Wall-mounted gas heating boilers: types, how to choose, an overview of the best models on the market

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Impartial statistics claim that more than half of the world's heating boilers sold are gas. And this is no coincidence, because it is gas that is considered the most economical of the popular types of fuel.

Choosing a heater for their home, the owners want to find the most effective and practical option. Often these are wall mounted gas heating boilers. Let's talk about how to choose the best model.

Features boilers mounted type

Wall-mounted boilers appeared as a kind of heating appliances later than their floor analogues. This is due to the fact that it was required to minimize the main drawback of floor structures - significant dimensions and weight.

After extensive research and development, engineers have proposed a compact mounted option. As the name implies, this design is hung on the wall. Consequently, it is compact and light in weight.

It really is. The main advantage of wall-mounted models is weight up to 50 kg and convenient dimensions. Due to this, they can be placed in any non-residential premises, it is not necessary to equip the furnace.

This is the advantage of mounted boilers, but also a significant drawback. Compact models cannot be powerful. On average, they can be used to heat a building with an area of ​​not more than 100 square meters. m. Therefore, the device is especially popular among apartment owners.

Another distinguishing feature of the mounted models is the complexity of the design. As a rule, the unit accommodates the boost system, expansion tank, circulation pump, control automation, etc.

All this equipment makes up a single system and is enclosed under the boiler body.On the one hand, this is very convenient, since it allows you not to think about problems with the arrangement of the circuit and its further operation.

Wall mounted gas boiler
The main feature of mounted boilers is compactness and low weight with sufficient power. Due to this, they can be mounted on the wall

The device just needs to be turned on and configured, then it will work by itself. However, in the event of a breakdown, and this may very well happen, a qualified and often expensive repair will be required. What will become an additional expenditure item in the family budget.

I must admit that due to the complexity of the design and the presence of a large number of parts that can fail, the life of mounted models is shorter than that of floor-mounted ones.

Mounted boiler
Mounted gas boiler requires competent strapping. It is better for specialists

Types of heating appliances

The store variety is a little scary and disorienting. It is difficult to immediately determine the desired model. To make this easier to do, we will get acquainted with the main features of the devices that determine their operational characteristics.

Type of gas burner

Two types of burners can be installed in attachments. The simplest is the so-called atmospheric. The principle of its operation is very simple: gas fuel burns inside the unit. This requires air, which enters the device from the room where the boiler is. To ensure a continuous flow of air masses and at the same time get rid of toxic flue gases, it is necessary to equip a chimney.

In this case, only the traditional vertical tall chimneycorrectly designed and correctly mounted. Traction is provided due to the temperature difference between the room and the street. As a rule, with proper calculation, it is quite enough for the normal operation of the boiler. An atmospheric burner has significant advantages.

The principle of operation of a gas boiler
A boiler with a closed burner is more efficient and economical, but equipment with an atmospheric burner can work in the absence of electricity

First of all, for its use does not need electricity. The boiler can be operated with a complete lack of energy supply, which is very important for places where there is not always electricity. In addition, the cost of boilers equipped with such a burner is much lower than analogues. However, one must understand that for the safe use of such equipment, it will be necessary to equip effective ventilation in the room where it is installed.

It is advisable that such devices be mounted in a separate room. A prerequisite for the operation of the device is the presence of a chimney. And another minus is the relatively low efficiency.

The presence of a closed burner suggests that air enters it forcibly. An additional system equipped with a pump is installed for this. It takes the street air and delivers it to the combustion chamber and simultaneously removes the flue gases.

Such equipment is equipped with a coaxial type chimney. These are compact designs consisting of pipes embedded in each other. Smoke is discharged through the inner part, air is drawn in through the outer part.

Such a chimney is very effective, takes up little space and is quite simple to install. It can be installed not only vertically, but also at a small angle horizontally. In the latter case, the passage to the street is carried out directly in the wall.

Mounted boiler
The boiler with a closed burner has a higher efficiency, which allows its owner to save fuel

The advantages of closed burners include high efficiency, complete safety during operation. They do not take air from the room, so they can be installed in bathrooms or kitchens. However, their work requires electricity, otherwise the boiler will simply stop. The cost of appliances with closed burners is much higher than that of atmospheric equipment.

Number of instrument circuits

Mounted boilers can have one or two heat circuits. In the first embodiment, the equipment is equipped with one heat exchanger, which is used only for heating the heat-transfer fluid. Thus, the appliance is designed exclusively for heating. If hot water is also required, additional equipment is installed, which, of course, will take up some amount of free space.

The main advantage of single-circuit models is the simplicity of design, which simplifies their installation and operation, as well as greater power in comparison with dual-circuit counterparts. The latter have two built-in thermal circuits. In one, the coolant is heated, in the second - water for domestic hot water. This makes their design more complex and vulnerable. Boilers with the so-called bithermic heat exchanger are produced.

