Bacteria for Dr. Robik septic tanks: purchase tips and instructions for use

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Before any owner of a private house with autonomous sewage, the question arises of civilized waste management. Agree, in order to save the budget, I would like to reduce the number of calls for dispensing equipment, without compromising the operational characteristics of the treatment plant.

To reduce the cost of maintenance, you can use bacteria for septic tanks “Dr. Robik” - these are bioactivators that accelerate the processing of waste. We will tell you how the funds work, what types of cleaners exist, and also give tips on the selection and use of drugs.

How can a septic tank be cleaned?

Regardless of the type of septic tank used, care is necessary for it, which will significantly increase the service life of the local treatment plant.

In addition, there are a number of other problems. One of them is an unpleasant odor, which is periodically felt from the container.

The most difficult thing is with septic systems. Cesspools are easier to maintain in this regard.

But for both, the same cleaning methods:

  1. Pumping waste using sewage technology.
  2. Pumping with individual pumps.
  3. Biological wastewater treatment with bacteria, followed by discharge into the ground or on the terrain.
  4. Chemical processing using specialized absorbent additives.

Purification of the liquid component of effluents using microorganisms is that rare case when caring for the ecosystem is beneficial. Bacteria can be used in tanks and septic tanks of any kind.

What bacteria look like under a microscope
Depending on the needs of bacteria in the supply of oxygen, bacteria are divided into anaerobes and aerobes. The first exist in closed containers, eliminating the penetration of oxygen. To ensure the vital activity of the second oxygen is needed

In cases with high-tech autonomous treatment plants of the Tank type, these additives can extend the service life, as they significantly reduce the load on the filters.

Using bioactivators significantly reduces the need for pumping using sewage technology.

What are bacteria for septic tanks for?
The use of biological products allows the most simple and effective way to clean and disinfect wastewater entering an autonomous sewer (+)

The market offers a wide range biological treatment. One of the popular brands is “Dr. Robik". The funds are produced by a large American manufacturer, which has a representative office in Russia.

It is able to clean septic systems of varying complexity while eliminating the unpleasant odor of sewage. Some colonies of microorganisms prevent the formation of blockages in the pipes.

Scope of products of the brand Dr. Robik
Doctor Robik brand products cover all types of autonomous sewer structures. The company produces effective products for the treatment of effluents in cesspools and septic tanks (+)

Historical background of production

Roebic Corporation has been conducting laboratory research since 1959. Initially, the company was engaged in the selection and cultivation of colonies of microorganisms to provide environmentally friendly products to the US domestic consumer market. The basis of the development was the well-known types of bacteria of decay and decomposition.

By selecting and growing in an alkaline environment, bacteria have become resistant to various wastewater compositions. With success in breeding, Roebic has become a leading provider of proprietary products and sanitary fixtures throughout the United States.

In the future, the corporation entered the international level and began to supply goods to foreign markets. ROEBIC has developed and patented bacterial culture lines that actively digest residues of fats, oils, proteins, starch, and cellulose.

A line of bacteria for septic tanks and cesspools Dr. Robik
Assortment of biological products. The photo shows a complete line of company funds. In addition to means for the treatment of sewage and septic tank care, the company is developing in such areas as the production of means for compost

The main product line of the corporation consists of the five most popular biologically active agents. The full range of products includes more than 35 items. They are used not only in the private sector, but in highly specialized industries.

All products are environmentally friendly. It is certified by international environmental organizations. The quality of products is monitored by the corporation and is constantly improved by conducting scientific activities.

Regardless of the degree of purification carried out, all septic tanks and cesspools must be cleaned with sewage trucks, and the soil tertiary treatment system should be cleaned by the owners. With the use of bacteria, the periods between calls to the suckers are significantly increased (+)

General principle of biological treatment

The life of bacteria is directly related to the processing of waste, the more food, the faster they multiply, forming colonies. Having multiplied to the required amount, they are able to process up to several kilograms of solid insoluble residues contained in household wastes per day.

Bacteria and fungi occupy a special niche in the structure of the ecosystem. They support the circulation of substances in nature. Plants synthesize organic matter from inorganic. For example, oxygen is obtained from carbon dioxide, and chemical elements are converted into organic elements.

In turn, the resulting organic matter is consumed by higher animals and converted into more complex compounds. Bacteria transform the remnants of organic matter, decomposing them into simple elements. Thus closing the cycle of substances.

Ecosystem members
The figure clearly shows the role of each participant in the ecosystem. Plants produce substances necessary for the life of animals; they, in turn, consume and convert them. Bacteria decompose complex organic compounds, thereby providing food to plants (+)

If food for bacteria and other reducers ends, their numbers rapidly decrease. Dying bacteria make room for plants, which in turn receive a breeding ground for existence.

Thus, the sludge from the bottom of the cesspool or tank where bacteria were used is an excellent fertilizer.

