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Permanent residence in a country house or temporary seasonal stay in the country require a certain set of amenities, including the organization of autonomous sewage. A mandatory device for collecting wastewater is a drive or septic tank.

A wide range of such products is offered by the Triton Plastic company - in its arsenal there are Triton septic tanks of various modifications. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, it is necessary to study the characteristics, features of operation and installation of different treatment facilities, agree?

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the detailed review, advantages and disadvantages of Triton models. The information provided will help you make a decision on the purchase of the optimal septic tank and how to equip the local sewage system on the site.

Features of the autonomous sewage system

The sewage system for a country house, not connected to a centralized network, is an independent structure capable of collecting, storing and even recycling waste.

Waste includes any drains entering the sewer pipes: household drains from the kitchen sink, washing machine and dishwasher, soapy water from the shower or bathtub, and fecal matter from the toilet.

Moving through the pipes, the effluents reach the final goal, which is an ordinary cesspool or multi-chamber treatment station. Ranges are found less and less, mainly in summer cottages of temporary (seasonal) residence.

The design of septic tanks is much more complicated than the usual folk cesspool.

Depending on the purpose, functionality and size, all devices can be divided into three broad categories:

  • Storage tanks. The drains from which are removed using a sewage machine as the hermetic tank is filled.
  • Septic tanks. Wastes are separated by sludge, anaerobic digestion and sequential overflow from section to section or to a soil aftertreatment device. The degree of wastewater treatment with the use of sedimentation tanks reaches 70-75%.
  • Volatile biological treatment plants. They are able to restore the properties of a liquid with maximum efficiency - approximately 90-98%. Comprehensive treatment of wastewater using mechanical, chemical and biological methods using anaerobes and aerobes.

Wastes of a biological nature form a breeding ground for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. In cesspools, anaerobes that do not need the presence of oxygen process liquid effluents, and solid sediment accumulates over time and must be disposed of.

With the help of a ventilation system, anaerobic microorganisms can be cleansed.

How the cumulative septic tank Triton works
Scheme of the historical predecessor of all types of septic tanks - cesspool. This is a concrete or brick structure, buried in the ground at 2-4 m. In order to protect the soil from infection, the well walls and the bottom are sealed. As the wastewater accumulates, they are pumped out with the help of special equipment and sewage pumps

In the first chamber, the waste is separated in its composition: solid settles at the bottom, liquid overflows into the next compartment.

Grease floats to the surface and forms a film that must be periodically removed if not installed sewer grease traps. Subsequently, the water passes post-treatment in the aerated chamber and on the filtration field.

Automatic sewage treatment plants require power supply. The degree of purification of the liquid reaches 95-98%, which makes it possible to use it in the future for household needs, gardening, watering the garden, etc.

Scheme of a two-chamber septic tank
Diagram of a two-chamber septic tank with a storage well from which the purified liquid is pumped to the surface with a pump - for watering a lawn or garden

Triton Brand: Distinctive Features

Manufacturer septic tank and Triton, the company Triton Plastic LLC, focusing on the specifics of consumer demand, has created a complete line of facilities, from small-sized storage tanks to powerful treatment plants designed for servicing apartment buildings.

Triton brand models
Models are horizontal and vertical in shape, differ in size, weight, number of chambers, cleaning efficiency, productivity, completeness and, subject to all of the above, cost

In the private sector, Triton purification devices operating on the principle of sedimentation tanks are mainly used.

When choosing the size and performance of a septic tank, the following factors should be considered:

  • soil type;
  • groundwater location;
  • number of residents;
  • permanent or temporary type of residence;
  • daily volumes of drains;
  • temperature indicators, etc.

For example, for a family of 2 people who come to the country only in the warm season, the smallest device is enough - a septic tank Triton Micro volume of 180 liters. The unit not only collects and defends drainage water, but also purifies them in the infiltrator.

For a family of 3 people regularly appearing in the country, suitable Triton Minithe volume of which is much larger - 750 liters. The local treatment device works on the same principle as the Micro model - with subsequent post-treatment in the infiltrator.

Despite the name, the construction will easily serve a company of 5 people who came to visit on a weekend.

