Drawing of a country toilet: popular building schemes for an independent project

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You do not dare to build a full-fledged bathroom in the country, but decided to limit yourself to the amenities in the yard? Agree, it would be great if this building was convenient to use and it looked decent, and not only during the visit it did not drip on the head? But on the way to the implementation of the plan, a drawing is required, but you do not know how to correctly execute it?

We will tell you how to make a comfortable restroom out of an ordinary rural toilet. To do this, it is worth building not “by eye”, but according to a previously developed project. In the article, we selected the simplest solutions, providing them with detailed diagrams and drawings. We also examined the popular varieties of closets for summer cottages, their features and types of materials used for construction.

In fact, it is not necessary to do a drawing of a country toilet yourself, you can use the ready-made solutions given in our article. Decide on the key features of the restroom, such as the materials used and the presence of a cesspool, and then choose the toilet model that you like. To help the novice designer, we gave a detailed video on creating a drawing.

Features of drawing

A country toilet is not such a simple design, as many novice builders tend to think. There are a number of features that are important to consider when developing a project and building drawings.

Where to place the toilet
According to sanitary standards, a country toilet should not be placed closer than 12 meters from a residential building and 8 meters from a well or a well

Rules for the design of the toilet:

  1. Dimensions. Consider the size of the interior of the restroom. The minimum allowable area is 1 x 1 m.If you save money and make the cabin smaller, it will be inconvenient to use it. Also, special attention should be paid to the choice country toilet.
  2. Height. There is also a height limit. It is undesirable to build a toilet less than 2 m in height. Entering it, bent over, very soon tired.
  3. Roof slope. When a single-pitched roof is installed, the rear wall is projected slightly lower than the front. This is done to form a roof slope and rainwater runoff for the construction.
  4. Lighting. If you do not plan to carry out electric lighting, ensure that daylight enters your toilet even with the door closed. If you don’t want to mess with the windows, cut out at least a small hole in the top of the door.
  5. Ventilation. Country toilet - poorly ventilated building. To fix this, a ventilation pipe is launched along the rear wall.
  6. Shadow. So that in the country toilet it was not stuffy in the summer, place it in a shady place.
  7. Plot Location. Another tip for choosing a place of construction: avoid the proximity of a septic tank or cesspool to sources of water intake, wells, and boreholes. This is done for sanitary reasons.

If you take into account all these recommendations, it will be much easier to draft a country toilet yourself.

Choosing the right type of project

To design a drawing, you need to determine the type of toilet. It can be a toilet with a cesspool or without it. In addition, the cesspool can be used with profit for the household and composted.

Building with a sealed container instead of a cesspool will be appropriate in the area where groundwater is too close to the surface of the earth.

No. 1 - a classic country toilet with a cesspool

The most common and familiar design of a simple toilet for a summer residence is a model with cesspool. The principle of this design is elementary: all the waste falls into a deep hole, which is located directly under the toilet booth.

If the cesspool is full, they call a scavenger, which pumps out all the sewage, and the toilet can be used further.

Toilet with pit
This scheme of the country toilet is time-tested. Its main advantage is that the pit does not need to be serviced for a rather long time. If the toilet is used only in the summer season, you don’t have to face the need to call the scavenger at all

Since a shower in the country is as necessary as a restroom, some try to combine these two projects into one.

If you build an outdoor shower in one part of the plot, and a toilet house in the other, you will have to work pretty hard with a shovel, because a sewage pit is needed in both cases.

By combining amenities, you can significantly reduce labor costs for earthworks and the amount of necessary materials.

No. 2 - powder-closet or toilet without a hole

An easy way to make a drawing of a toilet for a summer cottage is to design it on the basis of powder-closet principle.

This type of toilet does not imply the existence of a cesspool, all waste enters the tank directly under the toilet seat. It can be a plastic or metal tank or bucket.

Since the main trouble of such toilets is an unpleasant smell, sewage is sprinkled (dusted) with adsorbent substances that protect the lavatory from the appearance of a specific “amber”.

Powder Closet Inside
There are always two containers in toilets of this type: for collecting waste and for storing powder. Tanks must be cleaned regularly.

As the adsorbent used wood ash, peat, sawdust, sand. By and large, powder-closet with peat is a home-made variation of ready-made dry closets of industrial production, which use the same peat as a filler.

No. 3 - toilet with compost pit

Another option, ideal for a summer cottage, is a toilet that produces compost. As you know, compost is an excellent organic fertilizer for plants.

Natural fertilizer will never be superfluous, and special technology allows you to produce it at an accelerated pace from almost nothing.

The principle of the compost toilet
In order for the compost to be saturated with oxygen, it must be loosened regularly. For this, a special lever for manual mixing is provided.

The toilet is equipped with a compost pit. It is better if there are two of them, so it will be possible to use each of them in turn, while the compost matures.

The pits are designed in such a way that it is possible to easily extract the finished fertilizer. Such additional functionality will appeal to those who worry about the environment.

Subtleties of the choice of building materials

When the decision about the type of toilet design is made, you need to choose the material that will be used in construction. The choice of building material is important even at the stage of development of the drawing.