Single circuit gas boiler
A single-circuit mounted boiler provides only heating of the coolant. The number of radiators served by it is determined by the power of the device

It is divided into two segments, one for the coolant, the second for hot water. Thus, a dual-circuit device works with only one heat exchanger. As practice shows, bithermic devices are not reliable enough and not very convenient in operation.

Optionally, if necessary, purchase a unit with two separate heat exchangers. Boilers bypass type they spend their power not only on heating, but also on hot water, so it is slightly lower.

Such devices are ideal for small apartments or houses. You need to understand that double-circuit equipment is most often not able to provide a large amount of hot water. If the demand for hot water exceeds 15 liters per minute, you should purchase a single-circuit model and additional equipment for heating.

The same is worth doing in the presence of too hard water. The secondary heat exchanger in this case will be very quickly covered by deposits and fail.

Condensate heat usage

Condensation units appeared on the domestic market not very long ago, while throughout the world they are used very widely. Their distinctive feature is the ability to use heat from water vapor generated during the combustion of the gas mixture. The latter is collected in the form of condensate in an additional heat exchanger. Here he gives his heat to the heat transfer fluid.

Gas condensing boiler
The condensing type gas boiler has an efficiency of more than 100% due to the use of heat from the flue gas

Thus, it is possible to obtain additional thermal energy, which makes the use of a condensation boiler as efficient as possible. According to experts, the efficiency of such devices is above 100%, which may seem fantastic. However, this is a reality. The device receives an additional 9-11% to the efficiency due to the use of heat from the flue gases. The average efficiency of such boilers reaches 105-111%.

The advantages of condensing equipment include economical fuel consumption. Compared with traditional convection devices, it is about one third smaller. The gases discharged from the boiler have a low temperature, which allows the installation of cheaper and easier to install chimneys made of plastic. The amount of toxic emissions from the condensing boiler is minimal, the noise level during operation is also low.

The disadvantages of such equipment include a small temperature difference between the return and feed. For traditional convection devices, it averages 55 ° to 75 °, for condensation devices it is 35 ° to 55 °. Thus, for the heating of the room will require the installation of additional radiators or installation underfloor heating systems. In addition, condensate formed in the boiler must be disposed of.

Gas condensing boiler
Externally, condensing boilers do not differ from convection analogues. They are only slightly larger due to the fact that an additional heat exchanger is installed in the housing

This is quite problematic because it contains acid. It is unacceptable that he fall, for example, in a septic tank. To collect condensate, it is advisable to equip a special system. However, for boilers of low power, standing in houses with a centralized sewage system this is not necessary.

Another significant drawback of condensation equipment is its high cost. Compared with traditional counterparts, it is 20-35% higher.

Outboard boiler selection criteria

Having decided on the necessary type of heater, you can proceed to the selection of a specific model. In this case, it is worth considering the main criteria.

Device power

It is possible to determine the required power of a mounted gas boiler based on the volume of the heated room and the required amount of heated water, if it is planned to purchase a dual-circuit model.

It is very good if all calculations are carried out by a specialist who can take into account all the heat losses of the building, its volumes and many other factors. The estimated power in this case will be as accurate as possible. If this is not possible, the device is selected based on 1 kW of generated power per 10 square meters. m square.

Since these are very approximate figures, it is recommended to add to the obtained value 15-20% as a “reserve". It should not be too large, otherwise the boiler will work inefficiently and quickly fail.

A good choice is equipment with a modulation or at least a two-stage burner. They allow you to adjust the power of the device, which makes it possible to significantly save fuel.

Heat exchanger fabrication material

In terms of performance, copper is the best material for heat exchangers. It is not subject to corrosion, conducts heat well, has a small weight. Copper nodes can fail quite quickly when working in powerful boilers, but they serve well in wall-mounted models. Stainless steel is another material that heat exchangers are made of.

Steel heat exchanger
Stainless steel heat exchanger is the most popular solution for mounted boilers. It quickly fails, however, if necessary, the node can be replaced

Such parts have a low cost, low weight and good thermal conductivity. But at the same time they are prone to corrosion and can burn out. By virtue of which they serve relatively shortly. Cast iron parts are practically not used in wall-mounted boilers, since they weigh a lot. Although it would be a good choice. Given the corrosion resistance and durability of the material.

Boiler control system

The most convenient equipment in operation with automatic control. Such devices require initial configuration, after which they do not need to be controlled by a person. Automation independently monitors all possible changes in the environment and makes adjustments to the operation of the boiler. It is very good if the device will have a high degree of protection.

Gas equipment is potentially dangerous, so it will not be redundant. Automatic control is only possible for volatile boilers. For appliances not connected to electricity, only manual control remains. If so, it is important to understand the scheme of the boiler and determine in which case and what human intervention will be necessary. It is better to clarify this before buying.

Modulation burner
To use the boiler as efficiently as possible, it is worth buying a model with a modulation burner. It allows you to adjust the power of the heater

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the method of igniting the boiler. The more common and inexpensive piezo ignition has a significant drawback. Its presence leads to an excessive consumption of fuel, since the pilot burner must be constantly on. Electronic ignition is more economical, but dependent on the availability of electricity.

