This cheap enamel is best used for painting bath stoves and other metal products whose appearance is not particularly important.

Main parameters:

  • color: white, aluminum, black;
  • gloss type: glossy;
  • Maximum temperature (0C): 800;
  • type of packaging and volume (l): spray can (0.52);
  • Country of Origin: China.

Enamel Decorix is ​​represented by the three most popular colors for coating metal. The mass fraction of paint for such a volume is insignificant - only 0.315 kg (usually 0.34 - 0.36 kg).

The sprayer foot is soldered into the can, so when the composition dries, the mechanism cannot be replaced. Therefore, it is better not to leave incompletely used paint for a long time.

Rules for selection and use

To choose the right paint, you need to determine the maximum surface temperature on which it will be applied. You also need to calculate the area and make a choice between a spray in a spray can and a liquid consistency in a jar. But there are still some rules you need to know.

Specific nuances in terminology

Many sellers in their advertising companies are very frivolous about the terminology adopted for compositions that can be applied to surfaces with high temperature. There is no normatively established gradation according to the name of the composition and its maximum allowable heating temperature.

However, three commonly used terms are commonly used:

  • high temperature;
  • heat resistant;
  • heat resistant.

High-temperature paints for metal include compounds that withstand prolonged surface heating up to 2000C. They are used for processing radiators and heating pipes, brick stoves and fireplaces. They are also suitable for automotive parts such as engine, muffler and exhaust system.

Metal furnace water shirt
Water shirt of a metal furnace. Outside, it does not heat above the temperature of the coolant, therefore, high-temperature paint can be used to process its surface

Heat-resistant compounds used for surfaces with temperatures up to 6500C.

Such paints are used for the following metal objects:

  • sidewalls and bottom of furnaces;
  • barbecues;
  • combustion exhaust pipes;
  • the junction of the pipes of the water circuit to the furnace or boiler.

Heat-resistant paints and enamels often contain pigments that give them color, so they can be used to create original solutions for interior decoration.

Heat-resistant paint is designed to cover surfaces that heat up to temperatures above 6500C. First of all, stoves and furnaces, as well as grate wood stoves and fireplaces.

Some types of thermal paint have an additional sign - fire resistance. This means that the painted surface may be in the direct flame zone. Of household metal objects, this is true for the fireplace grate and the inside of the barbecue.

Theory and practice of thermal hardening

Heat-resistant paint is inherently heat-resistant enamel. To create an impermeable barrier, it is necessary to perform the procedure of thermal hardening. In the process of heating the surface with the composition deposited on it, the polymerization of the layers occurs, after which the access of air to the painted metal is terminated.

Furnace painting with heat-resistant varnish
Sometimes, to protect metal products, colorless varnish is applied to them. This type of coating also requires thermal hardening.

It is after thermal quenching that neither oxygen, causing the rusting process, nor moisture can penetrate under the enamel. Prior to this, the paint carries only a decorative and, partially, protective function against physical impact.

Moreover, after creating an impermeable layer, the evaporation of the substances contained in the paint into the air of the room stops. Therefore, ideally, it is necessary to wait for the established period of complete drying, which is indicated on the label or in the instructions, and then immediately carry out the procedure of thermal hardening.

Typically, the temperature at which enamel polymerizes is 200-2500C. This leads to one common mistake often made by people who have leftovers after painting the oven.

Can not be applied heat resistant composition, which requires thermal quenching, on batteries and heating pipes, since the degree of their heating is insufficient to complete the process. For slightly hot objects, you need to use ordinary high-temperature paint.

Theoretically, the thermal quenching process should take place at a constant temperature for 30-60 minutes. However, in practice such “laboratory” conditions are unrealistic.

therefore wood stoves, barbecues and fireplaces are not flooding at full capacity and gradually increase their heating. Usually a test run takes place within 1.5-2 hours. Another option is heating with an industrial hair dryer.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Painting the hob and firebox door. Preparatory work, brush application and thermal hardening using a hairdryer:

How to paint cast-iron radiators using a roller:

Barbecue painting from spray can:

Now it’s easy to find paint that can be applied to a metal surface heated with different intensities. The choice of product must be carried out taking into account the temperatures reached by the object, a suitable application method and some other features.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the nuances indicated by the manufacturer in working with the composition and safety measures.

Do you want to talk about how you selected the paint to renew or restore the coating of the bath metal stove or barbecue? Tell us which option you chose and why. Please write comments in the block below, ask questions, post a photo on the topic of the article.

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