Septic “Fast”: a review of the lineup, reviews, installation and operation rules

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The American company “Bio-Microbics” sells Fast septic tank on the Russian market, which in its technical characteristics is close to domestic analogues of Ekolos or Tver. Part of the model range is designed for the treatment of domestic wastewater in the private suburban sector.

You will learn all about the operating principles, advantages and disadvantages of VOCs of this brand from the article we have proposed. We will tell you whether American equipment is suitable for operation in Russia. For independent home masters, we provide detailed installation and connection technology.

Short description of the manufacturer

In order to raise fewer questions about the operation and installation of treatment equipment, we will get to know the manufacturer closer and see how the American brand has established itself in the Russian reality.

The production of equipment under the brands FAST® (domestic waste water treatment) and BioSTORM ™ (storm water treatment) takes place exclusively in the United States, in the state of Kansas, and is exported to more than 70 countries, including Russia. The abbreviation FAST stands for “Fixed Activated Precipitation Processing”.

In our country, the company began its activities more than 10 years ago, in 2004, and still successfully supplies the models that have become popular. Among the sought-after equipment is a range of offers for country houses and cottage villages. The Russian official distributor is TAKOM.

As a rule, for the installation of VOCs on the territory of country houses, the permission of Rospotrebnadzor is required, but for the installation of Fast systems it is not necessary. Starting from 2010, instead of the conclusion of the SES, a “Declaration of Conformity" is in effect, a copy of which is available on the official website of the Russian representative. If the inspection authorities require a sanitary certificate, it is enough to present the Declaration issued upon purchase.

The most difficult operating conditions for wastewater treatment plants are in the northern regions of the country, and not all septic tanks of Russian production work smoothly in soils with a low level of freezing.

However, when installing the Fast system, an option is provided with the necessary deepening or additional insulation, which makes it possible to use the equipment continuously, throughout the year.

RetroFAST Model
Set of equipment for installation of the RetroFAST system, designed for the treatment of domestic and sewage wastewater. The model is designed to serve up to 5 people

Moreover, facilities for cleaning sewage can be installed even in permafrost conditions when there is no possibility of installation in the ground. The tank is placed inside a heated building or insulated tank - for this purpose production of mobile blocks and prefabricated structures has been established.

Practice shows that FAST equipment has proven itself in Russia, both among private clients and in servicing various enterprises and institutions (hotels, clubs, rest houses, sports facilities, hospitals), so when choosing a septic tank for your own cottage, it makes sense to get acquainted with household models of the American manufacturer.

Mounting VOCs in the North
One of the stages of the installation of VOCs in the Far North. The standard limits of the starting temperature of the treatment plant are from -42ºС to + 45ºС, but with additional insulation they are even wider

Design and principle of operation of a septic tank

When referring to FAST facilities, the term “septic tank” is most often used, although in reality it is a system of deep biological wastewater treatment, functioning due to the activity of aerobic bacteria. The cleaning efficiency is 98%; at the outlet, the liquid is odorless and colorless.

According to representatives of the supplier company, the word "septic tank" is more understandable for customers. The system is a modular design with many installation and connection options. RetroFAST and MicroFAST models are distinguished by their technical characteristics and mounting capabilities.

The RetroFAST station is suitable as a new treatment plant or module for the reconstruction of an existing sewage treatment system. MicroFAST is installed in a container made of metal or concrete. When constructing a tank for the placement of treatment equipment adhere to building rules septic tank devicesbelonging to the category of sedimentation tanks.

Consider the design of the septic tank Fast and its location relative to the surface of the earth:

Septic tank design
The main parts of the Fast 9.0 design: 1 - fan; 2 - the surface of the earth; 3 - technical well; 4 - air outlet; 5 - inlet sewer; 6 - approximate liquid level; 7 - a cover; 8 - airlift; 9 - airlift pipes; 10 - polymer honeycombs; 11 - outlet for purified liquid

As you can see, the tank is completely in the ground, only a fan for air injection and a pipe for its exit come to the surface.

The housing of the FAST working container is made of high-strength plastic, which is not susceptible to rapid wear and corrosion and is designed for a service life of up to 50 years. All station parts are manufactured in the United States, with the exception of engines that are imported from Italy or Taiwan.

