Overview of the septic tank for the cottage “Unilos Astra”: device, service rules, advantages and disadvantages

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Comfortable living in the country or in a country house is impossible without the organization of individual sewers. Not all villages have centralized networks for organizing amenities. In most cases, you have to take care of this yourself.

Here the septic tank “Unilos Astra” will come to the rescue - an excellent equipment that can perform the function of cleaning the waste products of the whole family for many years.

We will tell you in detail about the device and the principle of operation of the cleaner, identify its pros and cons, and also give practical recommendations for the operation and maintenance of the unit.

Device and principle of operation

In order for an individual sewage system to fulfill its duties, it is necessary to monitor it, timely service and replace worn parts. The service life of the Astra septic tank is 50 years. During this time, many components will have to be replaced.

The instructions for use indicate which components in what time frame to be changed. To avoid problems with the operability of equipment, you have to figure out what it consists of and how it works.

The basis for the development of the treatment plant “Astra” was LOS "Topas", therefore, many structural elements and principles of operation of the plants are very similar.

Unilos Astra is a capacity of a certain volume, the walls of which are made of polypropylene 2 cm thick. Its volume depends on the ability to serve the needs of a certain number of residents. These data are indicated directly in the name, for example, aster 5, aster 8, etc.

Place for installation of a septic tank
A convenient place should be selected for the installation of equipment, given that it will stand there for 50 years

The unit has a lid with a fungus through which air enters. It is insulated. The tank itself is equipped with stiffeners and is divided into 4 compartments. In each of them there is a separate process for wastewater treatment.

First, contaminated water enters the 1st compartment, where there is a filter for large fractions. Everything is upheld here. Then the effluents are pumped into the second compartment, where aerobic bacteria are taken for them, turning the waste into activated sludge.

Scheme of the septic tank Unilos Astra
The installation has an instrument compartment. Here is its smart part, which has a degree of protection IP 55, which will withstand splashing water (+)

In the third block, the older sludge settles to the bottom and settles, and the new one, floating in the upper part, returns for recycling back to the second compartment. In the fourth, additional purification of water and its withdrawal to the outside occurs. It is 98% clean and completely safe.

To ensure the operation of the septic tank, electricity is used. The equipment itself has a pump, pipes and tubes, a grease and hair trap, filters, a circulator and a recirculator.

Septic tank air tubes
Air tubes are recommended to be replaced every year and cleaned every 3 months. This will ensure the smooth operation of the system.

Bacteria needed for waste treatment do not need to be purchased separately. They, as a rule, originate themselves during operation. Moreover, it takes 2-3 weeks, or even a whole month, if the equipment serves the appropriate number of residents.

Sewage flows through a sewer pipe
When connecting the system, it is not necessary to fill in the bacteria inside. It is advisable not to throw anything directly into the septic tank - the waste must come through the sewer

If you wish, you can accelerate the nucleation of aerobes. To do this, bought special bacteria marked start. They are divorced in water, according to the instructions, and flushed into the toilet. In the future, you do not need to buy anything - Unilos Astra is self-sufficient equipment that provides itself with aerobes.

Septic tank service features

Home sewage, providing a comfortable life outside the city, also requires attention to yourself. So that at the most inopportune moment, everything does not break, it is necessary to timely service the self-contained septic tank Unilos.

All requirements are described in detail by the manufacturer in the equipment manual.

septic tank service by specialists
Specialists invited to service and clean the sewer system do their job fairly quickly. This is convenient if the owner does not have time for self-service.

Service can be carried out in 2 ways:

  • conclude an agreement with specialists;
  • do everything yourself.

The essence of this process is washing filters, tubes and pipes, cleaning the walls of contaminants, pumping activated sludge from the sump. This is within the power of the owner of the homeowner, most importantly, carefully read the instructions.

Moreover, it is advisable to open the lid once a month and watch how the system works. There should be no unpleasant odors. If such a phenomenon is observed, then an error was made during installation.

This is possible when the owner himself carried out all the installation and connection work. Here, the best way is to invite experts who will point out errors and correct them.

Flushing the walls of the tank
Flushing the walls of the tank every time is not necessary. This can be done once every 6 months.