The water that has been processed in a septic tank is devoid of the smell of sewage and can be used to water plants on a personal plot. However, it is worth noting that bacteria must be resistant to household chemicals.

In the drains there is a large amount of not only organic substances, but also the remnants of detergents that are used in any family. Bacteria for Dr. Robik septic tanks were removed taking into account the increased alkali content in wastewater.

This means that they are able to survive and process not only organics, but also various foaming additives. This makes the manufacturer a leader among the production of bacterial cleaning products.

What problems does Dr. Robik solve?

Overview of products manufactured by the company. Among them are the most popular products that can be found on sale in the Russian market.

“Dr. Robik 109” - The most popular product that the corporation produces. It is designed for simple septic systems and cesspools. One bag contains 5% bacteria and 95% top dressing. Once a month in a septic tank, you need to pour one package of the product.

“Dr. Robik 509” - used for complex blockages in sewer pipes. As a rule, they are caused by the remnants of tissue fibers, hair, paper and other organics.

Bacteria for wastewater treatment in septic tanks roebic 509
The volume of the bottle is 798 ml. Designed for septic tanks up to 2,000 liters. The most expensive product in the series for a private home

In addition, the bioactivator, once in the tank, is able to destroy the old fossilized deposits of silt at the bottom of the septic tank. Anaerobic microorganisms are used in its composition, therefore, the service life is much higher and is one year. It is used in complex systems and stand-alone treatment plants. tank-type septic tanks.

Cesspool tool
The volume of the bottle is 798 ml. Designed for capacity up to 2,000 liters. The tool can be used in the case of stagnant plugs in pipes that are rarely used.

“Dr. Robik 409” - It is used for a closed sewage system, where liquid and larger components of the effluents merge together. This capacity is pumped out as it is filled. There is no possibility of water leaving in the ground. To withdraw from the site are used sewage pumps or cesspool machines.

The composition of these microbes is involved in the processing of waste for inert compost. Suitable for cesspools or digesters - septic tanks deprived of access to oxygen.

Means with bacteria for septic tanks roebic 309
The volume of the bottle is 798 ml. Designed for capacity up to 2,000 liters. Prevents clogging of drainage holes in pipes

“Dr. Robik 309” - A biological preparation containing aerobic bacteria. Anaerobes may optionally be present. It is used to purify water with a limited oxygen supply and an abundance of liquid. Suitable for septic tank, concrete overflow wells, plastic and other materials.

The drug with bacteria for septic tanks Dr. Robik
The volume of the bottle is 798 ml. The tool cleans the pipes from soap deposits formed on them, which reduces their permeability

“Dr. Robik 809” - not used for tanks of septic systems. Its purpose is to clean sewer pipes. Cleansing is due to the fact that the composition of the product includes anaerobic microorganisms.

They breed in soapy drains. Capable of processing synthetic reagents without environmental threat to the ecosystem.

Tips for buying bioactivators

It is necessary to choose a suitable bioactivator based on the type of septic system and the frequency of its use.

It makes no sense to buy “Doctor Robik 509” if the sewage system is installed in the country and it is used only in the warm season. In this case, make a choice in favor of a more cost-effective bioactivator, for example, “Doctor Robik 109”.

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of packaging. This will protect against the purchase of low-quality products. Popular products are often faked. It is advisable to buy biological products in trusted specialized stores that comply with the rules for storing microorganisms.

You can not purchase drugs that are sold by sellers in the open air in the cold season. Also, you can not buy drugs that are in the sun in the warm season. Temperature fluctuations kill bacteria and reduce their number. Which inevitably leads to the absence of the effect of purification of the septic system.

Detailed reviews and comparison of means for cleaning septic tanks, cesspools are given in the articles:

  1. Antiseptic for a toilet in the country: a review of chemicals and bioactivators
  2. What is better for cesspools: a review of living bacteria, antiseptics and chemistry

Instructions for use of bacteria

Any biologically active drug needs proper use. If not observed, there is a risk of not receiving the expected effect.

If all actions and preparations are carried out correctly, an unpleasant odor will decrease in a few hours. You can evaluate the effect of the use of the drug after a week.

Preparation sequence

Bacterial-based preparations are made in the form of liquid preparations and powder mixtures. The use of liquid means is not difficult and does not require special preparation, unlike mixtures. It is enough to pour the required amount of liquid into the sink or toilet bowl, flushing with warm water.

Powdered products must be handled differently. If you open the packaging, you can smell the bread bran. This substance is a food for bacteria and contains a variety of nutrients.

As long as the bacteria are in suspended animation (suspended animation is a dream), they do not need food. But as soon as this substance enters the water, they wake up and begin to consume fertilizer. During this period, their active reproduction occurs.

