Fecal pump with grinder: selection tips and an overview of the best brands

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Equipment for autonomous sewage should serve for a long time, work without fail and not upset with breakdowns. How to decide on a model and buy the most suitable fecal pump with a grinder? Indeed, the list of duties of this technique includes not only pumping aggressive liquids, but also the processing of large organic particles.

To the adherents of suburban life, we will tell you in detail all about the design features and guidelines for the competent choice of a fecal pump. With our help, you can easily find and purchase the optimal model with the required performance and excellent technical characteristics.

In the article presented to your attention, types of fecal pumps are described in detail, their differences in device and operation are described. For potential buyers the rating of models demanded by the market is given. Information is backed up with photo images and video instructions.

Fecal Pump Information

Several types of similar technological equipment have been developed and are being produced on the consumer market by industrial production.

In particular, future users are offered:

  • submersible devices;
  • semisubmersible devices;
  • external devices.

Each of the fecal models is distinguished by its technical capabilities and is designed for specific pumping conditions. In order to select equipment in essence, it is recommended to obtain information on the degree of contamination of the working environment, as well as information on the conditions under which the pump will be operated.

Fecal pump with grinder
Fecal submersible pumps are widely used in various sectors of the economy. The same devices are actively used by owners of private suburban real estate

Immersed equipment is arranged in the form of a hermetically sealed structure, which together with an electric motor is permissible to immerse in the thickness of a liquid medium.Semi-submersible fecal apparatuses are products in which only the pump part is placed in a liquid.

Finally, external fecal pumps, endowed with a grinder, do not directly contact the liquid medium. Contact is made through a soft sleeve or a rigid pipe.

Submersible float models

Immersion devices are designed for operation in a liquid medium of varying degrees of contamination. The design of such devices is made so that the equipment can be lowered to a certain depth (usually not deeper than 10 m) and the liquid medium can be pumped directly from the depth.

Options for use in the country of a fecal pump
Pumping equipment designed for pumping feces is no less successfully used for other purposes. For example, to drain the construction site after rains or basements of buildings flooded by showers

Submersible fecal pump works with a liquid medium of a certain temperature range (from + 1 to + 40 ° C). This type of equipment is designed to transport various types of fluid. But it is always necessary to comply with the technical specifications of the pump operating parameters.

For example, immersion modifications with grinders successfully pump:

  • liquid with a high degree of viscosity;
  • liquids with a high content of large and solid particles;
  • sewage drains and contents of cesspools;
  • the contents of septic tanks and household cleaners,
  • water from basements, stormwater, various reservoirs.

Each model of a submersible fecal pump is equipped with a control float mechanism. The purpose of this mechanism is to protect equipment from inadvertent dry running.

That is, the equipment will not be included in the work if the work area is not filled with the pumped medium. As the working chamber is filled with liquid, the control float moves to a position that allows switching on, and the apparatus starts.

The device and components of the fecal pump
This is the design of the submersible type fecal pump in the drawing.In the suction area, a shredder is usually contained on the shaft, due to which the pump cuts and pumps out associated waste (+) with water

In addition to automatic control of on / off control depending on the presence / absence of the pumped medium submersible models They have additional protection, so there is no doubt about the reliability of fecal pumps. This is the most optimal equipment, which is recommended for use in private households.

External fecal devices

Equipment for external installation (surface pumps for pumping faeces) is most often used in industrial production facilities. For private ownership, this type of fecal equipment with a grinder seems to be not quite a suitable choice. Meanwhile, there are developments specifically for the household.

External devices pump sewage from the depth of the sewer pit or well, while being above the level of the septic tank.

In order to raise a viscous fluid from a depth of several meters, the apparatus must have a powerful electric motor and an effective structure as a whole. Therefore, external systems are usually bulky, endowed with a large-sized electric motor.

Centrifugal Console Pump
Cantilever centrifugal pumps are used to service a local sewer facility to which several households or a settlement are connected

Stationary installation is traditionally inherent in external fecal pumps. At the same time, it is necessary to place the equipment in such conditions that during further operation a normal ambient temperature and protection from atmospheric precipitation are ensured.

Equipment in this design emits an increased noise level during operation. Before starting the pumping of effluents or feces, the pump scroll will have to be filled with “starting” liquid. Without preliminary filling of the cochlea with water, rare models of external fecal pumps with a grinder are capable of independently capturing liquid from a lower level.

Systems for the internal sewerage of a private house

Some have to do with external fecal technology domestic pumping stations for grinding and pumping feces. Especially those that are installed directly inside a private house. This type of equipment is used as the organization of forced sewage, when the feces are processed (crushed) and thrown into a septic tank using a pump.