Reputable Manufacturers

Among the many manufacturers, users and specialists identify several brands that you can really trust.

German company Vaillant

Represents high-quality heating equipment in a wide variety of versions. This is one and two-circuit equipment of condensation and convection type.

The power of the units varies in the range from 4 to 280 kW. The advantages of Vaillant include high-tech equipment, which makes its operation extremely simple and comfortable. The manufacturer takes care of the highest level of safety of its products.

Units are equipped with gas supply control systems, auto diagnostics and a variety of types of protection. The equipment has high efficiency. For condensation models, it is about 109%, for convection models - 94%. Vaillant boilers can run on different types of gas, environmentally friendly and very economical. For the convenience of consumers, the company has deployed a wide service network.

Gas boiler
Vaillant gas boilers are equipped with the most advanced protection systems

The general disadvantages of the equipment include the lack of the necessary voltage stabilizers in the configuration of devices and quite expensive maintenance. In some cases, it may also not be quite fast. Consumers rate Vaillant brand equipment as excellent.

Buderus brand from Germany

Represents several lines of heating appliances. Wall-mounted Logamax plus - condensing units with power from 14 to 100 kW, Logamax - convection devices from 7.8 to 35 kW. Outdoor equipment is available in two ranges. Logano plus - condensing units with power from 16 to 1200 kW, convection Logano from 20 to 1200 kW. The range of equipment is very wide, includes all known modifications.

Buderus boilers are characterized by high energy efficiency, high-quality automatic control that simplifies operation. They can be embedded in the DD system, they can be controlled remotely. The devices are well combined with other branded equipment, equipped with effective sound and heat insulation, are highly environmentally friendly and economical, attractive appearance.

Gas boiler
Buderus gas boilers are easily integrated into the Smart Home system. They can also be controlled remotely using a mobile device.

The equipment from Buderus is reliable, high-quality, economical, universal and unpretentious. It rarely breaks down. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the completely plastic make-up taps and the lack of protection against possible surges in mains voltage.

Italian brand Baxi

It produces a wide range of heating equipment. A distinctive feature of this equipment is the presence of a total protection system from a wide variety of threats: freezing and overheating of the coolant, lack of pressure, etc.

The devices are equipped with manual and electronic control and monitoring systems, the most informative LCD displays, built-in automation, capable of responding to weather changes.

Baxi boilers are economical, equipped with modulation burners. They can operate in two temperature ranges. Units are simple in installation and convenient in operation. Of the significant shortcomings, it is worth noting some moodiness of electronics and the possibility of incorrect operation of temperature sensors.

Zhukovsky Machine-Building Plant

The largest domestic manufacturer of high-quality heating gas technology. Three main lines are produced: Comfort, Beetle and Universal, within which more than 30 models of boilers for various purposes are produced. Their advantages include improved automation, which led to an increase in efficiency up to 89% and a decrease in the toxicity of flue gases.

Mounted boiler
Mounted boilers from Baksi fit perfectly into any interior. They are economical and safe to operate.

The equipment is capable of working with two types of gas, has non-volatile ignition, is equipped with overheating protection and gas mixture pressure control. The boilers are not expensive, there are no problems with spare parts. The disadvantages include a small noise during the operation of the equipment and the low quality of manual welding carried out at the plant. Whereas there are no claims to automatic.

Important recommendation. Do not save on quality. It’s better to overpay a little and buy a device from a brand with a good reputation. It will last much longer than a fake of unknown quality, attractive only for its low cost.

We also recommend reading our article on how to conduct it yourself. wall mounted boiler.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Mounted gas boiler: model features:

One circuit or two: what to prefer:

The best mounted boilers:

Mounted gas boilers are an excellent choice for small houses and apartments. Compact and yet quite powerful devices will heat the rooms and, if necessary, provide hot water. When choosing equipment, it is worth considering all relevant criteria and choosing a boiler that is most suitable for existing operating conditions.

Please write comments in the block below the article. Perhaps you managed to get a new model of a hinged gas boiler? Share your impressions of its use, tell us about the nuances of using the device, are you satisfied with its work?

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  1. Ekaterina

    For five years now, there has been a wall-mounted double-circuit gas boiler, chosen in order to save space. It perfectly copes with its functions for heating a house with an area of ​​about 100 sq.m., despite the fact that the heating is turned off when used for heating water. The only thing I met was models with electric ignition only, in case of power outages it is better to have a UPS or a generator, but they are expensive.

  2. Ruslan

    I chose a gas single-circuit wall boiler for my private home. Since there is not much space in the boiler room, the wall-mounted version was the most optimal. The boiler was chosen with a closed type of burner, since the efficiency of such boilers is high. Although their cost is higher, but they provide complete safety during use. In terms of power, I chose a boiler based on 1 kW of power per 10 square meters of the house.