Once every 3 months should be cleaned:

  • mamut pump;
  • walls of the secondary sump;
  • blower filters.

Also, sludge should be removed from the sump. All components are well detachable and removable. This allows them to be washed without difficulty, and then put in place.

Parts of a septic tank are easily removable
All components of a septic tank can be easily removed and cleaned. This allows you to carry out all the work on your own, without involving specialists

First of all, the station is turned off by pressing a special button. After 30 minutes, when the sludge settles, you can disconnect the mamut pump and start pumping. A total of 5-6 buckets are removed. The process is described in more detail in the instructions.

Cleaning hair catcher
Once every three months, the sewage system must be cleaned of sludge using a standard pump. Once every six months, it is necessary to pump out the sludge with a drainer and clean the hair trap

The equipment manufacturer recommends that every 5 years, the aerotank and surge tank be cleaned of stabilized sediment. The aeration elements themselves must be replaced every 10 years.

As for the replacement of individual elements, the compressor itself can last from 5 to 10 years, and it is advisable to change its membrane every 3 years.

More details about the selection, repair and replacement of the compressor for the septic tank are written in this article.

All maintenance work is not difficult to do on your own. If the owner chose the option with the involvement of specialists of the organization, then pumping activated sludge can be carried out every 6 months.

Sludge pumping
Pumping sludge takes a little time. When you finish servicing the septic tank, it is important not to forget to turn on the oxygen supply devices to avoid the death of aerobes

How to cottage septic tank survive the winter

Many future buyers of the Astra septic tank are worried that during frosts the station will freeze and stop working. This will not happen if the sewage system is regularly used. Moreover, the number of drains should correspond to the nominal number of residents for which the septic tank is designed.

Therefore, it is important even before buying to clearly determine how many people will permanently live in the country / in a country house. If you buy a model with a margin, then nothing good will come of this venture. But experts of the company selling the equipment will definitely consult about this and warn about the consequences.

Septic tank cleaning
Be sure to clean the septic tank before preparing the seasonal summer cottage for winter, following the manufacturer's recommendations

To Unilos Astra safely survived the winter, you need:

Preservation is carried out only if the cottage is used only in season, and with the onset of cold weather no one will live there.

Working septic tank in the winter
If sewers are used in the winter, then there is nothing to preserve and insulate - the station warms itself, taking regular drains and doing its job

For conservation, it is necessary to perform a full-fledged equipment service, having cleaned all the components and pumping part of the activated sludge. Then immerse 5-liter eggplants half-filled with sand in each compartment. This is necessary so that when freezing, the water in the tank does not crush the walls.

Box over the septic tank lid
The box above the septic tank lid will help him reliably survive the winter.After all, it will not be used - bacteria will not need oxygen

At the station disconnected from the electric power, it is necessary to remove the compressor and place it in the room. The septic tank protruding above the soil level is insulated from above. To do this, build a box from a foam or other insulation on top of the tank.

A plastic film can be covered on top of the box in order to prevent the destruction of the material under the influence of negative environmental factors.

With proper installation and compliance septic tank maintenance in winter, problems with its operation in the cold will not arise.

Pros and cons of a sewage treatment plant

Any equipment has its positive and negative sides. It copes with some problems perfectly, and in some ways, obvious manufacturer flaws are noticeable. Strengths and weaknesses need to be assessed at the stage choosing a septic tank for home or for giving.

Let us dwell in more detail on the advantages and disadvantages of the popular septic tank Unilos Astra. It is this question that helps many doubting homeowners to make the final decision to purchase an aeration station.

Septic fits perfectly
The septic tank fits perfectly in almost any house area, without attracting excessive attention

Advantages of this cleaning station

Sewer equipment for home use has obvious advantages.

Firstlyhigh level of wastewater treatment. Its rate in Unilos Astra reaches about 98%. This means that purified water is absolutely safe - it can be used for watering flower beds and beds. It smells of clean river water.

Such technical water is filled without any consequences at home ponds, dumped into a pond located near the house. It carries no hidden danger in itself, so do not worry about the deterioration of the ecological state of the environment.