Most often used:

  • wood;
  • brick;
  • metal.

These are familiar materials for a summer resident, with which almost everyone knows how to handle.

Option # 1 - a simple and reliable wooden toilet

When it comes to summer cottage construction, first of all, various buildings made of wood are presented.

Boards and timber from inexpensive, but strong enough and durable softwoods are easy to get, and complex equipment is not required for work. In extreme cases, you can work with wood even without the use of a power tool.

Wooden toilet
Depending on how you design your toilet, you can build completely different latrines according to one drawing. One option is wall decor with a block house or clapboard

If you want to make the toilet not only practical and functional, but also a full-fledged decorative element in your country house, try building it from a log house. You have to tinker much longer, but the result is worth it.

A country toilet is not the most favorable environment. A tree can rot and collapse if not treated with special tools. Antiseptic impregnation is a prerequisite for the construction of a lavatory from lumber.

The construction of a toilet house using frame technology includes a number of traditional stages:

Option # 2 - capital construction of bricks

The advantages of brick buildings over wooden ones are known to everyone from the tale of three piglets.

In addition to durability, the brick toilet has low thermal conductivity, which is important if you go to the cottage in the cold season. Brick country toilet looks like a house with a single or gable roof. Windows can be designed.

Brick toilet
It is not necessary to use ordinary brick. More modern block materials such as foam concrete, cinder block, aerated concrete will be a great alternative

The design of such a toilet includes not only a drawing of the aerial part of the toilet, but also the foundation. In this case, it will not be possible to do without a foundation, since the dead weight of a brick building is quite large.

Without support, the soil will soon be compacted and sag, which will cause cracks in the walls of the toilet.

Option # 3 - metal toilet

Metal is a material with a high coefficient of thermal conductivity. In a closet of metal sheets it will be unbearably hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

Without the use of heat-insulating materials, an iron toilet in the country can only be a temporary project - until the construction of the main restroom.

Metal toilet
Most often, sheets of corrugated board sewn onto a metal profile frame are used.In this embodiment, a profiled metal sheet is used. Metal frame polycarbonate roof

It is difficult to achieve the tightness of the joints of such a thin and flexible material. There will be gaps in the corners through which the house will blow wind, which also does not add comfort.

If you apply modern technology and use a sandwich panel as wall materials, you can get a completely comfortable restroom. As a heater, foam or mineral wool is mounted.

We also recommend that you study our material on how to build toilet in the country do it yourself.

Ready-made drawings and schemes of a wooden toilet

When you have decided on the material of the aerial part of the toilet house, you need to develop drawings to find out how much material is needed. It is important to detail the entire element so as not to miss out on anything important. In order not to reinvent the wheel, you can find a ready-made drawing.

Most often they use such models of houses for the restroom:

  • hut;
  • teremok;
  • birdhouse.

The construction scheme of a wooden toilet in the country is selected based on practical considerations.

No. 1 - scheme of the "hut" with dimensions and description

A country toilet hut is a compact and economical project. All structural elements have a simple geometric shape, which speeds up the construction process and simplifies the construction of the drawing.

Hut toilet
Buildings may vary in size, materials used, design complexity and design decisions, but the general design principle remains unchanged.

Start with the facade and the back wall of the restroom. They make a frame in the shape of a triangle with several stiffeners in height. The length of the transverse beam is 150 cm, the width of the vertical struts is 15 cm, the pitch between the intermediate struts is 30-40 cm.

The height of the corner posts is 177 cm, the intermediate - 287 cm. The inclined elements in this drawing are selected 312 cm long.

Back and front walls
On the left is the back wall, on the right is the front, with an opening for the door. In the corners the same elements are depicted in a spatial form.

The drawing of the front wall is characterized in that the uprights are located at a greater distance from each other. This is due to the need to install the front door.

The distance between the uprights will depend on the design of the door. A 70 cm wide opening is usually suitable. A ceiling is installed at the top of the opening at a height of 2 m 15 cm.

The remaining geometric dimensions of the frame itself coincide with the dimensions on the drawing of the back wall.

Drawing of the frame of the cottage toilet type hut
A drawing of the frame of a country toilet of the "hut" type. A sufficiently strong solid structure can be constructed from a rectangular beam or from an edged board of sufficient thickness

The walls are connected by longitudinal beams, each 122 cm long. Another 150 cm long beam is placed in the middle. The design of the main supporting structure is ready.

Proceed to the device of the pedestal. Its height is selected in accordance with the wishes of the summer resident. The average size suitable in most cases is 50 cm.

Install 2 half-meter vertical posts at the level of the vertical intermediate posts of the rear wall. Connect the vertical elements with crossbars. Their size is also 50 cm.

The appearance of the toilet
Here is such a neat house-toilet, if you stick to this project. There is a ventilation hole above the door

These sizes are suitable for a medium sized toilet. It is worth noting that the useful height of the interior is 2.15 m. In this case, the total height of the building will be 3.5 m.

This is due to the fact that the roof slopes are connected at a very sharp angle. At a height of 2.15 m, the ceiling is sewn up, so the toilet will be warmer and more comfortable. Read more about the construction process of such a toilet. Further.

