Electric heating boilers: classification, selection recommendations and manufacturers overview

Alexey Dedyulin
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Last update: November 2019

Installation of a heating boiler is an important stage in home improvement. If the equipment is selected correctly, then, regardless of weather conditions, comfortable temperature conditions will be maintained in the rooms.

Often in private homes put electric heating boilers. The devices are safe, easy to operate, and their performance depends on the choice of model.

In this material, we will understand the features of the operation of these devices, denote the criteria for choosing heating equipment, and announce the TOP-12 of the best manufacturers according to users.

Features of the electric boiler

The main structural elements of an electric heating boiler are a tank and a heating element. Devices are equipped with control and automatic control systems.

Also, expansion tanks and circulation pumps.

The scheme of the three-phase electric boiler
When buying a boiler, you should pay attention to the type of electric heating element. Over time, calcareous particles settle on the heating elements, which affects the power of the device

Electric boilers have several advantages:

  1. Fire safety. Thanks to automatic control systems and the absence of open fire, the devices are safe. They do not emit toxic substances and products of combustion, are not able to explode.
  2. Convenience of installation. Neither a chimney nor ventilation is required for electrical equipment, which facilitates installation.
  3. High efficiency. Regardless of the type of heating device, all electric boilers are highly efficient.
  4. Compactness. Electrical appliances, especially mounted ones, take up little space.
  5. Nice design. Most modern models are stylistically versatile and look good in the interior.

Electric boilers are almost perfect - easy to operate, safe. Their only serious drawback is the high cost of electricity.Another caveat: residents of regions where there are frequent power outages, it is better to choose boilers that work from other sources of energy, or take care of buying additional heating appliances.

Classification criteria for heating appliances

There is a huge advantage in the variety of electric boilers: you can find a model that is ideally suited for specific operating conditions. At the same time, in order not to make a mistake, the buyer has to understand the nuances.

Electric heating equipment is classified according to several criteria, the main of which are:

  • type of heating medium: heating elements, electrode, induction;
  • location method: mounted (wall), floor;
  • construction: single, bypass.

Heating electric boilers can differ in other parameters. For example, some manufacturers produce not only single-phase models (220 V), but also three-phase (380 V).

Also exist combined boilersin which, in addition to electricity, other sources of energy (firewood or gas) can be used.

Heating and electrode boilers are time-tested, reliable and will suit those home owners who are trying to find a model of decent quality at an affordable price.

Features of the electrode boiler device
Since the electrodes are sensitive to the composition of the coolant, it is necessary to monitor the quality of water in the heating system.If the new boiler is connected to the old system, it is thoroughly washed, removing all impurities and impurities

Induction devices are more suitable for people who appreciate high-performance equipment and cutting-edge design. Their advantage is freedom of choice. coolant: boilers can be connected to heating systems with anti-freezing fluid.

The device of the electric heating boiler
Heating boilers are easy to install and usually have power control systems, but due to the formation of scale on the heating elements, their heat transfer gradually decreases, and the energy consumption increases

Choosing between wall and floor boilers, you should decide on the space on which the device can be placed.

Heating with electric boiler in a private house
Practice shows that floor-mounted electric boilers are more reliable than wall-mounted ones. They break less often and serve longer. If it is possible to allocate space for a floor model, then this will be the best solution

If you need a powerful boiler, and the room is spacious, you should give preference to the floor model, and for houses with an area of ​​up to 100 sq.m. You can choose the wall.

The principle of operation of the induction boiler
The principles of operation of induction and heating elements differ significantly, although this slightly affects the efficiency. The main difference is in the amount of initial investments, but over time, the costs of servicing boilers are equalized, because due to the lack of heating elements, induction models require less repair

Any type of electric water-heating boiler has advantages and limitations in use, therefore, devices should be selected based on their own needs, priorities and features of the operation of heating equipment.

The nuances of choosing the right model

Electricity is an expensive energy resource. If the boiler is not picked up correctly, you will have to pay huge electricity bills.

Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to some nuances:

  • Functions device. It is necessary to determine what functions the boiler should perform - only heat the house or additionally supply it with hot water.
  • Technical indicators boiler. Be sure to take into account not only the heated area, but also the degree of its thermal insulation.
  • Price. In many ways, the cost of heating devices depends on the power, but this is not all. Additional features can lead to a significant increase in the cost of the model. Therefore, you need to clearly understand whether the budget allows you to overpay for convenience.

Before starting the search for the boiler, you should find out how powerful it should be.

You can calculate the power, focusing on averaged indicators: 1 kW of electricity is enough to heat a room of 10 square meters. with a ceiling height of up to 3 m. It turns out that for heating a small house with an area of ​​60 m, a device with a capacity of 6 kW is suitable.

Compact heating electric boiler
When buying an electric boiler, energy consumption is of fundamental importance. It’s better to overpay for a more expensive model, but save on its operation

It is advisable to take into account the degree of thermal insulation and buy a boiler with a small margin of power (20%). If the house is poorly insulated, it is better to choose a gas or solid fuel modelbecause heating with electricity will be too expensive.

What will help to save on heating?