Domestic sewage pump
The design of the fecal pump, designed for installation in the internal sewage system of a private house. Using such equipment, a system is created for the forced discharge of feces into the waste collection

The design of such equipment is intended for installation on the line of feces exit directly from the toilet. The device is a rectangular product with inlet and outlet nozzles. Inside is a miniature pump, powered from a 220 volt network.Also, the device is equipped with a filter element and grinder mechanics.

There are various models. domestic fecal pumps. The difference between the models is in productivity, pressure, and also in what temperature conditions the device is designed (up to + 40 ºС or up to + 90 ºС). As an example of such equipment, we can mention the Sanitop Silence model of the well-known company SFA.

Semi-submersible pumping equipment

Along with the first and second types of fecal pumps there is an intermediate version - semi-submersible devices. This type of equipment also applies to permanently mounted devices, and the installation of semi-immersed systems requires a special approach.

Such designs conditionally consist of two modules - a driver and a pump. A driver (electric motor), usually installed as an external module, is at a level above the pumped waste. The pump module is lowered to the lower level and immersed in a liquid medium. The electric motor is connected to the pump through a flexible shaft.

Semi-submersible sewage pumps
Another type of fecal pumping equipment is a semi-submersible system. Refers to stationary type devices and is mainly used for the needs of the industrial and economic sector

Stationary semi-submersible systems have been successfully used as part of farms, at centralized sewage stations, where continuous pumping of waste and effluent is required. However, such equipment is unlikely to be suitable for use in the private sector.

For summer residents and owners of small country houses with a small number of residents, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the selection rules fecal pumps for gardening. In the article we proposed, the technical capabilities of popular models are thoroughly analyzed.

Fecal Pump Shredders

Mechanical working elements - grinders - are an integral attribute of a fecal pump. The purpose of these elements is obvious: cutting, crumbling, separation into small parts of large and dense contents, which enters the pump along with the pumped liquid medium.

Different models of pumps are equipped with various forms of grinders. Each manufacturer tries to achieve maximum effect. However, practice shows that changing the grinder configuration does not have a significant effect on the process. All shredders cope with the task quite successfully - they provide easy access to the pumped medium.

Typically, pumps are shredders made by type:

  • impellers with knife blades;
  • cylindrical scissor knives;
  • cruciform cleaver;
  • cutter type "meat grinder";
  • lamellar incisors.

Each type of cutter in terms of effectiveness is practically no different from all the others. Another thing is the durability of the element. There is already a direct dependence on the steel grade.

Fecal Pump Chopper
It looks like one of the design options for the grinder of the fecal pump. The so-called “meat grinder” knife cuts large debris into small fractions up to 15 mm in size

Of the latest developments, the German design of the HOMA A-series submersible fecal pump, which uses an innovative grinder solution, is attracting attention.

Equipment performance

As a rule, a stationary electric network acts as a power source for pumping equipment. At the household level, traditionally under voltage 220 V, and in industry and agriculture, equipment with a voltage of 380 V.

Also for the future owner, the parameters are important:

  • power (for domestic use 0.5 - 1.5 kW);
  • productivity (150 - 600 l / min);
  • liquid column height - pressure (10-20 m);
  • working fluid temperature (+ 1 ... +40 ºС);
  • medium temperature (+ 1 ... + 40 ºС);
  • the degree of density of the pumped medium (up to 1200 kg / m3);
  • level of acidity of the working medium (Ph - not higher than 10).

Work with pumping equipment must take into account the indicated parameters, in addition, for each individual model, the marked indicators can be expressed by specific values ​​that cannot be exceeded.

Review of the best brands

The modern market opens up wide horizons for the selection of fecal pumps equipped with grinders. Italian, German, Spanish and other equipment is offered to customers, and each manufacturer puts up an impressive lineup for sale.

Assortment of fecal pumps
Imported products, present in large quantities on the modern market. The main suppliers of fecal pumps are German, Italian, Spanish companies

Grundfos. Among the best manufacturers, the company stands out first in the ranking. The Germans succeeded in the design and manufacture of pumps for various purposes. There were some German ideas in the production of fecal equipment with a grinder.

Their Grundfos Seg model, made for professional use, is well suited for ordinary private households. Despite the cast-iron case of the apparatus, it is not difficult to transport from one place to another.

The electric motor of the device is endowed with a sensitive system of protection against overheating and short circuits. There is a speed controller for the rotor of the electric motor. At a maximum operating power of 0.9 kW, it delivers a pressure of at least 15 meters. Immersed to a depth of 10 meters.

Grundfos submersible pump
The Grundfos brand is famous for its wide range of garden pumps. The submersible pump range presented to the buyer is dominated by models for pumping clean and dirty water.

