Stackers and other storage equipment

Author: Maxim Dyakonov
Last update: April 2020

Stackers and other storage equipmentThe effectiveness of the warehouse depends on the proper organization of its space.

By placing stored goods and materials in several tiers, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a room or an open area.

But moving heavy loads without the use of auxiliary devices is inconvenient, and sometimes simply impossible.

To simplify the task allows a special stacker technique.

Main varieties

The industry produces several varieties of these special vehicles, which are lifting mechanisms mounted on a movable chassis.

They are usually divided into three main categories:

  • Manual, with hydraulic mechanisms driven by the muscular power of the operators. They are suitable for small warehouses with limited transhipment volumes. Depending on the version, the manual stacker is capable of moving cargo weighing from 350 to 1000 kg, lifting it to a height of up to 3000 mm.
  • Electric, with lifting devices equipped with electric drives. Such models are a good choice for medium-sized storage facilities. Their maximum load capacity reaches 1500 kg, and the height of the forks - 3500 mm.
  • Self-propelled, completely eliminating the manual labor of operators. This technique is necessary in large warehouses with a high intensity of cargo flows. With the help of the most powerful modifications, cargo weighing up to one and a half tons can be moved vertically by 5600 mm.
    All of them are more compact and cheaper than forklifts, the capabilities of which are often redundant. Controlled by trained operators, they are reliable, completely safe and able to increase the efficiency of warehouses designed to store products for various purposes.

The pursuit of excellence

The modern stacker is a perfect and well-designed mechanism, for the manufacture of which high-quality materials and innovative technologies have been used. Compared with previously released modifications, the capabilities of new models are significantly expanded due to the use in the design:

  • Compact lithium-ion high-capacity batteries that quickly restore their potential when recharging.
  • Electronic components that make the control process simple and comfortable.
  • Original design solutions.

Experienced rigging specialists have long been able to appreciate the stackers. They do not spend much effort and time moving heavy loads from place to place, lifting them to the upper tiers of racks or lowering them to the ground, loading or unloading a vehicle.

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