Triton N - This is a cumulative capacity that regularly needs drainage services. Specialists are called in as the tank fills.

The need to install the drive arises if the groundwater level is high enough and there is no way to install an infiltrator or there is simply no need to mount a more serious device in view of the seasonal visit to the estate.

Characteristics of septic tanks Triton
The volume of the tank is selected depending on the amount of wastewater. To household models include products of 1000 ... 5000 liters, but there are more overall devices that can hold up to 40 thousand liters. The table shows the characteristics of the model range of devices with elliptical ends (+)

For a family living out of town constantly, the best option is Triton T - three-chamber structure with additional infiltration. Experimentally, the performance of the septic tank was calculated, as a result, when buying, you do not need to provide data on the estimated volumes, it is enough to name the number of people living in the house.

If you need to save, you can purchase Triton ED - two-chamber septic tank with an infiltrator. The quality of cleaning will be slightly lower, but the maintenance is easier.

It is important to remember that all types of septic tanks-settlers Triton are VOCs that can clean drains by a maximum of 75%. The exception is drive Triton Nhaving no cleaning function.

Regular cleaning is required for all types of septic tanks. The difference is that the storage tanks are empty completely and often, and in the septic tanks only solid sediment must be removed so that no volumetric seals are created at the bottom.

Excess activated sludge, a nutrient medium for microorganisms, should also be removed. Sludge is effectively used as fertilizer.

Product Range Overview

A more detailed analysis of the technical characteristics of septic tanks will allow you to get a complete picture of each Triton model separately. Pay attention to the variety of designs, volume, performance and installation features.

Triton Micro for limited volumes

Do not be surprised if in the price lists of some enterprises selling products under the Triton brand you do not find a device with this name. The fact is that Triton Micro renamed to Tank Micro - in fact, it is one and the same product.

It is made of low-pressure polyethylene and is intended for use in regions with frosts down to -30ºС. Productivity - 150 l / day, maximum load - 180 l / day.

Micro Model Design
The tank has the shape of a barrel with a narrowed upper part - the neck. After installing the device, the cover through which the vent pipe should be above ground level

The purpose of the septic tank Triton Micro may be different:

  • replacement of a cesspool for the period of construction of a country house;
  • compact permanent septic tank for a summer residence or guest house;
  • separate tank for bath drains;
  • part of storm sewers.

A distinctive feature is a small capacity volume. For houses with a large number of residents, this property is a disadvantage, for a small country house with periodic visits - an advantage.

Triton Micro is supplied paired with an infiltrator, as well as equipment for installation - a neck and a cover, that is, an external part.

Septic tank installation diagram
For the installation of a septic tank, a small foundation pit with a stable level bottom is required (in terms of the size of the septic tank 1.5 mx 0.76 m + 0.3 m on each side), if there is an infiltrator, an additional pit (+)

Thus, the kit includes:

  • cleaning device with a volume of 450 l and weighing 40 kg;
  • 400 L infiltrator and 20 kg weight;
  • neck;
  • cap.

The cost of Triton Micro in the kit will cost less - 11,900 rubles. The option without an infiltrator costs 8,990 rubles., An infiltrator separately - 3,500 rubles. This is the most economical of all the models presented by the manufacturer.

Due to its small volume and weight, the device is easy to transport and install.

Triton Mini - an analog of the septic tank Microbe

The traditional name for a septic tank is Triton Mini - can be found in articles, however, products with this name no longer exist. It was originally renamed to Tank Mini, and later completely discontinued.

The classic two-chamber septic tank came to replace Microbehaving two varieties differing in construction:

  • Micro - in vertical execution (from 450 l to 900 l);
  • Standard - in horizontal execution (with a volume of 1200 l and 1800 l).

Like Tank Micro, Microbe is designed to serve small country houses with an unstable regime of residence or additional buildings: guest houses, bathhouses.

Septic tank made of polyethylene
Material for the production of tanks and infiltrators - low-pressure polyethylene - prevents premature wear and increases the service life of up to 50 years

There is a limited lineup represented by four devices. However, the manufacturer gives a guarantee that even the smallest tank is able to provide a comfortable life for one person and bear the additional burden in case of the arrival of relatives or guests.

