Gas boiler control via smartphone: the essence of innovative distance coordination schemes

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Author: Tatyana Zakharova
Last update: December 2019

Everything that seemed fantastic and impossible yesterday was becoming a reality today. This also affected autonomous heating systems.

Along with Russian stoves laid out in the “old-fashioned” way, “smart” heating units appeared that were able to receive commands and change the operating mode at a distance. Remote control of a gas boiler via a smartphone has become affordable and popular.

We offer useful information on using a mobile device as a control panel for the heating system of a house with a gas boiler. If your equipment runs on natural gas, but you have not yet applied remote control, pay attention to new opportunities - with them life in a private house is much more comfortable and attractive!

Benefits of Remote Control

Not all home appliance users are supporters of new technologies. Many are quite satisfied with the usual mechanical control - simple, affordable, without unnecessary "bells and whistles".

But before making final conclusions, we suggest considering the advantages of “smart” equipment, which not only makes life easier and more comfortable, but also allows you to significantly reduce costs.

Gas boiler control from a smartphone
By operating a gas boiler at a distance, you can save from 20 to 50% of the total amount spent on heating your home by simply changing the operating mode or choosing the right program

The main advantage of the remote control of the gas boiler is hidden in the method itself: you do not need to be constantly present in the house, "communication" with the equipment takes place at any distance.

Moreover, it is two-way - you send the unit commands that it executes and, in turn, notifies you of the current parameters and instantly signals failures and malfunctions.

SMS messages on a smartphone
The programming possibilities of heating equipment are limited, but still quite wide.Today, having a gas boiler with remote control, you can plan the heating mode, while at work, at a party and even on a long trip

Users who successfully “run-in” the remote control system, highlight the following advantages:

  • Increasing the service life of the boiler due to the optimal choice of mode, reducing the number of shutdowns / turns on, in general - more careful use.
  • A long-term absence no longer threatens to return to a cold cottage - on the way home you can set the desired temperature.
  • If outdoor weather sensors are installed, you don’t even have to interfere with the operation of the boiler during a thaw or frost - the temperature will be adjusted automatically.
  • At a distance, you can choose a "night" mode more comfortable for sleeping.
  • If an emergency occurs or any part fails, you will know about it right away.

Of course, a lot depends on the nuances of installation and the complexity of the heating system.

The plus is that from a smartphone you can control not only the simplest, but also an extensive network - with a radiator or convector heating, system "warm floor".

Setting a comfortable room temperature
In free sale you can find equipment for climatic zoning, which will allow you to set a comfortable temperature in the rooms: in the bedroom or kitchen - lower, in the living room or in the nursery - higher

Some functions of the system start in automatic mode, that is, you don’t even need to select a mode on the phone - the equipment itself will switch by the signals of the sensors.

Smartphone boiler control options

Three solutions are available for remote control of a domestic gas boiler:

  • connection GSM module;
  • use of a “smart thermostat” through WI-FI communication;
  • installation of temperature controllers.

Each method of remote control is good in its own way, and its choice depends on several factors: the availability of the Internet, a model of a gas boiler, financial capabilities.

Consider all three options - one of them may suit you, and as a result of a partial upgrade, controlling the heating system will become much easier.

Option # 1 - connecting the GSM module

This is the most common solution, applicable even in areas not covered by the Internet.

GSM module controller on the wall
The gas boiler is controlled by the GSM unit - a compact module – controller. A SIM card is inserted into it, which personalizes the owner and makes it possible to keep in touch with remote equipment

In order to save money, the homeowner can choose the most suitable mobile operator and the best rate.

The GSM module is programmable and, by the principle of operation, resembles a computer with limited functions. This unit is connected to sensors installed both in equipment and in the environment - in rooms, on the street. Depending on the parameters issued by the sensors, the gas unit automatically changes the program or is controlled from a smartphone.