Remedy for septic tanks Dr. Robik with bacteria
This is what bacteria in a state of suspended animation look like. Large granules visible to the naked eye - top dressing from bran. Since the content of microorganisms does not exceed 5% of the total package, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for them

Before bacterial cultures are introduced into a septic tank or reservoir, it must be emptied. Despite alkali resistance, bacteria are sensitive to the content of chlorine and other aggressive disinfectants. Such products include chlorine and chlorine-based cleaning agents.

If wastewater containing these substances is not pumped out, the bacteria will not succeed and the microorganisms will die. The empty tank must be filled with some warm water.

After the bag is printed and the septic tank is prepared, the contents must be emptied into a bucket of warm water. The volume of the bucket should not exceed ten liters. The density of bacteria should be sufficient for a quick exit from a sleeping state and the subsequent use of top dressing.

The optimum temperature for breeding bacteria is from + 5 ° C to + 10 ° C. At higher temperatures, certain types of microorganisms that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations may die.

Cooking bacteria Dr. Robik
After use, the container must be thoroughly washed. No foreign substances need to be added to the water. The contents of one package will be enough

After the microorganisms are placed in the aquatic environment, the container must be put in a dark place. This is necessary in order to preserve photosensitive microorganisms.

They are bred for life in the absence of daylight and its presence may adversely affect their livelihoods. In addition, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime. You can not keep the container in a room whose temperature is outside the range from + 5 ° C to + 20 ° C. The tank should stand at least 6 hours.

During this time, the release of small gas bubbles should begin. This indicates that the microorganisms were stored in good conditions. In this case, they can be hooked into a container or septic tank.

After a few hours, the number of microorganisms will begin to multiply actively. The unpleasant smell of sewage from the sewage system will noticeably decrease. In parallel, the process of cleaning the walls and bottom of the tank from fat deposits and other organic residues will begin.

The video shows the process of replacing microorganisms in a drain hole:

Features and storage methods

To maintain the cleaning effect at the proper level, it is necessary to periodically add bacteria to the storage tanks and septic tanks.For powdered mixtures, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime from + 5 ° С to + 25 ° С and the integrity of the package. Storage of the product for more than 3 years from the date of manufacture is not recommended.

Liquid products in plastic canisters must also be stored in a dark place, avoiding exposure to sunlight. Since the microorganisms contained in the canister are anaerobic, the lid must be tightly closed.

This will reduce the amount of oxygen, and increase the shelf life. As well as for bulk mixtures, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime from + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C.

How to prolong the effect of biological treatment?

Like any other microorganism, the bacteria Dr. Robik need special conditions to maintain vital activity and reproduction.

Compliance with a number of rules will improve the efficiency and duration of the work of microorganisms:

  1. The water level in the septic tank or tank should be at least a third of the tank volume. Otherwise, there will be no necessary space for development.
  2. Temperature conditions must be observed. This means that wastewater must not be allowed to freeze. In the case of shallow cesspools, this is inevitable, and therefore in the winter season, the effect of the work of microorganisms will not.
  3. Do not drain water whose temperature exceeds + 60 ° C. This will lead to the death of microorganisms.
    The septic tank should be used constantly. Otherwise, the bacteria will not have enough food, which will lead to a reduction in the colony and extinction with prolonged downtime.
  4. You can not wash off the remnants of medications into the septic tank, since microorganisms do not have resistance to antibiotics and other drugs.
  5. Frequent use of bleaches and other chlorine-based products should be avoided.

Following these recommendations, you can significantly increase the life of microorganisms, as well as save on wastewater pumping with a sewage machine.

The water purified and enriched with minerals can be used for watering plants on a personal plot, since the amount of harmful impurities does not exceed sanitary and epidemiological standards. If there is a cesspool on the site, then sludge from its bottom is suitable as an organic fertilizer.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Practical recommendations for using bacteria to clean septic tanks, an effective method of preparing the working composition for launch:

Bacteria are a good way to extend the life of a septic tank, as well as an excellent way to get rid of bad smell. Their use reduces the frequency of full cleaning of the sewer drive.

Have experience operating and maintaining a septic tank? Tell us what kind of biological product do you use to break down waste? You can ask questions and leave comments on the article in the form below.

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    These bacteria do not work for me. He poured one pack, then another and one more - they do not work. On a pack I looked at the production time - everything seems to be fine, not expired. So the thought crept in me: maybe these bacteria died, or maybe they sold me some kind of fake. Unsubscribe someone if you have encountered a similar situation. Or maybe I did something wrong, I don’t know. But I poured according to the instructions, there are no tricks.

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      Maybe it's the quality of these bacteria. Of all the tested biological products, the best result was shown by the “Russian Athlete”. The smell disappeared already on the second day, we carry out pumping out much less often, because after the action of bacteria a little sediment. I advise everyone, the product is productive.

    • Use bacteria labeled “start” or “for initial use” first. Well, remember that bleach and other life. Chemistry kills bacteria.

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      Hello. And you, by chance, do not dump chemicals into the pit? Bacteria die from the drainage water of a washing machine, toilet cleaners, soap, and so on.

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