Septic Microbe
One Microbe 450 is capable of simultaneously serving one toilet and one sink with a faucet. The advantages of the compact model are light weight, similar dimensions, easy maintenance (+)

Subject to the rules of use, it is enough to clean the tank once a year, on the eve of winter preservation.

The advantage of the entire line is low cost:

  • tanks - from 9 900 rubles. up to 23 000 rubles .;
  • Triton infiltrator - 4500 rubles;
  • neck - 2 100 rubles.

Additionally, you can purchase a cover (2 100 rubles) and drainage pump (from 3,500 rubles). The pump is immersed in the well, which is installed after the infiltrator. The cost of a well is 9,800 rubles.

Septic tank installation
There are many options for installing the Microbe septic tank: for high and low groundwater levels, with a filter field or an absorption well

Installation is done independently, according to the attached instructions. After installation, the backfilling technique must not be used so as not to damage the device case.

It is strictly forbidden to arrange transport routes over the septic tank. The nearest tree planting should be carried out at a distance of 3 m. According to sanitary standards, filtering devices should be located no closer than 15 m to wells and wells.

Triton N - storage capacity

Unlike two-chamber septic tanks, Triton N It does not have a drain outlet, therefore, it is a usual storage tank. However, the demand for designs of this type is great, so the manufacturer has developed a fairly extensive line of models that differ in volume - from 1,000 liters to 60,000 liters.

Triton N
The design of the septic tank Triton N practically does not differ from analogues of other brands: it is a volumetric barrel-shaped container located horizontally and having a neck with a lid in the upper part

So that the drains do not overfill the tank, it must be cleaned with the help of wastewater. For this, an access area for special equipment is arranged next to the drive.

They do not recommend cleaning up on their own, since only powerful drainage equipment and timely removal can ensure cleanliness and safety in the suburban area.

The low-pressure polyethylene from which the containers are made ensures tightness over time. With increased volumes, there is a risk of body deformation, therefore, large models have thicker walls. For example, Triton H 2 has walls with a thickness of 14 mm, and Triton H 55 - 60 mm.

Drive Advantages:

  • perfect tightness for guaranteed 50 years;
  • light weightthat is convenient for installation and transportation;
  • easy installation according to the instructions and simple care.

One of the advantages is its affordable cost. The model Triton N 1 (1000 l) costs 24 900 rubles., Triton H (2000 l) - 30 000 rubles. A larger device with 10,000 liters will cost 160 thousand rubles.

The installation scheme of the drive Triton N
Installation scheme of the drive Triton N. Mandatory conditions: a smooth concrete base, sprinkling on all sides and insulation to prevent freezing in the cold season (+)

For storage tanks of the manufacturer Tank, as well as similar analogues of other brands, it is recommended to use biologically active preparations. They improve the process of processing biological waste, as a result of which visits to the scavengers become more rare.

Triton ED - two-chamber septic tank

A more effective treatment of drainage water can be done using a two-chamber septic tank Triton Ed. It is more powerful than the Microbe or Triton Mini, and usually comes complete with a filter field or well.

Like previous models, this device has a guaranteed 50-year service life, tolerates frosts up to -30 ºС and, thanks to molded polyethylene design, is characterized by perfect tightness.

Scheme of the septic tank Triton ED
Scheme of a two-chamber tank of a vertical type: the first compartment is used to separate waste into fractions, the second one is used to purify partially clarified liquid and then send it to the soil or to a filtering device

The first chamber should be periodically cleaned of solid sediment and a greasy film, the second of an increased amount of activated sludge.

It should be remembered that chemicals (such as chlorine) kill beneficial microorganisms, so it is advisable to reduce the use of aggressive cleaning agents to a minimum or replace them with more gentle analogues.

Triton ED
The lineup is represented by three options, one of which has a vertical shape and two - horizontal. The Triton filter is a universal device and is used with all models of the manufacturer (+)

The cost is growing along with the dimensions of the facilities: the ED-1800 costs about 30 thousand rubles, and the ED-3500 - 43.5 thousand rubles.Together with the minimum set, you can purchase wells for the pump (height from 0.6 m to 1.6 m), a neck and a cover.