There are several devices that help reduce energy consumption and reduce the cost of heating a house:

  • Thermostats. Heating boilers equipped with thermostats do not overheat the room, but at the same time maintain the specified temperature regime.
  • Programmers. Smart boilers regulate the room temperature according to a specific schedule. Although the boiler itself operates continuously, the heating element consumes electricity only 34% of this time. Read more about the arrangement of the heating system in a smart home here.
  • Multi-stage power controllers. Thanks to automatic regulators, it is possible to use energy resources extremely rationally.
  • Microprocessors. Devices smoothly regulate the power of boilers, and some devices can even be controlled remotely - from smartphones or other gadgets. Such models are expensive, but worth the money.

The energy consumption of an electric boiler is noticeably affected by the presence or absence of a circulation pump.

If it is not included in the model, it is advisable to purchase it separately and connect to the heating system.

Fluid freeze protection equipment
If it is likely that in the cold season the house will be left for a while, it is better to choose a model with a coolant frost protection system

When buying a boiler for a country house or cottage, you should pay attention to the anti-freeze protection systems of the coolant.

Top brands worth paying attention to

There are many different ratings based on real customer reviews, as well as the frequency of contacting service centers.

Tenko - Ukrainian-made boiler
The main advantage of heating equipment "Tenko" is an affordable price. The design of electric boilers is extremely simple, which makes them very reliable.

According to the results of surveys in 2017, the following brands were recognized as the best:

  1. Buderus;
  2. Vaillant;
  3. "Evan";
  4. Kospel;
  5. Protherm;
  6. Ferroli
  7. ZOTA;
  8. RusNIT;
  9. Wattek;
  10. Sangay
  11. Savitre;
  12. Tenko.

This rating lists manufacturers adhering to different pricing policies, but all the equipment is of good quality and has earned the trust of users.

Of the budget models, the RusNIT and Evan boilers are considered the best. Owners of large houses should pay attention to the brands ZOTA, Protherm, "Evan". Good equipment of medium power are produced by Vaillant, Kospel, Protherm, Buderus, Savit.

And for the premises of a small area, the equipment of the Sangay and Tenko brands is perfect.

Sangai boiler design
Economical electric boilers of the Sangay trademark are excellent for heating apartments and small houses (up to 100 sq.m). The design of the models is thought out so that it is convenient to connect pumping equipment

The list of manufacturers of reliable heating equipment is not limited to rating companies. There are also other worthy brands.

Each buyer can find a model of a water-heating electric boiler, suitable for the price, quality, technical parameters.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

We offer video materials that will help to calculate the required power of an electric boiler, choose the right model and independently install a heating system.

Features of heating a house with electricity:

Calculation of boiler capacity taking into account Russian climatic zones:

Useful recommendations for choosing an electric boiler:

Tips for choosing single and dual circuit models:

Video instruction for self-installation of an electric boiler:

It is better to charge the installation of the boiler to a qualified electrician, but if you wish, you can mount the equipment independently. It is easy if you follow the instructions and follow the safety instructions. With proper operation, the boiler can last for decades.

The main thing is to carry out preventive examinations in a timely manner and eliminate minor problems until they become a problem.

If you have experience using electric heating boilers, please tell visitors of our site which model you have chosen. Are you satisfied with the operation of the device? Maybe there are some features in its use. Please leave your comments, share experiences, ask questions in the block under the article.

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Visitors Comments
  1. I have my own home, I use the NAVIEN EQB single-circuit electric boiler. I connect an indirect boiler to it and heat the water. I set the water temperature on the boiler remote control, the rest of the settings too. He hangs on the wall in the kitchen, does not interfere, there is no noise from him. It works like a clock. I have been using the boiler for the second year now, no complaints. There is a guarantee from the manufacturer.

  2. Vladimir

    It is expensive to heat an electric boiler, but it saves when there is no way to carry gas into the house. Here we have it. Far to the nearest highway, nobody is going to conduct gas to the village. Bought a wall boiler hanging in the kitchen. Outdoor, of course, would be better, it is more reliable, but there is not enough space, it is not possible to allocate space for it.Of the pluses, I want to highlight that it is absolutely silent, you can adjust the temperature in the room, it is not the most profitable option at a cost, but it is very high quality. Of the minuses, there really is a lot of electricity!

    • Expert
      Alexey Dedyulin

      As for the cost of electricity, here I can tell you a few tricks. They are not technical, but still allow you to save. Not many people know that you can get a discount if you design a house heating project exclusively on electricity, plus put a dual-zone meter day / night. In this case, from 23:00 to 08:00 you will pay at a reduced rate.

      The next trick is already technical: I advise you to get a thermostat, a thermostat, an advanced model costs about $ 10, which will make it possible to program the boiler even remotely by phone.

      What this gives: for example, you go somewhere on business or on vacation for a couple of days, respectively, you can set the boiler to a minimum temperature of 16-18 degrees when there is no one at home. It is also possible to regulate the operation of the boiler on weekdays when everything is at work. In combination with new tariffs, a meter and a thermostat, you can save up to 40% of current energy costs.