The principle of operation is as follows. Dirty sewage flows through pipes from residential and utility rooms into a tank divided into 2 working zones.

In the first zone, primary sedimentation takes place, in the second - directly aerobic treatment. Microorganisms do not need to be specially purchased and put into a container; they enter a septic tank along with waste masses.

Habitat aerobic bacteria become a honeycomb - a plastic load that does not need to be changed and rinsed throughout the life of the VOC.

At the first supply of effluents to the system, aerobic colonies settle on the cellular surface of plastic honeycomb modules. Their livelihoods and self-regulation of the population are supported by a constant supply of oxygen and replenishment of a new portion of waste mass.

One of the details of the airlift is a system of air diffusers, which saturate the aqueous medium with oxygen and ensure the circulation of sediment. As a result of the gradual movement of the medium and treatment with bacteria, the liquid brightens, and already clarified enters the outlet. Drainage occurs simultaneously with the arrival of a new portion of sewage.

Polymer honeycombs
During operation of the septic tank, the cells are completely immersed in the liquid and are serviced by airlift, so that microorganisms have the ability to exist and independently regulate their numbers

The only volatile element of the station is air compressorwhich has a dual purpose:

  • provides the circulation of fluid necessary for cleaning;
  • supplies air to support aerobic organisms.

The optimal mode of operation of the compressor is interval: half an hour is in the active state, half an hour rests.

Scheme of a septic tank with a drainage well
Fast system installation diagram with an absorbing well. Also, from the aerobic treatment tank, the liquid can be supplied for additional treatment to the drainage system, soil, ditch or pond

Advantages and disadvantages of VOC “Fast”

Fast is not the only station performing deep cleaning using aerobic bacteria. However, it has advantages that distinguish it from most other models.

Among the main advantages are the following:

  • volume peak loads not available to other brands (it easily withstands the discharge of a jacuzzi equal to 800 l);
  • combined cleaning principle - in addition to aerobic bacteria growing on the surface, anaerobic bacteria living inside the load also function;
  • self-regulation of the system - with a lack of aerobic bacteria, it quickly replenishes their number due to anaerobic;
  • lack of moving parts (all elements associated with the cleaning function are static), therefore, frequent maintenance and repair are not required;
  • compact design, occupying a minimum of usable territory;
  • the maximum possible cleaning efficiency is 98-99%.

There are a number of nuances that make station maintenance more comfortable. For example, when leaving for a city for the winter, it is not necessary to carry out conservation, but to re-commission the system in the spring. Compare with standard rules winter service septic tank you can, having read the material devoted to this question.

It is enough to turn off the power, and then turn it on again. Another nice plus is the ability to flush household cleaners containing chlorine and other chemicals into the toilet.

To understand the level of comfort provided by the Fast station, we compare it with the famous Topas brand in Russia. Septic tank Topas biological aerobic treatment is also carried out, however, they need to constantly remove (or move to the sump) activated sludge and regularly remove solid sediment.

Chemicals (solvents, household detergents) in Topas are forbidden to dump. According to reviews, various modifications of septic tanks really work smoothly, without requiring repair and regular pumping of sludge. However, flaws are still found. The first is the volatility of the station.

Compressor mounting
Oxygen supply is necessary for the development of aerobic bacteria, so you can not do without a compressor. Air supply equipment supplied

The second disadvantage is the relatively high cost. For example, a household RetroFAST 0.375 model with a capacity of 1,500 l / day costs 159 thousand rubles. For comparison, the septic tank Topop of similar performance - 127 thousand rubles. With features septic tank Topas will familiarize us with the article we recommend.

Browse Popular Models

Residents of cottage and summer cottage villages are more often interested in septic tanks designed to serve one or several houses, so we will focus on models with minimal performance. The main technical characteristics are presented in the table:

Model Features
The table shows the reduced price (per share) of the popular RetroFAST 0.375 model: instead of the usual 169 thousand rubles. - 159 thousand rubles. MicroFAST models prices are changing, as they are “tied” to the exchange rate (+)

The cost of MicroFAST systems can be clarified online on the official website of TACOM or by contact phone.

RetroFAST 0.375 for a country house or garden

The compact biological treatment system for country houses is designed to serve from 1 to 6 people (maximum - 8 people). Productivity - 1.5 m³ / day, with increased load - up to 1.8 m³ / day. without loss of efficiency.