Scheme of installation of a septic tank Triton ED
The installation scheme of the septic tank Triton ED vertical type: from a two-chamber tank, the liquid enters the infiltrator, and from there - into the soil. When installing a well with a pump, treated drains can be used for irrigation

If one of the ED models is used in a seasonal country house, it is necessary to carry out preparatory measures before leaving: to completely pump out solid sediment with the help of washers, rinse the containers and leave them filled not more than 50-70% of the usual volume.

Triton T - three-chamber septic tank

Septic tank models Triton T are the most productive of the entire line of this brand. Unlike previous options, they have three chambers, therefore, the effluent treatment process is as efficient as possible.

Neck of a septic tank Triton T
In the first chamber, the wastewater is divided into solid and liquid; in the second and third chambers, the liquid continues to be purified using anaerobic bacteria

If the number of active microorganisms decreases, it is necessary to replenish it with biological preparations for septic tanks: “Tamir”, "Dr. Robik" or "Saneks". In the reverse process, the excess mass should be removed and used as fertilizer for garden and vegetable crops.

Models Triton T
Models designed to serve from 2 to 10 people, that is, the most suitable for country houses of permanent residence, can be identified by elliptical ends. Their cost is from 24 500 rubles. up to 85 thousand rubles (+)

The remaining tanks (from 6,000 l to 30,000 l) have flat ends and thicker walls. They are used to equip the sewerage of hotels, sports clubs, rest houses, which are located outside the city and do not have a connection to a centralized network.

The most volumetric septic tank Triton T 30, designed to serve 60 people, costs about 622 thousand rubles.

There are several options for installing a three-chamber cleaning device.

Absorption well
The installation scheme of the Triton T septic tank with a filtering well, into which the purified liquid enters. The final treatment takes place in the drainage layer of the well and in the ground. This is the best option for loose sandy soils with groundwater lying below 4-5 m (+)
Soil treatment
Scheme of a multi-stage installation using a well and an infiltrator. The well is equipped with a pump for pumping purified liquid for the purpose of subsequent domestic use. Between the conditional bottom of the infiltrator and the ground water mirror there should be a ground layer of more than 1 m (+)
Scheme of standard installation of a septic tank with an infiltrator with tertiary treatment in a specially equipped gravel pillow. The solution for low groundwater sites is more economical than a filter well circuit (+)

Before installing the polyethylene tank, it is necessary to prepare the base - put a concrete slab at the bottom of the pit or make a reinforced cement pouring. The backfill should be uniformly compacted so that the container does not deform.

Pros and Cons of VOCs Triton

An analysis of the characteristics of septic tanks shows that they are much more effective than cesspools, but inferior in quality to the treatment of waste water to energy-dependent biological treatment plants.

Residents of country houses with experience in using septic tanks Triton, highlighted the following advantages:

  • ease of installation and maintenance;
  • durability and long service life without repair;
  • a wide selection of models of required performance;
  • tightness and reliability of the polymer structure.

However, the relatively low cost of the kits and the possibility of acquiring septic tanks in parts, with or without an infiltrator, are recognized as one of the main advantages.

Installation Rules
To install the device, it is necessary to dig a pit, equip a concrete base, connect the communications and correctly do backfill - all actions can be performed independently, using the instructions from the manufacturer

The disadvantages include an insufficient level of wastewater treatment (this applies to simple models), which entails the need to install additional filter wells and filter fields, the need for regular cleaning, the inability to install in conditions of low soil freezing in the northern regions.

Most of the advantages and disadvantages of septic tanks Triton is subjective and relates to specific models, often incorrectly selected.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The videos created by the employees of Triton Plastic LLC are promotional in nature, but contain a lot of useful information.

Features of the installation of a septic tank with a well:

Installation kit with infiltrator:

As you can see, using a septic tank you can create a reliable and functional autonomous sewer for a country house. To make it work properly, install strictly according to the instructions and do not forget to clean the tanks on time.

If you have any problems, contact the professionals, as only they know all the nuances of installation and maintenance of treatment facilities.

Have experience using a septic tank Triton? Tell our readers about the features of operation and the nuances of servicing the treatment plant. You can leave comments and ask questions in the form below.

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