Septic tank near the pond
The septic tank can be placed next to the reservoir and organize the discharge of purified water into it - this will not harm the reservoir and the environment as a whole

Secondly, silent operation of the station itself and the absence of unpleasant odors nearby. This feature allows you to install equipment next to the living room, bath, sauna.

Her work processes do not interfere with the usual rhythm of life of each of the family members living in the house. You do not have to look for a place farther away on a site or somewhere on the street, out of sight.

Thirdly, activated sludge extracted from the compartment during maintenance can be sent to a compost heap or immediately used as a ready-made organic material for feeding shrubs, trees and other plants. It is a free fertilizer and completely safe.

Fourth, - a wide variety of septic lines for summer cottages or country houses Unilos Astra. You can choose the option that is ideal for the needs of a particular owner. Moreover, for a small family of 3 people, and for a large number of residents - 7-15 people.

The correct volume of the septic tank
Choosing a septic tank for your summer residence, it is better to turn to specialists for advice. After all, you can independently buy a much larger volume, which will not be fully used

It's easy to choose the right model - the number in its name directly indicates which family the station is designed for. For example, Astra 5 involves serving five people permanently residing in the house, and Astra 8 - eight people, respectively.

This means that the equipment will cope with the function of wastewater treatment of so many residents.

Unilos Astra for 100-150 people
Depending on the needs of the consumer, there are models capable of cleaning the effluents of a whole holiday village of 100-150 people

FifthlyThe station has a very compact size.

The lineup is represented by three modifications:

  • Standard;
  • Midi;
  • Long

Depending on the features of the soil in which the installation is planned, choose the appropriate option. If problems with earthworks are not expected, then you can choose a modification Long. This equipment will be slightly longer than Midi and even longer than the standard type.

Septic Standard, Midi, Long
Regardless of the modification, the station takes up very little space. Thanks to its dimensions, it can be placed anywhere. The main thing is that the owners should be comfortable

At sixth, ease of installation and maintenance of Unilos Astra. To install it, you will not need heavy and bulky equipment that can ruin all the vegetation of the house territory.

For maintenance, also, you do not have to call a cesspool machine and spend extra money on it. Both installation and further care can be carried out independently.

Seventh, the unit is made of durable and wear-resistant material. Polypropylene walls with a thickness of 2 cm can withstand the external effects of groundwater and the internal movement of effluents. The equipment is reliable and can last at least 50 years.

EighthAeration equipment does not require intervention in its work. It independently cleans effluents, developing new bacteria in the process of its work. You do not need to buy special tools and launch new microorganisms into the system, provided that you live permanently in the country / house.

Septic tank does not require intervention
The septic tank is self-sufficient - it does not require intervention in the work, you do not need to pour or add something to the tank to improve the processing process

Ninth, the operating temperature is maintained inside the compressor at any time of the year. This feature allows the use of compact sewers for 12 months. The main thing is that bacteria do not starve without food and oxygen. They can withstand even a 4-6-hour lack of electricity without compromising the workflow.

Tenth, concise and stylish appearance. The station cover has compact dimensions and the ability to fit into the relief of the local area. She acts only 15-20 cm above the level of soil cover and does not focus on herself.

Sewer Cover Decor
If desired, you can skillfully decorate the cover of the sewer equipment. After all, access to it is needed once every 3-4 months

The main disadvantages of a septic tank

In addition to the mass of advantages, septic equipment has its drawbacks.

№1. Dependence on electricity. If Unilos Astra is able to withstand several hours of interruptions with its supplies, then bacteria will kill a day or two without electricity. Given this feature, you should take care of a stand-alone autonomous power source.

Although every homeowner living in an area with constant problems with the supply of electricity, he worried about the presence of a powerful generator. Indeed, for a comfortable existence, it is necessary to ensure the operation of the refrigerator, TV, air conditioning and other devices.

№2. The need to periodically audit and service equipment within the time periods specified in the instructions for using a specific Astra model. It also states what and how often needs to be done.

If desired, you can conclude a contract with the company for service. Specially trained people will come and quickly perform all the procedures.