A feature of the equipment is its installation - the system is suitable for installation in a new or old tank, suitable in size. Most often it is plastic container or a well of 2-3 concrete rings.

RetroFAST 0.375 Model Diagram
Scheme of the RetroFAST 0.375 model. Pay attention to the location of the container: it is completely buried in the ground.Only the technical manhole and vent pipe (+) come to the surface

Fan power - 0.2 kW / h, air flow rate - 0.14-0.48 m³ / min.

When installing the fan, the following requirements must be considered:

  • concrete base;
  • location - no more than 30 from the station;
  • installation in a non-flood zone;
  • power supply - 115/230 W, 60/50 Hz.

The fan and cable must be insulated from moisture. To protect the cable, it is recommended to use a corrugated polymer sleeve.

MicroFAST 0.5 for the cottage

The modular MicroFAST 0.5 system, like the entire line, works on the principle of aerobic-anaerobic deep cleaning. Unlike the previous model, it is designed to serve a large cottage in which a family or group of 8-10 people lives.

At the same time, it can process sewage from several sources - a cottage, a bathhouse, a guest house. The exception is the drain from the pool, which should not be done in the septic tank, but in the drainage.

MicroFAST 0.5 Model Diagram
MicroFAST 0.5 model circuit diagram. The best option for a tank device is a concrete sealed container consisting of 2 compartments: the first is a deposition zone, the second is biological treatment (+)

Productivity of the model is 1.9 m³ / day, with increased load - up to 2.3 m³ / day. Resists uneven discharge of wastewater. This means that it works without loss of efficiency both with sewage volumes of 0.1 m³ / day and at maximum load. It is independently restored in a short period if solvents or chemical detergents get into the sewer.

MicroFAST 0.75 for a large cottage or group of houses

Like the previous model, MicroFAST 0.75 station is used to service one large cottage or a group of buildings located nearby.

To ensure that the system works smoothly, and the quality of cleaning is consistent with the declared indicators, it is recommended to connect no more than 2-3 cottages to one building.

MicroFAST 0.75 Model
Like all other models, the performance of MicroFAST 0.75 is focused on the number of people living in cottages. The maximum number of users is 14 people (at a rate of 200-230 l / day per person)

Productivity is 2.8 m³ / day.

Servicing more powerful systems does not differ from operating models of lower productivity: sediment is removed no more than 1 time in 5 years, washing the polymer load or preservation for the time of departure is not required.

MicroFAST 0.9 for a cottage village

MicroFAST 0.9 modular system is not installed on a standard summer cottage, for which a sufficiently less productive station is enough.

It is designed to serve large estates with several houses, small hotels, sports facilities, located away from centralized communications.

MicroFAST 0.9 Model
MicroFAST 0.9 biological treatment plant is in essence an enlarged and more powerful modification of the MicroFAST 0.75 model with a capacity of 3.4 m³ / day, designed to serve 14-17 people

To install powerful facilities to eliminate technical problems, it is recommended to use the services of a supplier.

Installation and assembly technology

The choice of model and the technical aspects of the installation of treatment equipment depend entirely on whether there is already an installed facility on the site. For example, acquiring a RetroFAST system implies a pre-installed capacity.

If you have a sealed well of concrete rings (at least 2 pieces) with a diameter of at least 1.5 m, then the system can be installed directly into it. Additional requirements: strong bottom and cover.

If the septic tank is installed for the first time, you must choose a place. Low noise and no odor allow you to place equipment near the house. The manufacturer recommends keeping a distance from the house of 1-100 m, from the well - at least 7 m. However, if the area allows, it is better to comply with SNIP standards: 5 m and 25 m, respectively.

To muffle compressor noise, the insulation of the compartment in which the engine is located must be used. A self-adhesive membrane is suitable as a sound-absorbing material - sound insulation for cars.

Installation steps for models with a plastic tank:

  • excavation (if necessary, deepening up to 12 m below ground level is possible);
  • capacity setting;
  • connection of sewer pipes;
  • fixing the load, airlift and compressor parts;
  • connection.

Installation can be done in several ways: independently (according to the instructions), installation under the technical supervision of an employee of the company, online installation, installation of equipment by a craftsman in a prepared tank (concrete, plastic, metal, stone), turnkey installation supervision.