No. 2 - a drawing of a “birdhouse” with a cut table

A more complex architectural form is a country birdhouse toilet. This option is most common.The drawings show that the side walls have the shape of rectangular trapezoids, and the rear and front parts are rectangles.

Birdhouse toilet
Unlike the “hut”, such a restroom is much more comfortable and spacious. Material will be required more than for the previous version

So that the tree does not get wet and does not deteriorate from constant contact with the ground, it is recommended to make the toilet slightly raised.

Set special runners for the base, about 12-15 cm high. The drawing shows that the back wall is shorter than the front. At the back, the height of the restroom is 2.08 m, and at the front, 2.78 m.

Wireframe drawing
As a roof, the author proposes to make a continuous flooring from a sheet of OSB, on which a soft tile will be laid later

Thus, with a building length of 1.72 m, the roof slope will be about 22 degrees. The width of the "birdhouse", built according to this drawing, will be 1.45 m.

Design solution with insulation:

Drawing of the facades of the toilet
The drawing also takes into account the possibility of additional insulation of the roof with foam. In this case, they design another tier of rafters 20 cm below the main

Each wall is designed and manufactured separately, and then they are interconnected into a spatial model of the restroom. Each of the walls is depicted in detail on separate sheets of the drawing.

A very important nuance is the plan for cutting boards. This addition greatly simplifies the construction.

Facade drawing
On the facade drawing there is a project of the entrance door in two versions: when finishing the toilet with siding or block house

Particular attention to the dimensions of individual elements:

Drawing of the right wall
Part of the boards is cut with an allowance of 50 mm, the rest with an allowance of 100 mm. Bevel 15 degrees, the edge board is adjusted already in place

Opposite wall without window:

Drawing of the left wall
The left wall is designed similarly to the right, but there is no window on it, so the drawing becomes even simpler and more understandable

In addition to the walls, you need to take care of the ceiling. In this case, only one floor is used - at the bottom of the toilet. The drawing shows the frame of this element and the table cutting boards.

In addition, there is a plan for cutting a standard OSB sheet with which the floor can be sewn.

Toilet base drawing
Treated with an antiseptic is collected using nails or hairpins. In the latter case, you need to pre-drill holes for fasteners

It is necessary to consider insulation:

Overlap drawing
The lower floor is also insulated with foam sheets. The author of the project proposes to lay 2 layers of expanded polystyrene, 50 cm thick, and then sew up the insulation layer with a sheet of OSB

Drawing of the rafter system:

Rafter system drawing
The construction of a wooden toilet implies a certain percentage of inaccuracy in size. To achieve an accurate connection of the rafters with the support beams, cutouts in them are made already in place

The table of materials helps to make an estimate.

Material table
The material table even includes such trifles as door hinges or plugs. It shows that for glazing you need to purchase a window block of 600x600 mm

The table of materials demonstrates that the country toilet on the project will be finished with siding on the outside. Roofing is at the discretion of the customer. Often used slate or corrugated board, as well as roofing material or tile.

Designing a brick toilet with drawings

The foundation for a brick toilet can be a reinforced concrete curb deepened into the ground, or concrete blocks located at the corners of the structure.

A standard small cabin with a wall area of ​​8 squares will require about 300 bricks to build. The calculation is approximate and very exaggerated, but for a general understanding of the process this information is enough.

Brick technology
The sequence of actions when laying bonder and spoon rows of brickwork. The walls of the toilet must be durable, because the construction will be used for more than one year

For such a volume of masonry, it is necessary to design about 60 kg of cement to prepare the mortar. The dimensions of the brick country toilet can be taken from the drawing of the birdhouse toilet.

If wooden walls are made separately, then a summer cottage out of brick is laid out in order around the entire perimeter.

Cement mortar takes time to gain strength. If you lay out all the rows of masonry at a time, the lower ones will have a large load, under the action of which the uncured solution will simply squeeze out from all the seams.

To prevent this from happening, the masonry is carried out in several stages. Optimally - 4-5 rows per day. Construction will be delayed, but the result will be much better.

Drawing of a country toilet with a pit
The openings need to be displayed on the drawing in advance so that during the laying process not to be distracted by unnecessary calculations and fitting

The roof can be single-pitched, as in the case of a wooden country birdhouse-latrine, and gable. Depending on this, the layout of the rafter mesh changes. They cover the toilet with the same slate, corrugated board or other coating materials.

In addition to the listed types of closets, there is an article on our website on how to design and build toilet with shower. This is especially true if the territory of the suburban area is not too large.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to design a wooden cottage toilet in SketchUp:

The development of the project and drawings of the country toilet is not an easy task, despite the modest size of the building.

Follow the instructions above, and building a summer cottage of any complexity will seem easier than steamed turnips. The main thing is to approach work with responsibility and a share of healthy enthusiasm.

If you have ever been able to erect a closet on a summer cottage by yourself, please share your experience with our readers. For comments, you can attach photos of drawings, calculations and finished buildings. Also in the block with comments you can ask your questions on the topic of the article.

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