Service Unilos Astra summer resident
The service is not so scary for summer residents and residents of suburban real estate. Indeed, in your own home, compared with the apartment, worries are quite enough

№3. From time to time it is necessary to buy filters, tubes, aerators, a pump and other accessories for a sewer station. Each spare part has its own service life. This information is available in the instructions for use.

№4. Compliance with the rules of operation of the equipment. So, it is impossible to wash rotten vegetables into the sewers, to drain caustic chemicals in large quantities, to dump construction waste, oily substances of a technical nature.

Although, the station is able to cope with weekly cleaning of plumbing with detergents for tiles, washing and drains from the dishwasher. The main thing is not to do all this in one day.It is better to distribute the washing and cleaning on different days to reduce the load from harmful substances.

№5. In an area with a harsh climate, you will need to take care of additional hydro and thermal insulation of certain elements of the sewer installation. Also, this applies to warming in preparation for winter.

№6. Installation of equipment will require certain efforts and skills. But it is possible to cope with it on your own. And if you wish - use the services of the organization from which you bought Unilos Astra. It is also not recommended to install it at low temperatures.

№7. The high cost of the cleaning station. Although, given that its service life is 50 years, the entire amount can be safely divided by this figure.

Septic takes climate into account
Thanks to the domestic manufacturer and the orientation of the products to the domestic market, the climatic features and needs of homeowners were taken into account

Having considered the main advantages and negative characteristics of Unilos Astra, you can get a general idea about septic equipment.

Value for money is the most profitable when compared with foreign counterparts. For an affordable price, the consumer receives high-quality goods, ready to last half a century.

The quality of the equipment, the simplicity of its maintenance directly confirm the positive reviews of many owners. Owners, having installed a septic tank in a country house or in a country house, have already managed to test it in action, as well as adapt to its features.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video clip about the characteristics of the septic tank aster and the basics of its installation in a country house:

A detailed video of the phased maintenance of the autonomous sewage Unilos:

Video tips on how to properly prepare a country sewerage for the winter:

Visual aid for pumping activated sludge from Unilos Astra:

Video description of the principles of operation and the septic tank device:

Having dealt with the positive and negative sides of the septic tank Astra, it is easy to make a decision on its purchase. After all, for each specific cottage, its own option is suitable.

If the owner is not afraid of the prospect of periodic maintenance and there is the necessary money to buy a station, then it will become an indispensable attribute of country life. If you wish, you can conclude an agreement on its maintenance with specialists.

Perhaps you have experience using the septic tank Astra? Please leave feedback on the operation of the sewage treatment plant or ask your questions on the topic. The contact form is located below.

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  1. Alexander

    The characteristics of the septic tank are impressive. The main thing is the lack of smell, which in the country with its compactness affects comfortable living. Discard water in a neighboring pond and breed crucians.

    The possibility of a sewerage device for the whole holiday village in general from the realm of fantasy. Of course, the need for timely maintenance and scheduled replacement of individual parts (for our people this is a difficult issue) requires a certain organization.

    There should be a backup electric generator, insulation, providing an approach for maintenance and arrangement of the neck. With proper care, the equipment will process waste water for many years.

    • Sergei

      Alexander, your comment is “pure water” advertising.Drop water into the pond with crucian carp !? I see regularly what kind of water is discharged from the station, and during the service its brown haze is visible. I can imagine how this little pond will light on the site, poor carp.

      • Veteran

        The water should come out clean, you just need to configure the septic tank to work properly. The adjustment is made by raising or lowering the switch in the first camera.

  2. Svetlana

    Hello. You write that the system is silent, and the neighbors have the same green box buzzing almost like a transformer. Is it possible to make it really silent?

    • Stepan

      Your neighbor either has the lid open or some kind of malfunction. Yes, the autonomous sewage system is not absolutely silent, but you will only hear it working with the lid closed if you come close to it. By and large, there is nothing to make noise there - all the sound is from a compressor chasing fluid.

      Another thing is that this septic tank “Astra” is far from ideal. In addition to the shortcomings, which are described in the material above, I also note that a voltage regulator is extremely necessary for its operation. Unfortunately, representatives of the company that installs them do not always talk about this. For example, I only found out about this for a year changing a burned-out valve.