The boiler control circuit from a smartphone
To communicate with the control unit installed in the house, you will need any electronic device - laptop, tablet, but it is most convenient to use a smartphone, more compact and universal

For ease of management, choice of modes and programs, developers have created applications for various operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

There are several modes by which a gas boiler is controlled:

  • Fully automatic control. The unit operates according to the set parameters entered into the program in advance. If changes are required, the program should be adjusted.
  • Transmission of alarm notifications in case of emergency or repair situations. If there is a gas leak or the boiler suddenly stops working, a signal is sent to the smartphone.
  • "Communication" using SMS messages. There is a list of commands that recognize gas boiler automation, and then makes changes to the equipment.
  • Advanced management features. Using a special program, you can control all systems connected to the GSM unit.

The advantage of remote control over mobile communications is considered to be almost constant control and unlimited possibilities, depending only on the selected application and installed equipment.

A few more advantages of using the GSM module:

Problems can happen with poor-quality cellular communications. The homeowner needs to carefully monitor the expenditure of funds - with a negative balance, the ability to control heating equipment will be interrupted.

Option # 2 - use of the Internet

If the Internet extends to the area with your suburban housing, then you can control a gas boiler using it.

Internet thermostat connection diagram
A WI-FI router is installed in the house, and an Internet thermostat is connected to the boiler equipment. He is the link between the owner of the building and heating equipment

As soon as the room temperature drops below normal, the sensor transmits a signal to the receiver, which interacts with the boiler and turns on the desired heating mode.

The user can control the entire process from a smartphone, monitor changes, make adjustments. The intermediary between the owner of the house and the equipment is the provider. For continuous communication, it is important to provide access to the Internet both in the house and in the user's location.

Unlimited Advantage gas boiler sensors - the heating level can be adjusted in all areas served by the heating system of the building.

As with the remote control of a gas boiler via the GSM module, the homeowner can control the heating process remotely, while making current changes. It is possible to install a program that changes the mode of operation of the boiler depending on the time of day, days of the week, season.

Thermostats, the operation of which depends only on the stability of the Internet connection, are different, but the principles of operation are similar.

Device with temperature sensor
In living rooms and other heated rooms, portable temperature sensors with pre-set settings are installed. They are connected to an electronic thermometer whose program includes operating parameters

If desired, you can set the economical temperature regime of water used for domestic use or for heating "Warm floors".

The operation of the boiler and other equipment can be monitored according to the diagrams or schedules of the application. In the event of a non-standard situation, the user receives alerts.

The boiler is controlled from an electronic device - a personal computer, tablet, smartphone, but manual control from the panel on the unit remains possible.

Option # 3 - installation of temperature controllers

If a router is installed in the house and the Internet is connected, it is possible to control even the old boiler model without electronic filling and automation.

Electronic thermostat for gas boiler
To do this, you need to buy thermostats of a universal type and create a network that unites all heating equipment. You can control the system through an Internet connection

The main element of the system is an electronic controller and a WI-FI transmitter "in one person". It is programmed, after which it becomes possible to control heating functions in various zones. The number of such zones depends only on the capabilities of the homeowner - electronic thermostats can be installed on each radiator.

The controller is connected via a special channel to the boiler shutdown unit. If the need arises, the unit is turned off, being at a distance of hundreds of kilometers or from the next room. The controller is controlled not only wirelessly, but also manually, directly on the unit.

The temperature control system easily covers several zones, with up to 6 thermostats in each section.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

About the possibilities of budget GSM modules:

Technical nuances of remote control:

The practical use of the gadget to adjust the operation of the gas boiler:

The remote control is convenient and increases the degree of comfort, but it is not 100% protected from disconnection. You should always have insurance in case of disconnection of the Internet connection or electricity.

Advanced heat engineers offer to implement only proven remote control systems, use licensed equipment, think over backup power methods and duplicate communication channels with a gas boiler.

In the block below the text, you can share your own experience in the development and use of advanced home communications management schemes. Leave comments, ask questions, post photos on the topic of the article. It is possible that your recommendations will be useful to site visitors.

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