Jilex. German equipment attracts the buyer with technology, but puts it off at a high price. It was affordable price, combined with good quality, that led to the second place "Dzhileks Fekalnik."

The development of Russian engineers also belongs to the category of professional equipment. The effectiveness of the action and quality indicators in the work was appreciated by many users of this equipment.

"Gileks Fecalnik" is made of stainless steel. It can be immersed to a depth of 8 meters. The power of the apparatus is 0.4 kW, and the productivity is 160 l / min. A reliable hermetically sealed enclosure, equipped with a thermal protection system, also attracts simple maintenance.

Herz. The next best representative of liquid pumping devices is another German invention, this time from Herz. Model WRS25 / 11 is in high demand due to its reliability, durability, and wear resistance. A feature of the model is performance for use in extreme conditions.

Herz brand fecal pump
Germanz manufacturer Herz fecal pumps are attracted by their excellent performance, practicality and a wide assortment that allows you to choose equipment for pumping any volume

The development from Herz provides a capacity of up to 260 l / min., Creates a head up to 14 meters and can be immersed to a depth of 8 meters. The weight of the pump is 31 kg due to the cast iron casing and steel working parts. The motor winding has an insulation class of "B".

Vortex. The well-deserved fourth position in the ranking of the best is held by the Whirlwind fecal pump. The FN-1500L model showed good results in operation. Productive pumping and efficient crushing of large waste. Fully automatic control of the water level in the working chamber - turning on and off after reaching the set parameters.

Fecal Whirlwind Pump
A device for pumping feces brand "Whirlwind". A pump equipped with a grinder is produced by a Russian company. The technology has received explicit recognition from users. Demand for Vortex exceeds supply

The pump is capable of raising a column of fluid up to 18 meters. The productivity of the apparatus reaches a value of 24 cubic meters per hour. The throughput for crushed particles is 15 mm. The maximum power is 1.5 kW. The material is the steel blade of the chopper knife and the cast-iron casing of the pump itself.

Calpeda. The fifth place was taken by the Italian product Calpeda GMG, which outdid even the Germans at a price. However, the high cost of this equipment is offset by its high reliability and durability. This model has one important detail - the presence of self-sharpening chopper knives.

The fecal pump with a self-grinding grinder from Italian manufacturers is designed for operation in extreme conditions. The design allows immersion to a depth of 20 meters. During operation, a pressure of up to 40 meters is created. The performance indicator is 16 cubic meters per hour.

Italian fecal pump
A powerful device of the Italian manufacturer is the Calpeda GMG fecal pump with a grinder, which is endowed with a self-grinding mechanism. Equipment whose service life depends only on the natural wear of parts

This is how the rating of the best pumping equipment from the group of fecal systems looks like. Of course, this list should be taken only conditionally. The range of pumping equipment is very large, and only five models are not able to show the situation completely. But in the case of choosing a pump for everyday life, it is quite logical to focus on the indicated list.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Overview of the technical characteristics of the pump from a Polish manufacturer:

Sewage pumps containing a shredder in constructions should be considered technical equipment designed to serve not only for the benefit of industrial production facilities. This technique is necessary for any private household, as it has wide functionality for pumping contaminated liquids.

You can tell about how you selected and used the fecal pump in the block located below. Please write comments, ask questions on controversial and obscure points, a photo divider and useful information on the topic of the article.

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  1. Living in a private country house, often all owners are faced with the problem of filling cesspools. I myself came across this, so I bought myself a fecal submersible pump with a grinder. Such pumps, of course, can also be used to drain basements after flooding with showers. My pump is equipped with a float which is very convenient, because you do not have to constantly monitor it and turn it off yourself. The pump will shut itself off as the float sinks, and the chopper will help pump liquid with a high degree of viscosity.

  2. Denis

    The Whirlwind line is a very good pump. I judge by the model FN-1500, which I used in the country and FN-250, which is with relatives. Very productive, with good pressure. A drain pit of 4 cubes is pumped out for 10 minutes by a twenty-meter hose. The only knife does not always cope - if there is any rag, then it is wound on the blade and the pump wedges, you have to lift it and unwind it. But in general - good.

    • Ditmar

      If you have a blade, then this fn-1500L? I've also heard that the blade on it is located just a couple of millimeters from the surface, so often different rags and napkins are wound on it. I do not want to pull out 22 kg each time. On the other hand, he does not even burn from this. And I had such an experience with a good, in general, ESPA Vigicor pump.

  3. There are pumps with a grinder, and there are with a cutting edge.If the inclusions are large and fibrous (e.g. towels), then you need to put a series of pros. And if it is household waste or sewage with organic matter, then the cutting edge is enough.

  4. David

    I recommend the Tritus pump from Pedrollo (Italy). Inexpensive, but the quality is just super!