How to choose a long-burning boiler: the best brands + tips for choosing heating equipment

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The long-burning boiler is designed to heat rooms for an impressive period without replenishing fuel. As a rule, most models of this class can work on one tab of solid fuel for more than 12 hours. This effect is achieved due to the special design of the combustion chamber.

Suppliers offer an impressive selection of these types of devices. Among the presented models there are really effective and easy-to-use devices, but there are also low-quality consumer goods. In order to acquire worthwhile heating equipment for our hard-earned money, we will figure out the rules for choosing it.

What to look for when choosing a boiler?

Due to the simply huge demand for boilers operating on the same firewood tab for more than 12 hours, manufacturers are actively replenishing the market with new models. As a result, almost every buyer raises a number of questions that are related to the choice of manufacturer, design, type of fuel.

In addition, not everyone can correctly calculate the power. In order not to encounter these problems in the store, we will deal with all the nuances in more detail.

Types of equipment by design

Three varieties of solid fuel boilers are available on the market. These include classic models, pyrolysis, as well as pellet units. The first type will be an excellent choice, both for home and for industrial or commercial use.

The advantages of such models include:

  1. Versatility. The equipment can operate on heating granules (pellets), wood, peat and coal.
  2. Multifunctionality. Classic boilers are great not only for heating the room, but also for heating water.
  3. Efficiency. The efficiency of the presented devices in most cases varies between 80-85%.This allows you to use them, both as the main source of heat, and as an additional.

Pyrolysis models are most often used to heat water. This kind of device runs on fossil fuels.

Pyrolysis boiler
The performance factor of pyrolysis boilers mainly depends on the quality of the fuel used. The best choice is briquettes, pellets, as well as brown coal

It should be noted that pyrolysis boilers quite demanding on the moisture content of fuel raw materials. If this indicator is above 25-35%, then the heating efficiency will significantly decrease.

The third variation of long burning boilers has been patented in Europe relatively recently. But in a fairly short time, such devices have won recognition among hundreds of thousands of customers.

Work pellet boilers on wood pellets. Fuel is made from compressed chips, sawdust, as well as a number of other types of waste from the woodworking industry.

The advantages of the presented species include:

  • durability - the average life of the device is more than 20 years;
  • autonomy - the device independently and fairly well maintains the temperature indicated by the owner;
  • efficiency - The efficiency of models on pellets reaches 90%.

As for the shortcomings, only one stands out - the price is high and inaccessible to many. But this minus is fully paid off by the ease of maintenance and equipment performance.

With features of work and operation solid fuel boilers will introduce an article devoted to this interesting issue.

How to calculate the power?

If you need to determine the boiler performance, it is important to consider the area, the quality of wall insulation, the type of fuel used, as well as the length of the heating circuit. Calculations can be greatly simplified.

To do this, you only need to use the following formula:

1 kW per 1 m2 premises.

At the same time, the height of the ceilings should not exceed 3 meters. A more convenient option would be to use when calculating a special table. Below is one of them.

Boiler powerHeating area, sq. m
15 kWup to 150
20 kWup to 200
30 kWup to 300
50 kWup to 500
70 kWup to 700

With its help, you can find out the right power in minutes. In this case, the only parameter that you will need is the area of ​​the room in cubic meters.

Type of regulator and price tag

If in your house there are constant interruptions in the electrical network, then it will be advisable to choose a boiler with a mechanical regulator. He does not need a current supply, since his principle of action is based on air circulation in a natural way.

Automation is suitable for those who do not want to bother once again and spend their time going to the boiler room. This type of regulator pumps air with a fan.

Solid fuel boiler
A reasonable choice would be to buy a heater from an authorized dealer or directly from the manufacturer. This will not only allow you to purchase goods at a reasonable price, but also get a long warranty and rely on service in the event of a breakdown of the unit

The cost of heating equipment largely depends on the material from which the device is made, brand, as well as power. It is important to understand that this kind of technology is bought for decades. Therefore, do not even look towards cheap models. Remember - an efficient boiler cannot be cheap.

Pros and cons of long burning units

First of all, the equipment presented above is notable for its efficiency. Thanks to the special design, the fuel inside the device does not burn, but smolders slowly. This allows you to significantly increase efficiency (up to 85%), as well as for a long time to heat an impressive area.

The list of advantages of boilers operating for a long time should also include the volume of the combustion chamber.The vast majority of devices can load up to 50 kg of fuel at a time. As a result, you will forget for a long time that you need to go into the boiler room and throw firewood.

Also, unlike its analogues, heating equipment of long burning can work on different types of fuel. For example, on wood, coal, peat, pellets, ordinary and pressed sawdust. Thanks to its versatility, you, as an owner, can save a tangible amount.

Appearance of a long-burning boiler
The ability to operate on different types of fuel provides an opportunity to choose the most affordable type of fuel. At the same time, the size, for example, of firewood can be very different (from sawdust to briquettes). This helps save precious square meters in the boiler room.

As for the shortcomings, there were no noticeable minuses in devices of this class. But I would like to note the high cost. On average, the price of long-burning boilers starts at 100,000 rubles or more. Yes, you can find cheaper models, but they will not be able to please their effectiveness and ease of use.

Important when solid fuel boiler installation long-term storage responsibly to the design of the heating system. After all, if you do not carefully think through everything, then you will not feel all the advantages of the above devices.

Overview of the best manufacturers

Thousands of long burning boilers are represented on the Russian market. Suppliers are both manufacturers from Russia and foreign companies. But, unfortunately, only some firms offer efficient, reliable, durable and high-quality equipment.