Installation of the RetroFAST 0.375 system in winter
Installation of the RetroFAST 0.375 system in a pre-built tank of concrete rings. The work is carried out by specialists of the company in the winter, which does not affect the quality of the installation and cleaning efficiency

The warranty is 10 years (3 years for the electric motor), but for an additional fee you can purchase an unlimited warranty.

Rules for the operation of equipment

Service and operating conditions distinguish Fast equipment from similar brands. The systems are volatile, therefore, you will have to pay extra for electricity.

The consumption of the most popular RetroFAST 0.375 model is 250 W / h, with the energy-saving mode - 2 times less (saving mode - 12 working hours per day).

It is not necessary to constantly turn on / off the compressor, it is enough to program the timer to 30/30 mode - it works for half an hour and rests for half an hour.

The only thing that needs to be done regarding the compressor is to clean the air filter once every 5 years. To control the start or shutdown function, an ordinary key is designed, which can be installed in a comfortable place, for example, in a house.

The appearance of the installed septic tank
The technical manhole cover is located 5 m from the apartment building (behind the fence) and next to the bench for relaxation - this is only possible due to the absence of an unpleasant odor

The operational state of the station needs to be maintained only in case of permanent residence, during departure it is enough to simply turn off. Preservation is not necessary, as well as pouring various technical solutions such as antifreeze. The next time you turn on the system will work as usual without additional training.

Electricity costs can be considered the only ones, since regular cleaning, removal of sludge or pumping out of solid sludge is not required. The compacted sludge sludge is recommended to be removed once every 5-7 years, otherwise it will harden and grow to the walls of the tank.

Pumping out is carried out using a cesspool equipment. The length of the hose can reach 100 m, that is, access roads are not required.

Installation in a concrete tank
Installation of the system in a concrete sealed container, consisting of three compartments: 1 - sump; 2 - station for deep biological treatment; 3 - distribution well. From the last compartment, fluid is forced into the ditch off site

The manufacturer of the equipment does not offer after-sales service, since it is not necessary. Flushing of polymer honeycombs is not necessary - their condition is regulated by the system itself, replacement is also not necessary - the service life of the load is equal to the service life of all equipment (50 years).

In order for the system to function smoothly, there is no need to dump solid, water-insoluble objects, such as cat litter, into the toilet bowl (and other entry points). But toilet paper, household cleaning products, solutions containing chlorine are possible.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

With the help of videos shot by representatives of the company TAKOM, you can get an idea of ​​the work of FAST septic tanks.

Video # 1. General information about Bio-Microbics products:

Video # 2. How the MicroFAST 4.5 model looks and functions:

Video # 3. The degree of purification of the fluid taken from the drainage well:

Video # 4. Engine Noise Level:

Video # 5. Installing RetroFAST in a concrete tank:

If you need high quality wastewater treatment and you are not experiencing financial difficulties, pay attention to VOC “FAST”. You can also choose the most suitable model yourself, after consulting with a representative of TAKOM, and it is better to entrust the installation to specialists.

And what treatment plant did you use in organizing the autonomous sewage system of your site? Tell us what are the advantages of your chosen option, share why you chose it. Please write comments in the block below, post a photo on the topic of the article, ask questions.

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  1. Anatoly

    When there is no way to get into the central sewer, septic tanks are very good at saving. I’m also thinking about installing such a grandmother in the village. There are those here who bought it "Fast", I have a couple of questions overdue. Really do not need any special permission to install? You insulated, after all, severe frosts in winter are not uncommon? Is it possible to do everything myself or is it better to turn to professionals?

    • Expert
      Nikolay Fedorenko

      Good afternoon, Anatoly. Permits for installation are not required subject to the recommendations of SNiP and regulatory documents. Unless you are going to dump treated effluents into a natural reservoir.

      When installing a septic tank to a depth below freezing, it is not necessary to carry out warming. Inside the septic tank, the vital activity of bacteria occurs, during which heat is released. Temperature keeps about 400C.

      Self-installation is possible with certain skills and experience. If you feel the strength in yourself, then there will not be any special difficulties. The main thing is to provide for the nuances at the preparatory stage.

      Having decided to turn to professionals, be sure to sign the contract. In cases of conflict after installation, it will be much easier to resolve contentious issues.