Place # 1 - NMK

The Russian company NMK opens the list of the best manufacturers of solid fuel boilers. She stands out among her competitors with an impressive assortment of units from all price categories.

You can order both a model for 30,000 rubles and spend money on a powerful device for 100,000+ rubles.

NMK company boilers
The manufacturer offers high quality products. All boilers are certified and meet international standards. Therefore, when buying, do not hesitate to ask the seller for documents on the goods so as not to encounter a fake

The company "NMK" has a wide network of representative offices and is distinguished by the speed of delivery of heating equipment.

Rank # 2 - Stropuva producer

If you want to order a unit for heating a production, commercial premises or just a large house, then pay attention to the Lithuanian supplier.

Stropuva brand boilers are capable of supporting fuel decay for 3 days. At the same time, constant supervision by a person is not required.

Stropuva boilers
The design of Lithuanian boilers allows to put more than 50 kg of firewood into the combustion chamber. At the same time, the power of the devices exceeds the mark of 40 kW, which makes them an excellent choice

Candle heating equipment is produced by the previously introduced Stropuva company. The principle of operation of the units is based on the method of upper combustion. Thanks to its special design, the fuel smolders slowly, giving off the maximum amount of heat.

The advantages of Candle boilers include:

  • burning for 2 days on wood and more than 5 days on coal;
  • efficiency reaching 94%;
  • the ability to install the boiler in a system with natural or forced circulation of the heat carrier.

Also, the equipment of this brand is easy to operate. All that is required of you is to add fuel from time to time, as well as to clean the bottom of the furnace from the generated ash 2-3 times a month.

Candle Cauldron
The manufacturer offers to order Candle boilers for a wide variety of fuels. So, on the supplier’s website, coal-fired units, fuel briquettes, and firewood are presented. However, many models provide the ability to add a little different wood waste

Place # 3 - Nedelka company

One of the leaders in the Russian market is the company "Week".This company is engaged in serial production of heating equipment with a capacity of 15 to 90 kW.

Boiler company Week
The models of the Nedelka brand can service a room or several rooms with a total area of ​​up to 400 square meters. m. At the same time, most units operate autonomously for a week

Place # 4 - German company Buderus

If you want to buy a boiler that will also warm your grandchildren, feel free to choose appliances from the German company Buderus.

Equipment in the boiler room
All boilers of this brand are distinguished by a reasonable design, high quality materials, as well as versatility. At the same time, the efficiency of such home helpers reaches 85%

Place # 5 - Trayan brand aggregate

From the moment Traian boiler equipment appeared on the market, it immediately won the attention of thousands of customers. The products of this manufacturer have become so popular, primarily due to their impeccable design.

Units are thought out to the smallest detail, which allows to achieve their durability, versatility and high efficiency.

On the manufacturer's website there are several lines of boilers. This allows you to choose a device that is suitable for the cost and type of fuel loaded. Well, if you are looking for the most versatile option, then pay attention to combined modelsequipped with electric ten.

Cauldron Trajan
Trajan boilers stand out not only due to their versatility and quality, but also due to their low cost. On average, the cost of devices of this brand varies from 40,000 to 60,000 rubles. At the same time, the manufacturing company regularly holds promotions and offers fuel briquettes as gifts

Place # 6 - Heiztechnik

Heiztechnik engineers have always tried to be the first to introduce innovative solutions into their products. Therefore, boilers with the possibility of long burning from this manufacturer for more than 15 years occupy a leading position in the market.

Yes, the range of devices is small (there are about 40 devices in total), but each model boasts well-thought-out design, a wide range of fuels used, and a high level of automation.

All Heiztechnik boilers comply with the highest energy efficiency class. At the same time they are most convenient in operation. You will not need to figure out how to install the boiler and start using it for a long time.

Heiztechnik boiler
Heiztechnik heaters are monitored by microprocessors manufactured by the same company. Such a control system precisely maintains the temperature set by the user, provides the ability to remotely control via the Internet, and also allows you to adjust the device settings via a phone based on Android

General rules and guidelines for choosing boilers for heating a country house given here. We recommend that you read some very useful information.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing boilers for the home:

Long-burning boilers are an excellent alternative to expensive fuel-fired units.

Yes, they cannot boast of compactness, as well as ease of operation. But equipment of this class is highly efficient, which saves you time and a significant amount of money. But only subject to competent design of the heating system.

Share your opinion on the operation of boilers and useful information not mentioned in the article. It is possible that at your disposal there is valuable information that will be useful to visitors to the site. Please leave comments, ask questions, post photos in the block below.

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    I put Stropuv in my house, took 20 kW, along the way is not enough, I had to do more power reserve. But the more powerful, the steeper the price, and the money during construction is scarce. Our firewood is expensive, coal is also bullshit and expensive. We drown briquettes. I can’t say that I’m missing for a long time without supervision. If you download a full firebox, then just a day is enough. There is a lot of trouble around this boiler. Not very satisfied, to be honest.

  2. There is experience using a boiler from NMK. Boiler long burning model Magnum. It completely suits me - convenient, more affordable at the price in comparison with analogs. When fully loaded, it works for almost a day, almost any fuel “eats”, traction is good, it is relatively easy to clean. In general, I am 100% satisfied with the boiler, I have no complaints about it.

  3. We have a car service 300 m2, which boilers we just did not try to heat! Thank God colleagues from Tambov suggested to buy the Cauldron (Hat). We purchased a Boiler (Hat - 35) and this is really a GREAT APPARATUS. I advise everyone not to know grief!